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Free DayZ StandAlone TeamSpeak @ - ZombieWorld.eu -- SA Server is up !!!

Which scenario for the next admin event?  

  1. 1. Which scenario for the next admin event?

    • Hostage rescue: Admins have a hostage, players have to kill admins // rescue hostage.
    • Admins defend building, Players have to blow up the building with satchel charges.
    • Convoy: Admins have a convoy of vehicles moving from point A to B, players must ambush and kill admins.
    • Race: Players & Admins race on quad bikes // motorbike around a set route // checkpoints. Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place.

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ZombieWorld.eu - WhiteList Private Hive - UK#10 - New Weapons - Extra Vehicles -6 Heli's- S

Hacker free, Safe games, Play here!! - London Sanctuary - The Silent Warrior Anti-Hack!

Chernarus #1 - - (WhiteList OPEN)


Arma OA Beta version = 102591
DayZ Mod =

- Private Hive // Sanctuary Server (WhiteList enabled)
- 100 Slot

- TimeZone Offset = GMT-6 (This gives us daylight during the peak times) (Plus USA players can play with daylight)
- E.U. Server - Hosted in Roubaix, France - low ping & high spec dedicated server box
- Auto Restarts every 2 hours from 00:00 GMT. *NOW WITH COUNTDOWN WARNING MESSAGES*
- Destroyed Vehicle Cleanup and Creation scripts are run automatically on every restart

- 6 Flyable Helicopters
- 6 Flyable Aircraft
- Double Vehicles
- 5 lootable Heli Crash sites
- 25 lootable Military Crate's

- Veteran
- Waypoints = OFF
- Crosshair = OFF

- Peripheral Vision Guide Dots = OFF *Recently voted OFF by our community*
- 3rd Person = ON
- Side Chat = ON
- Custom DayZ Code
- Death Messages including murder weapon
*NEW - Disabled due to BE kick errors, will be fixed in next DayZ Mod release*

- New Weapons and Items that can found at Heli Crash sites;




Coyote backpack

* Anti-Cheat features *

- The Silent Warrior Anti-Hacks and Management Tool *NEW*

- Player White Listing *See instructions below!*

- Ban List Synced with TSW, DART, and DayZ Anti-Hax Community Bans list's
- Active Admin presence

* Rules to be followed *

- No cheating
- No glitch exploiting
- No malicious chat
- No racism (racism results in an immediate, permanent ban)
- No voice over Side Chat, text only (in English)

- Comfirmed Combat Logging results in a 24 hour ban, repeat offenders will receive a 48 hour ban
(Combat Logging is forcing your game to close (disconnecting) whilst in a fire fight/under enemy fire)

* UK#10 Admins, including point of contact *

- Panda http://dayzmod.com/f...er/37864-panda/
- Beast http://dayzmod.com/f...618-dayzofdoom/
- Cipher http://dayzmod.com/f...ser/41161-gari/
- Mr.Barrington http://dayzmod.com/f...7-mrbarrington/
- MindOfDave http://dayzmod.com/f...397-mindofdave/
- Weasel http://dayzmod.com/f...24807-weasel82/
- Dahlvash http://dayzmod.com/f...79866-dahlvash/

- SneekyGreenMan http://dayzmod.com/f...sneekygreenman/

- DayZ Steve

- Deviant

- Popadopalous

- Quint

We use custom DayZ Coding from our GSP which has fixed the majority of bugs, i.e. tents/vehicles save correctly, no item duping, putting on a guille doesn't lose your backpack, etc...Also this big one; Players are unable to travel off map as you get auto-flung 1000m into the air and die Flying off map is also not possible as you hit an invisible wall and crash So rest assured, everything is kept on the map, the way it is supposed to be. A word of warning, if you find a hacked box, i.e. a box that contains every item from ARMA 2, do not pickup anything from the box. If you take items from the box with the intention of saving them in your tent, you will be disappointed, nothing from these hacked boxes save. If you posses a hacked item, you and your associated team mates will be banned, regardless of whether you hacked the item in, or merely picked it up of a dead body.
(The list of official items can be found here, (note the L85AWS is now removed in http://dayzdb.com/database/weapons

We play fair on this server!

Your whitelist application post must state the following;

- Name (in game, e.g. Panda)
- Location (in real life, e.g. England)
(please note your GUID is case sensitive, triple check it for any errors before posting)
- Brief statement explaining why you wish to play on UK#10

To find your GUID: Type, #beclient guid in to the chat box on any Battle Eye enabled server, it will then display this message: Battle Eye Client: My GUID: a1234b5678c9123d45678e9

You must meet all the these requirements to be accepted and to gain your place on our WhiteList. These requirements will help us maintain the hacker free environment that we currently have. As I'm sure you will agree, keeping the hackers out should be our number one priority. This is a truly rare place where we can play DayZ the way it is meant to be played, I would like to keep it this way smile.png

You may submit applications for your friends / team mates at the same time if you wish, as long as you provide all the requested info.

To keep the thread clean, once I have added you to the WhiteList I will simply, "Give you my beans" as confirmation.

Thanks guys, any questions please let me know.



Update, 02.Jan.2013.

I am pleased to announce that UK#10 - Zombie World has merged with UK#121 - DayZ of Doom !!

As a result, all players from UK#121 will be transferred over to the UK#10 WhiteList and should continue playing Chernarus. I trust the group of players are good players, however I will be monitoring each one to ensure our hacker free environment is not compromised. thumbsup.gif The UK#121 server which previously ran Chernarus, is being moved to the Utes map, players will spawn with a PvP setup, i.e. full high value kit. The Utes server is now designed for fast paced PvP action based on a small PvP orientated map. This will give a refreshing break for some and should bode well with the public. The Utes server will not be using a WhiteList, there is no need to as it is more beneficial to increase player numbers. If you die on the Utes server, you will always respawn with a full high value kit loadout; Mk48 / Sniper Rifle, GPS, Rangefinder, Coyote backpack, etc, etc. smile.png

Link to the Utes server thread: http://dayzmod.com/f...rged-with-uk10/

I would like to welcome Beast, and his crew as a new group on the server. Beast will be adopting the role of Admin on UK#10, please respect his wishes and obey his instruction as you would with myself.

The Utes server will be changed back to Chernarus tonight for 48 hours to give players from UK#121 time to move their kit over to UK#10. Both server are hosted by Vilayer and use the same Vilayer shared private hive (only the same hive when on the same map, you cannot join the Utes server to gain high value kit and transfer it over to UK#10, lol).

Thanks guys, please post feedback!



Update, 23.Jan.2013.

I would like to announce a rather important and exciting bit of news. I have recently purchased a dedicated server to increase our game performance and which can help us to expand our community. This server is a high spec server and is capable of hosting a multitude of game servers. The server specs are as follows;

CPU (Processor): Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 (3.4+ GHz, 3.8GHz boost)
RAM (Memory): 32,768Mb (32GB) ECC DDR3
HDD (Hard Disk): 2 x 120GB Intel SSD's
RAID Configuration: Raid 0
Operating Systems: Windows Server 2012
Network Speed: 100 MBit/s Uplink Port (1Gbit/s available)
Included Bandwidth: Unmetered
Location: Roubaix, France, EU

On our dedicated server, we will have our own database/hive, this allows us to have complete control over everything. We will be able to add new vehicles, new weapons, camo's, etc, if theres anything you would like to see please let me know smile.png

We will look to host multiple servers, possibly with different Arma2 mods like Wasteland, early days yet but we'll see smile.png A few ideas being pitched so far is to have a large 100 slot Chernarus server, and a smaller 50 slot Chernarus server, both using whitelisting. I am also interested in hosting Panthera, and a Utes PvP server with custom randomised loadouts, time will tell smile.png

I am currently in process of setting up the databases and learning how DayZ runs server side, you may have noticed two new 100 slot UK#10 servers showing up in the server browser, these are just for testing purposes and for getting information into the databases, you should not join these servers unless I request you to for testing purposes only. I am hoping for a go live date of 14.Mar.2013 to start transferring players over to the dedicated server smile.png

UK#10 - ZombieWorld.eu - WHITELIST Applications - *NEW WEAPONS**HACKER FREE**LOOKING FOR NEW PLAYERS! *Chernarus, Utes, Namalsk, TeamSpeak, ARMA 3*

Hope you guys like the news, if you can think of any suggestions feel free to post!

Edited by U.G.N - Jedi Panda

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** Server is ONLINE **

* All kit / vehicles / tents are confirmed to be as they were, you have not lost any of your data :) *

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Server really filled up with hackers tonight...

The server certainly filled up, a lot of decent players :)

There was a hacker (Becky) but he is banned. There were more hackers before him, but they were banned also :) Feedback from the community helps us to identify them :D

Edited by Sgt.Panda
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So uh, What happened?

Big server side update being released by my server provider. This unfortunately though will result in a fresh map, we'll all be back on the coast shortly :o :D

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Was on 15th, but hacker killed me and my mate admin didnt seem to bother nor when I died of mysterious chopper.

Yes I remember you slating the admins via chat, even though I told you we were busy configuring the new Gotcha Anti-Hax program that we were due to install a few moments after you reported your hacker.

Edited by Sgt.Panda
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Is server still down??

At the moment yes, sorry, theres an issue with the new update which our server provider is trying to resolve. It will be back up shortly, sorry for the wait!

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big server side update being released by my server provider. Apparently its changing a lot of how the maps work and loot spawns etc, introduction of high value 'care packages' and lots of other extra features like custom vehicle quantities etc and other stuff for admins. This unfortunately though will result in a fresh map, we'll all be back on the coast shortly :o :D

Also tents will save correctly, apparently Chernarus had a lot of bugs with tents not saving as it was a map coded by DayZ staff/Rocket, our server provider is recoding the entire map. :)

Does this mean the vehicles have reset as well?

/edit: Jailbait|Thijs btw

Edited by Uni1987

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--Introduction of high value lootable 'care packages', (military crates) similar to crashed heli sites (possibly to come in a few days, unconfirmed if its in this update 3.2, or 3.6 to follow)

--Tents will save correctly, apparently Chernarus had a lot of bugs with tents not saving, this was due to the map being coded by DayZ staff/Rocket, our server provider is recoding the entire map. :)

--Loot not spawning/refreshing/cleaning up correctly is fixed on Chernarus.

--Vehicle spawns are addressed and issues with vehicles not spawning correctly are fixed.

--Chopper's leaking fuel and not repairing correctly is apparently fixed now, we'll have to test this! :D

Edited by Sgt.Panda
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Does this mean the vehicles have reset as well?

/edit: Jailbait|Thijs btw

Yes mate, it will be fresh map. If there's a certain vehicle you want, theres a strong chance it will be at it's spawn points :)

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Port changed to: 2362

Edited by Sgt.Panda

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I guess it is offline again? Ah well, got to go to Uni anyway, might be on later today if its on!

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      How to setup/join
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      3) Download and install the latest version of DayZ Launcher[dz.launcher.eu] or Origins Launcher[originsmod.info].
      4) Setup all the appropriate settings (file directories etc) in your favourite launcher and install the latest version of the Origins Mod (1.8.3).
      5) Type United Gaming (or the IP/port) into the "Search" field under the "Server" tab and hit enter on your keyboard (for the DayZ Launcher, it might be a little different on the Origins Launcher).
      6) Favorite United Gaming when it appears in the list and double click on it to launch the server. Click OK on the Steam popup message if it appears.

      If you have any problems while trying to join the server (e.g. getting kicked off while connecting, black screen glitch) or if you just want to learn how to play Origins, please don't hesitate to contact one of the admins on the Discord. They will try to help you out.
      1.8.3 update
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