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Free DayZ StandAlone TeamSpeak @ - ZombieWorld.eu -- SA Server is up !!!

Which scenario for the next admin event?  

  1. 1. Which scenario for the next admin event?

    • Hostage rescue: Admins have a hostage, players have to kill admins // rescue hostage.
    • Admins defend building, Players have to blow up the building with satchel charges.
    • Convoy: Admins have a convoy of vehicles moving from point A to B, players must ambush and kill admins.
    • Race: Players & Admins race on quad bikes // motorbike around a set route // checkpoints. Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place.

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AND YOU REPLIED TO A 3 YEAR OLD POST in the wrong forum. This is DayZ Mod > Mod Servers & Private Hives 

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    • By J47KLY
      Hi All
      I would like to welcome you all to come and play on our brand new UK 60 man Private Server
      [U-SUK] Urban-Salt UK. Daytime only. No rules PvP everywhere
      We are an expanding community of experienced and new players and we want to bring the ultimate DayZ gaming experience to you!
      - Low ping for UK/EU players
      - 60 man server
      - Active admins
      - Strong sense of community
      - Bases full of loot, painstakingly located around the map for you to plunder!
      - PVP and PVE both very much welcomed and encouraged
      - Dedicated Teamspeak3 server open for all to use or to speak to Admins (UK-voice4.Fragnet.net:9000)
      Looking forward to seeing you there very soon!
      Local admin team
    • By Tazhar
      Hi guys & girls!
      Just wanted to put a message out there to let people know a little about our established community, who we are and what we do.
      Metanix is a DayZ community that runs both a Public 60 slot server (nearly always full) and also a Private whitelist RP server which is relatively new and still getting off the ground. We also have a fully functional interactive website @ http://metanix.net and a community Discord channel that allows members to engage both via text and voice whenever they want, on PC or Phone! Anyway, I want to tell you a little bit about our services and what we offer our community.
      Public Hive 60 Slot Server (DayZ) –
      Our public hive server is our bread and butter. This is a nearly always full, 60 slot server that runs a NO KoS policy. The server allows KoS only in military zones and is highly focused around friendly game play, player interaction and roleplay. We have a dedicated staff team that work throughout the day dealing with player reports quick and efficiently, banning rule breakers and game hackers / dupers. A lot of players in our community have joined us officially via this server and is one of Metanix’s best assets sitting at 13th rank globally on DayZ.
      Private Hive 30 Slot Server (DayZ) –
      Our private hive server is a relatively new addition to our community and is based purely around roleplay. The server has many features such as trade zones, safe zones, PvP zones and wilderness zones. We have a system allowing players to create factions, claim territory and go to war with other factions and groups around the server via a war declaration system. The private server truly is a lot of fun! For dedicated players that enjoy roleplay and player interaction, this is the server for you! The server doesn’t, and never will, have any regular players on it that believe DayZ is just another FPS to rack up as many kills as you can. We pride our private server on being KoS free and have just enough rules to maintain a fun gameplay whilst also no overwhelming players with pages upon pages of regulations, much like many other private servers out there.
      Metanix Discord and forums –
      We run a community Discord server that allows players to communicate with each other at any time of the day, from their PC, Phone or Tablet. The Discord has voice communication channels as well as text and keeps the community close together, discuss things from games, to personal day to day activities and community events. Our forums are also a great asset, they serve all the sections regarding both our servers and allow players to keep up to date with events, announcements and development of the community.
      Who do we want?
      Metanix consists of great people, friendly and helpful staff & members who make the experience so much better. We are looking for people to join us who have a passion for games, who love playing DayZ and also love interacting with others. Our community is very active and friendly, and we want people who can fit into that category.
      Come and speak to us! We have so many plans for the future and we would love everyone to be a part of it. Head over to http://metanix.net and get signed up to our forums. From there, you can click “connect” on our Discord widget on the home page and jump straight into our Discord server where you can stay in touch with some truly amazing people. Feel free to bring your friends! We have group channels you can use as you wish, so if you’re playing in a team – that isn’t a problem.
      Thanks for your time! Hope to see some new people jump on board.
      Metanix Community owner
    • By Squintsei
      Victory Gamerz is seeking new players for ALL game's for teaming up, we are seeking from ages 15+ that will be a team player.
      We currently own 2 DayZ Standalone Servers and 1 ArmA 3 Server! Please visit http://www.victorygamerz.com to apply.
      ABOUT US
      We are a group dedicated to the enjoyment of on-line gaming the -=Vg=- is an community with maturity and respect as a premium requirement. Juveniles, child like behavior and cheaters have consistently ruined the enjoyment and the spirit of the game, so we decided to form our own gaming community to eliminate as much as possible of these undesirable elements. -=Vg=- does not tolerate cheating in any form or trouble makers who feel that public game servers are their forum to make public spectacles of themselves. The -=Vg=- Council and its Members are extremely vigilant against all forms of cheating and foul play.
      Therefore, accusations of -=Vg=- members cheating will not be well received. Please be respectful to everyone who plays on our server's. Honor, Respect, Maturity and Teamwork is what it takes to be a member of the -=Vg=-. All members are encouraged to give input into the future and direction in the growth of Victory Gamerz.
      Victory Gamerz is a online gaming clan and community (not ran by strict clan bs rules) for mature players to have fun and enjoy the entertainment of online gaming with friends and family to come and play with others in online gaming for PC,Xbox,PS3. Since 2009-2010 the gaming industry has fallen off the charts for most active industry in the work we are here to help get this environment going again. From 1999 to 2009 the gaming industry was booming with over 4 billion players now we have half that. Victory Gamerz is about the people not the power hungry admin, over ego maniacs that have strict rules this is a laid back type Clan/community open to all gamers for on line gaming.

      Required but not enforced to have just to join -=Vg=-
      * Discord
      * Teamspeak

      Best Friendly memberships and online gaming through a dedicated server.
      Player Groups for a number of games.
      Teamspeak & Discord server for you, friends and members to join us and chat while you play.
      Respect and rewards that come randomly and surprisingly.

      Teamspeak3 Server
      Discord Server
      Upon entry to the discord or teamspeak, poke one of the admins (Squintsei and Luggz) or recruiters (Riley) for further help or questions. 

      * We support Consoles
      * Your a small clan and would like to come to -=Vg=- for more members/ friends to play with at any time.
      * Support in multiple games featuring DayZ, CS:GO, ArmA 3, ArmA 2 DayZ Mod, The Division, and much more!
      * No discrimination or bigotry.
      * No commitment (we understand family time and or if you just was some game time a few times a week.)
      * No enforcing players to a certain way to play your game, you bought it not us or anyone else.
      * Play at your own pace but as a team at the same time.
      * Gain permissions to make server and admin decisions

      Sign up at www.victorygamerz.com
      please be sure to read here if you are interested in being a -=Vg=- member
      Sign up @ http://victorygamerz.com to gain forums access.........
      View the following Topics.
      Things you should know before joining -=Vg=- http://victorygamerz.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?38-Things-You-Should-Know
      How do i join -=Vg=- http://victorygamerz.com/forum/showthread.php?8-How-do-I-join-Vg
      -=Vg=- Application http://victorygamerz.com/forum/forms.php?do=forms (you must register before applying)

      We would be glad you have chosen to be a part of our community Our mission and goal is to provide a place where gamers from all over the world, of all calibers, can meet in a friendly and fun atmosphere and gain values such as friendship, and to many of us, family.
      Victory Gamerz foundation rests on honor, loyalty, and integrity. This is what we build upon. We put heavy emphasis on maturity, fair play, helping others, and having a fun and competitive gaming experience for all to enjoy.
      What follows is the product of many months of on and off discussions, with many members, and many hours of thought and research. This is a true reorganization of Victory Gamerz. This is being done for the following four reasons:
      1) To provide Victory Gamerz members with more active "leaders" to help solve and resolve any problems.
      2) To create landmarks for our membership to use for advancement with in our family.
      3) To create a more just system for entering into this community, but also, advancement with in Victory Gamerz.
      4) To provide a atmosphere to Victory Gamerz, not just a few members.
      All the best,
      -=Vg=- Council