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This is how Infected Multiply by Self Cloning?

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    • By crusader_111

      DayZ Horror

      ^ Click this to go to our website ^

      > New Unique Server <

      DayZ Sahrani #1 (0.2 Alpha - 101480) - IP:

      We recently acquired the privilege of hosting the new 'Sahrani' map mod for DayZ. We are one of the few server hosts that have the server files to do so, so come join the DayZ Horror Community and gain early access to new content and new mods! Our server has More Vehicles and Custom Vehicle locations as well as gear modifications like removing and adding certain weapons.

      > !UPDATE! <

      As of now we are the official testers of the new Map being produced 'Sahrani'. Our community will help make 'Sahrani' the best Map for DayZ out there by constantly playing the awesome map, finding any bugs/glitches and reporting them to the developers. This is a great privilege to be apart of such a massive project and you can be apart of it to.

      To get involved, you have to become a official member of the DayZ Horror community as either a Lone Wolf member or apart of a current clan or make your own but rules still apply to making a clan, see above. If you don't you'll only have access to the public server while official members will have access to the passworded server this being the main server where bug testing and 90% of players will be. But don't be fooled as bug testing is tied into playing normally so you are not forced to find bugs, just play and enjoy.

      > !UPDATE! <

      We've updated our Sahrani server to version 0.2. This comes with bug fixes, spawn fixes, extra building additions a Basic Version of *Base Building*

      Base Building allows users to collect crafting books to create fortification for each type of book you collect. Currently there are 3 books and each book has several buildings you can create in each.

      More weapons have been added and some changed to.

      More vehicles have been added.

      A massive update that suits everyone's enjoyment needs and its only getting started.


      General Information

      DayZ Horror is a large Clan based community that excels at small - large squadron tactics to own sovereignty of the map and have a in-game Military type communities relying on supply runs to gather resources like food, tools and weapons. Fear not if your a Lone Wolf as you are still welcome though be warned, traversing the map will be increasingly difficult with the small - large clan squadrons roaming for supplies. Your death will be inevitable unless you join one of the many clans in the DayZ Horror Community.

      -This is how DayZ is meant to be played-

      We use Team Speak 3 to communicate with all our members and how our clans communicate. We have whole community meetings every Monday which just updates you on events and general changes.

      Our Team Speak is:



      Server Information

      We have many server for the pleasure of our community members/clans, this ranges from Chernarus to Tavianna which is monitored by DayZ Horror Staff to make sure our members are safe from hackers during their stay. Custom maps that are supported by our servers are always updated to their latest version for optimum performance and has very little down time.

      A list of our servers is as follows:

      DayZ Chernarus #1 ( - 101480) - IP:

      DayZ Chernarus #2 ( - 101480) - IP:

      DayZ Tavianna #2 (1.5.0 - 100544) - IP:

      DayZ Sahrani #1 (0.1 Alpha - 101480) - IP:

      > Most Popular Server <

      DayZ Tavianna #2 (1.5.0 - 100544) - IP:

      Our Tavianna server uses the DayZland.EU download on DayZ Commander.

      If other map mods gets popular a new server may get created if the community wants it enough. We rely on the community to communicate to us what they want so we can make them the funniest servers they can have.


      Clan Information

      Our clans started from the legend of STH vs. CTH. From here is where DayZ Horror community started. After many updates and community changes we started supporting more servers and new clans that wanted to rival STH and CTH. Allies and Foes are made and destroyed, while the STH and CTH roam.

      Joining STH is simple. Follow this link and all the information you require will be visible to you including the application format:


      Joining CTH is simple. Follow this link and all the information you require will be visible to you including the application format:


      Joining SRT is simple. Follow this link and all the information you require will be visible to you including the application format:


      If you wish to create your own clan you MUST be a member on our official website with all your members to. Once you've applied and been accepted for your new clan to be made you will get your very own Team Speak Channel for you and your clan members.

      To apply to make a new clan go to this link:


      ^ Click this to go to our website ^

    • By SurvivingTheHorror

      Klick on my banner to go to my Stream :: www.twitch.tv/smKes
      Hi, welcome
      My name is smKes, and i am owner of dayzhorror!
      I started Dayzhorror in sebtember 2012. We started out small, but as soon as people saw our awsome concept people started to join. My vision changed into becomming the biggest Dayz Community of the world. We are still growing everyday, but i haven't reached my goal yet!
      On my stream i will show you our community, and play Dayz on our private hive servers.
      My goal is to survive 30 dayz. I will play solo only, and play my A game as much as i can.
      Feel free to give me tips or if ask me any question you like.
      Have allot of fun on my stream!
      Personal Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/remco.tesselaar
      DayzHorror Info
      Website : www.dayzhorror.com
      Teamspeak : ts.dayzhorror.com
      Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/DayZHorror
      Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/dayzhorror
      twitter : https://twitter.com/DayZHorror
      Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/DayZHorror
      Dayz Main Topic : http://dayzmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/85049-dayz-horror-community-multiple-servers-website-forums-teamspeak-active-staff/