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  1. "You Are Killing A Fresh Spawn!"

    I'd say exploit is not the right word to call or describe it. It's one of the broken elements in the current Experimental version and yes, it should be fixed. Some players are doing it by accident and they have no idea. I was doing it by accident too and wasn't aware of it up until recently. Because I do a lot of melee combat. The food cans also did more damage but now it seems it got fixed a bit, but not completely. About a month ago, players would take less damage, now after couple of patches, players are taking more damage from melee combat. But it's still Experimental and WIP so things may change every patch. It's not exactly the same but best alternative comparison would be like the one where damaged items became pristine when punched. It was in 0.62 and I think that got fixed.
  2. "You Are Killing A Fresh Spawn!"

    I was going to stop punching when he started saying that but it was too late :P
  3. Bullet Bender Curving Bullets

    Maybe... I'll try to test it with infected and see if I can re-create it.
  4. I really don't know. Some kind of bug that I was triggering unintentionally. This video is from Stress Test weeks ago. I'm trying to figure out what is causing it but now I'm getting hurt and limping from melee fight now on Experimental branch. I think it got fixed.