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Natural Fiber for Rope/ Cordage

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Not a huge suggestion here, but just one that I thought would be fitting for dayZ survivalists, and also very useful. Making natural rope/ cordage is pretty simple. Any strong fibrous tree bark, stems, roots, vines etc. will do the job. There are different techniques to make it strong and all you really want (but not need) is a knife.

I think currently we can make rope from animal guts but not chickens? I forget.  Anyways it would be cool if we could make rope for bows, traps, fishing poles etc from trees or bushes by searching the ground in forest areas with a knife (or similar) in hand, then crafting the fiber when found. That way, no animals would be harmed in the making of dayZ.


Edit: Also, if we can make rope from animal guts, maybe we should also be able to make rope from human guts...

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7 hours ago, Rekurv said:

Oh hell yeah ! A sling would be epic ! Massive concussion damage for head shots ...Please gib me  ༼ つ ◕_◕༽つ 

I'm not sure if we would see a sling within the game.  The main thing of the video was to show off how cordage could be made from natural fibers.

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ooooh flamethrowers would be a cool idea...or some way we could flush out people from buildings without running in YOLO. Though i guess when the fix the throwing mechanic and flashbangs things might get a bit more interesting. 

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      I'm constantly thinking of things that would allow us to run straight into the woods at spawn to live off of the land. Rope is essential in MANY craftable things right now. I know you can create rope with 2 stacks of 6 rags. But I think it would be cool if we could craft rope from leather strips or something. Maybe use a snare to catch a rabbit then use that leather to craft a rope (first the way that we tan leather would need overhauling, as I've mentioned before in this thread)
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