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  1. DayZ Metro

    After noticing that the server population is likely to more than double I was a little concerned that overcrowding may cause us to lose some of that desolate apocalypse feeling, and was trying to work out how to make the map more spacious. I recently read the book (and played the game ) METRO 2033 (post-nuclear apocalypse dystopia where humanity lives in the Moscow underground metro) and thought this might fit in really well with DayZ. If we had a web of underground metro stations that connecting major towns like Cherno, Elektro, Berezino, Zeleno etc., it might stop overcrowding. Apart from the stations the metro could be pitch black, always very cold and foggy, filled with zombies/huge rats, toxic gas in some sections etc. Confusing side passages and tunnels could provide more options for people to hide barrels/ tents or set up small survival outposts. Not a place for fresh spawns, but provide a more direct route for more geared players who are not adverse to higher risk to travel around a bit faster. I realize there is 1000 more things to do before looking at anything like this, but considering the dayZ map is one of the best/ most beautiful maps i have ever seen in any game (boonie hats off to the Map Team) I would love to see the team try something like this. More of a dream than a suggestion I guess, but thought it would be cool.
  2. Layers

    I don't think Chernarus needs lawyers. There are already way too many bandits.
  3. Frankie for sure. I don't think its over staged. I think he just gets hours and hours of footage and takes only the best bits out and puts it all together well. Either way his work set a high standard.
  4. Ball to play football/soccer

    Cool idea. Could use bullets as currency.
  5. Use of Masks

    Was just curious what the gas masks and protective face masks were intended for. I'm guessing they are a WIP for some sort of airborne threat but specifically does anyone know what exactly? Was it just for gas grenades or some kind of biological weapon? Radiation? Airborne zombie gas? Also, (besides grenades) were there any ideas on where these patches of bad air would be? ie. Stagnant areas around military bases? Personally I'd love to see them as a dynamic weather similar to rain, indoors (with doors closed) would protect you...however, masks would allow you to move through these areas for varying amounts of time. eg. 1 filter on a military mask would last 20 mins at pristine, 15 at worn etc....Bandanas last maybe 1 or 2 minutes at pristine... Anyways, keen to see a mask mechanic of some kind somewhere down they line. The art work on them is awesome..
  6. DayZ Trash Talker Compilation

    lol "Give me your Jordans"...Nice vid, thanks for the upload.
  7. Yeah it's true, its hard for most people to play long periods of time in the dark. Especially those who only want to PVP (myself not included). I think speeding up the server speeds should solve this issue. Maybe a couple hours of light and a couple dark. 12 hours darkness is a bit much for even the most hardcore survival fans. It seems to work pretty well in games like Miscreated.
  8. Thanks Baty, much appreciated! Although not the most in depth answer i have ever seen, knowing it is still on your minds and not forgotten is enough to keep the faith. Respect.
  9. Thinking about buying, but steam reviews

    Just watch a couple different streamers in twitch for an hour or so...not exactly the same as playing it, but it will give you a good idea. Ez. Edit: Some really great youtubers out there making great videos of their adventures. Perhaps more entertaining than watching streamers, and definitely more immersive than a crowded room full of people spamming Kappa emotes...
  10. Hello, just curious if there are any plans to fix the Gamma exploit and s it even possible? I'm aware that some games do something to keep things dark even if people turn up their gamma settings, but they are on different engines and I know very little about programming, so I was hoping to gain some enlightenment on this topic. Also I'm aware that many players dislike having to play in darkness so is it even worth fixing? It just seems a shame to waste all the great work on chemlights, craftable torches etc. not too mention an awesome survival experience. Are there any plans to fix it for beta (or at any stage), and is it even possible ?
  11. Thinking about buying, but steam reviews

    Yes I agree, you cant buy and try within one hour or 2. And I say just buy it now at a cheaper price (as you seem like you want to buy it at some stage). It's a really fun game in it current state (in my humble opinion), but you must go into it knowing there are still improvements being made. If you only wanna play a beta version buy it and don't install it...though I couldn't resist i think...
  12. I never see hackers in standalone. Maybe I'm just vague...actually I'm definitely vague but I really never see them...ever. And yeah DayZ mod was so infested with hackers it was almost unplayable...
  13. Craftable Cooking Tripod.

    Stable as a table...just ask this guy !
  14. Schinese/Tchinese Localization

    Cool idea. Especially as you are willing to help them that's very kind of you. I want to practice my Simplified Chinese characters too !
  15. How to make DayZ run again

    I get it man, you are trying to spice it up...i meant no diss...but when you compare plane drops to heli crash sites etc...its just different man.