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  1. I read you guys are making a serious effort to fix the gamma exploit. This makes me so so so happy to hear that ! Its been a while but its great to know you guys are on the case! As others have mentioned the lighting in general needs some work, but knowing that it is being worked on is a Huge step in the right direction. This was always my biggest issue with dayZ and when this is sorted to some degree I will definitely be recommending dayZ to more friends. Keep up the great work. I have faith !
  2. Rekurv

    Found the wolves and it's INTENSE!

    I tried to watch but the quality was so bad my eyes started to hurt after 1 minute...but yeh wolves are fun if you have a big gun...
  3. Rekurv

    Stress Test vol.38

    Another strange bug (or maybe just a place holder sound not sure) is when you go prone and eat, you get swimming noises, not eating noises. edit: 2 times with can of tuna. Also the M4s look like they have a magazine in them even if there is no magazine if you press tab and look at the gun in inventory.
  4. Rekurv

    Stress Test vol.38

    I wish I knew that a couple hours ago...I left a perfectly good cooking pot with food inside near Elektro :b
  5. Rekurv

    Stress Test vol.38

    Whenever I log in I'm locked to freelook mode. (easily undone though with default keys) If you drop something near a tree it becomes "stuck" in the tree..chopping the tree can gain you access to stuck item. Lots of Battle eye not responding on UK and US servers. This version is great though ! I love the streams, hiking trails and some clothes are more noisy than others. Personally I would tweak the food setting a little bit...makes sense to need constant water, but food levels drop way too fast. If you don't eat 20 cans of beans and 5 chickens in a day you drop dead from starvation. Keep at it guys, great work !
  6. Ok so it might be a bit early to suggest this, but just something for the future. Throwing tied-up people from a helicopter would make for some interesting player interactions. Instead of just getting KOSed, victims would get a chance to talk themselves out of trouble, try to escape etc., and if all goes badly, well, at least there is interesting memories for all... Adding this would be a great feature, a no- brainer really...(especially for the victim! ..Ba Dum Tss). PS. another similar thing to consider would be the ability to put tied up people into the trunk of cars.
  7. Rekurv

    Status Report - 14 August 2018

    Wish I could be there ): Awesome update though , thank you !
  8. Appreciate the update. Transparency is a good thing. Keep at it guys !!!
  9. Yep. Personally I use MSI dragon gaming center, but yes you can definitely increase the gamma (very effectively) outside the game. The game obviously does not look as nice and it might not be as clear as day but the advantage over someone who is not using the exploit is huge. I might make it a point to not shoot anyone I see actually running around with a torch or chemlight or flare etc. because I know how much fun it is to play the game like this...
  10. Hello! very happy to see the gamma slider gone, and also improvements being worked on to hand held lighting...awesome ! It is still very easy for someone to alt +tab out and turn up gamma on their graphics card settings. Just wanted to know if this exploit is still under consideration, and planned to be worked on at some stage in the future, as night time is a big part of DayZ. Or is the removal of the gamma slider the final solution? Anyways, loving the new engine, looking forward to seeing all the old and new content in. Cheers.
  11. Wait..the Little Bird will be in 0.63 ????? Woohooo ! That will surely breathe a lot of life into the game. You won't feel like the only one on the server when you hear choppers in the sky, and people in the hills trying to shoot them down...can't wait...
  12. Personally I like playing (and prefer) 1p servers because I know people are not hiding behind walls looking over them in 3rd person in complete safety. I'm sure there would be a fair bit of salt from some people though.
  13. Rekurv

    Where is the Headbob option

    Yeah I was watching another game in development recently that removed headbob from their game as their research indicated that in real life your brain somehow compensates for movement so you don't appear to have any headbob. Also it was making many people sick. So my 2 cents is, give people the option to remove it.