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  1. Cazio Z-Shock

    Recently I have been playing on x12 day/ night cycle servers (such as the village), as I find a bit of night time play is really fun. Even though the gamma exploit is alive and well, playing at night is still different...its harder to see players (and vice versa), gunshots light up, its easier to loot in regards to the zombies, but harder to see things to pick up and a few other interesting mechanics. It might get colder too , but I'm not sure about that. Anyways this made me really miss the wrist watch that was in dayZ mod. A simple but useful tool that gave you an indication as to when to start preparing for the darkness, and when the sun would rise etc. It could be used with the sun to navigate direction, give times to meet friends or players, and added to immersion. This was the one in dayZ mod: http://dayz-mod.wikia.com/wiki/Watch However if that's too military for the dayZ standalone theme, any watch with back-light/phosphorus/ tritium gas light could work A simple Casio digital watch ( Cazio Z-Shock ? ) . Either way, any watch that worked at night would be epic. Anyways, loving DayZ standalone and the quality is getting more epic with every patch !
  2. Seasons greetings! I read that the bushes are getting a rework. That's awesome. One thing i noticed is there is no sound for bushes and trees getting chopped up. It would be cool to add some sound for the bushes getting harvested for sticks (perhaps a few twigs getting snapped for 5-10 seconds). And also add a sound for trees getting chopped (noisier and lasts longer. The tree chopping sound could be heard from a lot further away than chopping the bushes. Not exactly a huge suggestion I know, but would make for some more game mechanics, help players locate each other (friendly or otherwise) but most importantly add to immersion.
  3. Boil Water

    Ahh yes I love this trick. I usually poke a small hole in the box as to let the pressure out and you can see when it stops smoking indicating its pretty much ready. Actually, you can also do this with the trusty "empty drink can". You just have to be really careful the flame doesn't touch the cloth or it lights up, but if you face the drink hole side away from the flame and place it on the edge of the fire you are good go! Its great to see other people into survival...both in game and out !
  4. Boil Water

    Ahh yes I remember the trusty "empty can". That was one of my favorite pieces of gear in dayZ mod. Always carried one also. Yeh its pretty rough lighting a fire with a hand drill kit. Usually end up with more blisters than embers. Perhaps extend the time it needs to light and lower the chance to light, making it a survival skill, but not the preferred method if you have another means to get fire. One item that would be cool would be a Ferro rod (or flint and steel). I always keep one in my hiking backpack. You can strike them so many times and they don't get ruined if they get wet.
  5. Base Building - What would you like to see?

    a well for getting water to drink/ cook
  6. Boil Water

    Has this been implemented yet? Seems silly that the only way to make risk-free drinking water (apart from wells) is through use of chemical pills. Boiling water in a pot, or tin of even plastic bottle should be in game. This would add to the immersion for those who enjoy the survival mechanics of the game. Hope to see it soon.
  7. Base Building - What would you like to see?

    I wholeheartedly agree with this. Dayz is about survival and the ability to make survival shelters of some kind would be fantastic. It would also provide an option for players who wish to have a more 'stealth' option over a fortified base, and also for those players who wish to live a more nomadic/ wild existence. Just have it vanish quicker than the tent, or perhaps decay without maintenance.
  8. awesome, thanks guys. Glad to hear they will be very rare. Irish: yeh i know the game is not yet finished, but I'm just remembering past experiences. Although they are 3 different games, they all share similar mechanics.
  9. Hey guys, After seeing the night vision goggles in the work in progress section I'm getting a bit worried they might take away from the game a bit. I remember in the original mod they were pretty hard to get (maybe only at chopper crashes) and running around in the dark with chem-lights and flares etc was still a thing. That was cool. Then pretty soon every hacker and his dog had them...that sucked. In Epoch mod NVGs were replaced 10 minutes after you died by a quick stop at the trader or your personal safe. So basically everyone had them, every night. Although I did enjoy Epoch (mainly for the base building,PVP, and vehicles) the NVGs totally ruined the survival aspect of the game for me. I love in Standalone how we have to use crafted torches, lamps, glow sticks etc. It puts everyone on an even playing field, where staying hidden in the dark sneaking around but potentially missing out on loot, or lighting up a house while waiting for the rain to stop are heavy choices. If we all have NVGs, all the torches and other cool lighting in the game wont really get used much. Im not complaining or hating totally on NVGs as i see them as a possibility of making the game bearable for those that cant stand playing in darkness (and I cant deny they are lots of fun), however i really hope they will be hard to find and keep powered (if at all) as DayZ is the best survival game there is, and if everyone has NVGs..well..it might become more PVP fest that survival. Anyways, just my 2 cents...hope everyone has a good weekend...
  10. Heya guys, I'm just wondering if bio hazard/chemical air-born threats are still in the works? I really love the style of the gas-masks and face masks etc. as they really do a great service to the post- apocalyptic immersion. I guess I'm just looking for a reason to use them apart from looking really cool. Either way,loving the steady progress and updates of the dev team which seems to be getting much more solid and frequent, thank you !
  11. Fire burn time

    No its fine. If placed correctly they take much longer to burn, and burn 1 log at a time. I didn't time it, but its long enough to get some of that emersion going. As for why they get ruined in the top slots i think it may be because they are not actually lighting...it is the kindling (fireplace) that lights and burns out quickly, and the logs in the above slots are counted as a 'food' or something, hence getting ruined if u leave them on the fire. Either way thanks again ! so happy to have fire again...
  12. Fire burn time

    Ahh yes you are correct...I was putting the stacks in the spots above the fire, not adding as attachment! Derp ! Thanks so much ! Now I can hang out by the fire and wait for the bandits to come ..thanks for thehelp man, much appreciated!
  13. Fire burn time

    Yeh I'm using the big logs that i chop down from trees, not the sticks. They seem to stack in groups of 5, with 3 burning just in time for a piece of chicken to be cooked. When i put in another couple stacks of logs, it didnt seem to increase the burn time at all, yet ruined all 3 stacks. When the fire goes out, there is an option to ' blow air onto fire' or something but it always says 'temperature too cold'. Even if this blow air mechanic worked, it still feels like the fireplace burns way too fast ):
  14. Fire burn time

    I find the campfires to burn out way too fast. Although i enjoy PVP, surviving out in the atmospheric woods is what draws me to this game. Having a campfire going in the background while i craft stuff or wait for a friend to arrive dramatically helps the emersion of this game. Currently a couple stacks of big logs burns out in a matter of moments. Its enough to cook up a piece of chicken, but hopefully fires could burn a bit longer. I'm not sure why they burn so quick but im guessing it has something to do with server lag or balancing for drying clothes? dunno...anyways...that was my 2 cents on fires... PS. Sorry if this topic has been addressed, i did a search on fires but didn't find anything. PPS. The glowing/ lighting effect of fires is awesome . Nice work devs !
  15. Food & drink Fix

    In regards to finding food and water, i think its pretty easy. In terms of how quickly they run out I was hoping the rate at which water is needed greatly surpasses that of which food is needed. In real life taking the rule of 3 (you can survive roughly 3 minutes with no air, 3 days with no water and 3 weeks with no food) might be a bit much as , I know, its a game...however it would be a little bit more realistic if we didn't have to eat as much as we need to hydrate. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that boiling water mechanic comes at some stage soon. Having said that the food water system is coming along very nicely indeed devs ! Well done !