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  1. Appreciate the update. Transparency is a good thing. Keep at it guys !!!
  2. Yep. Personally I use MSI dragon gaming center, but yes you can definitely increase the gamma (very effectively) outside the game. The game obviously does not look as nice and it might not be as clear as day but the advantage over someone who is not using the exploit is huge. I might make it a point to not shoot anyone I see actually running around with a torch or chemlight or flare etc. because I know how much fun it is to play the game like this...
  3. Hello! very happy to see the gamma slider gone, and also improvements being worked on to hand held lighting...awesome ! It is still very easy for someone to alt +tab out and turn up gamma on their graphics card settings. Just wanted to know if this exploit is still under consideration, and planned to be worked on at some stage in the future, as night time is a big part of DayZ. Or is the removal of the gamma slider the final solution? Anyways, loving the new engine, looking forward to seeing all the old and new content in. Cheers.
  4. Wait..the Little Bird will be in 0.63 ????? Woohooo ! That will surely breathe a lot of life into the game. You won't feel like the only one on the server when you hear choppers in the sky, and people in the hills trying to shoot them down...can't wait...
  5. Personally I like playing (and prefer) 1p servers because I know people are not hiding behind walls looking over them in 3rd person in complete safety. I'm sure there would be a fair bit of salt from some people though.
  6. Where is the Headbob option

    Yeah I was watching another game in development recently that removed headbob from their game as their research indicated that in real life your brain somehow compensates for movement so you don't appear to have any headbob. Also it was making many people sick. So my 2 cents is, give people the option to remove it.
  7. Wow...was so happy to see improv shelters and boarding up houses mechanic. Curious how people will try to break in. Crowbar maybe.
  8. DayZ Metro

    haha nice. The battle scars of an explorer.
  9. DayZ Metro

    Oh nice, I didn't realize they had already been working on that kind of stuff. That's cool. Yeah opening those mines would be awesome. Sewer/ storm-water systems also might work. I remember when we were kids we used to crawl through those storm water drains with torches. Silly idea, but it was fairly amazing. It's like another world down there...
  10. DayZ Metro

    Yeh on second thought dayZ is a bit rural...Maybe in DayZ part 2 then.
  11. DayZ Metro

    After noticing that the server population is likely to more than double I was a little concerned that overcrowding may cause us to lose some of that desolate apocalypse feeling, and was trying to work out how to make the map more spacious. I recently read the book (and played the game ) METRO 2033 (post-nuclear apocalypse dystopia where humanity lives in the Moscow underground metro) and thought this might fit in really well with DayZ. If we had a web of underground metro stations that connecting major towns like Cherno, Elektro, Berezino, Zeleno etc., it might stop overcrowding. Apart from the stations the metro could be pitch black, always very cold and foggy, filled with zombies/huge rats, toxic gas in some sections etc. Confusing side passages and tunnels could provide more options for people to hide barrels/ tents or set up small survival outposts. Not a place for fresh spawns, but provide a more direct route for more geared players who are not adverse to higher risk to travel around a bit faster. I realize there is 1000 more things to do before looking at anything like this, but considering the dayZ map is one of the best/ most beautiful maps i have ever seen in any game (boonie hats off to the Map Team) I would love to see the team try something like this. More of a dream than a suggestion I guess, but thought it would be cool.
  12. Layers

    I don't think Chernarus needs lawyers. There are already way too many bandits.
  13. Frankie for sure. I don't think its over staged. I think he just gets hours and hours of footage and takes only the best bits out and puts it all together well. Either way his work set a high standard.