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  1. Rekurv

    Anti Ghosting/Server Hopping Measures

    I like this solution so far. Is it the best solution? I dunno...but it sure beats what we had before. It solves a number of problems. Besides Ghosting behind players and spawning inside bases, people find a military base and hop server to server taking all the good loot, ruining the economy for players trying to play the game as it was intended to be played. So I take my boonie hat off to the Devs for this. It is certainly a step in the right direction. My only concern is people abusing it to teleport to coastal areas, so adding many more spawns all over the map might be a solution (or at least deter people) from doing this (as the spawn-in timer is long).
  2. Rekurv


    Can't wait for the little bird and the crop duster !
  3. Rekurv

    Improvised Sewing Kit

    Rags + Improvised Fish Hook = Improvised Sewing Kit
  4. Rekurv

    Tweak night time length please.

    Yeh the lights can always do with a bit of improvement but the huge step was making it harder for gamma exploitation. That basically ruined all of night time play. Of coarse the nights are to be survived, but there can be a point where it takes away from the game if you never see day. Before it was something like 12 hours lol. I guess its about finding that middle ground between forever pitch black and sunny days everyday.
  5. Rekurv

    Tweak night time length please.

    I meant the official servers. They are all the same length of night I thought? It's sad to see so many official servers empty, yet some servers such as village are highly populated despite being practically vanilla. The big difference is the night length. And I agree, that 2:1 day/night ratio sounds pretty good. PS. I guess the other big difference is people cant server hop for loot or ghosting on private servers which is awesome.
  6. Rekurv

    Stable Update 1.02

    To cut those beards you will have to wait until the chainsaw is reintroduced. The axe just breaks after 1 attempt.
  7. Can we make night a bit shorter please? Making it 2 hours from 12 hours (or whatever) cycle was a great start, but i feel the ratio needs tweaking a bit. Maybe 2 parts day 1 part night (or something). Village server seems to do it well. PS. The improvements made to night play recently are great! Very noticeable.
  8. Rekurv

    Do a BattleRoyale

    Also a go-cart racing version of DayZ would be cool. Like Mario Kart except we choose from a list of survivors and zombies as drivers and race around Chernarus. If you choose a human driver you go slightly faster, but the zombie drivers can glitch through walls...
  9. Yeah I meant the civilian torch with a DIY duct tape version, kinda like the bottle suppressor. Just to give people more freedom to move and fight at night. Duct tape and flashlights are pretty easy to find.
  10. Yes that would be great ! Maybe even the ability to attach a torch with duct tape to a rifle could be a thing also...
  11. I really like night time play but unless you have a head torch, it can be brutal as f&^k. One thing that would make it much more enjoyable, is if we could put a torch/ glowstick in one hand and a melee weapon/ pistol/ sub-machine gun in another. As it stands our only choice is to fight zombies in the pitch black or have a torch in one hand yet no weapon in the other. It doesn't take 2 hands to hold a glowstick/torch. Implementing this would make night time play a lot more fun/ realistic. Having said that I really like how the night time play has been worked on. Its no longer 12 hours of night (fantastic, though needs a little tweaking) and I find it hard to use my software gamma slider now. It just seems to 'bleach' out the screen, forcing me to use a glowstick or torch. The glowstick is a perfect amount of light (as in real life they pretty much suck and are best used as a last resort unless trying to remain unnoticed). The crafted torch, however, I find should give of slightly more light. Anyways that's just small tweaks. Loving the night time in general...
  12. Rekurv


    Oh nice man ! I thought that folding butt stock could make an interesting game mechanic. Maybe fits into smaller back packs like the Taloon. Or maybe increase the dexterity at the cost of a higher recoil (or whatever) when folded for urban environments. I will be searching for a server that has this mod now that I know it's out there. Thank you for the info !
  13. Rekurv

    Day- / Nightcycle

    2 hours day, 1 hour of night seems like it would suit more players. I just hope we get a wrist watch one day so we know when to expect the dusk/dawn.
  14. Rekurv


    Not a mind blowing suggestion here, but I thought the HK G36 series would be cool weapons to have in game. The G36, G36K and G36C were all in one of the dayZ mods and were a lot of fun to mess around with. Anyways, great to see dayZ moving forward !
  15. Rekurv

    "Blackout" Curtain - Is it possible?

    Cool idea. I'm really looking forward to when we can board up windows and doors to make a 'city' campsite. This seems like a similar idea in terms of implementation.