What civ style weapons would you like to see?

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I have 2


1)The Rossi Circuit Judge- fires 45LC and or .410 shells



2) Another Rossi, the Ranch Hand Mare's Leg- Available in .357, .45LC and I'm pretty sure 9mm



I'm glad one or two of you strive for more than stretching the meaning of "civilian weapon" as far as possible.


I thought for a second this thread was just going to be pictures of AR15 variants.

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I'd like to see a 9 mm luger p08 and an ortgie's .380 or .32 depending on which ammo is more common in the game.

An SKS that isn't ugly as sin, and a saiga 12. Man check out the stock on that SKS, it's a beauty, the russian type, not the weird yugo type. Personally, I use my Yugo for bizarre experiments not fitting for a piece of history. It's already entering the realm of unholy.








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