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Lets talk about 22. lr

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lol I don't see a point in using .22 firearms.


The bullet is weak as shit. It even has a hard time piercing a human skull at medium-long ranges.


I saw someone mention that it would be a quiet zombie dispatcher, but .22s are still loud as all hell. I thought it wouldn't be as loud as a bigger gun, but one shot without hearing protection definitely proved me wrong. Unless the weapons are compatible with silencers, it would seem a bit useless imo.


I guess it would be a nice "first weapon" though since they tend to be common (at least around my area) due to bullets being cheap as shit.

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Just came across this cool rifle in .22lr that is actively being used in the Russian military.






Cool Suppressed 22 lr sniper rifle that is used for taking out lights, guard dogs, and people at close to medium range while making almost no noise.

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