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  1. Sorry for my English. Devs and guys, please check my ticket -
  2. @Baty Alquawen Sorry for my English. Can u ask him for tell us more information about mechanics of loot spawning in future devblog, as example: "How he's used point for spawn loot, proxy on model, or scripts", "How many time need to configure one building for spawn loot", "In nearly future, can we hope for spawn as picture", etc
  3. Sorry for my English. Some of inaccuracies and suggestions about Central Loot Economy (CLE) and another things: 1) I think Small Protector Case spawn only Shed: Can u change this mechanic? 2) Loot around boats on coast in remote places sometimes show us some magic: 3) Loot in forgotten villages, as example "Kamenka" show us magic too: 4) Two version of shotgun MP-133 haven't ammo after spawn: 5) Hull of cars shown't us status, u can waste much hours for repair wreck :) : 6) Too much buildings haven't loot: 080 060 Village Store a_generalstore_01 & a_generalstore_01a Military Prison etc 7) Some of items can't find or too rare: Crossbow Bolts Quiver Crossbow Bolt Waterproof Bag Snaploader 12 Ga Pellet Snaploader .357 Speedloader Amphibia S 10Rnd .22 Mag Pistol
  4. Sorry for my English. In Europe UK servers haven't Debug monitor, DE servers have. @Baty Alquawen, Can u disable "Accelerated Time" for one or two servers for test one thing?
  5. May be you need to trying Iron Front + DLC?
  6. My character not load from Database PLEASE FIX THIS!
  7. Anybody test this on Exp?
  8. Thx One of many Russians Community in DayZ for Screenshots
  9. As soon as possible. May be in next week.
  10. WTF is CR 75?? CZ75, not CR. CZ - CZech
  11. ETA to Stable: on Wednesday, tomorrow?
  12. Why not spawn this mask? Why not added fourth cloun masks - Chains mask? All masks in game currently.
  13. Not working for me :(
  14. Зарабатываю на мощный компьтер.