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  1. You don't look so good in your picture, you okay? Haven't seen you around for a long time.

    1. Inception.


      He hasn't posted since January. Oh, how he is missed.

  2. joeoblong@yahoo.com

    What skin do you want in DayZ?

    Need I really say it?
  3. joeoblong@yahoo.com

    No Pepsi, Coca-Cola or Heinz in standalone

    You want to add my wife!? (Hides this post from wife)
  4. joeoblong@yahoo.com

    No Pepsi, Coca-Cola or Heinz in standalone

    I'd like to suggest Pendragon Dew, Pendragon beans, & Pendragon cola! At the very least Pendragon Pasta "It's edible!"
  5. joeoblong@yahoo.com

    v175 beta: meat issues [solved] [old]

    Holy crap! R4ZOR49! I went to fearing this patch, to being somewhat excited about it. This patch is gonna make things interesting to say the least. Still worried about the blood deal but we will see how that plays out. I also want to thank you! First for devoting your time to this mod. / comminity I can only imagine what a thankless job that can be. I'd also like to thank you for listening to our concerns and altering your plans. I am sure you weren't to pleased with having to flush the time you spend coding those in. I for one am relieved that you chose a different route. You've earned these beans that is damn sure! Thank you, Pendragon
  6. joeoblong@yahoo.com

    v175 beta: meat issues [solved] [old]

    So I find it hard to believe the patch notes will go into effect as it is now. But if they do, it'll change the feel of DayZ completely for me. So instead of ranting, threatening, or bashing R4ZOR49, I've tried to come up with a solution by thinking of ways to modify my play style. See when I first started to play DayZ I decided I'd be a "good guy" for once. I wanted to buck the trend and try to have positive player interactions. DayZ has been a blast for me. Have I found the KoS mentality fusterating? Yes. Did I have unrealistic ideas of what DayZ would be like? No. I've played in FFA (free for all) in the past, I understand the way of life in these type games. For the most part I've gotten exactly what I was expecting / looking for! A harsh world, where no one cares about anything but their own well being. Which only made my positive interactions with people more enjoyable. A place where if some shmuck is a douche, I have the same chances of shutting him up as he has for adding a notch on his stock. DayZ has it's flaws but honestly what game doesn't, and aren't those flaws part of what made DayZ such an experience? So Pen WTH is your point? Honestly I don't know. I guess I won't judge these changes completely until I get some time to get a grip on them. I think personally R4ZOR49 is way off base here, and these chages will do nothing but harm the overall feel of the mod. He wants to discourage KoS, but no changes can be made thru code short of making it impoosible to harm eachother will accoplish this. The only thing that can fix KoS is the community, but we refuse to believe that. Most people feel it is fair play since it happens to them, even though this isn't how they want to play. We instead blame the COD kids, the e-thugs, and the mentally defunct, so we must KoS to protect ourselves. I can honestly say I've only ever KoS's people who were bandit skinned or I witnessed KoS'ing. I've been shot in the back more times then i can remember, and have avenged myself rarely. But I still chug on trying to be positive towards my fellow survivors. So if regaining health is going to become a chore, hassle, dependent on others, I fear DayZ the mod will be ruined. (for me personally) I hate games that waste my time, or limit my ability to create adventures for myself. This has been why I've been thru more MMO's then the average bear. (Damn you UO! Ruined me for the grind) But this isn't even about that. How do I, if these changes happen keep DayZ interesting for me? I've thought about just roleplaying and forgetting about gear all together. I am a self admitted gear whore though. I can accept losing it, but i always like having a nice shiney gun to keep me warm and cozy at night. But really is it worth roaming around and risking having to crawling my way somewhere safe to log off until I can secure a rescue? I kind of roleplay now, just nothing hardcore. I could switch it up completely and spit in R4ZOR49's eye and become a douche in game. This would be easy for me, I've been a douche in many of games... I am told I do it well. I could just wait for my squad-mates to be on and play alot less. So I realize this is a bit of a rambling post, i apologize for that. I also realize that Carl has other things in the works that may very well make my concerns moot. So I guess my question to all of you is... What if this goes live? How will you deal with it? TL:DR Words and stuff! Thank you Pendragon.
  7. joeoblong@yahoo.com

    v175 beta: meat issues [solved] [old]

    Yeah I may not agree / like some of the chages being purposed. I may be critical of the dev guys, but remember they deserve a great deal of respect. Now if they were paid and not doing this out of passion... I'd say have at them! Also R4ZOR49, I do like you are also going to modify blood bagging. I still think your quest to curb KoS is in vain, but we'll see. As I said earlier given the opportunity a player will be a jerk, causing others to adopt being a jerk. Only thing you can do to remove this behavior is to remove the ability to harm others. We all know this would kill DayZ. I still think if you can make a system where players get rewarded for co-op'ing as opposed to killing eachother you'd take a step in the right direction. If it is possible make the loot spawn less if players are killed in the area, and more as the player count in that area grows. (If that makes sense) I don't envy you tho so... *tip of my hat*
  8. joeoblong@yahoo.com

    1.7.5 - Cows will now run for their lives

    Carl aka R4ZOR49 actually said "Blood bags must be found, meat just spawns no mater what." here; https://github.com/R4Z0R49/DayZMod/issues/230 Really I have a tent full of nothing but bloodbags! Easiest resource in the game to collect, besides tin cans and empty whiskey bottles! If this is how you see it... We're boned! This is why I dread players calling the shots. Even worse are devs who caters to them. But I've stated my opinion on that here enough times already. What I want to point out here is, Nothing short of removing the ability to harm other players will cut down on the KoS mentality. Given the chance to be a dick, someone will be a dick. Some of the victims of that person will become dicks themselves. And it'll spiral until we end up back where we are. If you want to correct the health system Carl, fix it! But make it equally easier/harder for both lone and groups. Blood bagging cannot be left as is if you implement these changes. Also the argument for Lone vs. Group. Not everything is easier for a group, then a loner. But we see no changes to correct that glaring fallacy. I wonder why?
  9. joeoblong@yahoo.com

    1.7.5 - Cows will now run for their lives

    This is a change that makes me want to complain, condemn, & criticize.
  10. joeoblong@yahoo.com

    DayZ Super Fun Adventures! EP1: Sniper

    Lmao good one
  11. joeoblong@yahoo.com

    (update) So ..... I found A ufo

    No U! UFO. Unidentified Flying Object. All those things can be identified & it is a scripter. This has been done in Arma2 surprised it took so long to make it to DayZ.
  12. joeoblong@yahoo.com

    Children and Women Zombies?

    Although I tend to agree zombie children would add alot of creepiness to the overall feel of DayZ. I can see how some agenda driven people would cry foul. A good substitute could be the evidence that children once existed. A bloodied teddybear, a stained Childs seat in a car, a playground with the echo's of the past playing at odd moments, tattered and bloodstained toddler clothing. This way we would all get the feel that something dreadful occurred and the children didn't make it. Maybe add in a child's form in the distance, yet when focused upon it fades away. (edit) Imagine walking into a house going into a room and finding a nursery with gore splattered everywhere. Then the faint sound of a woman's crying . You walk out to meet zombied momma! They can do alot with suggestion.
  13. joeoblong@yahoo.com

    Dayz = PvP

    Ahh the dead have risen!! Challe you necromancer!! (on a side note) I miss a few of those posters! :(
  14. joeoblong@yahoo.com

    DayZ Standalone Closed Testing?

    Don't feel bad, I got a "LULZ!! HELL NO, OVER OUR DEAD BODIES!!" signed by everyone a month ago. I didn't even know what it meant... now it is all clear. (Edit) "ception I think as a mod you get in + free dayz fo life yo! *Mumbles* Damn Cult of Baby Blues.