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  1. nhow7108

    Heat Map

    Most people stay along the coast on xbox for some reason. On pc, the coast is a death sentence.
  2. nhow7108

    Server wipe soon?

    Yea any wiped bases right now are from server crashes.
  3. nhow7108

    Server wipe soon?

    Im sure when that giant update that going to add 2 new guns is coming with a total wipe across the board.
  4. nhow7108

    Lack of HC players

    Come to the US ones. They are high pop during the busy hours of the day and also on weekends. Theres always one high pop hc server. On one server there is a huge clan with like 20 people with their base on the west edge of the map. Almost got killed by them when waving my hand being friendly with my guns put away.
  5. nhow7108

    Found M4s

    Then there isnt alot of people hoarding or duping on that server. Thats good
  6. nhow7108

    Warning to all duplication exploiters on Xbox

    Microsoft is really anal about breaking their TOS. It doesn't matter what the game is.
  7. nhow7108

    garbage visuals?

    It happens because of the xbox one and x's shit CPU and texture streaming. Plus both of them only have a 5400 rpm laptop hard drive. At least put a 7200 rpm or an SSD in the X, Microsoft! Geez. lol.
  8. nhow7108

    Warning to all duplication exploiters on Xbox

    Hey i dont give a fuck about what you do i just wanted you to know that if you get caught, you could be suspended/banned. I guess thats what you get with the communist republic of xbox live lol.
  9. nhow7108


    I have even had friends banned in halo because they downloaded and played on modded maps in halo 3 lol.
  10. nhow7108


    I have seen a few people suspended for exploiting games. One perticular example was a few got suspended for using the ceiling glitch on Operation Metro on Battlefield 4 to boost their K/D ratio. A friend of mine got banned for boosting in CoD MW2 using the tac insertion flare method in match making. It happens.
  11. nhow7108

    whats going on with the loot on xbox

    If M4s and AKs spawned where the rest of the guns do we wouldnt have an issue finding them even with dupers hoarding and screwing up the global count/spawn rate of them.
  12. nhow7108

    whats going on with the loot on xbox

    Its mainly M4s and AKs that are hard to find right now. Every other gun is easy to find because nobody hoards them. Plus the other guns can spawn in many more places than M4s and AKs and not to mention M4s and AKs are considered a ''rare'' spawn when pretty much everything else is either un common or common.
  13. Cheating by exploiting a game mechanic to gain an unfair advantage is a violation against Xbox's Terms Of Service/Code Of Conduct which can result in a ban or suspension from Xbox Live if you are reported. https://www.xbox.com/en-US/Legal/CodeOfConduct
  14. nhow7108

    whats going on with the loot on xbox

    There is a bug right now which prevents a gun from respawning once it is stored or hoarded. Duplication exploiters are making it worse because their duped guns are counted against the total allowed to spawn on the map.
  15. nhow7108


    Read what i posted above ^