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  1. nhow7108

    M70 Tundra not shooting (AK also now)

    Yeah that sounds like the old gun glitch that was around back in september. Once it happens, your gun is useless. You cant fix it.
  2. nhow7108

    General tips for Xbox players.

    1. Dont get attached to your loot! You will always lose it at some point. Remember that your loot is temporary. 2. Dont put all of your eggs in one basket. Spread your loot out amongst several hidden stashes. Putting it all in one spot is like giving it away. 3. Bases attracts attention. The walls stick out and its very very easy to break in. Avoid building bases to store your loot. I understand some build for fun, but remember to have a second stash to fall back on. 4. Oil barrels can be dropped under water. This makes a great Little stash that nobody will expect. 5. Avoid walking on roads and crossing open fields. Being in the open makes you an easy target. Always stick to the trees and keep your head on a swivel. 6. Carry only the essentials. Avoid a cluttered inventory and spread your supplies amongst different pieces of clothing so when you eventually get shot everything doesn't get ruined. 7. Trust nobody. 8. Learn the entire map. This will give you an edge over an opponent. 9. Safety in numbers. Although its risky trusting someone, being part of a group gives a significant advantage in a fight. 10. Dont be afraid to die. Acceptance of death will calm you down in a fight. Its not a big deal if you die. 11. The sun always sticks to the southern portion of the sky. 12. Rags are superior to bandages. 13. Duct tape fixes everything. Always keep a roll on your character. 14. Never stand still for long. always keep moving. 15. Use the right weapon for the right job. Keep in mind the max effective range of the guns you are carrying. Only shoot when you know you can hit. 16. Lear the advantages and disadvantages of the guns you are using. Practice and fights will teach you. 17. Dont be afraid to get in fights. You need to fight to get better at fighting. 18. Stamina is important. having more stamina than you opponent gives you a huge advantage. If anybody else has some tips, write them below.
  3. nhow7108

    Night is now HORRIBLE!!!!!

    I agree night time went a little overboard especially with the blurry fuzz and the personal night light that only you can see.
  4. nhow7108

    Base on snip

    Be careful you might get suspended or banned from the forum for posting base locations
  5. nhow7108

    MP5 broken?

    Its a known issue
  6. nhow7108

    Keyboard support on one X

    Its coming. MS posted support early.
  7. nhow7108

    We need mor FPP servers in US.

    Theres only 4 for the US and they are constantly full and have a large waiting queue.
  8. nhow7108

    Bow and arrow?

    The devs have stated on many occasions that bows and arrows are at the bottom of their priority list so dont expect them for a year or 2. There alot of technical issues with adding in bows thats not worth their time. They are more focused on getting the game to work correctly.
  9. nhow7108

    Heat Map

    Most people stay along the coast on xbox for some reason. On pc, the coast is a death sentence.
  10. nhow7108

    Server wipe soon?

    Yea any wiped bases right now are from server crashes.
  11. nhow7108

    Server wipe soon?

    Im sure when that giant update that going to add 2 new guns is coming with a total wipe across the board.
  12. nhow7108

    Lack of HC players

    Come to the US ones. They are high pop during the busy hours of the day and also on weekends. Theres always one high pop hc server. On one server there is a huge clan with like 20 people with their base on the west edge of the map. Almost got killed by them when waving my hand being friendly with my guns put away.
  13. nhow7108

    Found M4s

    Then there isnt alot of people hoarding or duping on that server. Thats good
  14. nhow7108

    Warning to all duplication exploiters on Xbox

    Microsoft is really anal about breaking their TOS. It doesn't matter what the game is.
  15. nhow7108

    garbage visuals?

    It happens because of the xbox one and x's shit CPU and texture streaming. Plus both of them only have a 5400 rpm laptop hard drive. At least put a 7200 rpm or an SSD in the X, Microsoft! Geez. lol.