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  1. Jackel

    Selected Servers going Offline on May 27th!

    So you don’t think BI are that bad? If BI was in charge of making a crossword puzzle I’ll bet you any money that they would screw that up as well
  2. Jackel

    Selected Servers going Offline on May 27th!

    Have you seen the bases that are ppl have created? And you want ppl to move them to another server? That’s hilarious 😂. In regards to locking servers you need to lock half the servers and let players have a choice. I’ll bet any money that those locked servers will be more populated every day than those servers that aren’t locked. Duping ghosting meatballing and every other glitch/exploit should had been fixed by now. It’s not like they are new issues they have been in the game since release and stating that we are trying to fix them isn’t good enough. Your going to lose players from removing servers as your pushing your game to be a battle royal. I my self love pvp but a lot of others do not. Stop being cheap we paid for those severs by buying this game so leave them where they are! Focus on what the community wants fixed not how you can save money.
  3. Jackel

    Help can’t find tent anywhere

    Good luck trying to find anything nowadays on dayz. This game is dying a slow painful death.
  4. Jackel

    dupers are a real piece of work

    If you have come here to get an answer from anyone associated with BI then you have come to the wrong place. As for duping you should get use to it as it’s part of the game and will not be fixed.
  5. Jackel

    Xbox Update 1.02

    Yeah here too mate. Played a lot since the update and none of our group have found a single new gun only a few boxes of ammo
  6. Jackel

    The Ultimate Exploit

    Geee fanboy you must work for BI, how can you accept that? Are you the kind of guy that would accept your next door neighbor putting his pecker in your wife but say it’s ok it was only the tip? Full release games should have no cheating and a AAA game developer what squash it as soon as it becomes a problem.
  7. Jackel


    lol I have built the same base after every wipe and no one has ever found it. I store our car or barrels generators, enough room for 10 people. Not once has it been found we even have a gate so the little girls don’t need to server hop to get inside.
  8. Jackel


    So the update is at the end of the month? but BI can’t say when. Well in Australia its Thursday so Wednesday everywhere else so it’s not like there is too many days left in the month so how hard is it? I/we paid our money and we ain’t soft like dayz pc players we expect results after all the money we paid for this game is paying your wages 😘
  9. Jackel

    where to find them?!

    I don’t know what your all talking about there is nothing wrong with this game FPS is perfect I have found ar’s everywhere. Even the cars drive great. I also have to say I’m happy that I haven’t found 10 duper bases in the last week, but best of all I’m very impressed with fully geared players attitude on the coast to new spawns. You guys are awesome sharing your bullets even if it’s only 1 when I don’t even ask for it. Hey I ain’t salty just ask the guys that I have killed with the duped mines that I have found 😉😉😉😉
  10. Jackel

    The Xbox One launch FAQ!

    I never said it was unplayable and I only mentioned the new controller mapping sucks. You as a person might happily go through life being mediocre with everything you take interest in but I when I see that dayz is out of game preview then the game should be finished not half done and no cheating like duping but hey you seem that you don’t mind it so knock yourself out💋
  11. Jackel

    Xbox Launch Update 1.01

    Base building useless due to server hopping. Mass cheating eg duping So you must be fine with cheating? This is the first and hopefully the last I I have played that they say is a finished game that cheating is a well known issue but seems to be ignored. We all brought the game so we all have a right to state our own opinion.
  12. Jackel

    Xbox Launch Update 1.01

    In a duper’s back pack
  13. Jackel

    Is the CLE the reason for lack of ARs?

    I found an ak and a m4 the day dayz went full release but since then I have soon nine a I play this game a lot. I dare say all the little boys and girls have dipped their little hearts out so yeah if you want one of these weapons you’ll either have to kill someone for it or find yourself a nice base to raid.
  14. Jackel

    A poll for what xbox players want most

    ALL of these issues should not even be in the game. It’s full release. Everyone may as well jump on YouTube have a look how to dupe and then meet on the coast.
  15. Jackel

    Issues with update 1.0

    It is unfortunate where dayz is at right now. They go to full release but the game isn’t anywhere near finished. I find it to be a joke that they can say it’s finished but to have not fixed blatant cheating like duping, if anyone says otherwise then are most likely duper’s them selves. BI can’t even communicate with the community as to what they are going to do about it. It’s not like they haven’t had time to do so. I love this game but BI need to do better I. All aspects