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  1. Jackel

    Dayz 1.0 patch notes

    Server hopping still not going to be fixed which makes base building useless so why bother having it in the game?? But yay at least everyone on the coast will have 2 new guns to battle royal with.
  2. Jackel

    27th of March

    So we have a date for the new update which will take dayz on Xbox out of game preview. I am quietly very excited. I assume seeming that we are going to full release that means that duping has been fixed? How about people server hopping into our bases? What about cars being death traps? If these issues aren’t fixed in this update then do not remove dayz from game preview as it’s not how I see it as a finished game. Lets all hope BI has got it right
  3. Jackel

    Xbox Update 04/02/2019

    I hope your taking the piss.
  4. In all aspects of life communication is key. So BI where’s the communication? Is it truely too hard to at least give a progress report on how the update is coming or even simple answers as to why duping hasn’t been fixed? With all the issues that this game has and coupled with the amount of $$ you asked us to pay for this game we as a community would appreciate more information on a more regular basis. After all without us dayz on Xbox could become a game that faded into oblivion just like many others.
  5. Jackel

    State of the Game

    I too have noticed this which the only reason I can give you why this has happened is that everyone is in the coast on every server partaking in pvp as right now that’s the only interesting thing to do right now in dayz. I myself don’t go to the coast as it’s too laggy but after recently building a new base and once it was completed to return the next day to find our whole base wiped off the face of the earth i have ran out of things to do so pvp on the coast might be the only fun to be had or stop playing all together.
  6. Jackel

    I think xbox 1.0 will be the next big update

    Where to start, how about FPS drop especially while driving a car, the fact that once you get sick you may as well eat a bullet. Server hopping into bases and combat logging. The constant server crashes that makes creating a base a complete waste of time. Or what about every Tom dick and Harry duplicating everything that they can get their hands on. That’s just a few of the things that I’m not happen about but there is plenty more. The performance of the game has gone down hill since release and the BI say that they may be able to fix many of the problems over time. I’ll believe that when I see it.
  7. Jackel

    I think xbox 1.0 will be the next big update

    What good work have they done? Are you happy that they pushed the pc version to 1.0 even though the game is still a mess? You pc players might be happy but in the world of console we expect results and by everyone here paying what we did for the game we can bitch and moan as much as we want about the state of the game. If you don’t agree that the Xbox release and the push for 1.0 release on pc was a money grab then you need to wake the hell up. BI is a joke. 90% of the players on Xbox are duper’s but hey I don’t blame them the only fun we can have right now is sit on the coast and kill each other as every other aspect of this game doesn’t work eg base building, but hey I’ll be patient like you said. Maybe by the end of the year BI may have worked out how to pull their thumb out of their ass and do their job or better yet sell the game to a studio that can actually fix this broken ass game.
  8. Jackel

    I think xbox 1.0 will be the next big update

    The next update that catches us up to the pc should be our 1.0 but they won’t call it 1.0 as there is too many issues in the Xbox version right now. So by rights if they give us the new guns in any update in the future before they remove the Xbox version from game preview it proves that fact that the devs pushed pc to 1.0 just so they can sell the pc version at the price of a fully completed game which we all know it is far from that but in saying that I hope we do get the new guns in the next update as well all paid a large price for this game which isn’t finished just to bank roll the pc version so screw you pc players.
  9. Jackel

    Xbox Update 04/02/2019

    Great so we got some fixes but no where do we see the issue of server hopping. So BI are you just going to ignore the issue? How about you just remove all base building and turn your game into another battle royal because that’s pretty much what it is right now. I paid good money for this game so it’s time to start to listen to the community for once.
  10. Jackel

    Xbox Feedback Round - January 2019

    Hey BI when are you going to fix the god damn server hopper issue? I killed 3 of them in the space of 20 mins thanks to the help of some mines that I stole from some duper’s base. I find it funny that you close threads when ppl are talking about duplicating which you state it’s an exploit. What about all the ppl running around with no shoes on so that you can’t hear them or what about the fact suppersors work even better when they are ruined? All of those are exploits in their on way. Watch out hoppers I got 30 land mines and one of them has your name on it!
  11. I think it’s a great idea but the devs rarely listen to the community and this will prob never happen. The devs state that duplication is a exploit well hopping servers and combat logging is a exploit the way that I see it. So BI listen up and fix it
  12. Jackel

    Xbox Feedback Round - January 2019

    Besides what everyone else has stated I do need to push the point of having locked characters to servers ASAP. A little communication about this from you the devs isn’t much to ask as I’m in a group of about 30 that play dayz together which has dwindled to 10 in the last few weeks purely due to server hoppers and that the game has become boring. What’s the use in spending hours making a base to only have someone server hop and take all your gear. Communication is key devs
  13. Jackel

    Xbox Update 14/01/2019

    Great to see night vision brought into the game but when are we getting server locked characters? I don’t see why you bring out base building when it’s useless right now. Stop adding items to the game and fix the issues that causing people to stop playing. We paid a high price for this game only so you can afford to get the pc version to 1.0 then you decide to take many of our servers. Not good. Listen to your community would be a great idea.