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  1. Skimshady

    Xbox Update 1.02

    Can we cycle with y through our hot keys?
  2. Skimshady

    Ingame Stats

    no thanks, people KOS already imagine if they were giving a K/D to work for.
  3. Skimshady

    New player

    Rule number 1: Dont trust anyone!!
  4. Skimshady

    please let there be light

    I agree it deffo needs to be a tad darker.
  5. Skimshady

    please let there be light

    Night time makes the game so much better imo
  6. Skimshady

    New night cycle time!

    No need to change it tbh
  7. Skimshady

    Infected in this update are DANGEROUS.

    Yeah i was in Kamenka and it was pretty dead to be fair. Seems quite that side of the coast.
  8. Skimshady

    OG Xbox performance

    Im on OG xbox and deffo notice the improvement.
  9. Skimshady

    Infected in this update are DANGEROUS.

    I usually bait them to a house and kill them all. Hopefully the whole town full make it my way.
  10. Skimshady

    Before you get your panties in a twist

    Theres deffo an improvement in FPS on my end. Love the night cycle too and zombies are ruthless.
  11. Skimshady

    Cycling through quickslot

    How do you do this now? It used to be Y to change through your quick slot wheel now nothing?
  12. Skimshady

    Xbox Launch Update 1.01

    No servers?
  13. Skimshady

    1.0 Release times

    Im sure there the same patch notes as pic 1.0
  14. Skimshady

    1.0 Release times

    thanks thats about 4am UK time. Hopefully get to wake up to the game as its my only day off work
  15. Skimshady

    1.0 Release times

    Hi Guys Just seeing if theres any news on what time this update will release specifically in the UK?