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  1. Skimshady

    Rain is back

    wow i hope it aint like that for long
  2. Skimshady

    27th of March

    purge will be weekend for me
  3. Skimshady


    il do it on the 26th lol ,
  4. Skimshady

    Full release March 27th

    Good, the whole game needs a wipe tbh
  5. Skimshady

    Full release March 27th

    Yeah theres deffo gonna be a full wipe across the board thanks god
  6. Skimshady

    Full release March 27th

    Doesn’t look that way guess we’ll have to be patient.
  7. Skimshady

    Full release March 27th

    So confirmed March 27th full release. Thoughts?
  8. Skimshady

    NV scope free to a good home

    pointless when night lasts 2 mins
  9. Skimshady

    New Info - Xbox Update

    no info but this month is best youll get
  10. Skimshady

    So BI when is this update coming?

    This month is the best reply you will get
  11. Skimshady

    Duping ruined game for me

    I was watching a stream last night on twitch and someone in chat said that it doesnt work anymore and has been solved? Is this correct and if so is it just now waiting for a full wipe for normal service to be resumed @ImpulZ
  12. Skimshady

    Do not trust list 4173

    snitches get stitches!
  13. Skimshady

    Base De-Spawning

    thanks for the response.
  14. Skimshady

    Base De-Spawning

    Any time scale for this mate?
  15. Skimshady

    Duper base hunting

    What can I say I like salt with my chips