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  1. Man Parts 241


    I think it was aimed at the can of peaches and not the 3 man squad lol.
  2. Man Parts 241

    Bought an Xbox One X for this game

    Dead thread was at the top of a dead from section. Didn't even realize until afterwards. I haven't played since just after 1.0. I bitch and complain because I love what Day Z COULD BE if in the right hands. I'll be done with this all together soon enough tho. I've been waiting for THIS game since zombie spawns were dictated by player proximity. Haven't been following it. Just saying I've been waiting... I love survival games. This fits me perfectly. At first I gave it the benefit of the doubt since it was early preview. I knew there were gonna be bugs, glitches, etc. What I didn't know is that BI would be horrible at doing their job at fixing these WELL KNOWN AND OBVIOUSLY PRIORITY NUMBER 1 fixes. There is no other game like Day Z on Xbox or console for that matter. Sure there are other survival games like Ark, Conan, Minecraft, etc. Those games aren't Day Z tho. I love Day Z for what it can be. I just hate how it's being managed and developed.
  3. Man Parts 241

    1.03 Stability

    We've been saying this since before 1.0. Their priorities on what needs to be done first is all over the place. EVERY patch has broken something that was already working. But we should be okay with this because it's the norm for Day Z development or we're just too optimistic, to the point of no return? Foh, people paying premium price for a shit product with shit devs who do shit work.
  4. Man Parts 241

    Most dangerous?

    Fell down a ladder of a radio tower the last time I played. Couldn't stop laughing 😂
  5. Man Parts 241

    Locked servers

    And that means what, exactly? 219k users. 20 active users. I know you were just posting a question. And I'm not trying to be a dick. Not atm at least. My reply was just me saying you're not going to get a lot of votes because this is a dead forum. 9 hours 27 views and 3 votes Shit don't add up. X/
  6. Man Parts 241

    Locked servers

    This a dead forum. Dead in the sense that there are about 20 regulars who frequent this forum. Reddit is dead too. And the people who do post on Reddit, all they do is post pvp videos/clips.
  7. Man Parts 241

    Question about tents?

    Or he dropped everything on the floor including the tent. I don't think you can damage a tent that's unpacked with stuff in it. I know you can ruin bags, containers, etc with stuff in it. Not to sure about tents tho. Most likely, they dropped everything and kept it moving.
  8. Man Parts 241

    1.03 Stability

    Lol if you think there is testing going on. Seriously don't know how M$ is letting these patches get thru. 1.03 on PC is a horrible joke. Go see for yourself.
  9. Man Parts 241

    Bought an Xbox One X for this game

    Bet you're regretting it now lol
  10. Man Parts 241

    Is this game officialy dead ?

    If you're not doing what you love, you're doing it wrong.
  11. Man Parts 241

    Dayz Battle royale: quest for M4

    You have no idea. Honestly, you sound like a cod kid. Don't bother replying. Putting you in the 'Ignore' bag with Pilgrim.
  12. Man Parts 241

    Selected Servers going Offline on May 27th!

    No, they're not. This ain't PC. We're Xbox. Pffft... Edit: Was in PC earlier, looks like 1.03 did on a number on the game smh. Even those guys are on some wtf shit with BI. This shit's bonkers...
  13. Man Parts 241

    Selected Servers going Offline on May 27th!

    No, I don't play shit games. Day Z can be a great game. It already has enough to be so. All they have to do is fix what's already there.
  14. Man Parts 241

    Selected Servers going Offline on May 27th!

    Is anyone really surprised?! This is BI we're talking about. This only solidifies my previous statement. Bi is hands down the worse dev I've ever encountered.
  15. Lol, you must be new here. Just saying... we been beating this horse carcass since before 1.0.