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  1. Man Parts 241

    DeSpawn to Respawn CHEATERS!

    Character locked servers will fix server hopping. Along with a million other things as well.
  2. Man Parts 241

    Are they for sure doing a character and base wipe?

    We desperately need it. Until they fix duping I hope we get wiped with every patch/update.
  3. Man Parts 241

    Important Loot to gather before update

    This is true. I've witnessed this first hand lol
  4. Man Parts 241

    how many players xbox lost on dayz

    Probably not even 1k active players.
  5. Man Parts 241

    Why I quit Dayz

    Probably would've survived it if you played it right. After watching it a few times here's what I noticed... 1. They didn't see you. You had the drop on them. 2. Communication saves lives. They were clearly talking in-game. You tried to kos. 3. Be smarter. Should've dropped the backpack. It would've been hidden in your character's body. 4. I feel like you wasted some time while looting that corpse and messing with inventory. 5. Full-auto should've been on. 6. 1PP for gunfights.
  6. Man Parts 241

    No Military Challange

    I got a character running around in civi's with a shotgun too. Buckshot ftw!
  7. Man Parts 241

    Do not trust list 4173

    Lmao The butthurt is real.
  8. Man Parts 241

    Do not trust list 4173

    Or end up in ditches!
  9. Man Parts 241

    Board??? RP Anyone?

    If we ever get private servers.
  10. Man Parts 241

    I fucking love this game!!!

  11. Man Parts 241

    Why I quit Dayz

    "Don't try anything!!!" Lmao
  12. Man Parts 241

    My experience so far.

    It's just frustrating is all. The potential is there. Development is not.
  13. Man Parts 241

    Resources and supplies

    This game is easy. Dafuq u on about? o.0
  14. Man Parts 241

    State of the Game

    I would rent / purchase a server. I would also love community servers. Trying to do it ourselves is no bueno since we can't admin tho. People would find out we have a bunch of friendlies being all friendly and best of friends on this friendly ass server and they'll just come and fuck it all up. And then the motto becomes, "Why Can't We Just Be Friends?" If you guys/gals decide on a server tho, I'll swing thru on Man Parts. I think i'm up by Orlovets making my way down town... (you know the words lol)
  15. Man Parts 241

    State of the Game

    It's because nothing kinda matters at the moment. We need mechanics like temperature, disease, broken bones, a working day night cycle, a weather cycle, locked servers, etc to slow the game's pacing down. I know this may be hard on some but I feel like it should be game chat only with push to talk. I'd really like to use the walkie talkies etc. Locked servers + game chat only would help to promote their usage. Loot needs to rarer. Death should be harsher. Respawn timer double'd if player dies in quick succession or something ionno. PvP is the only thing to do on the real for real. Surviving is way too easy.