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  1. Xbox Development Briefing - November 16, 2018

    Thank you for response, wise choice there I feel & hopefully it doesn't split the player base too much. But I'm sure we will see many new players after the launch of 1.0 .
  2. Xbox Development Briefing - November 16, 2018

    Firstly loving how soon many mechanics and items will be coming to xbox, great news and great work by the whole BI team. But I'm looking for some clarification on whether we will get separate servers for controller & M&K due to the distinct advantage M&K users have with accuracy and inventory etc?
  3. Dayz next update with Mouse and keyboard support?

    Xbox dev blog has dropped awhile ago on the forum. M&K Support is being worked on but no date & no mention of seperate servers so expect to get owned by any M&K user if your using a controller lol. Absolute joke
  4. Stamina.

    I think you can wring out pants too but the clothing has to be empty of items. Also crafting a fire inside and sitting by it will bring your clothing back to dry status and bring ur temp up once temp effects health and stamina . Hope that helps
  5. Mouse & Keyboard support confirmed

    So at the Microsoft XO18 expo in Mexico City the other day it was confirmed that official Microsoft Mouse & Keyboard support on console will roll out to many other games on console, DayZ Being one of them. Plus out of all the games mentioned at the expo that would support M&K only in respect to fortnite was it clarified there would be seperate servers for controller & M&K. Im intrigued how this news would go down, especially if we end up with mixed servers. Which I'd assume we will as there isn't enough of a player base to split.
  6. I thought they weren't releasing till quarter 2 next year for console and even they hadn't confirmed a date?
  7. So much rain

    Yep constant rains a drag, I guess running weather effects full blast for awhile is part of the current server stress testing , it's definitely stressing me out
  8. Think it'll be a few months into the new year atleast before we see too much content ported over . But I'm sure we will see sizeable big fixes and controller updates before atleast . Fingers crossed
  9. Servers question

    Servers are want to be persistent for upto 42 days I think but with constant updates they get wiped often so stashes are temporary right now. But if I player survives long enough and wishes to keep on looting full kits and stashing them about the coast it can become useful if wanting to stick to the coast occasionally and have easy access to a weapon and basic equipment fast. With the games limited content and craftables ATM I guess some just want to try evetything currently in. Once base building & vehicles are implemented I guess stashes will become more useful and more readily accessible .
  10. Was jogging along when ...

    Yep if I see a player alone and with a holstered weapon, especially if there dressed in civilian clothing I always try and initiate comms . If someone's tooled up in military gear and rolling with an AR & silencer in hand I'll usually avoid them or watch for abit and see if they have friends or are hunting players , on those occasions I'll kill them. But rarely and only if I see them taking shots at a player unprovoked . But strictly KOS players confuse me tbh, especially death squads killing fresh spawns. I don't see the sport in it .
  11. Eastern suppressor

    Just not implemented yet. There's a NATO suppressor in game too but that's not implemented either. Hell 90% of the games not implemented
  12. Was jogging along when ...

    Yep long range headshot, with games with bullet velocity and not hit scan you'd die before you hear the shot. Bullets reaching you before the sound does. Feels bad man, I've died a few times this way with a friend who heard the shot after I'd left this earthly realm lol.
  13. Handcuffs.

    Nope no handcuffs, none in PC build unless they added them on the Halloween servers on PC stress test. But difinately not on xbox for me
  14. 9V Battery gone?

    I've found them too but don't need one .the god of loot is a trickster and never gives you the one thing you most want lol
  15. and the vehicles?

    Might be a PC gamer In the wrong forum section l as they just tested vehicles on the PC experimental servers?