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  1. Do blood bags work?

    Yep couldn't agree more, I'm purifyng water and cooking meat and mushrooms in a pot etc just to get used to that aspect once it arrives. Also favouring water proof clothing or carrying a water proof alternate jacket & trying to stay dry in general through storms. Taking clothes of Infront of fire to dry them. I've heard the next update on PC for experimental is full disease and weather effects update so trying to prepare for that
  2. Do blood bags work?

    Yep basically not fully implemented yet, they've changed a lot from the MOD & 0.62 so there probably still working on balancing on internal builds before rolling it out. Nice to see someone experimenting though. I tried a morphine auto injector after being shot and it nothing , knew it removed broken legs before without the use of a splint but figured I'd test for any changes.
  3. Hot Fix For 'Reset Timer Pop Up'

    Yeh I'd seen a dev mention that ingame time doesn't reset when server does but I've stayed in a server through resets for about 14hrs when the game came out and saw no change in lighting other than weather effects so think he may have been misinformed as no one on the forums has seen night on console yet. But hopefully the timer will return as a lot of people are getting perma locked in databases when kicked from server still, guessing they'll be looking into it as a priority
  4. Hot Fix For 'Reset Timer Pop Up'

    Yep it's annoying but I've taken too writing down the time of resets and server name so I can work it out myself. But Tbh some don't seem to be evey two hours exactly which is strange. I'd like to see the resets extended so we have a chance of seeing night time without ingame time being reset on server reset.
  5. Vehicles

    Yep it'll be sometime before we see any major content update me thinks. Half the buttons aren't bound yet & the dev teams still working through issues that have been logged on PC for months. Patience is the name of the game when it comes to DayZ. but yeah I believe planes will also be reintroduced aswell as choppers and an assortment of ground vehicles. But remember this is Dayz hardcore survival, you may find a car if your lucky but then you gotta find all the parts to fix said car before you can use it which would usually mean running to an industrial zone or several and carrying heavy parts back to vehicle only to find it's being camped by someone waiting for you to fix it and steal from you after wasting you or someone's already fixed it a driven away lol. But that's what makes Dayz so fun. But yeah you can run from the coast upto numerous mil bases in 30mins so it's not exactly a grind right now
  6. Need a way to stop Combat Loggers on Xbox One.

    Once some more content is added I'll hit you up dude. Plus those pesky server hoppers may get looted faster but all that time spent alone in a server is time there not practising surviving, evading or fighting. There always easy kills trying to spray ya down in TPP soft aim & hitting nothing through pure panic lol.
  7. MODS on consoles

    Those aren't personal servers. Those are third party servers that you usually pay a minimum of 80quid a month to rent basically. A private server would be one set up at your residence for example, on PC now anyone who owns a server can run any modded version of Dayz they like. But for games like battlefield that offered third party server space the option were limited and no direct coding access to server files was available so modding wasn't an option. Hope that clarifies my previous comment
  8. MODS on consoles

    Unfortunately there is zero chance that Microsoft would allow Personal servers, but if Bohemia made an agreement to sell server space akin to what Battlefield4 did then that could be an option. It's purely security and quality controls issues on microsofts side. But as you say I'd be extremely suprised if dayZ is 1.0 release when expected as there's not many months left now and still a huge amount of mechanics to add in yet for testing
  9. What about FPP Server?

    Think it'll be a long time till private hire payable servers are an option on console, but if they ever become a thing I'm sure they'll have an admin option for switching perspectives permanently to FPP. TPP is as far from hardcore as you can get so having it in hardcore survival game makes no sense to me
  10. Need a way to stop Combat Loggers on Xbox One.

    DayZ is a hardcore Survival game, not a hardcore deathmatch. I too love some good PvP but ATM being able to get fully kitted in 30mins then spraying down people with total disregard for your own life because you know you can just sprint Inland if you die and get kitted again and rinse & repeat. PvP will remain an important part of Dayz but in the future getting geared will take substantially longer, surviving long enough to get north and geared will be substantially harder and take longer but the top end of the gameplay curve will be higher. People will be looting for vehicle parts, building materials & medical supplies. at the moment theres no end game for players who feel like once there kitted they've won DayZ , especially if theyve already got full map and mechanic knowledge. So they tend to just go kill anyone they can find due to boredom. I love DayZ and think the Devs have done a great job with this port and with updates so far, but this build isn't even DayZ really and after a few weeks of rinse and repeat gameplay with little to no nuance except the occasional fun or tense player interaction I for one will be taking an extended break until a content update arrives. Many will continue the deathmatch and more power to them but if I wanna kill I go play PUBG or SIEGE so I don't have to wait three hours to maybe kill a guy who's gonna run Into a bush and log, I'd rather ace a team , get a chicken dinner or reach diamond rank. I'll come back to DayZ EZ Mode once it actually becomes hardcore
  11. Need a way to stop Combat Loggers on Xbox One.

    Until the games at 1.0 or beta release and private hire servers become a thing (if they become a thing) then combat logging will remain prevalent. Once RP servers with strict rule sets and 24/7 admins come into play then a lot of the casual players who don't want to PvP will dissapear from public servers for good which will alleviate the problem. I personally can't wait to have more options for server settings like FPP only as TPP is as far away from hardcore as you can get. Plus people need to remember once all diseases are in & weather effects actually hurt you/slow you down etc. And all weapons are in, it'll be a much much harder game a finding the right mag and ammo will take much longer. All this in itself will reduce PvP
  12. Xbox Update 18/09/2018

    Don't want to sound condescending but the game has a lot of new players not used to it's mechanics. Does the gun have a mag and have you filled the mag with bullets before attempting to shoot?
  13. DayZ Youtubers?

    Tope Rec , is another great dayz streamer and YouTube content creator. Plays with MINDR and other big dayz content creators a lot. Only problem is that 0.63 is kinda just DayZ PvP meaty match ATM due to lack of other content/mechanics so even current dayz videos get abit stale, even youtubers who try to get a narrative going on there own private hive server filled with subscribers and fans still get Killed on sight due to lack of anything else to do. But alphas alpha so it's expected.
  14. Update for controls/key bindings

    Wondering if anyone on the forum or a member of the dev team could give me any info in when keys such as Hold breathe and FPP look over shoulder will be added? The hold breathe functionality is greatly needed as scope sway is very pronounced in DayZ , no problem with the sway but counteracting it in real time with a thumbstick isn't viable. Also having to turn left and right and breaking sprint to look over shoulder isn't ideal so the free look button would be amazing also. I fully understand that bug fixes take priority but any clarification on this issue would be greatly appreciated

    Pso scopes glitch when prone. All TPP poses are misaligned to the right of center reticule, there's no hold breathe function on console. ADS whilst prone causes massive character model to gun misalignment. Hit registration is poor or non existent during lag spikes. Scopes de render at random and aiming at anything further than 50metres away with a 4x takes upto ten seconds hi res render buildings/objects. remember the limitations of your knowledge doesn't mean your correct, I love this game and am in no means cussing it out but all the thing I've mentioned are confirmed bugs that are being worked on right now. There not even half the bugs that effect combat based mechanics