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  1. TheYetiBum

    Private server cost

    If it's any help, I emailed ImpulZ who was kind enough to respond & asked about extra server details. He stated we would receive more info before the update is released. So don't expect the update till more official info is released. Doesn't help with info or a timescale but now you know.
  2. TheYetiBum

    Any changes with lean in 1.04?

    I really hope they add custom controls, first they made it really awkward to free look & zoom by changing the controls for that. Now its the same button to free-look & zoom so you have to zoom then free look which is awful. then they mess up leaning by having to double tap to change from one direction to another, feels slow & clunky. I play a lot of Rainbow Six Siege & PUBG, the thumb-stick click for lean has been tried, tested & proven to be the best method for leaning in shooters on console. These random DayZ controller schemes seem like a needless attempt to reinvent the wheel. Plus in 2019 why isn't there a separate sensitivity slider for free-look, look, soft aim, ADS & for all scope magnifications? like every other shooter released in the last 5-10 years. I love DayZ or did before duping ruined it but these easy Quality of life changes make or break a game.
  3. TheYetiBum

    Status Report - July 2019

    Really depends on what the private server options are, if there's a kill feed or accessible admin kill log, with good 24/7 admins to report exploiting players too then I'm down to play. But without solid server admin functions like being able to perma ban gamer tags & see who killed who, when & where then it wont make a single difference. also being able to see who is logging in & out & how often to stop duplication & ban people accordingly. All of this needs to be functional as well as said private server having that 24/7 admin that can be contacted. I just wish they'd introduce instant deletion of all items held in the hands on logout or disconnection, itd suck if you get de-sycned but i'd rather that than have any form of duplication.
  4. TheYetiBum

    Latest Status Report, exploit fixes & future DLC

    @RicKaTaNski thanks for the heads up , I really wish they'd just implement instant deletion of all items held in hands at logout, just put a warning on the log out screen that all items or weapons held in hand at log out will be deleted, unlucky if you have a power cut or quick switch profiles or whatever. Its a game & you can just loot again to get a gun or whatever. I'd personally be fine with this method of fixing duping. especially now character can carry a weapon on both shoulders & shouldn't be running with a gun in hand anyway. Its not a perfect solution but it'd completely stop duplication & make the game playable What does everybody think of this?
  5. TheYetiBum

    Status Report - July 2019

    I'm more than happy for them to focus on Bug fixes & stability for the rest of the year tbh. I'm an Xbox one player & I'd rather they get the game to a place where I can walk/drive through large cities before more mechanics are added that'll bring even more bugs. The games not at a great place to be adding anymore content after this update in my opinion, I too have concerns about the future development cycle also, so don't go thinking i'm completely at ease. DLC wise im hoping its the re-mastered Namalsk map that Sumraks been working on in his own time, I know Chernarus like the back of my hand so It'd be well worth the cash to own a new map, anything less than a new map would be lack lustre for DLC I think. Also the BR mode is fine by me as it was there for the Arma Mods too & was a fan favourite that inspired PUBG so if people want to play it thats cool. All just my humble opinion though & if this update still doesn't wipe out duplication completely then I'll most likely be uninstalling anyway in all honesty.
  6. TheYetiBum

    locked servers

    I doubt it dude, they've previously stated that they'd need to find the right server provider & come up with a good way to control server settings for users before releasing. This would lead me to believe that you wont be able to run servers from a second Xbox & that it'll be a monthly payment deal of some kind.
  7. TheYetiBum

    locked servers

    Technically private servers will be locked, well character locked anyway & hopefully there's the option to apply passwords to servers too. I should imagine it'll be a monthly fee to hire a server though.
  8. TheYetiBum

    Private servers & character /server wipe

    No word yet on how Private servers will function but i have E-Mailed ImpulZ to see if I can get some clarification. My assumption would be that they'll obviously be character locked, most certainly involve a monthly rental fee & hopefully have a solid amount of server options. hopefully the server password option is defintely there for people wanting to run RP servers, but you'd really need a kill feed option too for a white list private RP server to work for reporting people who break RP rules, etc. FIngers crossed theres really good Admin controls for server owners.
  9. TheYetiBum

    Latest Status Report, exploit fixes & future DLC

    Could be anytime between now & the end of July, totally depends on if & when it passes Xbox's Patch Validation Process. It may not pass at all, which would mean it would need further fixes before being submitted again (This doesn't happen often though). hope this helps.
  10. TheYetiBum

    Latest Status Report, exploit fixes & future DLC

    They mention future DLC as separate to the BR in the status report article so it cant be that dude. they specifically call the BR a new game mode after mentioning that they'd talk about the future DLC later on.
  11. TheYetiBum

    Latest Status Report, exploit fixes & future DLC

    Where did they confirm it wont be Namalsk? if you could link it i'd appreciate it.
  12. TheYetiBum

    Latest Status Report, exploit fixes & future DLC

    hopefully the private servers have a really robust set of server options for people who rent them, I'd like to see everything you've mentioned & more. alter weapon spawn rates, survivor spawn locations, how often loot respawns after being picked up, etc. we shall have to wait and see. Im excited to see what servers people will create
  13. So here's the link to the article for all those who don't follow DayZ on twitter https://dayz.com/article/status-report/status-report-july-2019 . Great news about the full character & server wipe as well as private servers being introduced. But for me the best news is that fixes for duplication, server hopping & frame rate issues! Also the hint of future DLC which i'm guessing is Sumrak's re-mastered Namalsk map, i could be wrong but it would make total sense as hes a part of the map creation team already. what do you think the DLC could be?
  14. TheYetiBum

    Private servers & character /server wipe

    Lets hope these exploit fixes work as well! great news all around
  15. TheYetiBum


    Lmao at people using terms like echo chamber in a games forum. Maybe people are all talking about the same subject because that's the subject of the thread, seems like simple logic & an efficient use of a thread format to me. On a side note maybe people talk about duplication a lot as it's the largest game exploit currently In the game , breaks the largest mechanic in the game (CLE) and most people don't like spending £40+ on a game out of game preview after sweating there balls off at work all week, only to find the games a teeny tiny bit fooked. If you don't like a threads topic then don't comment on it, seems pretty simple. Plenty of other threads to comment on with out repeating "echo chamber" over & over again like a.........echo