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  1. TheYetiBum

    The Ultimate Exploit

    This is exactly why id love to see a kill feed, yes it'd detract from immersion but then we can actually clip and report players directly. An in-game reporting system would be great but without a kill feed to see the name of someone duping, exploiting, moving base walls, meat balling or server crashing is impossible.
  2. TheYetiBum

    Okay guys...WTF?!?!?!

    Us friendlies still exist dude, keep the faith.
  3. TheYetiBum

    What's your best kill?

    Think Taking on a three man squad who were fully geared with AKM,s , hunting rifle, sks . I got shot in the back walking across a field by Zelenogorsk military base . Got to cover & spotted them in the tree line. Flanked round & for some reason they'd gone and camped in the little barn with the three levels inside. One upstairs either side & one on ground floor. I open the door & my buddy pops one with his sks from range. Then I just keep fast lean peeking the doors edge with my scorpion and take one guy out with a head shot, then rush the other dude. Felt good taking down an AKM + M4 guy with a scorpion & three mags. If they'd stayed in the woods & not all crammed in a little barn they would have most likey won at range. I only had scorpion & shotgun. I'm generally a very friendly player but they shot first so no remorse on that one.
  4. TheYetiBum

    Logged back in.. Stuck under map and bleeding

    That sucks dude, that's a new one also. I'd bug report that one. Where did you log out, in a building? So weird it'd morph you into the floor, I'd have shit myself if I walked in a house & a dudes melted into the ground.
  5. TheYetiBum

    Lock each character to a single server?

    I've had direct confirmation that character locked servers won't be made available at this time, they want to try other methods to stop server hopping/duplication etc first & feel too many server options would confuse the player base. Hopefully the other methods such as database lock & whatever else there cooking up can be implemented & perfected. I too requested character locked servers on the forum & it seemed like a popular idea amongst the community but if they can fix these issues another way I'm okay with it. Fingers crossed, also apogee for being the bearer of potentially has news.
  6. TheYetiBum

    Chopper Crash Sites

    But pack doesn't currently attach to any in game item, in the next update on console the Utility vest will be implemented back in though which it attaches too. 1.02 update will also reintroduce pistol holster & carry pouches for the plate carrier vest too.
  7. TheYetiBum

    Chopper Crash Sites

    i found a few, US crashes though so mainly clothes 45. pistol and boots. not found an SVD drop yet
  8. Firstly i love the game & the following is constructive criticism & a general question to the community & development team. I am not sure how many of you have played Bohemia Interactives other console baby 'Vigor' , anyway long story short it is also a third person game primarily & has quite a few control scheme similarities with DayZ, especially after the 1.01 update. What it has that DayZ doesn't though is a very advanced & superior controller options menu. You can adjust look sensitivity, adjust third person aim sensitivity, adjust first person aim sensitivity. Adjust inner & outer stick dead zones. Movement exponent, scope zoom exponent etc etc etc. Currently all DayZ has is Horizontal/Vertical sensitivity sliders, no separate sensitivity for Different scope levels or any of the above. I find when scoping in the scope movement is very slow even with my sense turned upto max & having the same sense for freelook, third person aim & first person aim is very clunky. It'd be amazing if a Dev or Bohemia Community member could let me know if the teams working on a more advanced upto date controller option menu? @ImpulZ
  9. TheYetiBum

    OG Xbox performance

    me too, rendering in large towns is better but sound and FPS is worse for sure, plus im desyncing like a boss
  10. TheYetiBum

    Cycling through quickslot

    With 1.02 there will be the addition of being able to walk whilst in the inventory & quick wheel, although i agree having the option to quick draw a weapon with Y from the top quick wheel slot or change quick slot being removed feels like a bad move.
  11. TheYetiBum

    Xbox Launch Update 1.01

    Enjoying a lot of the additions, great work by the team. There's a few issues iv'e spotted already, Emptying one continer into another now means two extra button pushes to switch back to original container, down them X, can be frustrating moving items from one bag to another when there's multiple items, small issues. Not a big fan of having Zoom and free look bound to same button, now i have to zoom in then free look around for a clearer look at my surroundings when on the move. doesn't feel as fluid but im sure for all standard controller users this is still an upgrade from previous key binding. Also the FPS, rendering & sound simulation issues in large coastal towns is still very poor, in fact im getting an increase in situations where i totally desync, cannot open doors or even aggro zombies & drop to almost zero FPS. Anyone else having this issue? A few northern towns felt smoother like Sevrograd but Electro and Chernogorsk were still pretty unplayeable fro me on a OG Xbox one. great fix to not being able to micromanage up & down in inventory, plus being able to minimise containers and scroll past them is a great fix. Not sure how i feel about the removal of Y for quickly drawing items in the top slot of the quick wheel, but i assume this will be alleviated by the 1.02 update where moving whilst in inventory and quick wheel will be implemented? Some fun additions & good fix and QoL changes but the server performance and game optimisation is still lacking, i'd hoped for a significant improvement in larger cities but guess ill still be hanging around in the middle of nowhere to maintain frames & a low blood pressure lol
  12. TheYetiBum

    Dev Xbox Livestream Feedback

    You may not want to openly admit to loot cycling, it is deemed as exploitative & cheating. theres not much point playing a hardcore survival simulation then magically loot cycling weapons . the legitimate player base & the dev team view that behaviour as cheating.
  13. TheYetiBum

    ETA for private Servers?

    Any word on getting a handful of Character locked servers in each region seeing as though we wont be getting private servers in the near future? i havent seen anyone from BI comment on any thread regarding that option. seems like the fastest obvious way to stop ghosting into bases, ghosting in combat, reduce combat logging , stop server hopping on said servers. And would be a welcome addition for Console DayZ streamers as it'd drastically reduce stream sniping. i would literally sell my left nut for any form of feedback from the DayZ team, even if its just a big NO @ImpulZ pretty pretty please can i get a slight inkling into this ever happening or not happening then i can stop thinking about it lol
  14. TheYetiBum

    Important Loot to gather before update

    My character tends to trek from the coast to far north then throw himself on a shovel so he can reincarnate with more map knowledge 😉 , then start a trek all over again.
  15. TheYetiBum

    Dayz 1.0 patch notes

    As ImpulZ above states we will be getting updated in line with 1.01 on PC, weve actually already exceeded the contents fo1.0 PC release on console already, plus were getting hold breathe, leaning & dodge buttons added also. So lots of content & mechanics , plus many bug fixes/optimisatons etc.