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    Dev Xbox Livestream Feedback

    You may not want to openly admit to loot cycling, it is deemed as exploitative & cheating. theres not much point playing a hardcore survival simulation then magically loot cycling weapons . the legitimate player base & the dev team view that behaviour as cheating.
  2. TheYetiBum

    ETA for private Servers?

    Any word on getting a handful of Character locked servers in each region seeing as though we wont be getting private servers in the near future? i havent seen anyone from BI comment on any thread regarding that option. seems like the fastest obvious way to stop ghosting into bases, ghosting in combat, reduce combat logging , stop server hopping on said servers. And would be a welcome addition for Console DayZ streamers as it'd drastically reduce stream sniping. i would literally sell my left nut for any form of feedback from the DayZ team, even if its just a big NO @ImpulZ pretty pretty please can i get a slight inkling into this ever happening or not happening then i can stop thinking about it lol
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    Important Loot to gather before update

    My character tends to trek from the coast to far north then throw himself on a shovel so he can reincarnate with more map knowledge 😉 , then start a trek all over again.
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    Any word on a Duplication fix?

    I love DayZ, i feel the console development has been efficient & i play the hell out of it. But........its largest failing currently in my opinion is exploits that are massively game breaking such as duplication, i'm fully aware that these issues have been addressed by the development team in previous patch notes & development updates but there hasn't been any tangible news on potential fixes for awhile now. I do not go to the coast, the coast has become a toxic, unpleasant cesspit of duplication, meat balling & screamed obscenities. My major worry is that on the 27th and the weeks there after a gigantic influx of new players will spawn in only to be greeted by an army of exploiters, dupers, server hoppers, spawn cyclers, ghosters etc that live there 24/7 at the moment. I literally spend the majority of my waking hours trying to promote this game to new players on Mixer but whilst there are so many cheaters its becoming increasingly hard to say in complete honesty that it'll be a fun experience. It doesn't help that for every 1 legitimate player/streamer there are another 2 explaining directly how to duplicate on stream or duplicating themselves. So please if anyone has any info at Bohemia for a fix that's being worked on any players wish to give me your opinion please do so.
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    Dayz 1.0 patch notes

    As ImpulZ above states we will be getting updated in line with 1.01 on PC, weve actually already exceeded the contents fo1.0 PC release on console already, plus were getting hold breathe, leaning & dodge buttons added also. So lots of content & mechanics , plus many bug fixes/optimisatons etc.
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    1.0 and what i hope for.

    Both in PC 1.01 right now so if we get everything there trying to give us on the 27th we will get the bullet casing dropping sound & steaming barrel (if rains reactivated). 😁 Im sure it depends on how well testing goes but its worth checking the link in the comment made by ImpulZ above, hes the community manager for full details on everything we stand to gain. Its alot
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    1.0 and what i hope for.

    I'd be happy with the majority of PC 1.01 content & mechanics. Two new weapons & the hunting scope, medicament working so no more flu and multi vits working. Bleeding feet for all those bear foot bandits lol. SFX for bullet casings dropping ,steaming weapon barrel when firing during the rain. Increased chance to knock someone uncon instead of flat out one tap someone in ballistic combat . Plus rendering , server & sound optimisations across the board. Loads of game crash fixes & inventory simulation fixes etc. Bullet damage rebalance, armour rebalance , less food drops on zombies. I'm down for the game to be made significantly more difficult as it still feels exceptionally easy to get geared. Oh and I hope to the DayZ gods we get the big persistency fixes in the forms of extra backups that PC received , base builders need some love & hopefully the awful stuttering is fixed from the server simulations going all wonky. The main thing I want more than anything is a few character locked servers, for those streamers, base builders & hardcore survivalists who want to play and not be stream sniped, have there base server hopped into or be combat ghosted. Plus duplication has got so out of hand on console the coastline is unbearable, as someone who plays 8 hrs a day & 5 times a week I feel I've got a good handle on the community & by far the biggest issue that needs fixing is duplication.
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    DayZ 1.0 - 27th of March

    Its going to be great & technically it'll be more in line with PC 1.01 Build. heres a link to DayZ replying to someone on twitter explaining what there aiming for in the update https://twitter.com/DayZ/status/1103591994687975425 So according to the 1.01 article attached in the tweet we will have a huge amount of new mechanics, content & stability fixes/tweaks etc.
  9. TheYetiBum

    Broken game

    I understand players frustrations , especially with the seemingly total frame drops that occur for a few seconds at a time that can be deadly during driving or fighting infected or other players, but I'm pretty certain the next update will contain a lot of simulation fixes, server stability and persistence fixes, as well as the two new weapons and hunting scope etc. This is pure conjecture obviously but ,my assumption is we will receive most of the contents of the PC experimental update that went live the same day we received our last update as that update contained the two new weapons confirmed to be in our next Xbox update. I stream this game four days a week for over 7 hours at a time so i have a pretty good handle on how it performs on console & i agree it can be frustrating unless you modify your expectations. But lets be real. How many triple A titles released by massive gaming studios actually work on release these days? not many & there full price and supposed finished products. DayZ is a game preview made by an indie game studio and I've tanked more hours of game play, had more fun & players interactions within it than any other console game I've ever played. I'm not suggesting the game is immune to criticism, but i for one have definitely already had my moneys worth even in its unfinished work in progress state. And yes there are some KOS players & yes there is a problem with duplication at the moment but i can say with complete certainty that the majority of players just want to experience a hardcore survival game the way it was intended to be played, if not then nobody would come watch me play legitimately with no KOS, duplication or base griefing etc & i wouldn't have built a friend/viewer base who love to just explore, survive, build, drive & interact with other players as i do. But you are a consumer & you bought the product so your'e entitled to your opinion & i respect that, this has been purely my opinion. My advice to anyone stuck in the coastal meat grinder is get away from the south (especially sol factory) & come join the rest of us folk in the north where it gets far less murdery .
  10. TheYetiBum

    garbage visuals?

    I'm on Xbox one and dont have this issue, character models and map assets look leagues ahead of a game like pubg where the characters look potato AF and trees look like models from circa 1990 games.
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    Yep report there gamertag to Microsoft. It is against there terms & conditions as well as being gross.
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    yep had a few people on the forum bring up this article, basically internet news sources that are not direct status reports or patch notes from the dev team or BI, generally range from bogus to simply badly written. Looks like someone accidentally combined the xbox and Exp PC update notes into one article either through ineptitude or a sad attempt at clickbait.
  13. TheYetiBum

    Xbox Update 04/02/2019

    Thank you for the update & i appreciate the hard work the dev team is putting into fixing bugs & game freezes etc. It may be my connection but i've suffered an increase in server stutter (total pausing of FPS), this was pretty substantial before the update but seems to have increased after the update. I'm playing on a standard Xbox one & tbh it makes driving cars completely impossible as once my screen basically pauses for up to 5 secs the car pulls in a random direction and often accelerates without me being able to use any controls. Also when this occurs it often happens multiple times in the space of a minute with a few seconds in between each occurrence, any other players within my my radius also feel its effect ,even on foot. I love the game & am in no means being overtly critical but this one issue alone causes me frustration
  14. TheYetiBum

    Xbox Update 04/02/2019

    Yep they messed up horrifically , they mixed up the DayZ Xbox patch notes and the DayZ Exp branch patch notes that came out the same day. lesson is don't pay any attention to info not coming straight from the mouths of the official channel, or at least directly referencing them . sorry dude i feel your pain.
  15. TheYetiBum

    Xbox Update 04/02/2019

    Thats PC Exp servers dude, not console unfortunately. sorry to break the bad news to you. hope this helps
  16. np i'll do the same if & when i find any other changes.
  17. Thanks for the heads up dude, been waiting awhile for this fix, god knows why they didnt put it in the patch notes as the FPP communities been begging for the fix. think Bohemia are allergic to praise 😋.
  18. TheYetiBum

    Coughing / Sneezing Epidemic

    Yep to all those trying to cure the flu in game, make sure your not with other sick survivors as your constantly re-contracting the illness whilst in proximity to them. And fruit does bolster your players immune systems so id advice eating a such grown food as possible as this will make it harder to contract the flu ingame.
  19. Firstly Hey and thanks for clicking on the post, I'm a day one console player and have followed SA development since launch on PC. Ive found the main gripes and issues people have with console DayZ SA other than bugs and content updates are server hoppers and people ghosting into bases or ghosting combat positions mid fire fight. On PC this issue was fixed with community servers, what console would call private servers. On many of these community servers characters are locked to that specific server which completely stops anyone server hopping for loot or better positioning on an enemy combatant or base. It seems to me like a win win situation for Bohemia interactive to either allow private servers with a subset of server options for character lock, POV, Loot table timers etc or simply bring out official BI Servers with character locks enabled until a decision on private server availability for the console community is made. this post is not a criticism or a demand but a plea from a player who wants to play this unique game the way the majority of the PC Community already get to play it. take a look at the player figures for private hive servers versus vanilla BI Servers on PC, nobody wants to PVP, RP or base build on a server that someone can jump into with an hours of server hopping loot or server hop directly into your base. You have the power to eliminate this issue instantly for the player base that wants a true hardcore survival experience, I wait with baited breathe. if you agree with me please like or press the beans icon to draw attention to this post for the devs. Thankyou for your time.
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    How to get rid of sickness??

    Can confirm chlorine tabs work with all water holding items again .
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    Xbox Feedback Round - January 2019

    Oh and character locked servers & private servers. Thanks. More server options is always a good thing
  22. TheYetiBum

    Xbox Feedback Round - January 2019

    Another great addition would be seperate sensitivity sliders for driving & all different scopes and scopes levels. Currently when using an Atog or PSO-1 Scope or PU the sensitivity speed is incredibly slow. Battlefield has this functionality and it works very especially for players with a more twitchy playstyle.
  23. TheYetiBum

    Xbox Feedback Round - January 2019

    I love the game & stream it everyday, the last update fixed a lot of issues & I love the rebalancing of weapon spawns . My mains issues are not being able to micromanage items in inventory upwards but having to scroll down past the bottom of inventory back to the top in order to more an item from one containers to another directly above it. Very time consuming , also if a clothing container is minimised using left thumbstick push in inventory it often bugs the inventory and stops the ability to scroll last the item directly below the minimised clothing container or weapon, not a huge issue but one that would be a bug QOL change as many people would find a smoother less laggy inventory with increased fps very helpful & currently this functionality isn't even in the community consciousness due to it's bugged out nature. It'd help out all those loot goblins . Also currently the assigning of freelook to right thumbstick push is a little lacklustre , I understand the difficulty with the limitations of the controller but for elite controller users like myself I've found the advantage to having freelook assigned elsewhere is substantial over regular controller users, my game awareness has increased dramatically with assigning to LB instead after reassigning LB/RB to underside paddles. But as stated it's a tricky problem finding an easier designation for this function. Also occasionally pulling LT to raise a melee weapon after sprinting will result in me not raising hands but instead doing a strange standing slide, can be annoying when trying to sprint at an infected as often causes a few seconds where your open to attack as the release and repush of LT is needed. I know you guys are aware of the stun lock issue with melee but that's pretty obnoxious , the staggering animation and animation length needs looking at IMO & being staggered by bullets especially seems unnecessary , once a gun fight or melee fight is initiated, especially in a game like DayZ with high damage across all weapons it's seems that a more balanced skill based system would be to allow a reacting player to have the chance to react to aggression and potentially win the fight if there skill level is higher of there opponent , currently being locked into stun and then taking multiple more hits just because somebody else initiated combat & them automatically winning doesn't seem very balanced or skill based. Also infected stood close to a wall seem to only be hit by half of the melee attacks. The chances of a pistol jamming even when repaired to work condition is still rather high, the amounts of times that I've just cleaned a pistol only to fire one round and it jam on me is incredible, they jam atleast ten times more than any other weapon & it's exceptionally frustrating. I love the jamming mechanic but it's may need reducing slightly. Also can we have the ability to finalise buildable base items like wall etc or the ability to minimise them so that they don't cause lag or overlap with barrels and other Walls vehicles inventory in vicinity inventory? The ability to minimise them and it save said minimisation akin to how clothing containers in inventory are meant to be, scrolling past four walls worth of inventory to find a barrels inventory is extremely laggy, often crashes the game as I'm sure your aware of, odviously placing items a sensible distance away from each other is an odvious fix ATM ingame but this is a definite issue that will increase QOL if dealt with. lastly I'd like to say I've put about 33days Into the console edition and love playing it, each update brings new items & mechanics aswell as bug fixes etc, so iam in no means ranting. I've already had my money's worth, just wanting to help from an experienced players POV. Thanks Bohemia and good day.
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    Space in Bag for Magazine reloads

    im not 100% sure but itd definitely be a nice QOL change for console, without M&K its very time and dangerous micromanageing ever item from vicinity. a smart pickup system with a lock container option would be a welcome addition. fingers crossed for something like it down the road
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    xbox head torch not working

    should work now after the latest patch