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    Deadzone to high

    We need inner/outer dead one sliders. Freelook sensitivity , TPP sensitivity, FPP sensitivity and sensitivity settings for all scopes magnifications to. Plus being as to control the ramp up speeds for both sticks. vigor which is made by Bohemia & will be free to play when it goes live also for xbox has so many controller settings & unfortunately all we get on dayz is vet/horizontal sensitivity. Feels bad man
  2. TheYetiBum

    Base full of duped gear

    Unfortunately the only response about this subject from ImpulZ was yesterday in the server removal thread, he stated that a fix for this issue won't drop for quite some time (heard that sentence for a few months already). Expect 1.03 patch to be hell at night time as all the little duper squads will have NVG's duped from day one so they stop spawning & they can camp all night killing freshies. DayZ has officially become DupZ
  3. TheYetiBum

    Selected Servers going Offline on May 27th!

    I appreciate all the hard work the team is doing in regards to fixing exploits but I believe it benefit the game & the player base if this background work on exploit fixes was discussed more frequently with the console community to increase faith/hope amongst players. Also some official statement on all social media platforms stating that this behaviour is viewed as cheating/exploitative may stop a few players doing it, I'm aware that the dev team do view it as such but many new players don't. The logic that pushing casual players, survivalists, etc onto higher higher pop servers to apply pressure onto people duping or making duping bases more easily found is flawed. Sending a load of SG5k players to fight metal fortresses filled with LAR toting Dupers doesn't sound like a fair or fun gameplay experience & is likely to just push more players away. And arguable having character locked servers with loot that actually spawns, a server that runs effeciently but may get shutdown causing players to lose loot & character is still better than people not finding high level loot due to duping & having bad server stability across the board.
  4. TheYetiBum

    Selected Servers going Offline on May 27th!

    @ImpulZ I've personally got nothing against servers being removed, but it seems like a knee jerk reaction to a lower player base when massive issues such as duplication, server hopping, combat logging, etc are still driving players away. People are stopping playing as even heli sites don't spawn high level weapons anymore. Servers are running very badly as there full of gigantic bases built with duped materials. Until these issues are fixed the player base will continue to bleed out
  5. Also the dev team have considered character locked servers but decided against it, several threads about it in the past with direct links to community managers garnered no response but I did get a direct email response stating there reasoning for not trying server locks. 1) it'd confuse players with another server option In the server list. 2) they want to try methods for stopping exploits they had/have in the works in upcoming updates. The email was from before 1.01 hit console. So I'm assuming the methods were bringing character locks back which have since seem to be removed due to errors in the system & making people sit through the 15sec log out timer, both of which haven't stopped duping, server hopping etc. Hopefully there's more effective methods in the works.
  6. TheYetiBum

    Heli Crash Sites

    Last four I've found only had a ump and an sks ,two had no weapons at all. Duping a stopping anything from spawning. Hope it's fixed by next update as the games getting boring now.
  7. TheYetiBum

    1.03 update info - coming soon!

    Id rather see a complete fix for duplication & meat balling. Good to see a lot of work going into patches but most players would rather see some survival elements added back in to this survival game.
  8. TheYetiBum

    More Dupers Streaming on Mixer

    Thanks to the OP for bringing more attention to this. The issues got so out of hand now even myself who used to stream this game five days a week barely touches it due to the fact that playing the game in it's current state makes me feel kinda sick tbh. There's tonnes of Facebook groups with hundreds of members dedicated to duping. The central loot economy's completely screwed & even though I'm a friendly player, every player that I've had to take out in the last few sessions after being shot at, had an AK & an LAR or VSD. It's such a shame as this game was what my channel was built on & I used to happily promote it, but now when someone asks if they should buy it . The answers is rapidly becoming no
  9. TheYetiBum

    LootTable have become mixed

    Devs have stated that Duplication does effect the central loot economy, so yeah unless your hitting those heli crash sites, then good luck find an M4 or AK. So until a solid fix is in place i imagine it'll remain as such
  10. Either way I'll still find sea chests full of Duped Plate carriers, & LAR's in bases with a hundred walls made purely of sheet metal, rendering the entire conversation moot. Apologies in advance for the whine....sometimes the sadness needs to overflow. Also i feel making the armour completely tank all damage before ruination is too arcadey for DayZ, basically just an over shield at that point.
  11. TheYetiBum

    dupers are a real piece of work

    BI frequently directly reply to posters on the forum, they have also directly responded to me via email before. Also Duping is not a part of the game it is a player exploit that is not only cheating but damaging the central loot economy therefore detrimental to others game play experience. Several updates have included partial fixes to methods of duplication so to assume it wont be fixed is pure folly.
  12. TheYetiBum

    dupers are a real piece of work

    Just go checkout DayZ on Mixer, you'll find Partnered and non partnered streamers with high viewer counts blatantly duping weapons and materials to build huge bases, they openly admit to it with no shame. Any news on further improvements to the preventative systems to stop this toxic childish behaviour? @ImpulZ . I love the game but not only is the central loot economy being ruined, the servers are running terribly due to being over loaded with duped gear. I appreciate the dev team are working on this issue, but for someone who has always been an avid promoter of this IP, even i'm beginning to give up hope. I mean hell theres facebook groups of dupers with over a thousand members, so lets be real this is the biggest issue facing the game atm
  13. TheYetiBum

    Animal Pelts

    Yep leather crafting will be reimplemented at somepoint. But currently to craft the furry backpack you combine boar skin with rope (rope can be crafted by combining two stacks of six rags also) then combine the smaller furry courier bag that this creates with three short sticks (interact with bush with a knife & get a long stick, interact with that stick with a knife to craft three short sticks). The bag must be empty before you combine with the three sticks. It's final carry capacity is 42 & is very low profile, naturally coloured and harder to spot as well as allowing you to fully look behind yourself in FPP. Hope this helps
  14. TheYetiBum

    Xbox Update 1.02

    I travel by foot a lot & know quite a few heli sites but I tend to climb radio towers, castles etc to get a good view over the most ground possible. Quite a few places on the map where you can see many potential crash sites this way, the most efficient method is to fix a car & cover more ground faster, a friend in the car for an extra pair of eyes also helps. But for me I've just grown accustomed to travelling in a way that maximise visits to hunting lodges, Mili bases, crash sites etc so I tend to just run into crash sites a lot. Hope this helps, also krona castle is great for the Tundra as it has the most hunting spawns for a castle.
  15. TheYetiBum

    Tips and stuff I've learned.

    I ran into two guys yesterday who were so afraid of KOS that they locked themselves in a tiny industrial building lol, I ran back over to them and had a chat in VOIP, discovered they were super chill dudes . Survivalists who just play together for the lifting, exploring & lulz . I felt so bad that they'd had so I shitty experiences ingame that I donated my tundra with hunting scope to them & went on my merry way. I donate weapons, gear to players & peoples stashes at bases when I find them as a way to surprise people & try an balance out there dayz experience, plus it's satisfying to me also. I'm not the only player who does this also
  16. TheYetiBum

    Xbox Update 1.02

    LAR spawns at heli crash sites & TUNDRA spawns at hunting spawns (castles, hunting stands, lodges & hunting shops) hopefully this helps a few people. I've found several Tindras now and a few LARs so they are definitely spawning. Still haven't seen a single AR Spawn at Mili bases though
  17. TheYetiBum

    The Ultimate Exploit

    This is exactly why id love to see a kill feed, yes it'd detract from immersion but then we can actually clip and report players directly. An in-game reporting system would be great but without a kill feed to see the name of someone duping, exploiting, moving base walls, meat balling or server crashing is impossible.
  18. TheYetiBum

    Okay guys...WTF?!?!?!

    Us friendlies still exist dude, keep the faith.
  19. TheYetiBum

    What's your best kill?

    Think Taking on a three man squad who were fully geared with AKM,s , hunting rifle, sks . I got shot in the back walking across a field by Zelenogorsk military base . Got to cover & spotted them in the tree line. Flanked round & for some reason they'd gone and camped in the little barn with the three levels inside. One upstairs either side & one on ground floor. I open the door & my buddy pops one with his sks from range. Then I just keep fast lean peeking the doors edge with my scorpion and take one guy out with a head shot, then rush the other dude. Felt good taking down an AKM + M4 guy with a scorpion & three mags. If they'd stayed in the woods & not all crammed in a little barn they would have most likey won at range. I only had scorpion & shotgun. I'm generally a very friendly player but they shot first so no remorse on that one.
  20. TheYetiBum

    Logged back in.. Stuck under map and bleeding

    That sucks dude, that's a new one also. I'd bug report that one. Where did you log out, in a building? So weird it'd morph you into the floor, I'd have shit myself if I walked in a house & a dudes melted into the ground.
  21. TheYetiBum

    Lock each character to a single server?

    I've had direct confirmation that character locked servers won't be made available at this time, they want to try other methods to stop server hopping/duplication etc first & feel too many server options would confuse the player base. Hopefully the other methods such as database lock & whatever else there cooking up can be implemented & perfected. I too requested character locked servers on the forum & it seemed like a popular idea amongst the community but if they can fix these issues another way I'm okay with it. Fingers crossed, also apogee for being the bearer of potentially has news.
  22. TheYetiBum

    Chopper Crash Sites

    But pack doesn't currently attach to any in game item, in the next update on console the Utility vest will be implemented back in though which it attaches too. 1.02 update will also reintroduce pistol holster & carry pouches for the plate carrier vest too.
  23. TheYetiBum

    Chopper Crash Sites

    i found a few, US crashes though so mainly clothes 45. pistol and boots. not found an SVD drop yet
  24. Firstly i love the game & the following is constructive criticism & a general question to the community & development team. I am not sure how many of you have played Bohemia Interactives other console baby 'Vigor' , anyway long story short it is also a third person game primarily & has quite a few control scheme similarities with DayZ, especially after the 1.01 update. What it has that DayZ doesn't though is a very advanced & superior controller options menu. You can adjust look sensitivity, adjust third person aim sensitivity, adjust first person aim sensitivity. Adjust inner & outer stick dead zones. Movement exponent, scope zoom exponent etc etc etc. Currently all DayZ has is Horizontal/Vertical sensitivity sliders, no separate sensitivity for Different scope levels or any of the above. I find when scoping in the scope movement is very slow even with my sense turned upto max & having the same sense for freelook, third person aim & first person aim is very clunky. It'd be amazing if a Dev or Bohemia Community member could let me know if the teams working on a more advanced upto date controller option menu? @ImpulZ
  25. TheYetiBum

    OG Xbox performance

    me too, rendering in large towns is better but sound and FPS is worse for sure, plus im desyncing like a boss