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  1. The Main Problem with Consoles

    Well said. Thanks for being one of the few who aren't already complaining about the game. While y'all moan about some stuff that won't really hurt the game at all... People like us will be getting our mosin, and our can of beans, and move along.
  2. The Main Problem with Consoles

    Literally just press the home button, then select (menu button) on the controller and it switches to game chat. Takes 1.5 seconds. Boom problem solved.
  3. Xbox/PC account cross-over.

    Pretty sure anyway they can get money in their pockets, they will.
  4. Day Xbox

    YouTube has gameplay of dayz now, got me soo amped!!! I'm so excited devs. Stop teasing
  5. Vigor founders access to dayz game preview???!

    Devs. Maybe an incentive for buying a free to play game (vigor), should be having access to dayz. I'm sure most of us bought vigor so early because we have been starving for something like dayz to come to console.