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  1. HelixOne Gaming

    Closed Preview codes

    What the heck? Game comes out tomorrow. Why would they post codes. That's nonsense.
  2. HelixOne Gaming

    DayZ Price?

    Well said brotha! I'm gonna use that forty bucks for just cause 4 or red dead! Not some game that might not even see the light of day xD
  3. HelixOne Gaming

    DayZ Price?

    When they see no one play from Xbox really, hopefully their greedy asses realize their downfall. Wish Brendan would have stayed.
  4. HelixOne Gaming

    DayZ Price?

    Lol I'm guessing you don't know what Bohemia is known for. Just enjoy your game. We'll see how quick you want a refund when the lobbies die out to 20 players per lobby xD
  5. HelixOne Gaming

    DayZ Price?

    Lmao these Devs already lost a lot of their community with the price alone. Us Xbox players aren't that dumb. Plenty of other games to play that are actually worth 40usd.. not talking stuff about the game. Just not a good move by devs. They are still as money hungry as 5 years ago.. all about money and shitty bugs lmao.
  6. HelixOne Gaming


    Buying the game as soon as it's on the store. Let's put together a lil clan on the forum? Discuss a a name and our morals?
  7. HelixOne Gaming

    Closed Preview codes

    Literally some kid who doesn't work probably have all the keys to his friends... They probably aren't even gonna report bugs lol. Just mess around
  8. HelixOne Gaming

    Closed Preview codes

    Come on... I was at work and missed every code... Wish you did this later.
  9. HelixOne Gaming

    problem with code received xbox one

    Suck that they wasted all their codes on streamers to give out to people. Lol some of us poor folk wanted a taste too
  10. HelixOne Gaming

    Vigor founders access to dayz game preview???!

    He has no idea! Literally watch all of Frankie's episodes since he started years ago. The good ol Frankie and Jack days. I've followed this game since the beginning and super excited to see it on console! Never could afford to keep an up to date PC really because I've been a console gamer with thousandss of dollars already invested on my account, now people like us finally get the chance to play an actual good survival game
  11. HelixOne Gaming

    Vigor founders access to dayz game preview???!

    Lol what??
  12. HelixOne Gaming


    See ya there!
  13. HelixOne Gaming

    The Main Problem with Consoles

    Well said. Thanks for being one of the few who aren't already complaining about the game. While y'all moan about some stuff that won't really hurt the game at all... People like us will be getting our mosin, and our can of beans, and move along.
  14. HelixOne Gaming

    The Main Problem with Consoles

    Literally just press the home button, then select (menu button) on the controller and it switches to game chat. Takes 1.5 seconds. Boom problem solved.
  15. HelixOne Gaming

    Xbox/PC account cross-over.

    Pretty sure anyway they can get money in their pockets, they will.