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  1. Playing piano... But how?

    Ah Tom Waits, you are gonna need your #'s, he is one of my prefered artists of all time, you should also check out the film Down by Law for good measure. You must think, head, piano and then fat stubies, not in the reverse order, I sometimes close my eyes and it all flows out better than if I'm looking at the keyboard. Takes time but if every session you note some progression then you are winning. Never found much on The Piano Has Been Drinking (apart from personal experience ! But... Another chap that does little how to's, sweet & simple... Also... Tom Traubert's Blues (aka Waltzing Matilda) but with the very Tom Waits touch... Here is another guy worth following, he does an excellent version of Waltzing (Tom Traubert's Blues) unfortunately the sheet music is not available. Also note that Freddy Mercury was an excellent musician / pianist...
  2. Playing piano... But how?

    Hello, long time no see ôô I can recommend a couple of learning sites. There are many more out there but these two have helped me the most. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZlOvB5LcAgJv3wwvWFOFLg https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_DmCvOP5Q_eBMRDvqqRXjg I believe the best way is to know which tunes you want to learn and then work on them, it takes time and effort, don't get ahead of yourself or get too complicated, take it easy. With your experience of guitar and trumpet the learning curve should be reduced somewhat. I have just mastered (in my own fashion) Waltzing Matilda, beautiful on the ear and not so difficult to learn. A couple more names that merit a mention are MangoldProject & PianoPig and for a bit of inspiration Chilly Gonzales.
  3. Blackwake

    Game got its first major update a few hours ago which is basically a capture the flag mode. As for the player base problems which sneaky mentioned, he is to a certain degree correct but as always much depends on the server you play and if the admins are active. Still very much a fun game.
  4. IL2 Sturmovik

    Very nice my dear Orloks, may I ask why you chose to go with the Vive rather than the Rift ? One of my boys is a complete sim geek and has modified and invested in a lot of flight sim gear as well as an Oculas Rift (pre ordered before release). Although I have not had the opportunity to test all his stuff he has pretty much convinced me that the investment is well worth teh dollarZ. The trouble is that since he received his VR set I've pretty much lost one of my gaming buddies, he's gone full virtual reality and getting him to normal gameZ is a thing of the past. Do you get any unwanted side effects ? Thanks. If you want to know what a sim geek is, check this out... https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=184572
  5. Framed Chernarus Map

    I expect, as with all BI games there will be printed Chernarus+ map, I will get one when the time is ripe. GG
  6. Survival is not a Bohimea™
  7. Blackwake

    This is exactly what has happened, I have never seen a player population diminish so quickly, which is unfortunate. The Devs have announced some sort of land based treasure hunt as a future mode, I've no idea how that will go down with the playerbase which were initially drawn by the age of sail combat. Throw away game but jolly good fun, me hearties !
  8. The Forest

    The game has much evolved over the last year or so, including the end game, which I have achieved. You should give it another run through, you won't regret the effort unless you are only interested in YT hits.
  9. Blackwake

    Picked this up last week on release (I like boats) and having a wale of a time :D Early access (very) 2 devs only. For a first release with so many copies sold in such a short span the game is holding up well. Not much depth :D but if you get onboard with a good captain the tactics really pay and many lols to be had, me heartys. Just good fun, nothing more, nothing less... http://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/app/420290/
  10. Can I Run DayZ Retail (POST HERE)

    You should have posted in the Troubleshooting Forum. Never mind, the machine is good enough to run DayZ SA so I will take a stab at video driver troubles. Check around to see which version is considered stable or the best recent.
  11. French intégral

  12. no

    Ohh, is this a game ? + i = high So... g
  13. What is the Best Vid Capture for DayZ

    OBS if ShadowPlay is a no go. As for TV screens... https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2017/02/16/uhd-tv-for-gaming/
  14. Alpha est. release date?

    Lower ping (how do you know). .22 Sporter with no mag (pea shooter) Up against an automatic (who you claim to be a camper) while you yourself "waited for 30 mins". Not only the above but also you are using a controller in a PC only military combat game ! Perhaps you should review your playing tactics. Gun sway is real (even in real life) as much as controller aim assist is for games that are released for different platforms. Don't blame the current game state for your own inaptness. There is enough info out there concerning the move to beta, you just need to understand what has been written. Alpha est. release date? (even the Topic title does not fit).
  15. Trolling long term members and devs are we ? Your posts are mostly flammable material, not recommended. Dayz game direction is set, which may not please some although it was clear from the start when the average estimated player time of survival was 1 / 2 hours. I expect this will be the case in the future with threats from both player and other elements. Although I doubt that typical console players will be able to adapt to such harsh environmental conditions the game will be a tense challenge for most. Tamed dogs was one of the original propositions back in the mod days and may still be a thing. It was and is possible, an original but modified script which gave the options to follow/sit/attack and roam to dogs was submitted and appreciated.