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  1. Girl Vs Girl Event , Sisters of Cherno

    Hey, this sounds fun! I'm absolute shit at PVP but ayyyy. Let's give it a whirl.
  2. Lower the cricket volume

    Dude. Exp has me about ready to blow my brains out. VOIP suddenly is super quiet but the crickets and birds (which sound oddly tropical) are ridiculously loud.
  3. "Oops! ...did I interrupt something?"

    That was a thing of beauty.
  4. How old are you?

    23, with a birthday coming up in June.
  5. got held up by 2 geared guys

    That was so incredibly sweet of them, wow. You lucky duck.
  6. Mods anyone has planned?

    What a pretty sign. I haven't ever dabbled in modding but if I did, it'd probably be little decorative things or something to do with character customization.
  7. When I get my new PC, I'm totally looking into this server. I love events like HIHB offers!
  8. Any good EU servers without idiots?

    ^ No such animal. However, I like the DayZ Underground EU server more than the US server because I feel like I meet less pricks there. First time on the server, got taken hostage by a militant group at NWAF, but they were incredibly nice and gave me a warm welcome to the server before letting me run off safely away from gunfire at tents. EDIT: Also, look into roleplay servers.
  9. Need buddies + Advice

    These guys know what's up. My tips are basically what they've already said. Don't initiate by saying "I'm friendly." No one who has ever said that to me in the history of this game has ever actually been friendly. If someone walks up on me, I start with some small banter. "Hey, you good?" or "hey, did you just come in from [insert town here]? What was it like?" However, sometimes asking about location can backfire, so just be prepared for that. As someone who has been the "lightly geared guy" bait before, I can attest that pretending you know how the game works makes you less of a target. If you're dancing around it, at least you'll be harder to hit. I find it funny and sometimes annoying but A) I've been the bait so biased and B) I can't expect people to trust me in this game so I gotta suck it up. Tips for surviving a bait encounter: the bait will most likely ask questions to keep you focused on them, rapid-fire so they force you to scramble your thoughts. Sometimes, you can hear an edge in their voice. In my case, I sometimes sounded edgy when I played this role because my team would be talking in TS and it would become overwhelming to keep up with both convos. Because of this, I'd either talk uninspiredly to the victim or even ask questions again. Watch out for that. Dead giveaway. Sometimes you can hear someone's teamspeak convo through their mic, not sure why. Listen for it though. If it is just a robbery, compliances usually works for me. I do feel that I have an unfair advantage as a female player, though, so I could never guarantee that anyone else's success rate will be as high as mine. I talk a lot, if they'll entertain it, and force them to view me in either a friendly light or a non-threatening light (sometimes playing the "scared" angle works out). If your baiter doesn't move around when you get too close, they are most likely baiting the fuck out of you. They feel comfortable knowing they have someone to kill you if you should knock them out, assuming you're a freshie. If you have a weapon and they offer you this trust, they probably have snipers trained on you. I can't second the "don't let your guard down when they offer something" thing enough. I fall for this all the time. Not so much because I don't expect it, but because I want to trust them. Big mistake. If they drop an item, move around a lot whilst picking it up. Or just say you don't need it.
  10. Three Things YOU Still Want

    - Advanced movement. I'd love to see my character run into someone and their shoulder kick back in response or for them to jump over things fluidly or maybe even clumsily trip here or there. It'd suck in combat, though. - Character Customization. A few more options would be nice, even if it's just picking out a general face shape and hair color. - I'm on the fence about implementing character interactions and more gestures. I don't think they've said much about interactions before (idk, they could have, I didn't research) but part of me thinks it'd be cool to have different interactive interactions (example: hugging, shoving, simple motions, etc.) but the other part of me sees that DayZ's player interaction level is working where it's at so I don't know.
  11. ChernarusRP - Private whitelisted - Roleplayers wanted!

    What's the server pop at it's highest? Also, where should I go to find out more?
  12. DuG Jailbreak Event - 4 min

    Awesome vid! This was so much fun.
  13. Post Your Gear So Far

    We look so snazzy.
  14. Looking for a Roleplay Server

    I've roleplayed on a few servers now and after dealing with a ton of admin abuse and general fuckery on my last, I'm looking for a server that's a bit more formal and upright in terms of how its run. I think my requirements are pretty standard so hopefully lots of people will have servers to recommend to me. Here, have a look: Wanted Mature community, preferably 18+ but I'm flexible. Server that's okay with different play styles. I rarely play tactical styles and sometimes I prefer to take a funny route with my characters. I'm flexible with KOS rules - but, if you are a non-KOS server, I expect that the admins will not abuse this to their benefit and that KOS reports are taken seriously when reported. If you are a KOS server, I'd like for roleplay to still be heavily encouraged or for there to be specific KOS/PVP zones. Simple or no lore. Complicated backstories for a server make me lose interest as I'm constantly questioning if I've forgotten something. It's not completely necessary but I enjoy when servers have several factions or clans running around, I feel like it makes it very interesting and exciting. Trade zones are a huge plus, too. Details My name's Brittany. I'm 23. I'm from Arkansas, but live in Kansas currently. I'm new to DayZ roleplaying but have a good grasp of it. Not a fan of TS or Discord when on roleplaying servers. Here, have some beans.