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  1. Status Report - May 8, 2018

    Will the new bullet to fixed crosshair system mean that people playing on a server with crosshairs off can cheat and use an overlay (physical or monitor/software)?
  2. Status Report - May 8, 2018

    As much as I love DayZ, having to hold right click to raise weapon would be game over for me. The same goes for bullets not following the guns direction. I cannot believe that after 4 years this is a thing, I am totally baffled. I feel that these 2 things, along with no dispersion, are a step backwards.
  3. Any good EU servers without idiots?

    Most if not all high pop servers will be mostly PVP over interaction. The only high pop server that you might get on OK with is DayZ Underground, but from my experience it isn't much different to any other. If you want friendly/proper bandit interactions, then I can recommend the HIHB UK private server. Although it is mostly low-medium pop, most players are friendly and we are even using radios!
  4. Exp Update 0.61.136593

    Totally agree with this. Had an encounter with wolves last night and didn't stand a chance even after killing 2 and firing lots of shots, there were 4 of us with limited ammo. They should never have attacked us in the first place but at the very least should have run off after some shots. We also had no chance to avoid them. I hope there will be some depth added to wolves because I can see them becoming annoying/boring once the initial hype dies off.
  5. Plans to keep DayZ pure?

    I think we will start to see this change once certain features are added/balanced accordingly. No doubt there will be mods that make surviving even harder no matter how it is in vanilla.
  6. I like the direction you are taking with the server browser, can't wait to see it in action along with the rest of 0.61. Would you be able to go into more detail on the reasons behind no longer showing the player count please? If not now then maybe something in the next status report would be great.
  7. Thoughts about base building

    In 7 Days to Die there is an online/offline setting for how much protection your base gets from a claim block. I would love to see something like this in DayZ but tweaked so that you can't just exit the game if someone is attacking your base. Maybe a time limit on the protection so you need to come back at some point. I also think the Infected should play a big part in base raids and even building them. The longer you spend trying to get into a base, the more the Infected get involved. Groups would then have an advantage with being able to set up a defensive perimeter but would also spawn in more infected due to more players in the area. One guy on his own takes longer to break in and has to deal with the odd Infected attracted by the noise. I do hope there is some protection, if there isn't and you can't store loot then I see no reason to have a base. Edit: So used to typing Dayz I called it 7 Dayz to Die :)