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  1. SCMNomad

    Lone Wolf loving DayZ

    I got back into DayZ again recently, and I have definitely had similar experiences, as I have been mostly lone wolf. Honestly, a large majority of people I have met so far have actually been friendly to me, and although that could just be a fluke as I haven't played that much yet, here is what I do that I think attributes to that: - I avoid people as much as I can in the first place. This is probably obvious. - I dress in a way that I look friendly. For the most part I just don't dress super military. - I don't walk around with my weapon out. - If you meet someone and use your mic, try to exchange names. Usually helps you get a bit more friendly with the other person and I think reduces the chances they'll betray you.
  2. I watched their Xbox livestream recently, I think they said that it is in the works.
  3. Ooo, I like that changelog! Glad there is improvements to inventory and performance!
  4. SCMNomad

    Xbox Feedback Round - January 2019

    The inventory feels very clunky and unintuitive. I'm not able to open up the game right now so I can't get as detailed as I'd like, but I'll try to remember what I can. - You should be able to press 'x' to equip an item regardless of whether or not there is already an item in that slot. - The text size of context options (can't think of what else to call them) in the inventory change depending on the item/slot you currently have selected, which is confusing and sometimes hard to read. - Combining items should be easier and not require you to close the inventory (by pressing 'b') - The inventory could use a visual overhaul to better differentiate the different sections of the inventory, and honestly in my opinion just for the sake of looking a lot better and cleaner. - Moving items should be way easier and more intuitive. Right now you just hold down 'a' and hope you have the item selected, and that it's actually being moved. Half of the time, for whatever reason, it doesn't even seem to work, though that's probably my fault. - Item context menus. There should be an item context menu you could pull up on any given item, with options like "Move", "drop", "equip", "combine", "Equip to [compatible weapon]" etc. There are certain actions that would be better delegated to a context menu like this, rather than wasting an entire button on them. Not to mention, this would just make doing certain actions a lot easier anyway. - The quick select menu could use some improvement. If I remember correctly, it can be a little overly difficult to select a weapon on the left side of the wheel. I think the problem was that you had to press 'a' to actually pull out the weapon/item, but in my opinion it would be a lot easier if it just required you let go of the quick select button once the desired item/weapon is highlighted. - I was having a problem where if I tried to put an item in my hand while I had a crowbar already equipped, the crowbar would go into my inventory rather than the melee slot that it was in previously. I really wish the weapon equip slots were a lot more reliable to deal with. - I wish it was easier to put items away. Like rather than having to open the inventory, switching to the middle panel, and pressing 'y' to send the item to the inventory that I could just press some button in-game to free my hands of the item. That's all I can think of at the moment. My main gripes were with the inventory, but the current melee system is a close second. As it's 3:40 AM for me at the moment though, I'm not going to go into that, as I'm sure plenty of people have already given their feedback on it anyway. Thanks for all you do and your hard work, I look forward to what you guys have planned for the future! EDIT: Something else I just remembered, I love the way you guys implemented the map into the game (finally haha), but it is very laggy and difficult to use on Xbox. A fix for that would be much appreciated!
  5. SCMNomad

    Thinking about buying, but steam reviews

    Ya, like the others are saying I would definitely wait until Beta comes out (Which imo should come within the next couple of months)
  6. SCMNomad


    I'm excited for this game to be popular again! Can't wait for the new animation system, and eventually, modding support.
  7. SCMNomad

    Climb on trees?

    Ah man, that'd be pretty cool. Could be a part of base building.
  8. SCMNomad

    Craftable Cooking Tripod.

    That'd be pretty cool, though I don't know how stable that'd be realistically. I wish that you could just carry some of the larger items in this game on your back via handmade sling or just a rope, something like that.
  9. SCMNomad

    How old are you?

    I am 18! It's cool to see there's such a large age range who play DayZ.