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  1. A challenge

    When i first started playing DayZ mod i roleplayed that i was basically just a peaceful survivor, but one who had witnessed a seemingly senseless violence and so remained very cautious but tried to find out more about what was going on. So i would try following people to see what they were up to and to see if they were part of the violent group or not. I thought maybe i would catch someone doing something and take action from that point. Letting people go past you is also a great way to keep the tension high because they're still around somewhere. But following people in DayZ is harder than it has to be because the movement is/was so clunky and buggy. I needed more precise movement actions and timing to remain hidden. I hope .63 will bring that control we need.
  2. I found the loot! -massive loot camp

    I don't know if you agreed with all of that, then were making a closing statement about Dayz, or you interpreted all of that as a statement about memory and ignorance.That example was just meant to be one of potentially thousands of factors going into determining someones enjoyment of a aspect of DayZ.
  3. I found the loot! -massive loot camp

    What determines the number of endorphin molecules that are generated from doing an activity is WAY more complex than just "pro" vs "newb". All your life experiences factor in, like how much hiking or camping you've done in your life and how enjoyable that experience was, maybe it was miserable, maybe it was the best time of your life. Theres only so much improvement in someones enjoyment for an activity you can make simply by telling them they should like it more. You CAN give them information to help them see something from a new perspective, but you have to figure out what that info is. I think memory plays a part with how fast each person tired somebody gets of a repetitive experience too, such as wandering the landscape in DayZ. I have a pretty bad memory and i've watched some movies over 20 times and still enjoy them. I believe i am able to forget some of the experience so it become fresh again quicker. So some with a better memory all the way to up to having a almost perfect memory simply don't forget what they've seen and when they think about an experience they recall the entire thing and there is then less of a point to loading in a disc and watching it because they simply have it in their memory. So from that, which is based on that, i suspect people with better memories *tend* to get tired of doing the same thing repeatedly. And i am definitely a loot driven, or goal driven person in DayZ, thats after about 1500 combined hours i guess for SA and the mod.
  4. Worn clothing shouldn't effect survivability

    Well yeah, i think condition should play a part too, but i think there should be a intermediate condition where it looks very worn, like damaged and ruined, but still protects like new. IRL, the first time going through a fire fight, rolling around in the ground trying, diving or just planting the knee for cover is going to take the newness right out of your clothes until you wash them. Even just wearing them for awhile is going to impart some wrinkles behind the knee and thigh area. The worn clothes, especially pants, visually, they look almost as equally capable of projecting you as new since on holes are present, but obviously the damaged/ruined look as it presently is could be meant to simply be an indicator of condition, not an overt representation. Regardless, new clothes just look horrible to me. Maybe even an option in the settings to choose the highest clothing quality visual level for your own clothes to appear as would be nice and wouldn't effect gamplay really since its just about immersion, believably and atmosphere.
  5. After learning that worn, damaged and ruined clothing effects not only survivability of cold and wet weather, but also protects less against gun shots, i wanted to express some concern about that because new looking clothing to me looks horrible. I only wear worn, damaged or ruined clothing, lol, its actually part of my end game... New clothing looks like pajamas to me. They have no character, they look bland usually, they don't fit in with the zombie apocalypse setting either IMO. So i wanted to request that there is one level of clothing condition that looks worn but doesn't have a reduced ability to protect from elements...uh....and gunshots, if thats really a thing. This is one area where having layers of clothing would help a little, because if you had a raincoat that have a small hole in it, you could still have a t-shirt and sweat shirt under it adding to your protection level, even another jacket, which you could do in real life. Im not sure why clothing would protect against bullets, since they can go through both sides on a car in real life, and some rifles and penetrate an engine block. Or, maybe a option in the settings to make your clothes just appear a little more ruined for the sake of believability and immersion. To me the worn (or is it damaged?) clothing looks so much better than new clothing. Examples: (as soon as i figure out how to post a pic here) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Pt69q_49H04gm5d1mrGsTx-syCU_pXF1/view?usp=sharing
  6. Weapon suggestion for a pós beta

    It does make sense that military bases would be completely opened up to free access after a zombie apocalypse and thus the weapons would be distributed around eventually, so it does make sense to have AKs lying around in towns, although rare for gameplay purposes i guess. I think one of the coolest things they could do is put AKs and other cool weapons occasionally spawn in wood cabins deep in the forests and other remote locations, making exploration more than enticing again . At least going by many movies and game depictions. For me the current weapons besides the AKs are boring as hell, even the M4. and you can still do that. I don't want to have military guns just for PVP, i want to have one on me to feel "complete" and a feeling of satisfaction. Maybe my childhood full of GI-Joe, military books, video games and sneaking out in the middle of the night in camouflage with my friends has brainwashed this into me :) As long as everyone has equal access it will remain fair and PVP will simply involve more military weapons than civilian. Don't get me wrong, i'm all for military weapons being somewhat rare.
  7. Weapon suggestion for a pós beta

    I am really hoping we have high end military weapons in SA. I don't mind if they're rare, but the whole military aspect is a big part of the draw for me. The military itself being so secretive in many cases leaves it full of possibilities and a great source of mystery. Theres nothing mysterious or haunting about empty town #36.
  8. Solopopo, you need to get another few hobbies man. A lot of us do actually, including me. You seem to be relying on this one thing to give you your happiness.
  9. Firestation upper floors are inaccessible

    Raise your arms
  10. Zombies

    Huh, maybe instead of deleting my posts, they create a fucking sticky on the top of the forums alerting people about what happened to the dev branch that would be fucking useful because I guarantee not every one of the millions of DayZ players are going to have the time/interest/life-trajectory/whatever or will have too many kids/work hours or must move into a new home, travel, go to school, take break to catch the fact that DayZ updates have been purposely put on hold... FUCK! Or we just keep ambushing the INEVITABLE stream of people that will come into the forum with rants....
  11. Zombies

    This is a discussion forum and none of us has exactly the same knowledge about anything including DayZ. If you don't want to discuss stuff, then get out. No need to be rude. Like a lot of people he presumed they were going to continue building the game and put what they built on the public branches and he let the updates speak for themselves. Hell, the part about zombies being the last thing they were going to work on was one sentence in one of those updates.
  12. Zombies

    They are planning to properly program zombies as the very last thing they are going to finish, possibly due to level design changes that may need refinement all the way through the dev process, i don't know for sure. Its really not worth talking about at this point because we simply don't know what they are planning with zombies. You are arguing about stuff that isn't going to exist in the final version (unless they don't want to make a successful product). I personally think it is critical to get zombies to behave at a level not seen yet in video previous games due to the reduction of intensity in other aspect of gameplay (ie, focus on survival vs. pvp) and giving them a wide variety of "realistic" behaviors, such as coming upon one eating a rabbit or deer or human, or one stuck under something, or standing still, with more varied animations for all actions, to make them seem unique and not just another A.I. Animation files are kb files, very tiny, so having tons of variation is certainly possible. Another idea is to watch some of the new videos about .63 on youtube.
  13. Returning player

    Agree, this is some of the most frustrating game design i have ever seen. I thought about making a video of me quickly setting my keyboard shortcuts in another complex game where you just double click on the thing you want to change they press a key and your done; then show how long it takes compared with DayZ. All for the sake of educating the devs if they weren't big gamers and some aren't. They want to waste gobs of your time and cause frustration.... in order to prevent your time being wasted and you experiencing frustration.... Best not to fight fire with fire.
  14. Returning player

    This version is focused on survival gameplay mechanics testing and they halted this dev branch at .62 for a long time to make bigger changes we're about to see in .63. I have 700 hours in Standalone so im not going to say its not fun sometimes, but that was mainly before all the hardcore survival stuff got put in, just after release. You might like it fine, but be warned, the survival stuff isn't very intuitive or realistic at the moment and might not enhance or gameplay/immersion as it is, so.. You might wait to play until .63 comes out or you might very quickly turn into Queeg 500. EDIT: "Quig 5000"...
  15. [ADD] AutoRun Hotkey ,

    Use a coin slipped underneath the keyboard key above the forward key.