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  1. Returning player

    Agree, this is some of the most frustrating game design i have ever seen. I thought about making a video of me quickly setting my keyboard shortcuts in another complex game where you just double click on the thing you want to change they press a key and your done; then show how long it takes compared with DayZ. All for the sake of educating the devs if they weren't big gamers and some aren't. They want to waste gobs of your time and cause frustration.... in order to prevent your time being wasted and you experiencing frustration.... Best not to fight fire with fire.
  2. Returning player

    This version is focused on survival gameplay mechanics testing and they halted this dev branch at .62 for a long time to make bigger changes we're about to see in .63. I have 700 hours in Standalone so im not going to say its not fun sometimes, but that was mainly before all the hardcore survival stuff got put in, just after release. You might like it fine, but be warned, the survival stuff isn't very intuitive or realistic at the moment and might not enhance or gameplay/immersion as it is, so.. You might wait to play until .63 comes out or you might very quickly turn into Queeg 500. EDIT: "Quig 5000"...
  3. [ADD] AutoRun Hotkey ,

    Use a coin slipped underneath the keyboard key above the forward key.
  4. When will gameplay be introduced?

    Best? Its ALL a matter of opinion and all opinions are valid. But it is a problem if your opinion is the minority opinion. What a person likes depends largely on what a person has experienced up to this point in life. This is why i think one of the solutions for the gaming industry is simply more customization. They focus on "loot boxes" and other crap to capture more loose money that they know is out there from our very seriously unequal paycheck distribution (and i think i'd much rather game devs get that money than it remain held by wealthy freeloaders living off the effort of others), but simply allowing more realistic play in the Battlefield series, just as one example, no-mini map, no respawn, no quick scoping, etc, would bring in new players with a different set of gameplay tastes.
  5. Heli crash

    If you take the time to find one, i hope you really like clothing... (thats my experience anyway)
  6. When will gameplay be introduced?

    And for those who don't have hardly any interest in player interaction, THANK YOU for removing life from the coast. I agree with the point about looting becoming the gameplay, but .63 is going to re-work so much its the wrong time to worry about this stuff.

    Just being in a closed building should warm you up slowly IMO. @pilgrim: Does your game not require you to be at a specific angle distance to loot the zombie?

    Remember in order to loot a zombie, you just need to go prone once, get up and click your heels together twice, spin around just once (important) in a perfect 360 degree circle, then align yourself with the longest angle of the zombie, hit the inventory key once to see if everything went well and if so you will be able to loot the zombie, if not then move forward closer to the zombie and side to side say a prayer and try the inventory key again, if that doesn't work repeat the process, but then add in "drop your weapon to the ground and crouch twice, down then back up," in between the heal clicks and circle. Mmmmk, that should about do it. Now i have a few extra things i do to ensure i can loot a zombie the 1st - 3rd time i click the inventory key, but not everyone has a protractor or angle gauge so i'll just leave you a good starting point, okay.

    What you played was an older version they made playable for the public so they could work on another dev branch and make bigger foundational changes. The Zeds are the last thing the plan on focusing on for some reason. Definitely recommending checking out the Steam dev blogs before you get worried. The just last two should clear things up a bit and give you a better picture of hwere they're trying to take it. They are focusing on Dean's original no-fuck-around survival game though so probably best to get used to less food. Can't use maps right now so i use a Daytv's map. The survival mechanics you need to get you going (possibly considered spoilers...): Apple trees are a life savers You need a fire to dry your clothes to make a fire you need an axe to harvest bark and sticks to make a fire and also make the thing to light it, i forget the name. You need to chop logs to make the fire last longer than a few minutes. There are youtube videos that quickly go over all this stuff.
  10. General opionion on CLE densities

    Its kind of annoying to use big cities to loot because each of those big buildings often have only one item now, if that. Takes the fun out of it and also makes those areas feel useless and unsatisfying, like the big ship wreck. Cherno, with all 3 sub-cities should have a big left over military presence just to make the area more useable IMO. Maybe it would be a good idea to have bigger industrial buildings have an area with a lot of loot in one place, or a chance of it, otherwise its a lot of running around for nothing. Its hard for me to do that over and over and still feel good about it. A little more loot would go a long way to helping me get in the mood for exploring places ive already been and trying to find new things about those places. .63 is going to bring a lot of changes in this area from the sounds of it.
  11. @philbur: Your friend is an example of why i think the game could really carve out a successful space in the gaming market so long as they take it to a high quality level. This is a build it and they will come sort of deal IMO. If they get the game to look like The Division, in terms of atmosphere and environment detail, theres no way they wouldn't be successful. @animations: Those animation are sub-standard IMO. That climbing out of the car animation is super-easy to do; you could just borrow the existing prone-forward anim to start with changing the main poses and be done if your a little lucky. It also completely stops motion at the extremes, like the prone-forward animation does, thats not very realistic. The gun animation has the bare minimum amount of movements; it very basic; you put the ammo in and the gun goes downward, no accounting for the person applying force in the opposite direction with his opposite hand and the loading is exactly the same timing and gun movement for each round. Its not horrible but animation is one of the keys to believably and immersion IMO, its important to get it right for this type of game. I hope those are just placeholder animations to give the team something to work with and they probably are. The narrator of the last video said they were going to polish some movement animations later. If they leave the animations accessible, someone like me could make a big improvement at least. I want to get my hands on that ladder animation so damn bad. I can't change anything but the climbing movement, everything else will likely be locked away in the .exe so i hope they improve the transition behavior, it would make a huge difference in the gameplay i think, especially the exploration gameplay they are shooting for. EDIT: "could make a big improvement", not "could be..."
  12. Can you link to the trello page? The one i can find has only a public page. I don't see animations you're referring to.
  13. As far as animation goes, i do have experience with it, have my own demo reel for it. Most of the animations so far in the game ive seen were there from the beginning of alpha 4 years ago. Only hand/arm animations have been added afaik. All these animations take much longer than a week, but not this long. I definitely don't think this is the normal pace of AAA video game dev for an average size team. I think something happened along the way or the team is simply smaller than average. 4 years in and they haven't fixed the goofy ladder animation and behavior. .63 will give us a lot more information to go on.
  14. Arma 2 DayZ Mod vs DayZ: when will we be there?

    You can respwn other loot by taking it out of its spawn point ive noticed. I like hanging out in Cherno so i decided to try and use the only two military tents there to gear up, but unfortunately those tents only span low level stuff. That ive experienced anyway.
  15. Speaking of render distance. I tried to light a fire and put some flares on the center tower in Cherno, the one where you can go inside from the bottom and take the stairs up. I was really dismayed to see that just a block or two away from the tower and the light from either the torch or fire wouldn't render making the effort next to useless. Hopefully that will change in 1.0.