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  1. Introducting the idea of train handwagon: (Like the ones in the 1800's) Imagin 2 people on etherside pedeling to move forward over tracks. 1 person: 1/3th speed 2 persons: fullspeed Places available for aditional sitting characters and some storage (barrel, tent and plank sizes). The wagon can not leave the tracks and some adjustmens need to be made to the localisation of the fixed trainwagons to guaranty continuation the handwagon. As it can only moves on tracks with no cover, the risk reward trade-off is sound versus speed. (This is a interesting one). Maybe a bit easier to develop than bikes?
  2. You are too tactical and too slow 🙂 Too much window of oppertunity to get shot
  3. hemmo

    Is this game officialy dead ?

    Its quit good allready, its not there yet but its getting better. The new cherno is awesome btww
  4. hemmo

    News regarding the 2019 roadmap

    I hope this quet down the obsessive self interested demanding type of players. Thanks! And keep up the good work
  5. hemmo

    Stable Update 1.03

    No, you want some higher grade weapons for possible unfair advantage. Your motive is easly said pvp. Trust me, you need mods and traders m8.
  6. hemmo

    Stable Update 1.03

    How many slots has the wooden crate? And which materials are requird to craft?
  7. hemmo

    Stable Update 1.03

    Just no! For raising weapon spawns rates are mods and traders. And since yits still impossible to place barrels near tries, these crates are fairy balanced.
  8. hemmo

    Is this game officialy dead ?

    Its quit impressing to have 6936+ on the forum and to only have played 200 hours of the game. Holy ****. (Im on 7000 hours, both accounts totaled).
  9. hemmo

    Create barrels from metal sheets

    And ofcourse adding the ability to burry barrels into modified empty crop patches! 👍
  10. hemmo

    Add a rifle grenades in the game

    Awesome! With a chance of malfunctioning and expoloding in the barrel 😁👍
  11. Chanced based by prodection zone and area. Example: bullet to helmet, 40% chance of penetrating; and if penetration: headshot or reduced damage headshot. Example: shot to balistic vest: 10% of penetrating; and if penetration: chest hit that ether counts reduced or not. Example: shot to pants 95% of penetrating; and if penetration: leg hit that causes limp. Ect ect: the idea is to put in a chance system as a replacement for specific area hit's. Like hart hits or gut hits: both chest hit's but chance system gives different damages. Chance statistics could be made up by the area: ie; hart 10%, stomach 30% liver & kidneys 20% and some non lethal chance 20% ect..
  12. hemmo

    LootTable have become mixed

    Sks spawrate is subtitute for guns that are not in the game yet?
  13. hemmo

    Is this game officialy dead ?

    If i got 50 cents for everytime i log in on this forum to read an omg dayz is dying post on monday morning..... i could have got my 3rth and 4th copy by now. 😎
  14. hemmo

    no sense

    You should play eve online
  15. Cause they are still working on the core elements of the game. If you are not able to see this, than you are not playing. In example: the ability to sneak around, the adjustmenst of zombies onto this and the intergration of these elements into other ones. And than the weather, tent placements, and server browser ect ect. So, eno makes a good point, there should still be a i accept or decine button. But hey... its dayzz man.. its worth the wait..