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  1. hemmo

    I Have A Dream

    +1 for the costructive critizism, -2 for no patience
  2. hemmo

    Is AK47 and M4a1 still in the game?

    Try to get a barrel for temp storage. It is a risk and you need a good persitance server, but deff worth the risk. Let alone the eaassyy regearing. Why carry ammo types for 6 guns? 😛 Back in beta i snatched a cheap second account on a second steam account. So i store my 3 partly build svd's on that toon. Safest place ever 😁. Last time i saw an m4, it was on a heli spawn 😉
  3. hemmo

    Why Banditry Is A Moral Obligation In DayZ

    My abso favo "Friend-lee the south korean canibal". Friend-lee is only his name fyi 😆
  4. Its worth the wait, just be patience
  5. hemmo

    [Update] Any details available (PC)?

    Sounds like a patch is cumming
  6. hemmo

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    Be happy the serverbrowser works again. 😁
  7. hemmo

    the real hardcore survival server

    Tldr: please add missions
  8. hemmo

    Option to place barrel - bug ?

    If you put the barrel too close to trees, it will foat and unable to open. Bug ticket allready filled
  9. hemmo

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    I agree on the police cars. Helis are ok. 5/6 a gun and some other loot. Its not a big pinata but its nice. And it do require you to visit milly bases to complete the gear.
  10. hemmo

    Official Cinematic Trailer

    So now this is announced, maybe we can take a look at the patchnotes? 🤗
  11. Very good server, i always play on it. Persistency backups work great ❤️ /Jan Ballestaaf
  12. hemmo

    Keep items in safe

    A second accound works great! It is where i keep my three svd's. The spare ammo and other not inportant stuffs go's in the barrel.
  13. On the pc ive got an tablet in front of me with the map. Works great!
  14. I think pilgrim makes very good points. However most the points mentioned can be done after polishing. To prevent any ladder decline on the "Brand staircase to heaven or hell". (Yes, i've got a degree in Branding). (Edit: its actualy quet amazing how dayz is doing on this ladder, thát sais enough of its potential <3) The most unfortunate issue at 1.0 inplenmentation was the server browser. I coulndt even join a game properly as it kept refresing and crashing. So i ended up not playing at all 🙈
  15. hemmo

    No Status Reports, No Updates, Hello...???

    Pls dont disturb them, let them work.