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  1. hemmo

    Experimental Update 1.05

    No you dont. It was like that untill 0.61. You really dooonnt want it.
  2. hemmo

    Experimental Update 1.05

    Would you like some crackers with your wine?
  3. hemmo

    Need more tents!

    Install the trader mod on the server with tents only
  4. hemmo

    Base buildin unbalance

    Play mod servers, that have good mods, rules and admins
  5. Gdmt was a sad collection of forum trolls are represented here. Just play the modss & enjoyy.
  6. I made a gate in a apartement on a modded server where fences are indistructable. By closing i can not see or acces the door anymore how can i open this? Magical door
  7. You are right, nothing really spawns there for exept the stuff you find in cherno tents. Last 3 times i went there nothing much. And light dangerous travel due vunerability.
  8. Its kinda frustrating but some little bird said it was because of the server queuve. And for me, i apprears to be like that. So join servers that arnt full
  9. No serious... wtf. This borwser isnt functional since 1.0.. who ever is the responsible dev should be sacked. Any fixing if even disabling antialiasing + validating doesnt work?
  10. This is awesome, keep it in devs. Great job! 👍
  11. It was in 1.03 aswel. Happens if you have a gun in a pouch in storage. Drag the pouch on, and than use the hotbar keys to put the gun in the hands. Thsn it happens. Solved by just draging the gun on the floor and in the pouch again.
  12. hemmo

    The real reason why there won't be a Roadmap...

    Yeah your right, i was reading it competly wrong. Have you seen the new chucky movie btw?
  13. hemmo

    The real reason why there won't be a Roadmap...

    Has anyone seen the new chucky yet? I heard its a great movie
  14. hemmo

    The real reason why there won't be a Roadmap...

    Whole this topic is infested with a bot infection! It desparate needs some disinfection and tetracycline antibiotics. Its like the Us political campaign of hate seeding and zomg the world is ending ×× DayZ... only to reprase it after every term is comming. I makes almost want to start collecting these tears to let them swallow it after proving they are wrong. 😂😂 Its just a matter of time thou.
  15. I guess their preferd communication channels are the ones where less annonynity lies. Everyone can just make a forum account these days 😉