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  1. Min 20:00 aprox. You can hear it. Here is
  2. Exp Update: 0.58 + Hot Fix.

    Maybe is intentional, because you can fix the rags with the sewing kit now.
  3. Exp Update: 0.58 + Hot Fix.

    I can confirm those bugs still unfixed in the last 0.58 exp.
  4. Exp Update: 0.58 + Hot Fix.

    When i saw those post, i was worried. But after check it, my tent and truck are still here. Im in a 1pp server. And i placed the tent 2 days ago.
  5. Exp Update: 0.58 + Hot Fix.

    You need take some damage to activate it. I usually take off my shoes , walk some steps until the message "my feets are sore" appear then i put my shoes on, and the healing status appear. Its a old bug.
  6. Exp Update: 0.56.127TheBeast.

    I wish experimental didnt go down, i was so ready to find a bandit with a vss or svd and shoot him down for justice and what not, i had a grey v3s truck and everyrthang... Oh and i got into it by crawling underneath it and looking up (i only play in first person so try that too) it worked all five times i tried, but when the doors left open the icon shows up like normal without having to lay down... Yes, i just saw the same before the servers went down. It say blue but look red, but if you wear it, is blue. Crazy stuff.
  7. Animation showcase: Zombie Crawling Around

    The "snake" zombie ate it.But in a serious note, i dont liked the leap zombie at all.
  8. Stable Branch - 0.55 Discussion

    I found some .308 winchester ammo boxes, 1 bear trap, and one guy above me found a mine. Not a chainsaw at the moment. On a side note, the police cars are in the same spot than yesterday. (Im playing in a private server)
  9. Stable Branch - 0.55 Discussion

    Yes to sewing kits, i found 3, and no in gas canisters. I even found 3 box of matches after the 12 mb update, but no tripod or gas canister, nets, 45acp, quiver, green bandages or batteries I dont even found a pan or a pot, but some people in this post said that they found them.
  10. Stable Branch - 0.55 Discussion

    One in garden sheds, the ones with the wood floors. The stary yar one in a wooden wc I think. I even found a green m65 jacket in those WC.
  11. Stable Branch - 0.55 Discussion

    Yes, i found 2 of them. The first in Pustoshka and another one in Stary Yar. In Worn and Damage condition.
  12. DayZ Audio Subforum

    I was hopping for the post about the new Arma III sound overhaul, but like no one did it, i will. Any one test the new sounds system in the Marksman update? Those new effects for indoor and outdoor shoots are amazing. And how Arma and Dayz teams are like brothers, i was wondering if we will get those amazing sounds features too.
  13. closing doors in apartment blocks

    Better than new doors, i would like a total overhaul of those apartament. They are a pain to navegate, some doors are to narrow, etc... but yes, i vote for useable doors, like when the restaurant got it.
  14. How will vehicles work?

    Yes, they are saving. I have 2 tent and the cargo V3S hidden in the woods like 3 days. And every night, a little fairy, refill the deposit it for me.
  15. Stable Branch - 0.55 Discussion

    You can, put canteen in your hand and select empty vessel.even i used a alcohol tincture bottle to drink and water my plants, better than nothing. I double empty it before drink. Better safe than sorry.