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  1. I found this---------------------}
  2. polini

    Stable Update 1.03

    Well, since last Experimental Update ( not the today one) i cant swap items using the hotbar. Example: If i have a shoty in Number 1 and Axe in number 2, cant have the shotgun in Hands and press 2 to swap to melee, i need first press 1 again to unequip the shoty and then 2 to equip the Axe. Yes, and i tried verify cache and delete the DayZ folder.
  3. Rotate the object in the inventory and put items in the hotbar pressing the number what you want by placing the mouse arrow in an item. I think that quote the wrong reply. This would be the right one. Delete the DayZ folder and Voilá.
  4. You can, but you must delete first the DayZ folder in My Documents. I wasnt able to Rotate objetcs in the inventary too and after delete the DayZ folder, can do both things.
  5. They said some weapons like the Fire Axe do the trick but i would like to see some video or explanation about this.
  6. polini

    Experimental Update 1.02

    One question, Why im not seeing the Noise indicator? And yes, i Verified the DayZ files.
  7. polini

    DayZ Stable Update 1.0

    Great! I will try it tonight.
  8. polini

    Stable Update 0.63.149464

    I think he mean : Blazer, red9, glock, etc... the pre 0.63 weapons. And the "leaked" weapons from youtube videos and mods like Desert Eagle and tazer. But those weapon arent tossed away, im sure the most of them will return later.
  9. polini

    Status Report - 25 September 2018

    Yes, and the majority of models are already in, but disabled at the moment. The watchtower, fences, lights, generators, etc... And if you can search, you can see some videos with people using it. (Obiously all unofficial and all)Ahh and barricading windows with planks too.
  10. polini

    Status Report - 25 September 2018

    Thanks all fine now! The cars ones: Nice to see the collision physics dont make the cars fly miles away like in 0.60-0.62 The flashlight ones: good job, i uses them and the old system was a mess. But i would like that the headtorch one make a comeback. You can use a Flashlight and have the hands free. In summary good job!
  11. polini

    Status Report - 25 September 2018

    No ETA, but the latest Status Reports give me a good taste. They seem very confident after the " massive kicks bug" that took atleast 10 strest tests to find and fix. And obviously cars and tents are welcome and if they think that will be in a good shape when the Beta arrive, must be true. I hope. Ps: Any news about the Images from the status report? I really want see them and the gifs.
  12. polini

    Status Report - 25 September 2018

    You see more than me : ( i only can see half of some images and in firefox. Can some caritative dev fix them?
  13. polini

    Status Report - 25 September 2018

    Any one can see the gifs and images? Because i want see the them! In aother note, the Devs seem very positive now, i like it.
  14. polini

    Stress Test vol.41

    Yes, thats is why some people play hours straight without any issue and in EU servers we can barely play 5 min without a Kick. And i know that they will have a good reason, but is very interesting that the EU servers are causing problem and they must update the game to solve this, when the USA servers work fine ( It seem)
  15. polini

    Stress Test vol.41

    Yes, it seem. Connection Failed when joining to any server.