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  1. As your post speaks for itself in terms of "easy triggered fanboy rage" I only want to make one comment: I stopped playing DayZ long ago. I just drop by now and then, check the forums on any "news" on the "development" and poke fanboys with my imaginary forum-stick.
  2. Said it before and saying it again: We paid them to create a new engine. They will use this new engine to sell other stuff in the future. The sooner everyone accepts this the sooner we can move on and never buy anything again from them. Guys, this company only lives off the ArmA Franchise + mil train stuff. (My first thought on Leopard 2A6 training stations was: "Hey, this is ArmA!") All their other games were "meh" at best. And even ArmA only lives because of the great mod community. I know it takes some time to realize and accept his. I started way back when they first released Operation Flashpoint and they never really changed anything in their concept.
  3. 0.63 Experimental Release

    Haha oh man there are still people pulling the "There are games that took longer to develop!" card. It's 6 (six) years! And DayZ isn't even in beta yet. Close but still not beta. They won't release it in 2018 (Who really trusts in that number anyways?) so it's going to be at least 2019. That makes it 7 years or even 8 who knows? It's BI after all :D Sure we'll get there with DayZ but don't defend that crappy development^^
  4. How to get 0.63

    As far as I know 0.62 is the stable Version. 0.63 is only available on the stress test Servers. So unless you want to participate in the stress Tests you have to wait for 0.63 to hit stable.
  5. Just checking in..

    No need to check in - nothing to see here. DayZ backers financed BI's new engine they will use to sell us other stuff in the future. But DayZ itself is pretty much dead and I am quite sure that it will never recover. At least I don't see anything that could bring back many players. Even in beta it won't be close to the old dayz mod feeling.
  6. 0.63 Checklist Updates

    Yeah. I mean it's still alpha, right? I think we should be patient, let them do their thing and relax. They are building a new engine from scratch after all, right?
  7. 0.63 Checklist Updates

    I bought DayZ SA when they started to sell it years ago. I was very patient too and told everyone "It's still Alpha! Be patient! Relax! They are building a new engine from scratch!". And now I check the forums and you guys are still throwing these phrases around. I bet you guys 5 euro moneys that there will be close to no zombies when they "release" 0.63. This whole thing turned into a joke or... a zombie! Heheh. My god this is sad.