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  1. Mookie (original)

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    The issue of multiple same items spawning is become really serious/hilarious. I just found six pistol suppressors in Electro police station. Ignoring the possibility of a suppressor sales convention in the police station during a major public health crisis, this felt unusual. More worrying still is the "counted in storage" point. I could swear it used to be that this was explicitly excluded from the spawning system. If it's not, that's....insane.
  2. Mookie (original)

    Teddy bear picnic...

    Couldn't agree more. They used to at least have rags in them IIRC...
  3. Mookie (original)

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    That inventory scrolling.... Didn't the bar used to be on the right? That's where my muscle memory thinks it is. And the one on the left seems pretty dysfunctional.
  4. Mookie (original)


    You'd be hard pressed to have played more than a few hours over the past two years or so without having seen something similar, substituting wolves/cows/goats/whatever tbh.
  5. Mookie (original)

    Can't find AK or M4

    Well, this is just the probabilities coming home to roost as we tend to interpret them as faults. Just like real life really.
  6. Mookie (original)

    Can't find AK or M4

    I've had a lot of luck with M4s in this patch. They do spawn; you just have to look harder I'm afraid. My problem is with NATO suppressors specifically (beginning to suspect they may only spawn at heli crashes) and suppressors/silencers in general....
  7. Mookie (original)

    Suppressor sounds

    Anyhow, seems to me at least some of the silenced/suppressed guns are broken in game, so OP got his wish really...
  8. Mookie (original)

    Official servers disappearing.

    Just to illustrate the point, a further chunk of 'official' servers disappeared after downtime today, including two that I had stashes on.
  9. Mookie (original)

    Official servers disappearing.

    Whole rafts of 'official' servers have disappeared over the standalone's history. Some go to exp, some don't. Some come back - most don't. GamingDeluxe, Vilayer, etc, just don't exist any more - possibly because the owners/renters/providers see that not enough people are playing. Clearly there was some recognition of this around the start of 1.0 when we got those US and NL servers with the long numbers after them. But it's another issue with persistence, as I and other have commented on in the past.
  10. Mookie (original)

    383 Hours Played and I find my 1st Heli Crash...

    Same. In the 40- and 50- patches, crash site hunting and trading was a viable (if slightly tedious) playstyle. Ah, the rush of seeing a plume of smoke (or even two) in the distance...
  11. Mookie (original)

    383 Hours Played and I find my 1st Heli Crash...

    They're still all on the west of the map, but much more top to bottom now. There always was a site as far south as Kamenka, but there are others in that area too now - and they go up as far as the far NW/Tisy area. The easternmost one is to the east of Novy I think.
  12. Mookie (original)

    383 Hours Played and I find my 1st Heli Crash...

    The sites are much more dispersed around the map than in pre .63 builds, so that actually looking for them as a playstyle (like the old Green Mountain loop) is pretty much impossible. Certainly on modded servers, guns are spawning at them again. Unsure about the public hive though.
  13. Mookie (original)

    Microstuttering... still a “sign?”

    It happens whenever I'm in the game for more than around a couple of hours, and has been that way since .63. I've just got used to restarting as part of the sheer masochism of DayZ… My rig is pretty good - played 0.62 like butter. It doesn't seem to be related to Zs, weather, players or any other factor.
  14. Mookie (original)

    Microstuttering... still a “sign?”

    Not sure 'micro' is the right word in my case. Almost unplayable...
  15. Mookie (original)

    Microstuttering... still a “sign?”

    I get it pretty badly - especially when I've been in-game for more than a couple of hours. It screws up the speed of my whole puter as well. So I usually have to restart. That cures it, but not very comfortable.