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  1. You know me too well Bio.
  2. Twice in the past 24 hours I've opened up the game via Steam and then pootled around on YouTube or whatever while it loads up. Then I've alt-tabbed into the game and I'm already on a server. Thankfully I'm a sensible logger-outter and am not standing in the middle of Tisy or anything, but still... Is this an undocumented 'feature' of a recent patch?
  3. Well....yes it was. I kind of regret it now (just as I regret not posting it in off-topic). Sorry all.
  4. Evidence here:
  5. I've fallen into the ground a couple of times, and fallen through floors many, many times. I think the coding is a lot better than it was in (eg) the .4X patches, but even now I'll still only go upstairs if I have to. The ground bug is pretty rare, and in both cases for me I was standing next to a structure and logging in when it happened. All fun of the game if you ask me. I always stash stuff in case the gods of DayZ decide to do something unpredictable to me.
  6. I would have chopped him up into little pieces the moment the potty talk started. Clearly Danny is a man of great patience.
  7. Could be a graphics glitch, but everything else looks normal. My in-game hair has suddenly gone grey, and I'm looking a little pasty and wrinkled. Are the gods of DayZ trying to tell me something?
  8. Having done some pretty serious crash site running this patch, I'm not convinced smoke grenades are in - at least the NATO smoke grenades. I have seen a couple of the Russian versions though. Haven't seen a single explosive grenade yet either. Flashbangs are around but not sure if they're working...
  9. I always play through Steam library. Game crashes at least 25% of any attempt to log into, or out of servers. I am not alone in this.
  10. This patch has been...well, let me diplomatically say not the best. The crashing is worse than it's ever been, but now appears to be caused not by inventory, but on attempting to join or leave servers.
  11. Well, it's certainly changed my game, because now I crash every other time I try to get into a server.
  12. Having read the notes, it's mainly fixes. So not really sure why 'game changing'...?
  13. Got the gloves thanks Red. Seems a bit pointless now, but grateful anyway!
  14. Had to dump the SVD, much as it pained me.
  15. Perhaps I expressed myself badly, but I was referring to plate vest, not press. I wonder if my glove drought might have something to do with CLE zoning. In the west/north west (between, say Sosnovka and Tisy), there continue to be none. Quite possible that there are some unintended CLE consequences going on.