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  1. This patch has been...well, let me diplomatically say not the best. The crashing is worse than it's ever been, but now appears to be caused not by inventory, but on attempting to join or leave servers.
  2. Well, it's certainly changed my game, because now I crash every other time I try to get into a server.
  3. Having read the notes, it's mainly fixes. So not really sure why 'game changing'...?
  4. Got the gloves thanks Red. Seems a bit pointless now, but grateful anyway!
  5. Had to dump the SVD, much as it pained me.
  6. Perhaps I expressed myself badly, but I was referring to plate vest, not press. I wonder if my glove drought might have something to do with CLE zoning. In the west/north west (between, say Sosnovka and Tisy), there continue to be none. Quite possible that there are some unintended CLE consequences going on.
  7. I mean plate vest holsters, not vanilla pistol holsters...
  8. I play all public. I guess at the start I was expecting something like the loot frequency that we're used to - or at least the possibility of luck - but there is a distinct downturn this patch (note: I'm not complaining..). I just don't bother with Veresnik, and NWAF isn't much better. M4s are actually pretty common at Tisy - probably the gun I see there most frequently. But attachments seem pretty rare. Good to hear that gloves are in. Guess I've just been extremely unlucky. Red, if I still haven't found any in a couple of days, I'll try to tempt you from your spaceship :)
  9. I've been playing this patch pretty intensively, including a lot of crash site running, military bases (particularly Tisy) and general looting. I've yet to see any: Gloves. None. Not in the tan-coloured sheds, barns, anywhere. Shame really, as they're usually a part of my outfit. Explosive or NATO smoke grenades. Flashbangs and RDGs are around though. Plate vests, pouches, holsters SMERSH vests and bags VSS Vintorez or its ammo. FN FAL or mags It would be helpful to compare notes and see if I just haven't done enough to see any of these things yet, or alternatively whether some of them have yet to find a place in the 0.62 loot table.
  10. I really like the wind sounds - gives a much stronger sense of 'being outside' and of a harsh environment. But I agree with OP that the ambient sound is a little too loud...
  11. Yes, usually western and northern. But there are other classic spots like Bashnya, or the rocks in the far south east. I'm not convinced people will have had time to amass big stashes yet though. Mil loot seems much rarer. If you're running to Tisy or NWAF expecting an El Dorado of FALs, M4s and SMERSH vests, think again.
  12. Most of the privately rented public servers are complete kick-fests after a new patch. Happily that can't be the case with .62 because they're different chars... OP, the other option if you want great gear is to go and find the tent/barrel stashes that the hoppers create. I find if one can summon the requisite patience this is usually the best option - certainly was for me in .61. Stashes should be starting to appear about now-ish. Look at the map and visit some of the areas you think might be good candidates. Oh, and bear in mind that the changes to foliage may have had an effect on this.
  13. Amended. Someone must have an ACOG...
  14. It's been moved slightly. Before it was just in the 'yourname' file.
  15. How have you managed to become an 'apex predator' when you can find 'no weapon'? Are you just smacking out people with SVDs?