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  1. Where is the DayZ population?

    I'm still playing .62 more than I play any other game. High pop servers are still around, and the game is running pretty smoothly at the moment. My only gripe is that many of the public servers (Gameservers WA, FL, etc) are breaking down or the providers are moving them to .63 - which plays hell with persistence.
  2. Prolonged maintenance

    I can read thanks. Just wondering if there was an update - no need to be facetious.
  3. Prolonged maintenance

    Any ETA on this please? Six hours over regular time. Thanks.
  4. site of the helicopter

    They still spawned loot after the gun exploit was fixed - just not guns. Last time I looked (about a fortnight ago) they were still spawning mags, clothes and attachments. But it degrades over time.
  5. Trading Post

    I know Red it's deathly... I'm looking for green spraypaint (black everywhere...), and a pair of beige military boots (any condition other than ruined). Lots of stuff for trade, just tell me what you need (short of an M4 or a FAL obvs)
  6. Plate/Smersh vests

    No that I've seen. And believe me, I've looked...
  7. Meeting the Land Pirates

    New to your content Rob, but enjoying it - thanks.
  8. The Hunter Trailer - Dayz Cinematic

    Looks promising.
  9. Significant stuttering despite high FPS in 0.62

    The game feels very clunky right now; possibly worse than at any time since .60, although I don't think this has been helped at all by a recent Windows 10 update (thanks Bill!) that has shagged much of the rest of my puter. In particular, logging in to a server takes a significant amount of time, during which death (even to zombies) is a significant risk.
  10. Plate/Smersh vests

    Thanks emu. That's what I suspected.
  11. Plate/Smersh vests

    I'm gonna take that as a 'we don't know/we don't care' then. This forum is, to say the least, a bit dormant.
  12. Plate/Smersh vests

    Merry Xmas all. Now that Smersh vests and plate carriers are appearing in gift boxes, I have to ask; are the Smersh backpacks and plate carrier pouches now also spawning? Looks like they're too big to fit in the gift boxes. Thanks
  13. Fireman and his Minion - Oh Nooo!

    Is that it? Seriously? Poking a guy with a stick on the coast? Dayz videos have gone significantly downhill.
  14. Do vehicles even exist in game anymore?

    My stashes are on very low pop public servers. When I'm servicing them I consistently run into people. Three weeks ago, somewhere near Sinistok, heard footsteps, there's a well geared guy virtually running next to me. Good job we were both friendly - he gave me an FNX. Two weeks ago shooting up some Z's in Tisy town from a distance on a two person server, I accidentally clipped the other player behind them (who was cool about it). Then I popped into the base only to find a player logging in at one of the barracks right in front of me. He started shooting, we killtraded. Last week at my extremely well hidden stash in the far north, complete darkness, login to hear the only other player on the server run past me - he/she must have been 5m from me. Guess I'm just lucky/unlucky.
  15. 22/11/2017, servers down?

    Have to admit I'm a bit confused as to why Steam is now forcing a reinstall. Thought for a second it might be .63, but assume there would be a LOT more noise here if it was....