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  1. 'Effected' = to make something happen, to do it. "She effected a change in my pants by taking her dress off" 'Affected' = to have been influenced by something. "My pants were strongly affected by this." So you meant 'affected'. Thank you class, you may go now.
  2. What would you like for it Irish? Don't say a FAL mag....
  3. This. The force of the throw is proportionate to the length of time that you hold down the bind key (G in my case). If you just press it, whatever you're carrying will either drop at your feet or you'll do a weedy ass chuck. Sorry if this isn't the case OP, but the same thing has caught others out.
  4. Really? No FAL mag love for me? Will trade a pristine full plate vest set for two....
  5. Desperately seeking FAL mags. Or, speaking as a Brit of a certain age, can I say L1A1 SLR mags.... I want to do some PvP before .61 dies completely, and would really appreciate two or three mags. Ideally full ones, but that's not an absolute requirement. To trade, I have fully decked M4s and pretty much anything else you could mention including full SVD mags, AK101s, UMPs, mil tents, full plate carriers, etc. The only things I don't have are SVDs or SMERSH vests. Thanks.
  6. He was also basically hiding behind things in many cases.... That said, a few weeks ago in game, I was wearing my favourite Gorka Pautrev outfit when a buddy couldn't see me from about 5m away.
  7. Boozing and Chernarus do not mix. A couple of weeks ago I came back from the pub, started 'exploring' around to the west of Tisy, logged in next day, no idea where I was, two separate wolf pack encounters, 80 rounds of 5.56 expended...
  8. Flashbangs have a significant effect on wolves, as seen here: This worked the last time I tried it near Tisy, but you need some luck if you're running from them at the time.
  9. Flashbangs can be very, very useful if you're in the middle of nowhere in a high-wolf risk area (eg the far western woods).
  10. In principle, it seems right to me that there should not be an entirely predictable assignation of loot to locations - above and beyond commonsense points such as mil gear spawns (usually) in mil locations, car stuff in garages, agri stuff in barns, etc. Knowing that ammo type x always spawns in building type y, or all those threads in the Steam forum that ask where Winchesters spawn, etc, seem to me to be a bit outside the 'spirit of the game' for want of a better phrase. But yes, I'm sure it is a WIP.
  11. I quite like the randomness of it tbh. Someone (Hicks? Dean?) said eventually there should be a chance of finding an M4 in a shed, and it's starting to feel a little like that, even though there's almost zero chance of finding anything else anywhere else.... Remember 0.55? If that had a been a hive wipe I would definitely have died. Desperate times. But this is a desperate game.
  12. I am not playing this game to have access to a suburban idyll. TBH getting away from that is exactly why I am playing this game.
  13. This is a crime against Chernarussian humanity. Whoever did it deserves not only a lifetime ban from the trading forum, but also to be cut up into very small pieces and fed to wolves. Seriously, that camp was a big asset to the community, and, if you're reading this, you're a tool if you took it.
  14. I don't think this is to do with loot availability either. My overriding desire in the game is to stay alive. At the moment there is little, if any, incentive to do so once you've built a halfway decent stash. A skills system, perhaps matched by a visual marker (like facial hair - remember that?) could make the difference - especially if it provided practical limits on PvP such as accuracy, firearms repair and handling, etc or on loot finding in the first place (?)
  15. I am genuinely pretty stoked to get my old sig back. Beans for the forum team!