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  1. Mookie (original)

    Thoughts on QnA Dev. Stream yesterday

    Yep. Having been on modded servers with the regular mathematically-far-from-impregnable combo lock, something better was desperately needed. The last two locks I broke took about five minutes each. I appreciate the point that modded servers usually make life too easy for everyone, but the sheer speed that modders pick up and deal with weaknesses in the game is either depressing or great, depending on your pov. And in other news, the fact that long termers like Weyland (with who I've had arguments in the past), emu and others are seemingly so disillusioned seems instructive. The modders may yet save the game. Vanilla is so crap atm that I'm just checking in to sustain my stashes. Otherwise modded servers seem to be where it's at.
  2. Mookie (original)

    Question about future patchs and DLC´s

    I suggest you try some modded servers. And/or if you want a mil simulator, try a different game. There is an obvious alternative...
  3. Mookie (original)

    Thoughts on QnA Dev. Stream yesterday

    Time was when I'd listen to the devs with interest. Those times have passed.
  4. Mookie (original)

    You Tube DayZ videos

    Time was when Frankie and others' YT videos got me into DayZ, and my 10,000 hours plus is testament to that. But my questions on YT about whether BI or other third parties pay for such videos go entirely unanswered by those who generate them. BI's "community", while laudable in many ways, could do with a little more transparency I suggest.
  5. Mookie (original)

    Why is it so difficult to drive?

    This is the sharp end of how BI has failed to invest enough in the game. It's just a joke that in 2019 you can't drive a car in a computer game. Beta my ass.
  6. Mookie (original)

    Trading Post

    I just found some pouches at what I call a 'spa barracks' (the ones at the hunting camps). In this case the one just east of Tisy.
  7. Mookie (original)

    Gun names

    And the FAL has auto mode now. Although you'd have to have strong wrists to try it.
  8. Mookie (original)

    Short words

    If "don't get attached to your gear" is the first rule of DayZ, the second is "only play this if you're a masochist."
  9. Mookie (original)

    strange bullet holes

    Going afk in Berezino isn't the best plan tbh.
  10. Mookie (original)

    PLEASE reverse the NEW "Client Side Personal Night Light"

    I know everyone bangs on about this, but if you use DZSA launcher, it tells you the time on the server. And I could swear we used to spawn with a flashlight, didn't we? Back when you didn't really need one...
  11. Mookie (original)

    Trading Post

    I might be in that market John. PM me.
  12. Mookie (original)

    Stable Update 1.02

    Great responsiveness Impulz, thank you. The zeroing seems to work now. It didn't yesterday - I must have been doing something wrong...
  13. Mookie (original)

    Is it just me?

    Use DZSA launcher. Miles better...
  14. Mookie (original)

    Stable Update 1.02

    Either zeroing is broken, or the process has changed, because I can't figure it out on my M4. When I log in it's at 100m. As soon as I use the gun, it drops to 25m and stays there no matter how ruthlessly I jab at + and -, or PgUp, PgDn...
  15. Mookie (original)

    PLEASE reverse the NEW "Client Side Personal Night Light"

    I suspect that was .55 (version one). The outcry was pretty big, so the spawn rates were revised, in a hurry. Funny thing was, it wasn't a wipe patch, so those with big stashes were just dandy, and I had five full mil tents near Myshkino….