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  1. Mookie (original)

    Server Hopping.

    This has been extensively discussed in more than one other thread here... Personally, I'm more and more in favour of chars being locked to the server.
  2. Mookie (original)

    Assault rifles on official servers

    I suspect the CLE is a bit broken about this. It is possible that stashed guns are contributing to non-spawns. Some clarity from the devs/mods here would be helpful please.
  3. On one of my rare ventures into vanilla last week, I helped a Russian guy out and he turned out to be a good 'un. The extremely dodgy Russian government is not the same as the Russian people. Also, just in case Red Ensign still lurks here, Canucks are usually good...
  4. Mookie (original)

    Missing Czech-Man

    Isn't that a song by the Fall?
  5. OP is absolutely right. Arguing about who the "onus" is on ignores whether or not BI can make things better or worse for the people who play the game. Yes, I know, I know...
  6. I suggest the "trust the least" line is a little invidious, so I'll answer the OP's question this way. The only accent I tend to trust is German ones. I've never met a German player who wasn't chilled and friendly.
  7. Mookie (original)

    Anti Ghosting/Server Hopping Measures

    Well, that's a predictable, if thoughtless post I guess. I'm not a server hopper. My char is 100% geared. I wasn't aware that a survival game, however defined, required the player to stick to a single server; whether or not that server is actually working. Nor was I one of the "same people crying out loud" about anything. I do agree that a solution to hopping is a good idea - but this is not it.
  8. Mookie (original)

    Anti Ghosting/Server Hopping Measures

    The intention is a good one, but it's been badly done. Essentially, unless you want an instant beach holiday, you're stuck on a single server. Maybe that's what everyone wants, but it's a serious pain - and for me yet another of the growing reasons not to play vanilla.
  9. Mookie (original)

    Anti Ghosting/Server Hopping Measures

    Every time I join a server (including the one I had been on before) I'm back on the coast. I'm not hopping. This needs a tweak. It's not possible to actually get anywhere on the map.
  10. Mookie (original)

    Persistence Servers

    Wait, are there still such things as non-persistent servers? At least deliberately? Delving into history, there was a time when heli crashes didn't spawn on persistent servers, so insanonauts such as myself would deliberately seek them out. Might be a bit too esoteric for the younger crowd though...
  11. Mookie (original)


    .60 brought big improvements in this for me (because: optimisation?). Now, post-.63, it's always the same. For an hour or so everything runs smoothly. But after that hour it's a nightmare of stuttering. Unplayable for PVE (and I've died to infected many times because of it), let alone PVP. The only way I can solve it is to restart my puter. Never seen an explanation.
  12. I take your points here (not that I really play vanilla much any more). But there is something deeper about the fundamental structure of the game going on (whereby people server hop, "official" servers cease to exist, etc). Beware of a kludge solution such that wearing NVGs illuminates everything in 100m in an eerie greenish glow....
  13. Mookie (original)

    Where are all the Official servers Gone?

    I suspect people's stashes might be a factor here. I would pissed too tbh….
  14. Mookie (original)

    Where are all the Official servers Gone?

    My hunch is that the owners simply haven't updated them to the patch. This happens a bit with modded servers - but because they have day to day oversight that problem is usually dealt with pretty quickly. This isn't BI's fault incidentally. "Official" servers may (?) have some agreements with BI, but the latter is not ultimately responsible for them. And there have been patches before where particular servers weren't updated for a long time. Some even vanished for months IIRC.
  15. Mookie (original)

    Where are all the Official servers Gone?

    Probably because the server renters haven't updated them yet. Settle down.