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  1. Pls fix the night issue

    I coul really go for a 'nightvision' dynamic where things become more visible the more your eyes acclimatise to the dark. But as it stands, and without fixes, night is essentially unplayable.
  2. M4 broken

    My M4s so far have been fine. But see the thread nearby on bugs with mag loaded guns in general. I've had to dump three AKMs because, when I take the mag out to reload it, the game thinks it's still in the gun.
  3. Stable Update 0.63.149442

    I have an AKM on my back and an M4 in my hands. The AKM in inventory shows no mag, but visually has a mag attached. Functionally it won't fire. Nor will it allow me to either remove the visually attached mag, or attach another one. The M4 does not have a mag attached visually, but does in inventory. Functionally it won't fire. Nor will it allow me either to remove the mag attached inventory, or to attach another. Any ideas? At this rate, I'm just looking for a new gun...
  4. Stable Update 0.63.149415

    I can't believe I have over 8000 hours and am having to ask these questions, but here goes. How do you change fire modes on the M4, USG, etc? Clearly 'T' is bound to the chat function.
  5. Stable Update 0.63.149386

    Uh, how do I aim down the sights? #embarrassed
  6. Stable Update 0.63.149386

    Stone knives seem to be out. That and fixing the apple tree exploit mean we're on hard mode (which I think is a good thing) I'm liking it at the moment, glitches aside. The sound, especially, is immersive. Not looking forward to my first wolf encounter though - mainly because of my inexperience with .63 mechanics.
  7. Stable Update 0.63.149386

    Uh, not being able to use bandages or rags seems a bit of a deal-breaker... Has the patch fixed that, or is it just my inexperience with 0.63 mechanics?
  8. Character wipes after 10MB Stable update

    As far as I can make out 0.63 has come to stable. On one level, praise the Lord. On another, yes we stable laggards can wave goodbye to the stashes and characters we've nurtured over these many, many months. Unless server wipes took them away in any case of course...
  9. 0.62 persistence wipes

    I do appreciate that I'm a bit of an anachronism for continuing to play 0.62/stable. Nonetheless, the "stable" part of the equation looks increasingly shaky. Four times over the past six weeks, one of my main stashes has been wiped. Not found (stashes split by location, both vanished), not unmaintained (I'm pretty anal about checking in on them, etc), but wiped. The Gamesevers WA servers have almost disappeared, UK 2-1 was wiped, and now it seems the IL servers are going the same way. We've discussed this before, but it seems a real shame, given what the devs and the game went through to make persistence work, that server owners can just reset persistence in this way (deliberately? accidentally?). If the situation remains the same when beta comes around, what's the point of persistence?
  10. Where is the DayZ population?

    I'm still playing .62 more than I play any other game. High pop servers are still around, and the game is running pretty smoothly at the moment. My only gripe is that many of the public servers (Gameservers WA, FL, etc) are breaking down or the providers are moving them to .63 - which plays hell with persistence.
  11. Prolonged maintenance

    I can read thanks. Just wondering if there was an update - no need to be facetious.
  12. Prolonged maintenance

    Any ETA on this please? Six hours over regular time. Thanks.
  13. site of the helicopter

    They still spawned loot after the gun exploit was fixed - just not guns. Last time I looked (about a fortnight ago) they were still spawning mags, clothes and attachments. But it degrades over time.
  14. Trading Post

    I know Red it's deathly... I'm looking for green spraypaint (black everywhere...), and a pair of beige military boots (any condition other than ruined). Lots of stuff for trade, just tell me what you need (short of an M4 or a FAL obvs)
  15. Plate/Smersh vests

    No that I've seen. And believe me, I've looked...