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  1. A first look at DayZ Modding

    How lightweight is the workbench as an IDE (scripting)? .edit Also, please elaborate on AI/NPC. Is it not something to be featured by the DayZ development team?
  2. You guys forget you're the minority of the good old DayZ playerbase. Ten times the amount of the current active playerbase stopped playing DayZ because what you liked about the old engine. This is a new chance for DayZ to redeem itself, don't ruin it for everybody.
  3. Just checking in..

    I am extremely happy threads like this get the devs going. Be it the stress tests or my previous threads of modding which instigated status reports cover these topics. Mission accomplished, see you in 0.63 stress tests.
  4. Just checking in..

    As if saying "my bad" makes everything okay. Blind fanboy, you are. Nothing the new engine does is innovative. There are tons of open source engines out there for reference. Besides that, ignoring my wide knowledge of game development - I don't care about the technicals, I want a game not excuses.
  5. Just checking in..

    By your analogy we paid the "mother" 35$ for a child. Huh things are getting a bit clearer.
  6. Just checking in..

    It's nearly the second half of 2018 and v1.0 is not even close. Let alone 0.63 stable, which is going to take months in experimental plus months in the new stress test build. The so called BETA status report was over half a year ago.
  7. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    Did anything ever come out of "devs saying... <promise x>"?
  8. Guys I didn't mean to get this into a heated argument. As a few of you mentioned otherwise, I have been following literally every social media account of the dev team. Read all status reports and seen all interviews / reveals / presentations DayZ dev team had held. In addition, I have watched alot of Brian Hicks' videos on youtube (yeah, those 8k view ones). You could say I was one leg into obsession with the development process Also, yes as of a few days ago I am into a 5 years service term. (Haha citizen again in 2023). Another clarification, DayZ is around 5 years into development. 4 years early access and 5 years development (approximately). I remember the pre-alpha videos released with ArmA 2 AK-74 models in the build, haha it was a long time before the "GIVE SA" fiesco. What I guess I was trying to say is, no doubt mistakes were made all along the way. But with that, patience was also shown from the community for a very long time. But if you still think the playerbase can be brought back as before, I must take you for a fool. DayZ's vision is fantastic, but old. Really old. Way old that I see very little chance of reviving it. I think taking the mod into SA like that was a bad idea and the drastic changes made in the process were also either bad or too late. Ask any studio out there, you absolutely under NO CIRCUMSTANCE create an entirely different game engine in the middle of a development process, let alone in the middle of an alpha release. Is the new engine good? It is absolutely great. Was the almost 3 years halt worth it? Absolutely not. Why does it really matter to me? to us? Because you can't run a dedicated (VERY DEDICATED mind you) community and keep them on hold. Regular players will move on, community boys will not. And that's the issue. Not taking the community into account. Take The Long Dark for example, they had built a small yet strong community, explicitly stated "Your opinions wouldn't be accounted in the development process" and in less than 4 years they released a game made from scratch. It is not perfect, but it kept a reputation to this day (Officially released a few months ago). DayZ well, it didn't had that success. It had been replaced with games like PU Battleground rather quickly in terms of fast paced loot and kill game style (which is originally a DayZ mod anyway). The slow paced game style has been replaced by games like ARK (I personally dont like it), Rust and so on. DayZ has been a great show, and a father of several other great games. But it has been ripped apart because it couldn't stand the competition, hence the playerbase is small. Most of the playerbase is the hardcore fans (admittingly I was one). In regards to updates, they do give a kick in terms of playerbase but the effect is very short. If you ask me, 0.63 will just be a larger kick from 0.60, but will still hold the higher playercount temporarily. At the end, DayZ is a video game. Video games rise and fall - and I wish DayZ the best luck of all. It had me for a good few years with good memories (some to tell, some to keep). I will wish you all Merry Christmas!
  9. This is not a troll post, do not remove or censor this post please. This is a very sad move for me, but I am unfortunately withdrawing my will to invest any additional time in DayZ. DayZ mod was a breakthrough that lead me and the best of my friends to play it and the ArmA games. With over atleast 4000 hours on ArmA 2 DayZ mod, 2000 recorded hours on ArmA 3 and just a few (400) hours on the standalone - I wish to say I am very very sad to make this decision as this time was the best of my teenage years. But I should have it done earlier. We (my friends) got to DayZ mod by watching all of FRANKIEonPCs videos (before the whole hacking scandal was discovered) on DayZ. I remember we decided to buy it when he released his 27th video on the mod. DayZ had a charm we never seen before (we were much younger back then). Our whole middle school period was coming home, going on skype and playing DayZ. It was fucking amazing. We played entire weekends, and after school having awesome experiences. It was very special. We also played countless games on ArmA 3 Epoch, meeting long lasting e-relationships with people abroad. We know so many people because of the VOIP ingame. That period still is the best gaming years I've had. But times changed. The standalone was released, it was buggy but hella fun. I remember the first day it got out we bought it. Only the M4, SKS and Mosin were available. We would run all around the coast having amazing fights. Honestly we didn't need vehicles. I didn't mind running half an hour from Elektro to Kamenka military. But really it got worse from that point. Practically every patch released made the game less fun for us. When vehicles were released, we weren't happy. To this very day, we believe patch 0.55 wasn't the nail in the coffin, but the dirt ontop of that coffin. Dean was long gone from the development team, bad decisions were obviously taken in-house but what killed it are the happy status reports as if it is all good - do you guys remember the "helicopter reveal, base building and contaminated zones"? Yeah, barely do I. DayZ got me into modding back in the day. Modding was a unique experience. It was so fun and I learnt so much, no doubt it helped me carve a future to a programming career. I have built soooooo many projects from scratched (have barely released a fraction of, usually scrapped them eventually). I think quarter my time on ArmA 2 and half my time on ArmA 3 is purely modding. Modding is very beautiful when you get to know it well, it is a great concept BIS had always admired. I feel like ever since Dean took off, DayZ was *falling* from the high mile club of success. I am very sad to see that. I have been in these forums for years trying to look for a good sign in status reports but really, it seems each status report is just emptier than the other. We will never be told what goes behind the curtains really, but it just seems like one dead end. I miss the old times so much, it is hard to let go of them and continue on but it must happen at some point. In a week I am enlisting for a 5 year service in the Israeli Defense Forces, it is a big change in my life moving forward I planned on releasing a map for DayZ Standalone as the devs promised modding tools before the end of 2017. That has sadly not happened, therefore I wish to say that I have atleast finished half of it now (and that half is fully playable and beautiful). It is based on Namalsk, Taviana and Panthera. My 3 most favorite maps of all times. I wish you all a happy time moving onwards, and hope you will find more enjoyment with DayZ once the new engine is up! Before I end this, I wish to shoutout for Adam Francu, for being one brilliant modder who is currently a level designer in the team. Also IceBreakr, who made legendary maps for ArmA 2 (also used in DayZ mod) - Panthera is an all time favourite map mod of mine in all games! Taviana by Martin Bauer is the most beautiful creation I have seen in a mod. Last but not least, Dean "Rocket" Hall for making this mod and game - giving thousands of players all around the world great time. Long last DayZ.
  10. Which made almost all the original fans of DayZ abandon it and go elsewhere... great.
  11. .63 ETA ?

    Stop being dense and ignorant. Try looking up how animations are done for gameplay. Cutscenes are way different than gameplay. Learn how animation *actually works* before you make uneducated and rather annoying statements. Just looking how one side of animations are done in youtube doesn't make you a game dev wizard. There is so much under the scenes you'd have no idea.
  12. .63 ETA ?

    I don't think you have a single clue what you're talking about.
  13. .63 ETA ?

    Lol. Animations take way more than half a year. I think one of the most sought after and highest paying non-managing jobs in the game development industry is technical animator. This isn't Pivot animation or something haha.
  14. Mapping Tools Question

    @Sumrak Please allow me to ask 2 important questions. By using A3 TB, does that mean A3 roads are supported? Since A2 and its OA counterpart contain more objects than DayZ (I assume), will we have to depend on some kind of a CUP project for DayZ to use some models from A2?