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  1. @Sumrak Please allow me to ask 2 important questions. By using A3 TB, does that mean A3 roads are supported? Since A2 and its OA counterpart contain more objects than DayZ (I assume), will we have to depend on some kind of a CUP project for DayZ to use some models from A2?
  2. Well taking into account I've been able to load Panthera, Taviana and Namalsk into the legacy engine, and they said it will work the same way. I believe you're wrong.
  3. I am currently working on a map for DayZ. How you ask? Well here's the deal. Maps are going to work essentially the same in DayZ (with some exceptions). So the whole workflow of map making is the same. Even if the tools are different, WRP formats are different. At the end, the source files should be the same. Buildings are the same (You can use the old ArmA 2 houses. They are the same in DayZ, same classnames, different models). So really, you can work on a map, and at the end you might need to configure it differently. DayZ does add more models, and doesn't have some A2 models. But it is all fixable. I am making the map like any other standard A3 map, using the Terrain Builder - but I only use A2 objects (trying to minimize the usage of ep1 objects tho).
  4. Well we can't know. All the launch parameters (programmatically they are called arguments) are processed in the application's compiled code so there could be new undocumented arguments.
  5. modding

    Well you weren't on any track to begin with, you've turned this topic into an argument with your troll-like comments of "Well I don't want mods !" so sadly you've ruined any kind of civilized discussion about modding. I hope you're happy with yourself, kiddo.
  6. modding

    I am a software engineer in the medical field, soon enlisting to the army as a cyber-specialist. I have been modding and programming for the past 7 years. Yet all the weird stuff you put in your messages are unreadable. Not only your comment is a failure of an insult (regarding skills of writing code and expressing thought) but also you act like a child which for me is embarrassing to watch.
  7. modding

    Yeah, but anyway I understand it isn't possible to come up with the word "modding" around here without people immediately going into "defend vanilla game" although no one had ever said anything against it. So from my point of view this forum has nothing to do with modding and the BI community but rather has its userbase tightly coupled with the vanilla DayZ experience. Too bad to hear and I hope this will change in the future. Innovation is not welcomed here.
  8. How can he forget such thing with trolls coming up out of nowhere mentioning it.
  9. modding

    I don't know if it's just me but the way you write your essays are plain unreadable for me. Too many randomly UPPER-typed words, slashes, dots and weird symbols. Keep it civil if you want people to keep up.
  10. modding

    Oh boy I can't even tell if you're serious or not. Take notes of your own essays while you write them.
  11. modding

    Ah, your stubbornness is bigger than me. I'd have to cut this conversation because it won't lead anywhere. Ignorance wins everytime.
  12. modding

    There were 4 thousand peak concurrent players this week. I don't understand what playerbase are you scared of fragmenting.
  13. modding

    Hey there pal it doesn't natter how long you've been here, if you turn a blind eye over the fact "the people that own DayZ" had abandoned it a long time ago you are a fool. DayZ used to be a legendary game, a pioneer. It is now at the bottom of its cycle. It doesnt matter how much effort the dev team will put into the game, the man hours they can put are just a fraction of what modders do invest in their *free* time. Ever heard of Bushlurker? I highly advise you to educate yourself and see what legendary people have invested into BI platforms. Half-baked work is something you do see often in modding, thats how it is. Modders do not gain money and do their work at their free time. Your comment is an insult to many respected modders in the community who dedicated a great deal of effort to the foundations of BI titles.
  14. modding

    Who's us? I haven't touched the standalone since patch 0.55. It is borderline boring and not fun for me. DayZ SA's vision is not something I ever liked. And thousands feel like me, way more than the active playerbase. People are not here for the technology. The 0.60 update that increased FPS to 60 didn't bring any new players back. The visual upgrade didn't bring anything too. I doubt new animations and base building will. It's not about the content. It's about the vision. It has always been that way. You have to seperate what a game means and what an engine means. DayZ is running on a good engine many people are interested in taking advantage of. But the game itself is something that had its peak at 2013. Your definition of "all" is not nearly the same as Bohemia. ArmA 3 still takes DayZ's playerbase to school, and not because the vanilla experience is amazing. BIS had always been a platform for modding. The platforms BIS offer are not a fixed game with a set of rules, but an adjustable experience. This is how BIS had been and why it has been so successful in the past few years. This "game" is not meant to be played the devs have shaped it. It never has. DayZ by its root is not a fixed game. Edit: In continuation to my reply, I do not think the vanilla experience is bad. In my point of view it is just another way of playing the game. Certain people like it, others do not. That is how it had always been. I guarantee you, the moment mods are released, not only the playerbase will grow but you will also use mods. Why? Because that is how modding have been. I do not want to bash on DayZ Dev team or BIS in general. But it is a common gig in the ArmA communities that vanilla tools by BIS are not near the quality of community made tools. You can ask yourself how is that even possible, but it is true I assure you. Anywhore, what I mean to say is that you need to look at this topic in a wider perspective, out of "the way I like is how it is for everybody" perspective. It isn't. The same way I accept what you like to play, I expect you do the same and be open minded. Let me tell you a secret, about a year ago I was banned from the forums for posting a topic with testings I have done with the older engine (pre-Enfusion) where I loaded legendary maps from the ArmA 2 DayZ days (Taviana, Panthera, etc..). I was banned straight away by the moderators for breaking rules or something. I had never thought of being active here again although I have calmed. Taking this story into account, imagine what this forum actually represents. A fracture of potential playerbase. Over 90 percents of the players who could be playing this game right now are away from the game and from this forum. Why you ask? Just because of such anti-modding behaviour. I remember the time people said PlayerUnknown's Battelground was a failing DayZ copycat. I'll have you know that besides PUBG had tripled the copies sold from DayZ. The origins of that game, began as a mod for ArmA 2 DayZ (later moved to ArmA 3 and then H1Z1). That's right! ArmA 2 Battle Royale mod - I remember playing it to this day (was a great mod though). So yeah, you should be open minded for everything.
  15. modding

    But that was the bad part of modding. The problem was people were ignorant enough to navigate themselves to quality content. Your comment is invalid for 95% of what modding actually is.