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  1. Hi, I'm Nonov Urbizniz, I worked on a DayZ derivative mod, the official mod (for a brief period) and made mods for Arma for a while... I've been kind of inactive in the last year or two. I've been playing a TON of .60, I managed to get in fairly early, and spawned close to Chernogorsk several times. I've only UL'd one video so far, but I played an hour in daytime downtown Cherno and probably another hour or more at night. I'll UL all of the unedited video for those that want to see every bit, but I spend a fair amount of time looting and bullshitting with a friend, so they're kind of boring in full length. I just finished condensing down 2 videos into one MUCH shorter video that has all the looting sped up, and shows most of the "money shots" of the downtown area. I'll try to get that Ul'd tonight and update the thread tomorrow. This set of videos is kind of in the middle, as far as exposure to 0.60, I had gone into Cherno at night, and realized it was pretty changed, but stuck to the dock side of town where the changes are not QUITE so dramatic, so I was still entirely floored when I saw it in daylight. I retreat to the woods to collect my thoughts and log out towards the end of the second video, and then re-enter the town and loop through again later. I will try to get all the vids edited and up this week. I've got 4-5 hours of unedited video right now, but I've had a LOT of good luck as far as getting to spots that are new/changed. Once these 2 full length and one condensed videos are up, I will edit together some of the bugs I've noticed for the devs... but I just couldn't resist focusing on the good first, there's SOOOO much of it. the render tech looks amazing, and while I'm not getting the amazing frames everyone else seems to be talking about, I've got an acceptable FPS floor in cities to where I'm not ENTIRELY helpless against zombies and other players... The feel is AMAZING, the quality of work done on the cities is ASTOUNDING, the lighting is PHENOMENAL. Edited - Part 1 and 2 combined/condensed Unedited - DayZ SA 0.60 ALL NEW Chernogorsk! Part 2
  2. A Few Thoughts on.. (Deadlines, Roadmaps, etc)

    I think that's a solid plan. To date, communication of plans has not been the problem, it's the fact that they haven't been updated in real time regularly, and then after 6-8 months, it makes more sense to release a new timeline than to update the last one, which leaves the people who are following closely a bit confused or upset. Obviously, the project has gone through some VERY major revisions to it's goals, which were very tough decisions. The decision to create an engine eco system designed around the needs of DayZ was a brave, and needed decision, and IMO it will pay off in spades in the long term. But there is no denying it's one that was not made early enough, and, it having been made AFTER release of the Alpha is questionable at best, and left a LOT of people with a fairly sour taste. Ideally, I think the best route is to stop locking targets to version numbers, and release regular updates of whatever updates you can. This way there is no appearance of stagnation. There are plenty of folks who would be more than happy to continue seeing content updates regardless of whether or not some arbitrary internal goal has been met or not. Surely there is at least some stockpile of finished vehicles, weapons, buildings, and while configuring them for 2 systems may globally be a "waste" of resources, satiating an eager community has it's own value. Not to mention there are object placement errors on the terrain that have persisted through 2-3 updates... those could be addressed, or the new map location additions could be released prior to the renderer. ANY update would be a welcome one... people like to see fresh content. I personally am not surprised or disappointed by the time it's taking for development, but that largely has to do with the fact that I've said since 2012/2013 that it will take 3-5 years to be a fully developed retail game with modding support. I would really love to see BI spend just a bit more effort to keep the community engaged, even if it's "fluff" or "marketing"... I think the community at large has already accepted that "it'll be done when it's done"... but would like to see it kept interesting while we're waiting.. You mention directly "one of the great things about early access is you can experiment"... well? Start experimenting, it seems to me like it's been a fairly boring ride to date... Heli Crashes, loot distribution, spawn locations, day/night cycle, basically nothing has changed since the mod... I get there is a vision for the end product... but as stated.. we're no where near being at the end.. so why not have some fun on the ride?
  3. Vehicles - driving, shooting, hitting

    So, figured I'd throw out some more ideas on the diagnostics/repair/damage for vehicles: Diagnostics - As Abe Froman pointed out, visual cues and actual in game troubleshooting would be MUCH better than a list of parts/damage states IMO. Example: Find V3S Ground Check - you check out all the wheels/tires, brakes, drive shaft, engine, exhaust, fuel tank, rear differential, transfer case, and transmission from crouch/prone to ensure they're present, not damaged, and no showing signs of seepage or pools of fluid on the ground below (engine, transfer case, rear differential, radiator, fuel tank, and brakes). Underhood Check - Pop the hood, check for presence/damage to battery, fuel filter, spark plug wires, air filter, carb, radiator, engine block/cylinder heads/valve cover. Now, this is only if you want to carefully ascertain the state of the vehicle. If you want to cowboy it up, and just jump in the seat and hit engine start, then you can do that... BUT, obviously it might not start, or it might not move, or it might start and move, but breakdown beyond repair within 20 minutes if you don't check everything and verify it's ok. Examples - Car starts fine, but has no radiator fluid at all. Engine overheats within 20 minutes and damages the cylinder heads/block beyond repair (unless you plan on having machine shops (the lathes in the industrial buildings made me think there were plans for eventually allowing machining of parts)... but you'll need a LOT more equipment than just lathes. There are a bare minimum of 3 other machines required to rebuild an engine block, and resurface the heads/block mating surfaces, and 1-3 more if you want to do a full re-machine of the cylinder heads/valves. Not to mention obviously you're going to need an engine hoist (although the existing "repair station" has the framework of a heavy lifting hoist) as mentioned before it would be AWESOME to have those fully populated as repair stations, but then require players to transport a damaged block/heads to the machine shop to fix it. - Car starts fine, but has bad gas or someone has sabotaged it by pouring soda in the fuel tank Engine sputters and stalls intermittently, possibly even won't start again for bad gas, and engine runs fine until the engine completely seizes. This realistically is a complete destruction of the engine, there is NO possibility to rebuild an engine that has had sugar run through it. Engine must be replaced with one from another vehicle. Only use would be for scrap metal if you introduce industrial forges/foundries, OR alternatively, they could be used as fortification or roadblocks. The opportunity here to teach average players real world diagnostics for vehicles is really a gold mine IMO. Same goes for hunting/fishing. Someone mentioned spark plugs being the most likely problem for a sitting car, but really, those are fairly unlikely to be an issue on a 4 stroke or diesel that was left in a running state. That's really more of a 2 stroke motor common cause of failure to start after sitting due to the fuel/oil mix used. Gas/Diesel engines that have sat and fail to start are generally due to: 1. Battery Dead 2. Worn/loose electrical connections 3. Bad Gas - Diesel especially will gel after having sat for too long, gasoline breaks down and can make a car very difficult to start w/o either draining the tank and flushing the fuel lines, or in mild cases with the use of starter spray fluid. Just some automotive diagnostic basics: The 4 requirements for an engine to start are: fuel, spark, air, and compression. Step 1 - Does the engine crank? Yes! - Skip to Step 2 No - Check/charge/jump/replace battery Battery is verified as new/charged, Does the engine crank? No - At this point, you will have audio cues leading you towards a diagnosis. With a charged battery, but a problem down the electrical line, you may get one of a few responses. 1. Rapid clicking sound - bad/intermittently failing starter solenoid (try the hammer trick, or replace starter/solenoid (they are one unit for most vehicles, however some vehicles have the solenoid separate from the starter and they are often not sold individually) 2. Dimming of dash lights, no clicking, possible short sound of starter motor "trying" to turn. - seized engine, possibly fixable by hand turning the engine 1-2 full rotations, recommended to drain/replace engine oil. If hand turning doesn't work, it MIGHT be possible to rebuild the engine if the pistons are only rusted to the cylinder walls, however if there is too much rust, it can't be machined out. If it is hot seized IE friction welded, there is no salvaging the motor. 3. No reaction at all, no clicking, no dimming, no sound of starter even trying to crank - Check wiring to starter motor/solenoid If no continuity check/fix wiring, Still not working? (try whacking the starter with a hammer while a friend cranks the starter (or you jump it with a wire (be careful you can kill yourself with this direct voltage from the battery. IF this works, it is an intermittent solenoid problem, and will continue to happen frequently/constantly until the "hammer trick" no longer works) check/replace Starter/solenoid Wiring/Starter verified as working Does the engine crank? No - only case this would happen once the previous systems have been verified as working, would the flywheel teeth for the transmission to be worn off/broken. You should/would hear the starter spinning with no resistance, or hear it clanking on broken teeth of the flywheel. Step 2 - Does the engine crank? YES!!! But, it doesn't start If the engine cranks then obviously there is battery power and the wiring to the starter/solenoid are fine. Check under the hood, once you've verified the presence of the distributer cap, and spark plug wires, and spark plugs you can use a screwdriver to test for spark at each plug wire end to make sure you're getting spark to the top of the plug. If any of the above parts are missing, they must be replaced. Do you have spark to the plug? Yes - Skip to Step 3 No - Your distributer cap or wires are bad, and need to be replaced Step 3 - Do you have spark to the plug? YES!!! but it doesn't start. If the engine doesn't start, you have 1 of 4 problems, 1. No fuel 2. Wrong firing order (Engines fire according to a pre-determined/defined firing order, the spark plug wires from the output holes on the distributer cap to the spark plug has to be correct. If the sparkplug is firing at the wrong time, it will not create a combustion event in a sealed cylinder, and the engine won't start) This is normally NOT marked on the distributer cap, however that's the only logical means of implementing it as a system IMO, otherwise you'd have to find repair manuals for the specific cars... which I guess would also be a neat layer of detail for the game. 3. Bad spark plugs or spark plug gap - this can be fixed by cleaning/sanding the electrode/anode and then ensuring the spark plug gap is correct by either gapping or closing the gap on the spark plug. Again, this is a predetermined value that you would need to reference a repair manual for. And would need "feeler gauges" or a spark plug gap tool to accurately measure/verify. 4. No compression - This requires specialty tools (engine compression gauge) to verify in a quantitative manner, but can be excluded as a cause with some simple tests. By removing the spark plugs and creating a seal over the spark plug hole, and cranking the engine, you will feel compression, or you won't. If there is no compression the engine needs to disassembled and inspected. (there are diagnostics to determine the likely culprit, but regardless of cause, it will require dis-assembly to fix) Step 4 - I lean toward verifying fuel before moving on to checking/inspecting the plugs (in the case of EFI, you can check both at the same time), as mentioned, spark plugs are something that are easily affected by other engine tune problems, and also APPEAR to "fix" those problems, however they're not something that SHOULD go bad on their own. If an engine tune problem is fouling the plugs, then that problem will seem to have been drastically improved when you clean or replace the sparkplugs, but you will end up at the same place again shortly (1-20k miles later) because the new/cleaned plugs will again foul. To verify fuel depends on the type of system/vehicle. Diesels I have no idea, but I know it's dangerous, and a properly pressurized fuel system in a diesel engine can literally kill you if you don't know what you're doing. For carbs, you take off the air cleaner and you can either see open up the bowl plates, and you'll see fuel in the bowls or not. OR you can have a friend crank the engine, and you'll either see fuel spraying past the venturi while cranking the engine, or you won't. if there is no fuel, it's the fuel filter, lines, or the fuel pump. If there IS fuel, then it's either bad fuel, or bad spark plugs. For Fuel Injection, it depends on the system, EFI (generic term, Electronic Fuel Injection), MPFI (Multi Port Fuel Injection), SPFI (single or in some cases sequential port fuel injection), DI (Direct Injection). This is REALLY dependent on the individual system design. the only method that works no matter the make/model design, and isn't dangerous in any case, is to crank the engine, pull a spark plug, and check to see if the spark plug is wet/damp with fuel. You can also shine a flashlight down the spark plug hole, and check the cylinder walls/piston top for fuel presence. If not, it's the fuel pump or fuel filter. If it's wet clearly getting fuel, it's likely bad gas or bad spark plugs. Step 5 - In the case of carb'd vehicles, or EFI systems where you've checked for fuel at the injector sight, or at some easier location to check besides pulling the plugs to check for fuel, you have to now pull the spark plugs and check them for wear/residue/gap. You can leave them connected to the spark plug wires, and crank the engine to verify there is a strong spark. Ideally you want to know the spark plug gap, and have a tool to verify it. This information is SOMETIMES on a sticker under the hood. Step 6 - While the plugs are out, and the engine is being cranked, you can either affix a compression tester gauge to the cylinder, or in the absence of proper tools, you can attempt to create a seal around the spark plug hole, to verify there is at least decent compression coming from the cylinder. This can also be heard. The cylinders that are open will audibly puff air on the compression stroke. Once spark, fuel flow and compression have been verified, the only thing that would be stopping a car from starting would be bad fuel, whether it's degraded, watered down, or tampered with. On the vehicle specific maintenance stuff also brought up by The Sausage King, there are lots of materials that can be used for gaskets or seals w/o the "correct" gasket, non-corrugated cardboard boxes can can be used in any intake side gaskets, you just put anything that will mark the cardboard on the mating surface you want to gasket, then cut out the empty spaces, and use it. there are also multiple types of liquid gasket available, most hot side can be disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled w/o a gasket and not have horrible leaks (some exhaust connections require solid "ring gasket" that fill a large gap between two parts) What I would REALLY love to see is some sort of mini-game semi-transparent window that could allow intricate manipulation of parts and tools. Examples: - Hunting/gutting - Standing over dead animal - get "gut animal" prompt - "inspect Item" type window comes up with rotatable animal carcass comes up - Mouse cursor is now the knife you had in your hand as you approached - You must click/hold/drag mouse along the correct body lines of the specific corpse exposing internal organs - you must then CAREFULLY remove the organs by the same method - You must then carefully skin the animal, and butcher the meat. You could include use of the left and right mouse buttons to change the angle of attack of the knife, so that the wrong approach might burst an organ and taint some/all of the meat, or ruin the pelt while skinning it, or if you don't manipulate the corpse and the knife in the most optimal manner, or separate the bones/meat sections at the right points you get reduced qtty of usable meat. - Vehicle Field Repair - Standing at the front of the hood, or lying down facing up under the truck/car, or kneeling by the wheels, or prone at the rear differential etc etc. Same idea, inspect window comes up with rotatable model of the part you're inspecting and you have to use the correct tools to perform a required task. Tighten bolts, rewire distributer cap check oil, check radiator fluid, etc etc etc. - Workbench Repair - this would be great for fixing/working on parts that need rebuilding, or modification etc. once removed from a vehicle, or for weapon/device crafting. - Advanced Repair at Buildings - If you were to open the repair stations, and make the machine shops usable, it would be great to have little UI's for the individual machines being used. Again, if you were to add vehicle specific repair manuals, you could really go nuts with this, measuring damaged parts to see if they're repairable, setting the machines to remove the correct amount of material, measuring again to verify part is fixed and w/in spec... could be a REALLY deep mechanic for anyone who wanted to use it, and one that other players could entirely ignore by harvesting working parts from other vehicles/loot spawns. Just imagine towing a broken car to a repair station, walking up to the hoist controls, lowering the hoist, walking over to the engine compartment and attaching the chains, walking back to the hoist controls and lifting the engine out, then having to place it in a pickup truck to drive to the nearest machine shop, machining it, bringing it back reinstalling it and driving away with a "like new" engine. This level of detail could also allow for performance mods for cars, My rebuild V3S with a valve job does 10kph more than one that's stock, and 20kph faster than one that's not in great condition. /rant
  4. Vehicles - driving, shooting, hitting

    System wide, I'd really like to see a switch to hold/charge/release style animations... IE you run up to a well, and it says "drink from well" and you hold "f" for as long as you want to drink... as soon as you release "f" it stops drinking/searching/chopping etc... Even if it doesn't look 100 percent fluid, or means that what's in your hand (axe for example) disappears/returns to the starting keyframe of the animation. For me the clunkiness of breaking from many of the animations is infuriating, and I know it's a reaction to what were concerns over losing the item being used... which obviously if it's your last bandage, that's bad... but I'd rather see work on scripting a solution for recovering the mid-use item, then being married to long clunky animations that are hard or impossible to break from. As far as the specific question, I don't think any who hasn't played with the new engine can answer that... If it's anything like Arma's vehicle mechanics, then I'd say don't even consider adding shifting, it's pointless and will only add complication and clunkiness to system that already really needs work. I think it's too enticing to shoot for too much and end up falling short on a ton of different fronts, instead of narrowing the scope and ensuring it's done right. So with that in mind, I think simple turret positions for passengers where it's appropriate like the back of pickups, or in other open vehicles are sufficient for shooting from vehicles, you could add passengers being able to aim out the limited window space per vehicle, but that's going to have such narrow use it's almost not worth it imo. While the idea of shooting with one hand and steering with the other is great in conversation, it would be an endless timesuck trying to do well, and likely will end up no where close to what you want it to be. Just think of the combination of mouse/kb inputs needed in attempting to acquire the target, aim, shoot, and stay on the road/steer... I suppose you could use freelook and include a crosshair so when you click shoot it does a quick draw up/shoot/re holster animation... but IMO I think it's something that will prove very difficult if not impossible to refine to an acceptable level for regular use. I'd prefer to see stuff like sectional damage, so if you clip the front left of the car, it looks like that's where it's been hit, that's what need to be repaired. More realistic damage would be great too, IE instead of just Engine/Wheel/Fuel/Hull you had Tire/wheel/suspension/drive shaft/transmission/engine/fuel/cooling/electric/brakes... Driving in Saltwater could short out your electrics, a front end collision might crack your radiator, hitting a curb/pothole hard might only pop your tire, or bend the wheel, or tear off the whole suspension corner... etc etc etc. Another idea might be to make the service stations with the green doors spawn repair materials and have repair equipment that allowed for servicing the vehicles... Allowing sabotaging of vehicles would be great too, cut brake lines, poor soda or water in a gas tank, clogging the exhaust with anything, wedging a grenade with the pin pulled in a door, or under the hood. Hell, if you guys add poisonous snakes, catch/put one in a vehicle... snake in a burlap sack could be the post apocalyptic hand grenade. On the blowing up, cars don't really blow up anymore. Unless there is a specific car known to explode when hit, I really think that feature should just go away. it's pretty silly. I'd rather see ragged beaten vehicles around that can still be salvaged with a lot of repairs, or used as parts vehicles for other cars than to see them explode when they're fully damaged and get reset like they do in the mod. It also stops people from knowing whether a car is working or not at a glance.. which is another area I'd LOVE to see... forcing players to inspect the vehicle to figure out whats wrong with it, You could basically make a minigame out of opening the hood and having to check that the battery is connected, that the spark plug wires are all connected (or even in the right firing order if you want to make it educational), make sure fuel lines are attached/not leaking etc.
  5. Has Anyone Else lost Faith in Dayz?

    Considering the project that I spearheaded actually produced a fully ported terrain and over 30 enterable buildings, 20-30 unique character models/skins, dozens of vehicles, and dozens of loot items, (many of which you're playing with in the official mod) I find it fairly laughable that you'd paint me as some desperate fool who was dying to get on the official mod team. FYI I was a member from Apr-Aug 2013 approx. Initially all I did was try to contact 3rd party modders to see if the official dev team could use their assets. I got the permission to use Dslyecxi's addons, and approached a bunch of the derivative mods about integrating their changes. I also essentially told the modeller that was working on Sahrani to stop working on our assets and to work with the DayZ guys for his, their, and players benefit. I then configured all the finished models he produced. I also configured and created all the cans that were abandoned or never finished due to CanGate. I'm a fairly moody fella, and often state things in a more offensive manner than I intend. On a lot of levels, my previous post is just as representative of the toxicity that I vilify in it. Razor does tons for the mod, and has obviously dedicated tons of time and energy to it, and I'm not trying to slight him for that. I'm merely a little skeptical of the assertions that Dean/BI are uncontactable or ignoring anyone. I get replies when I mail my contacts at BI. I don't hold any resentment for being removed from the group (other than the sheer level of childishness to how/why it was done) if I was asked to rejoin, I wouldn't. But for the record I have since (and will always) offer up any of my work for anyone including the official mod to use... in fact I did the brick apartment buildings mostly with the idea in mind of sharing them with the official mod.... I would have already sent them the source, but they need cleaning up first, and I'm working on several other projects that have prevented me from finishing them to the standards I know the official mod would want.
  6. Has Anyone Else lost Faith in Dayz?

    When I was on the dev team, there were posts in the forum talking about how "we" were being ignored, and it turned out that ONE email had been sent ONE time despite the endless number of pokes, prods, and nudges towards Razor, he sent ONE email and left it at that.. to somehow be discovered MONTHS after it was sent. The ONLY reason it ever got addressed was because "someone" IM'd Dean on skype when they saw him log in and asked if he had seen the forum posts about what a dick he was for not replying.... he immediately addressed the issue.... I have NO idea what caused the next series of delays, but my guess would be it's the same cause as before... the same the guy who has removed so many talented folks from the Dev team without so much as a SECOND of group discussion much less a vote... same guy that prevents so many from wanting to contribute, and same fella that's bred so much discontent and aggression towards the actual author of the mod we all allegedly "love" so much here. Here's the thing.... this "community" has done basically nothing but bitch and moan and act like they are owed something... The players deserve and endless stream of updates and attention to a costly central hive, other modders somehow were owed the right to make derivative mods, the official devs deserved early access to SA or jobs... the community deserves more timely updates.... News Flash!!! Companies owe you NOTHING.... they sell you products... if you don't like the product... stop fucking using it and don't recommend it to friends... if you don't want to buy it... DON'T. Rocket, a worker for BI, made a successful mod, so successful that he was able to sell the rights to it to BI, this is something that RARELY happens... on a small scale, much less BI deciding to develop an entire standalone game around a modification of their game... It makes winning the lotto look about as special as getting hit with a raindrop in a rainstorm. All this toxic bullshit of "he promised us" is just fucking insane. Grow up, no one OWES you anything, promises are made in good faith with the best information available to you at the time. Gamespy has shut down in the interim for fuck's sake... we're dealing with PEOPLE here, not all knowing psychic telepaths. Allowing the official mod to continue development out of his oversight, and in tandem with SA was crazy, and it's done NOTHING but provide a thorn in his side since... CanGate, DelayGate, HiveGate... give me a fucking break gate. You want someone to blame for the state of DayZ Mod... look to the guy who has taken ownership of it, not the guy who gave it away.
  7. Has Anyone Else lost Faith in Dayz?

    Er, no. The dayz derivative mods were never approved, or authorized, and further, they are totally unrelated to the Official Community Mod. I'm not sure of the exact timing, but I'm fairly sure the first of the derivative mods actually came out before the official mod was handed off to the community development group, although I COULD be wrong. The external mods were a result of someone reverse engineering Dean Hall's Mother Hive system, and re-writing it from scratch, then modifying the DayZ Client files to create a variation of the mod (dayzland.eu taviana). Players tend to mix several topics: 1. Derivative Mods - These are all the variations of the original Mod by Dean Hall, they can use any version of DayZ, Origins for example used the last version of the mod that Dean Hall updated, and then never updated to any of the versions made by the community development mod. 2. Public Hive - This traditionally refers only to the "official hive" where all character data is the same regardless of server logged into. HOWEVER, LOTS of the derivative mods and even server hosting companies offered either/or "public hives" or "shared central hives", where all servers of the same mod on the same host would have common player data. 3. Private Hives - these are servers where player data is local to ONLY that server. It was ONLY on this level of hosting that you see the lowest common denominator garbage like 1000's of vehicles and load out malls. This is such a flawed mindset "hardcore DayZ mod supporter"... All you are doing is limiting your own playing experience by being snobby like that. Now that the DayZ Mod License is public, it's clear that the derivative mods are totally allowed within A2. Your fears for modding in SA are totally unfounded, there is almost NO chance of BI or DayZ SA team opening up access to the hive or even server software... so what you will likely end up approved mods that alter the client files only, with possibly a webpage interface to alter SOME server settings... IF even that. IF we end up in a situation like we did with the mod, where someone reverse engineers the hive system I think you'll see BI pursue it legally if there is ANY attempt to use DayZ SA Content on it. I think saying that the community developers got "shut out" by Dean/BI is both hyperbolic and inaccurate at best. When I was contributing to the mod we experienced a similar delay, and a public "raking over the coals" of Dean Hall for it, and he was neither happy about it, or AWARE of the update. Sending ONE email to Dean Hall or Hicks ONCE and then waiting for a reply isn't exactly the best strategy. I have no idea if they changed that since, but it was FOR SURE the methodology being applied at the time. "Handing over" the official mod is a MUCH more slippery slope than anyone here is outlining as well. DayZ is a wholly owned property of BI/Dean Hall, so they are legally responsible to ensure that nothing included in the mod updates presents them with unwanted legal exposure. As far as hosting the public hive, that's something I'm SURE an ISP would be willing to do for free in return for being promoted as the "official" server host for the mod... but again you are then talking about something that BI Lawyers will need to get involved in. IMO Dean/BI allowing modification of DayZ files in A2 at all is awesome... having kept the public hive up for so long has been ENORMOUSLY generous. I for one, prefer their focus being on SA. In regards to SA's development I'd say you're looking at what is an obvious progression of development upon a pretty predictable timeline... The ONLY (imo) major failing was/is the failure to properly communicate the development timeline... and it's been a repeating problem. At least Hicks has laid it out above... I'm only disappointed that they are essentially writing off 2013 for having been a year that happened.... They announced SA development and dropping the idea of "Super Mod" in Sep of 2012 for god's sake.... by april of 2013 I was sending emails advocating a more aggressive development approach. I had hoped that was already happening but this whole assertion that we're only 11 months into development pretty much clarifies that they were mainly busy counting money in 2013 lol. All fun poking aside, I'm still fairly confident it's going to be a great franchise/game eventually.
  8. DayZ Mod Hotfix.

    I've been working on modelling a bit. I've finished the 2 story Brick apartment building so it's all enterable, and am 90pct done with the 8 story version of it, I will do the 4 story version as well. More than welcome to use them for the Official Mod, but you'll have to re-add me to github :P 8 Story WIP fully enterable every floor, I'm going to make a hallway that leads to the back where I moved the elevator shaft you can climb to the roof.. I might do like SA, and blow out the doors of the elevator shaft so you can exit on each floor, but probably not right away. Here's a video of the 2 story one all done and in game already:
  9. Dayz modding which licence applies

    That is no longer applicable, The DayZ Mod use is now subject to the DayZ Mod License (DML) it is a share alike license, so NO you may not keep anything private, although many groups obviously do. https://www.bistudio.com/english/community/licenses/dayz-mod-license-share-alike
  10. Wow, I never saw this thread before. Top notch! You should totally be organizing the incoming suggestions now that it's released.
  11. From the sounds of your post, Jackie Chan is likely more capable of understanding Rockets quoted post. Why would you think that any company or game developer would put the person responsible for forgetting to remove something on public display for shaming? Why would you both describing how to comment out SQF code to someone who has engine access and is an BI employee? Forgot would imply that it was a mistake not a choice as you attempt to assert towards the end. I'm guessing that the software you work on isn't surrounded by a whirlwind of press, open development, or public pressure. I'm also guessing that you have at some point in your career and life have made a mistake or two. Good on Rocket for laying it out honestly like that, and you suck for trying to be a cocky dick about it. Something tells me at the end of the day Rocket is a hair more talented and qualified than you, or most folks so eager to try to take the piss. Back On Topic... I've never been so happy that I died from playing on a server that wasn't updated yet last night and couldn't drink from a well... I almost cried, I had JUST found a 20 round mag, and a silencer and was imagining how long I could make those last... 20 minutes was not the number I was hoping for.
  12. My prefered Bandit/Hero Skins

    HAHAHA, I felt the EXACT same way when I was doing the vehicle tables for Sahrani... No flamed, or USMC dirtbikes. Only the 2 above. I've been meaning to look into the ability to reskin those, or if their models are in th A1 MLOD so we can add some variety.
  13. Addon Author's Rights

    I would have similarly positive words about the EPOCH guys, they are stand up guys and do lots of amazing work. When this was raised as an issue I know they immediately said they would drop use of the addons... One thing to keep in mind as stated either here or in the Vilas thread is, that there is/was/still remains so much confusion in DayZ modding scene due to the lack of a clear message regarding author's rights on this site, or by Dean Hall himself (although that's not really his role as an employee of BIS). Many truly believe that since DayZ gets used (initially w/o the consent of Dean Hall) so rampantly that any other author should STFU and let everyone use their stuff too... or that DayZ/BI don't address the use of it because they think it should be free/open.... There are clear simple rules, and no method or desire on anyone's part to create a police or enforcement agency... only to raise awareness in the community as to what is and is NOT considered acceptable.
  14. DayZ Sahrani 0.7.8 is out on DayZ Commander TONS of new stuff

    Oh, and a guy we talk to has permission to do all the original island from Hotzenplotz who did them at one point for Arma, He did a Nagova test release but it didn't go well, and required a LOT of work to get it populated with enterable buildings.
  15. DayZ Sahrani 0.7.8 is out on DayZ Commander TONS of new stuff

    We have a fantastic method built into Sahrani for adding buildings. You make .beidi files in the editor, and then we have some PHP code that will spit them out in the correct format for use with our Server side ConfigTownGenerator... this is how we add all the Arma 2 buildings to the map. The github is public now, it's in autogen data: https://github.com/CiFor/DayZ_Sahrani Makes adding buildings a LOT easier... check out our towngen config in configs too that has all our added buildings... https://github.com/CiFor/DayZ_Sahrani/blob/0.9.7/SQF/dayz_code/config/TownGen/CfgTownGeneratorSara.hpp