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  1. Exp Update 0.62.139748

    Does SO know if "Track IR" works with this build ?
  2. Exp Update 0.62.139701

    HI all! I'm sorry to say "Track IR" don't work in 0.62 :'(
  3. animal food

    There is wolf food! ;)
  4. Exp Update 0.61.136845

    topic error. didn't find how to delete. Sorry
  5. Stable Update 0.61.136770

    Dev team redone the graph & sound engine this year. That's why most of us didn't see a lot of new things. We should see more news in the next year builds. Don't forget we gone from ~30 fps to +60fps in big cities, 3D sound system, wolves , etc ...
  6. Exp Update 0.61.136770

    Nothing yet in my side (west Europe) :'( Finaly it's OK. Exp and stable builds R the same (0.61.136770) so ... no download needed when going from exp to stable :)
  7. Stable Update 0.61.136770

    B. Hicks said "[...] continuing to iterate/update the 0.61 experimental branch with the time we have left before the holidays. [...] adjustments to network sync for vehicles [...]". So ... no vehicles in stable branch, before they will fixe it in next exp. 0.61 builds.
  8. Stable Update 0.61.136770

    I can see some of them (public & private / 1pp & 3pp) on the servers browser, in game (0.61 exp client) They R coming step by step. I'm personnaly waiting for DayzUnderground EU (private - 1PP) DayzUnderground US is still up.
  9. Stable Update 0.61.136770

    B. Hicks said at ~11h AM (Paris time - UTC+1) : "estimated 12h update duration / stable server downtime" so ... servers should be up this evening.
  10. Exp Update 0.61.136770

    Have a look at the wolves spawns on dayztv.com map
  11. wolfs behaviour

    And coffee will be a good and nice idea to warm character ;)
  12. Exp Update 0.61.136562

    Already posted in : feedback.bistudio.com For those who don't read this bugs report section ... "Track IR" doesn't work with 0.61 x64 (works with 0.61 x32) With 0.61 x64 I always have the error msg : [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Portrait Displays\Plugins\DP\MsgHook64.dll". I don't have it with 0.61 x32
  13. No more sucker punches

    About helmets ... a few days ago, a wolf hit me once. My ballistic helmet gone from pristine to damaged. What happened if I didn't have this helmet ? I surely died. A possible explanation is ... wolfs are also infected. Their tooth are made in diamond! ;)
  14. Is this game worth it?

    Dayz worth it, if you look for a survival game as similar as life would be, in apocalypse situation (in this case, zombies infection). Dayz is hard, and must be considered as a simulation. Did U see "The walking dead" TV serie ? Dayz will permit you to live a similar experience. The best experience of this game is to play on 1pp private server (some call that "hardcore", but dayz was thought and made to be hardcore). Do not pay attention to twitchers or youtubers. Their goal is to be seen by the most. And the most want to see action. IRL, do you think the survivors will run everywhere, without taking care of their security and with a drone over the head ? If, in Dayz, you do what you would do IRL ... you will have the best experience of this game. Of course this game is "in progress" (in development) , and some bugs are far away from reality. You have to know and accept it, before trying this adventure.