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  1. Do you mean a private hive server ?
  2. Screen size

    Have you tried adjusting the resolution? I ask because TV's used as pc monitors often (i wouldnt say most but enough that the question needs to be asked)have an issue with over scan.
  3. Soft Skills

    You already gave your opinion , why say basically the same thing again ( well accept less insulting to the people you call survival fetishes in a bloody survival game) cool captain pvp doesnt want soft skills , noted. Other people do want soft skills and the devs decided on soft skills to give people something to value there lives in game with more than just there gear ( aka actually try to stay alive in a survival game , novel idea isnt it .) I fear you may be sadly disappointed you may not but really what did you just add there that you didnt in the first post ?(nothing other than not being a total tosser )
  4. .63.. Some changes are for the worse.

    Damn i was hoping they would tie weapon accuracy to the weapons condition to give merit to using weapon cleaning kits( not strictly realistic but it is a game) but removing accuracy all together seems pretty bad for a game going for authenticity ( and having a mil sim back ground ). People were drawn to arma due to authenticity , i thought they were doubling down with dayz not going more arcade?I have loved the stamina and the hold the mouse down to do actions change ( Hey it feels right to me , i am probably just strange though ).
  5. I am not sure you will ever get the game you seem to want out of DayZ standalone . Constant interactions are not likely (or as likely) as they were in the mod . 30 players in the mod would see more action than 100 players in the standalone. The small amount of loot locations in the mod funneled people together , where what we have now has so many paths that can be taken ( heck 10 people in cherno could loot without ever seeing the other , in the mod 2 people in cherno would likely meet.
  6. With BETA comes modding

    While i am sure many mods will arise more PvP orientated , what makes you think they wont make mods that are well more DayZ related ( aka build and expand on the systems already implemented to make it an even more survival encompassing, I know thats what i did back in the day when DayZ was just a mod for Arma , My server never had a huge population though as more people liked a quicker easier game) Basically I am asking why are you anti mod when well you have never even tried one and are infact playing a game you love that actually only exists because of mods?
  7. Thinking about buying, but steam reviews

    Same advice as the 2 people above me. Wait to see how the game plays after beta as there some major changes coming. Check out some YouTube game play of it after beta, check the reviews again ( basically gather info about what the game is meant to be in the end before buying.
  8. BETA and workshop

    Your really missing the point arent you . I am not demanding anything infact i said it would not be a good idea to add it at this point. The only thing that has a bee in your precious little bonnet is the fact your wrong . I quite simply pointed out you were wrong in your cut and dry statement. You can throw all the LMAO and SML as you wish but the fact stands you actually do not not know what your talking about . But by all means keep trying to put words into my mouth so you can fight your strawman , the fact remains my statements are there for anyone to read and i doubt many would jump to the conclusions you have . End result they could add modding at any point of development if they wished and thought it was a good idea but i believe they learned from doing just that with arma 3 that it wasnt a great idea ( and far worse with the current engine being far more heavily worked on.
  9. BETA and workshop

    Excuse me , where did you read that ? You went to all the trouble of quoting my response but not reading it ( or understanding it ). My point stands ( infact you just strengthened my final point that you dont understand at all) Oh how quick can you build a strawman argument. Snowflakes your all so special.
  10. BETA and workshop

    Not strictly true . Arma 3 had modding well before it was finished . This was a pain for modders(including myself) though due to yes every time there was a change in the game ( which was often ) they would at best have to test to see if new changes broke there mod and at worst re make/script/code mod to work with current changes. So i do not believe they should allow modding until its pretty much in the bag with completion of the game , but when stating stuff ( specially when framing it as facts as so many people here seem to do ) it helps if you give the full truth rather than speak with authority on a topic i am not sure you actually understand.
  11. .63 ETA ?

    If they delete your account it doesnt stop you from coming here to see whats posted . If you are truly tired of all this why not just un install the game and delete your bookmark for the site and just forget about it ( maybe check back at end of year ) . Really its that easy , and more effective than them deleting your account.
  12. DAYZ Status from a famous Youtube blogger

    That he could tell you why but you didnt want to hear it . He proved he was right you didnt want to hear it . Its really not hard to understand..
  13. hell in a hand basket server usually has a decent pop when i play ( Australia)
  14. My issues with the Game - Feedback

    He probably got that opinion based on what you said.. I mean survival game and you call the survival mechanics useless for 99% of public players ( a stat you pulled out your arse) your complaint on loot or usefull loot which considering you say you go straight to military means your after guns and ammo ( what are you using those on cause you don't need them or much of them for Zeds ) . Id say he pretty accurately assessed your play style and your complaints in one hit .. Only thing i agree with you on is weapons spawning with ammo/clips/mags at least some times as it would be logical to find some of these weapons having been dropped during fighting for life in a apoc but that's already being worked on along with performance etc so you spent ages writing a piss and moan when in half the time you could have found the facts of what there doing to the game... But Do tell me if your not a a PvP player why the rush to military bases to get weapons (also where you are most likely to find and engage in PvP?
  15. [ADD] AutoRun Hotkey ,

    Meh i wouldnt use a auto run ( i dont run all that much as your to easy to spot) and with stamina coming in i think it may cause you a disaster , but cant see the harm in adding one in as there is alot of people who ask for it . Id say it be pretty easy to code in and wouldnt hurt the people who think its useless having one so why not just add it in.