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  1. I am not a KoS kinda guy but if i see this running towards me i will expend every bullet i have to kill it ... My eyes god scratch out my eyes.
  2. 44 years young.... They say your only as old as the woman you feel so i guess that really makes me 33.
  3. FPS

    What is this FPS booster ?? couldnt say if it would be picked up for cheatin g without knowing what it is and thus what it actually does . Most of the ones i have seen do nothing more than shut operations in the background ( all those un needed stuff many of us have using resources in background) and if thats what it does then no . But again say what it is and then people can answer if BE will ping it for cheating ( anything that removes pbo files to make it run easier will definately get pinged for cheating)
  4. We would all love to have the best of the best if its practical (and for me it would be in VR to ) but given our plausible limitations a good smooth framerate with decent graphics is or should be good enough .. For visual over haul id just like to see some reskining of current models of houses/buildings etc so they dont all look the same (say 6 separate skins for each model of house maybe 2 or 3 for each landmark style building ) just enough for me to not feel like i have run through the same place over and over .. As a whole the graphics level is fine for what it is, would i like grass render at further range ( or a good method of simulating it for cover sure so i hope for the best on that front ....
  5. How big is the DOOM open world map??? oh its not open world is it . How far is the view distance in DOOM oh thats right its mostly contained inside so it has a super short view distance .. Apples and oranges ...
  6. Its a good or a bad thing depending on how you want to play.. Having the player to player interaction being rare ( usually a shoot out) makes it a lot more of a holy crap moment rather than a BF/CoD/insert shooter name here style of kill die respawn kill die play style... Not seeing someone in 5 days is pretty strange though....
  7. Some of us have just given up interacting with people on here doesn't mean where not still reading whats going on (or lack of anything going on) still hold out hope for the end product . With so many games to play currently (mostly VR as i have gone nuts for it , game of choice currently is Onward a sort of arma in VR kinda game) im willing to wait and see logging in after each patch now for a handful of hours (which means under current patch speed is not often). I'm sure on release player numbers will rise significantly will they hold ?? will modding give everyone the game they wanted??? who knows , i sit and wait to see...
  8. Are you having any of the power draw errors that many people are reporting when using a RX480 on lower end motherboards??a Quick google showed me a slew of people having massive power issues with the 480. Id recommend waiting for the non refrence 480's (the first non refrence card already uses a 8 pin connector over the 6 to apply more power withouyt having to draw from the pcie which seems to have them shit the bed so to speak on motherboards not so capable, You might say not a big problem i have a good mobo well yeah but as it is aimed as a good budget gamer card many will build with these on budget mobo's Id class that as a big fuck up on there part )(i am a nvidea guy but always buy non refrence cards as they have better cooling( unless your using small form factor case then the refrence blower style is the way to go )
  9. Ok i am going to look at this from the other side of this problem. So we have a minority on low system specs( a gt640 is entry level from what 4 years ago ?? the gtx 650 from that era would be mid level ( then )oh and would be capable of running the game) . Then we have the screaming masses pretty much constantly dev bashing for the engine to be updated to take advantage of there most likely mid level pc's(actual mid level pc's not someone trying to make themselves feel better by calling there potato mid level). So do you aim for the larger vocal group who seem to have the ability or want to spend a little money on there pc's over the last 5 years or do you aim for the market which grows smaller and smaller as there pc's die (hey if your to cheap to upgrade your gpu i imagine the hard drives are just as old and they don't live forever )
  10. Dont know if its still a plan but there was some talk (like nearly 2 years ago) to have items drop from badly damaged or worse items (which would be a good mechanic having you run around with your ruined backpack dropping your lootz for us all to find and maybe find you to boot..)
  11. If you set up that pendrive as the second install point for your steam account, then put it in your brothers laptop logging your account into steam ( he does have steam yes) then that will work .
  12. Hmmm well i dont know maybe i had a terrible connection ( my net is not great in rural western australia) but i had terrible desync and rubber banding ( my best ping server i could get on was also 250 or so ping) But the frames oh the magical frame rate i think its the first time the game has actually used my titan x.. will try again tomorrow to see if i get a better connection and taste more the changes of .60
  13. Oh there are some great games for it already i am so addicted to hover junkers... Except it makes my legs hurt big time as you spend alot of the game dashing back and fourth and crouching hiding behind junk barriers you have placed on your ship firing around corners and popping up to blast and duck back down etc.... Warning if you have never tried VR be prepared for the resolution... when i put mine on i was SO SO SO let down for about 30 seconds... you can see the pixels you can see the screen door effect , BUT after 30 seconds or so your brain/eyes seem to filter out seeing the pixels and bam suddenly your dont see any screen door effect your there, i mean THERE, i have already dropped my controllers a few times as i have tried to place down weapons in game on tables in game which obviously aren't actually there so i am dropping my controller lol. Added note keep pets away as having something touch you while your in game ( specially tense games) will scare crap out of you .. second added note resist the urge to run... I am telling you there is no immersion like VR and when something leaps at you the urge to bolt hits home strong and i watched a mates missus plow into the wall on the brookhaven experiment (scary game will have your heart racing specially the first time you try it.)
  14. I am not sure perfect for it is exactly right lol I got my vive last night and i spent quite a few hours playing with arma 3 using existing work arounds to get it to work with vr (not at all hard really) but to keep the 90 frames required to keep yourself from blowing chunks i had to really down grade the graphics in particular view distance.. I have a i74790k a single titan x and 16 gig of 2400mhz ram so my system is no slouch and end result of holding the 90 fps( which really only is a big problem when inside a vehicle..) the amount i had to turn down view distance makes open areas well quite badly nerfed and looked well un natural due to seeing to short a distance ( i made this far more natural by making it a misty day so then the view drop off seemed right to my eyes/brain. But i will say in built up areas etc it does work rather nicely with the vive(again if you have the pc muscle to drive it over 90 on a 2 display set up (each eye has own screen). EDIT i havent and wouldnt even bother to try with Dayz as it stands as honestly less than 90 specially in a fps style movement (which is what makes most people very VERY ill even when it is a 90 , hence why so far purpose built fps games use various tricks to avoid this such as having you stand on a moving ship in hover junkers this allows you to feel grounded to the ship and not feel motion sick,or have you look out through a large helmut so again you feel grounded in your space suit.)
  15. For all those down on wireless mice welcome to an age where wireless is having less latency than a wired mouse while being bombarded with more direct interference signals than you could EVER get in a real world situation......