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  1. 1 vs. 4 Melee Fight PVP Action

    wow, just wow. Had me at the edge of my seat
  2. Indoor zombies

    I was thinking about sleeping infected and found this thread, so bump time. Since they are just infected people they will get tired and lay down or sleep, but since they are people infected with the crazy it could be anywhere. Therefore as you are creeping through some bushes in a town you have the chance of walking right up on a sleeper. Yes this would give you a shock like resident evil, but that would be in line with this type of survival setting.
  3. Stable Update 0.62.140099

    Keep the trippy clouds
  4. Exp Update 0.62.139748

    I am all for wells being dynamic, maybe change per server restart. I would like them to either work or not work, and those that work have a small chance of being contaminated forcing you to either boil or purify with tablets.
  5. Vehicles on Stable branch

    Hello, I haven't played in a while so I'm not up to date with all the quirks. I found a sedan which seemed to be newly spawned since it didn't have any body damage (pure white), but had no wheels, battery, spark plug, doors, lights etc. I found for tires and patched them to pristine, a worn spark plug, and a damaged battery. I filled her up and she won't start. Took everything off and put it back on in several different iterations of order, and punched it a few times for good measure. Still won't start. This took several hours and the car survived a restart, and kept the wheels I patched. (There are no doors, trunk, or lights) Are some vehicles just bugged when they spawn in and will never start?
  6. Exp Update 0.61.137116

    I haven't played much the past year and jumped on that server and eventually came across all those tents at the north end of Tisy. From a distance I first thought it was all actual military tents, thoroughly confused me. Anyways, I'm going to start playing more and if anyone wants an able body to test vehicles or whatever let me know. Otherwise I'll be creeping around up north, saying hi to people I see, and then watching them run away :( happened twice yesterday.
  7. Exp Update 0.61.137116

    I'm down to do some testing. Getting on US-Central 02 (1pp) soon, but I'll meet you anywhere
  8. That character will not be moved. The bug has been reported and that's all you can do. Try the disconnect your modem while running at the wall trick
  9. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    I really haven't played for many months and I've forgotten many of the little quirks, so before I reported what I think is a bug I want to make sure it isn't something that has been going on for sometime. After catching my breath I noticed a lot of gun sway about 20 minutes after getting shot, I shot a stick a morphine and it went away. So apparently I had a damaged limb without an indicator, is this known? I thought I remember this being a thing, but I didn't see anything in the forum history. The only thing that was damaged was my coat and the contents, which suggests that I indeed was hit in the upper part of the body (arms).
  10. Forgot to get a video but a little rubber banding heading NW out of Altar, and rubber banding at Devils Castle that was so bad I had to log. Was stuck in rubber band purgatory for several minutes.
  11. Haha, that doesn't surprise me at all. I guess I haven't been playing that much recently and never liked using cooking pots anyways, but that's all I can find. I also noticed that I couldn't water plants with the cooking pot either. Is that also a thing I'm unaware of?
  12. This has been happening to me for the past couple days now, actually since I started 0.60. I can't figure out how to reproduce it consistently, but I think it is after I drink from the pot and try to put it directly into my inventory (sometimes). It's hard to test this because I have to log to get it out of my hands, but servers are full so it takes a while to get back in. GTX 970 i7 4970 k Win8
  13. In a deer stand: moved hunter spring pants into the inventory of brown cargo pants while in the tree stand. Server crashed...When server came back on I tried to do the same thing and server crashed again. Approximately 2:05 EST US- Southwest 1 pp 4790k GTX 970 Windows 8
  14. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    Going all the way back to the mod I've come across a few people who were dead but standing up fully geared, and they scare the hell out of me. A few were near buildings where they could have fallen though there is no evidence for it and one several months ago was standing dead in the new barracks so it isn't always assoiciated with falling. So long story short it is a thing.
  15. Bullets penetrate tents and other thin cover

    I'm all with being able to destroy camps, but I think it should take effort. Such as you must build a fire to destroy items. If you destroy munitions then you'll hear the fireworks.