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  1. General Discussion

    I´ve made it to the Airfield & tested a lot of mechanics and enjoyed every second of it, inluding the deathfest at Zele, so..sorry to say but your timing was just off a little.
  2. General Discussion

    it was one hell of a ride .. really loved every bit until battleye fd up dayzdevtwitter on BE-issue /edit update on issue Nothing to do at this point, sorry - this is the reason we run these stress tests, to discover issues that we can't simulate with internal testing. Please join us for another Stress Test in the coming days, meanwhile we will be figuring out how to fix this issue. twitter update
  3. Any sign of Vive / Rift support?

    Metro 2033 series .. by Far
  4. Extended weapons manipulation and controls

    Peter, something new about graphical&soundfeedback for switching of semi/burst/full firemodes for automatic weapons,blaze&double barreled ?
  5. We can be happy that the ghostsounds are gone, normaly alpha is for content and beta for bugfixing.
  6. Hey Bruddeh, Forest schreibt man mit einem r :D

  7. stuck in/under house

    It´s not the first time happening to me.. the orther times i got out by bringing up the ping and running in the corner.. This time though.. i just won´t make it.. tried various times now. Even though i have an M4 plus UMP.. i would love to die.. friends tried to shot me without success :( So, no Hardcore for me, so i have to play 3rd Person which i absolutely despise.
  8. stuck in/under house

    I am stuck under a house in a Hardcoreserver (non private) following this thread: https://forums.dayzgame.com/index.php?/topic/190827-dayz-support-stuck-characters-etc/ here´s my steamuserID http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198067363446/
  9. Stable Branch - 0.58 Discussion

    On the servers we play (private/whitelist only),everything is fine. CLE is working as intended, persistence as well. Rifles are rare, therefore more gunfights... no lootplosions encountered. Now, only more AI is missing. Best Day so far.
  10. Stable Branch - 0.58 Discussion

    this pic was on reddit days ago .. and from exp. ..not shure if trolling
  11. ^ this not to mention the "my-hands-are-full" bug or the "no,-i-will-not-let-you-pick-me-up" bug but THE most annoying bug for me has to be, dropped objects dissappearing in the ground/geometry ...still... love you too guys ^^
  12. anybody having the same issues..? In Exp. there are only dozens of salines in the Barracks ?!? /edit II The Clocktower in Novodmirtrovsk only had black Firefighterpants..8 of them.. O_o coincidence ? i don´t get it.. -_- This all occured on experimental UK 0-3
  13. Yes ,you are right with every sentence. later on, he commented the video where he was writing that he waited in a bush to regenerate the bonestatus but got instakilled but none the less, i am still very thankfull for his informative vids. He sated the the devs mentioned to him that: Zombies have a chance to hit for crazy amounts of damage at random. This is the main cause of insta-death from zombies. This makes me think that the devs intentionally implemented a "feature" that will sooner or later kill your Avatar off. .. unless of course you avoid infected totaly -_- but .. yeah.. i am still confused if it´s intentionaly implemented or not
  14. I think this is still an issue related to desync/fullservers/lag-ping/etc. But i do not fight infected with melee anyway.. i am going for silencers or .22 (infected really stutter arround on full servers since 0.55) If i have to do melee, what seems to help is standing still (i.e. walk slowly forward/backwards)since circleing does not work anymore and hit them in a way they constantly get pushed back so they can´t hit you. Or just punch em to the head.