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    When I'm gone remember me for what I tried to teach, not by what I did.

    All about REAL banditry, showing the world what banditry is supposed to be. One robbery at a time.

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  1. DayZ suggestions.

    Disagree with pretty much everything you said, it's great to see you went about it respectfully and gave actual constructive feedback (Unlike 90% of people that dislike the game :P ) But at the end of the day I feel the majority of what you've said is either wrong or just not meant for the standalone version of DayZ. Like Bob above me said, this is standalone. This is what DayZ in its most purest form must be. What your suggesting is what I'm sure many modders will try to recreate, high intense coastal action combined with a far more forgiving world. If that's the world you want DayZ to be then that's fine but I just don't agree with it being the first true DayZ experience people should get when buying the game. As a DayZ mod player myself I know the experience your looking for, I just think you have the wrong idea when it comes to DayZ. DayZ is supposed to be harsh, it's supposed to sometimes feel like a chore, it's supposed to make you go through so many hardships. All of that is supposed to happen to enrich the experience. That's why DayZ has and probably always will be the only game to give you such a massive adrenaline rush in many situations. Everything is a risk, everything and everyone is against you. When DayZ was first created Dean Hall mentioned specifically "DayZ isn't supposed to be a survival game.. But a survival simulator.
  2. Status Report 11 July 2017

    Lot of new exciting things coming up! Especially looking forward to more crashes being fixed! Also appreciate that shout out guys! <3
  3. Ability to forcefully move a tied up player

    Yes please, can't say how long I've been wanting something like this but it has been a long ass time :(
  4. Nerfing ammo loot suggestion

    + 1 (If done properly and reasonably)
  5. The Turning Point

    I can guarantee you it is not 200 meters. 100 meters would be a stretch, to me it seems 50-75 on average.
  6. The Turning Point

    The new foliage is a big step forward. The main issue of it however is still there as the grass stops rendering at like 50 meters.. So while the new trees do have a decent affect at distance now grass is still nearly useless. One of my few main gripes with the new update :(
  7. Welcome to the DayZ Extreme Starvation Challenge! Here I force myself to survive solely on my bandit skills by robbing players to get what sustenance I need. I can still loot clothing/guns/ammo but I MUST get food and drink off players (That are alive) by robbing them. This makes for some very intense fast paced robberies, either I get the robberies done or I die! D:
  8. Stable Update 0.62.140099

    Well to be honest this is a "stable" thread not experimental ;) (But yes I know what you mean) I'm not saying devs don't use the forums to gather information on bug reports, I'm just saying if you want to - make sure - your bug report is not missed in the many comments on any thread on this forum then it is better to report it in the bug tracker. The specific place literally made to post bug reports. I'm sure posting in here will help but I would still suggest to post directly to the bug tracker as a primary means of feed back. Not only that but useless posts like "ermergerd my game crashed u still havnt fixed dis game. im leaving" seem to fill up a lot of these specific threads aimed at new updates and experimental threads. Which I'm sure the bug tracker gets too, but when these threads get spammed of comments that make them 8+ pages along it wouldn't be hard at all to either accidentally skip over a decent solid bug report or simply forget on which page and line the one useful comment was actually made. Hence making the process far more tedious than it necessarily needs to be for the dev(s) in question that actually bother to sift through a lot of the crap that gets spewed at them. Either way feedback is appreciated anywhere I'm sure. Let's leave it at that to not spam the thread of a discussion that doesn't need to happen here.
  9. Daylight Moon

    That's no moon..... O.O
  10. Stable Update 0.62.140099

    Even if it is a known bug the more reports the dev receive the more information they have. Even repeated information is good information because it shows multiple people encounter the same problems.
  11. Stable Update 0.62.140099

    Guys it would be a LOT more helpful to post bugs in the bugtracker rather than on this forum thread. There are dozens of threads used every day here so chances are a lot of your bug reports are being missed. The bugtracker is almost definitely the best place for it.
  12. How DayZ helped me in real life!

    Oh wow thanks a lot man I'm glad I could help you out! :) <3
  13. Any truth to a stable update and wipe soon?

    lol no worries o/
  14. How DayZ helped me in real life!

    Awesome to hear you've improved a lot mate! And I hope you loved doing your hold ups! Definitely a major obstacle in hold ups is to sound confident and in control. I know how difficult it can be especially at the beginning so BIGGGG props to you bro!