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    All about REAL banditry, showing the world what banditry is supposed to be. One robbery at a time.

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  1. Well to be honest this is a "stable" thread not experimental ;) (But yes I know what you mean) I'm not saying devs don't use the forums to gather information on bug reports, I'm just saying if you want to - make sure - your bug report is not missed in the many comments on any thread on this forum then it is better to report it in the bug tracker. The specific place literally made to post bug reports. I'm sure posting in here will help but I would still suggest to post directly to the bug tracker as a primary means of feed back. Not only that but useless posts like "ermergerd my game crashed u still havnt fixed dis game. im leaving" seem to fill up a lot of these specific threads aimed at new updates and experimental threads. Which I'm sure the bug tracker gets too, but when these threads get spammed of comments that make them 8+ pages along it wouldn't be hard at all to either accidentally skip over a decent solid bug report or simply forget on which page and line the one useful comment was actually made. Hence making the process far more tedious than it necessarily needs to be for the dev(s) in question that actually bother to sift through a lot of the crap that gets spewed at them. Either way feedback is appreciated anywhere I'm sure. Let's leave it at that to not spam the thread of a discussion that doesn't need to happen here.
  2. That's no moon..... O.O
  3. Even if it is a known bug the more reports the dev receive the more information they have. Even repeated information is good information because it shows multiple people encounter the same problems.
  4. Guys it would be a LOT more helpful to post bugs in the bugtracker rather than on this forum thread. There are dozens of threads used every day here so chances are a lot of your bug reports are being missed. The bugtracker is almost definitely the best place for it.
  5. Oh wow thanks a lot man I'm glad I could help you out! :) <3
  6. lol no worries o/
  7. Awesome to hear you've improved a lot mate! And I hope you loved doing your hold ups! Definitely a major obstacle in hold ups is to sound confident and in control. I know how difficult it can be especially at the beginning so BIGGGG props to you bro!
  8. Nor does being in the rain for 5 minutes in DayZ kill you. If you want your argument to be taken seriously when it comes to survival game play changes to a - survival - game then at least don't exaggerate. In addition, this is a game NOT real life. Why compare it to real life? Things that happen in game are based on things that happen in real life (obviously) but they MUST be implemented into a - game -. Hence they must be balanced for - game play - and specifically in this case rain must be balanced to the point where it needs to hamper an unprepared player. Which it is obviously doing since so many people seem to be complaining about it.
  9. Yes it will be changed, running speed in general will be slowed down :) When? We do not know. Probably with the new player controller being released.
  10. Here is a very basic robbery that I thought would be good to show you guys. Not ever robbery is epic or intense, not every robbery is going to give you "dem epic lootz". The best kind of robberies are the simple ones where you get out what you put in!
  11. Might be worth saying what play style you prefer and what server(s) you like to play on :)
  12. For me it's fairly balanced. Foot steps are perhaps a bit too quiet but we just had 61 giving us incredibly overly loud sounds so most players, which we had for quite a long time. So now that things have changed I'm sure to a lot of people foot steps and other sounds seem a bit quiet. So I don't think there is any issue really with the sounds. At least not on my end, I can still hear breathing and foot steps from a good 10 meters away which is fair enough to me. It helps if you are sitting still and not panting from sprinting.
  13. I don't know the exact rules on banning. BUT you could simply just kick them off the server with a message saying something like "Please change your name" or "Admin Impersonation is not allowed". A simple kick would be enough to get the players to get the message. It depends if you have a public or private server though when it comes to banning (I think).
  14. Light green ghillie or mossy/dark green? And why?