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    When I'm gone remember me for what I tried to teach, not by what I did.

    All about REAL banditry, showing the world what banditry is supposed to be. One robbery at a time.

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  1. I can't tell if this is serious or not..
  2. They should just be controlled by the developers. Not rented or controlled by consumers. No point in being controlled by players as its seemed to cause nothing but issues. Admins being "reported" for banning people based off nothing but getting an advantage in game is not uncommon at all. As stated in the OP they are used mainly for duping and ridiculous abuse of server hopping. Server hopping is by FAR the biggest issue with public servers. It was a massive issue in DayZ mod and is still an issue with very little done to counter it. Have public servers controlled by the devs and PLEASE remove the public "hive" system all together. It just does not belong in a survival game.
  3. Here is a video of me explaining what I believe is the best bandit load out for robberies and to survive pvp. There is no one all powerful load out but in my opinion this is the most practical to use!
  4. To all my bandits out there (And really anybody that wants to learn how to interact) the best thing you can do is learn from your mistakes. All it takes is the tiniest little inconvenience and you can screw up an interaction. Here is a video where I go in detail and analyze a situation I found myself in. I learned a lot from this, hopefully you will too :)
  5. Goodmorning goodevening wherever you are and whatever time it is! I did a video discussing the TOP 3 cities to conduct robberies (In my humble professional bandity opinion). Let me know if this video helped you out :)
  6. Hi, I'm a lonely bandit. All I wanted was a picnic.... I hope you guys enjoy ;)
  7. Oh hahaha well I was terrified earlier :P But yeah it was a roller coaster man, I know at the end of the day its just a game. But when you interact with real people in such heart pounding situations you cant help but develop a connection to it.
  8. Thanks mate, I definitely was terrified :P
  9. Hahah I just saw that you shared my first vid on here, you love seeing me in pain :P
  10. FYI I just copy and paste the link and it automatically does it for me :)
  11. Now that the DayZ Mod has somewhat seen a influx of players. I decided to see what other dayz mods are up and running. Here is my first look at DayZ Origins :D
  12. I run on a very similar rig with only 4gb of ram. I struggle a fair bit on Chernarus servers, that map is just rubbish in turns of optimization. I honestly think you will be fine. I even record while playing and still get a decentish enough frame rate to provide decent content.
  13. I was also very sus of the finaldayz servers having epoch. But trust me when I safe being "wealthy" is barely a possibility let alone an objective. It is basically about just gathering essential supplies, and storing them. You basically have to build every single thing yourself. Safes and lockboxes can be built, but it takes a massive amount of work to do so. It will take you a solid week or two of playing to get up to that level.
  14. I HIGHLY recommend the FINALDayZ Servers. Their Namalsk server is outstanding, constantly challenging even the most hardened veterans of DayZ. Despite the low population I find myself constantly struggling to prosper, survive against the PVE elements while simultaneously dealing with PVP threats. Basics such as eating, drinking and staying warm are a constant threat. But not in a way that seems unfair, you just have to THINK before you do. Plan out your survival. Not to mention the base building is spot on, no traders (Except one player who is currently setting himself up as a trader), no plot pole required to build. Not to mention they have recently launched a Chernarus server that is still in development, right now it has basic hard core elements. But updates will be coming shortly! IF this interests you but your still not sold, feel free to check out my videos on the Namalsk server here : I hope to see you on those servers soon!