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  1. ONE Thing You Want Most!

    Craft-able Crossbow bolts that stack to 20 (higher stacking arrows too), making the crossbow a viable choice. runner-up: bow (and crossbow?) resting on the me-lee weapon shoulder (removing double carry condition).
  2. Tanning Hide?

    here is the link to where a dev acknowledges the bug: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T125000
  3. Tanning Hide?

    i realize Tanning Hide to make Leather is an acknowledged/known bug in 0.62. i was looking for a DEV comment on when this might be fixed? Given how immersive 0.62 is, a full PVE experience is worth the effort...
  4. May I ask?

    If you lay down and get back up you can usually get out of that corner (get back on the ladder to reset). worst case you can drop off the platform above.
  5. May I ask?

    its a good place to get stuck.
  6. Toggle between burst and single shot

    thanks all
  7. Toggle between burst and single shot

    semi-auto is single shot. if there is a way to toggle (as you say), what is the keybind?
  8. Toggle between burst and single shot

    hmmm. i didnt ask for a real life rundown of the M4, i asked if there was a key to toggle fire modes. but thanks for the 'second' answer then O.o
  9. In the dayz mod you could toggle between burst and single-shot on various weapons. what is the key to do the same in standalone? I didn't see it in config settings..
  10. Help - How do I increase my aim?

    do you need some painkiller?
  11. so, dayz is infact mainly pve, not pvp as i thought.

    hardly an hour. unless you are a true game geek, like jedi level of geekness. what you need to understand is: know where you spawn.use the dayzmod.com map and look closely at where you are.don't even think/worry about other people till you at least can handle zombies. that means a melee weapon.use the map to find large buildings that you can run in and out of through a second door. sprint to it. loot. sprint to the next big one. dont consider looting any small structure. it needs to be a big farm or industrial complex. why? because zombies cannot run once inside.once you find a axe or machete, you can slow down the pace and relax inside the large building. kill all the zombies as they come in.continue your search with the same methods of using large buildings, this time search for a rifle and ammo. bonus is that you can now loot the zombies themselves after you kill them inside the large building.keep your eyes out for a backpack. and a tent, ghillie suite tooonce you find a good rifle (DMR?) and a good amount of ammo, now you can hunt other people.pistols suck (maybe the 1911 is good)if a zombie is on you apart from a large building, then head to the forest, zig zag between trees and bushes for a while and then after a large bush go prone. you just might lose aggro.you will ask yourself, is this all worth it just to setup yourself to kill others.after a pvp kill you will probably answer yeslog for the night in the woods near a few large structures, so you can loot as soon as you log in.
  12. so, dayz is infact mainly pve, not pvp as i thought.

    i come from eve online. where when you leave highsec everyone is your enemy. I personally love that feeling/environment...
  13. so, dayz is infact mainly pve, not pvp as i thought.

    found a machete. thank you dayz gods (small g). then, after i find a machete, i find another machete... ,and a hatchet. go figure.. now zombies are easy to kill. so i find a rifle. and then find out that you have to choose between a rifle and a machete.........???? why isnt the machete (or hatchet) a side arm? it is the replacement for a pistol (close range) so why would it not be designated a side arm? is this an arma 2 thing or a dayz thing?
  14. so, dayz is infact mainly pve, not pvp as i thought.

    so, i have drifted back to my first rant. i have to say, a hatchet IS VERY VERY RARE. WHY? i have been playing for 4 days and have found only 1. and to top that off, a pistol does not one shot a zombie, it does not 2 shot a zombie, nor 3 shot. maybe 4, probably 5 or 6. now we all know that ammo is not plentiful in this game right? hate to gripe because i was starting to get a feel for the game. but after the pitiful experience i had with a G17 and M9, i went searching. found this: http://dayzdb.com/news/weapon-changes-in-arma2-162?p=1#comments did this gun nerf actually go in? cause i sure can believe that it did, given the behavior of the 2 pistols i found. so, bottom line, a hatchet is very very very rare (seen one in 4 days) and pistols are worthless. zombies are super fast and dont quit chasing you. why? honestly do something to balance this... i like the zombie concept, the feel of risk to get gear, but cmon this is ridiculous. reading the comments on that link above just shows that i am not alone. honestly guns should be affective or make ammo more plentiful., OR have melee weapons scattered about like empty tin cans are, OR tone down the zombies. something really should be done. the game is not balanced at all. edit:spelling
  15. so, dayz is infact mainly pve, not pvp as i thought.

    thank you for all the replies. the most helpful tip has been the use of the dayzdb.com map, paying attention to where you spawn and getting your bearings. i did not realize the map shows loot points and even a image of the structure. once i made this discovery things became easier. also i have discovered that sprinting to a barn or other large enterable structure is a great tactic, in that the zombies cannot run once inside. this discovery ties in with Kander's comment. great idea Kander, in harvesting zombies that way. i have also discovered that you can 'farm' a barn for example by logging inside one, and going to a different server. kind of a hacking way to find gear but it seems to work.