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    Ex host for DayZ mod servers DE2762 & Private hive 'SurviveMoFo'. Though those servers have been closed for a long time now.

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  1. Every 3 mo over last 5 years I try Dayz Again...

    Another one who, like you, returns every few months to get my Cherno fix. Same as you I have the same conversations with friends who all used to play it and now say it just needs to die. But, I'm sure all those guys would love to revisit if/when it finally gets to a point where it works...... Maybe. I just wish they'd add bicycles already. It would instantly bring a new element of [dareIsayit] fun to things. The current vehicles imo are pointless. I've never bothered to fix a car or truck as there is no reward from it after all the hard work. Maybe that's because I'm lone wolf and antisocial lol. An ATV hunt used to be one of my big early game milestones back in the day. I'd love it if they put some of those back in. Controls are being declunked-reclunked and fit in to suit a control pad aren't they? For consoles? Or is that just in my head? I agree with Ninefingers, I actually prefer the zeds from the Mod still. Just stop them from glitch hitting through walls pls. But landing a headshot with a G17 on a zig zagging bloodthirsty mutha f*cker , that felt good. Putting down a pack of zombies with a pistol, saving your mates who were lagging or panicking lol that felt like you were a hero. Where as SA shooting still feels completely random in comparison. So it isn't satisfying at all, which is a huge shame. There's so many good things they've done, the map and the buildings improvements. Just the gameplay that has to become far better.
  2. The P-38/P-51

    Lightnings and Mustangs for opening tin cans? xD
  3. How do i get unstuck?

    https://feedback.bistudio.com It is on Bohemia interactive studio website as a way to get out from under a building, so.... Not being cocky, I'm only reiterating what BI has been telling people for years. (didn't post the actual direct link to the article, incase it caused trouble)
  4. How do i get unstuck?

    Used to be able to remove a particular PBO file from DayZ folder that would take the buildings away. You could log in, quickly move to freedom and then logout before the server kicks you for not having the PBO file. Then put the file back in and reload the game and login and voila, you've escaped. Not sure if it can still be done though or what file it was anymore, that would take some searching.
  5. Returning player

    Lookin good! New animations, less clunkage very nice Beard growing to show how old your character is - finally! ;) Looking forward to it
  6. Zombies

    Folk still come on the forum to whine about features that are still in the middle of development, huh? Zombies in DayZ are more like the infected in 28 days later, by the way. Not either of those you mentioned.
  7. Returning player

    That's what it was for me! I missed some old buddies, and missed Chernarus as well. Revisiting has been good - nostalgic as well. First run round the NWAF I was very jittery!! Can imagine the first time I finally hear a heli go overhead as well. That will bring back memories. Had been so long since I'd been on I wanted to see where it was at and get back up to speed. What're the biggest things coming in .63 that everybody's waiting for? Just seen a clip about it, the bikes look goooood!!! Long awaited. I was at Gamescom, didn't get into the DayZ bit though. Queue was daft.
  8. Boil Water

    That's quality - thanks for the info. I'll look into making one before the next time camping. Would be a really good addition to the game as well.
  9. Almost done with this game

    Online playerbase has always been like this tbf. No KOS servers sometimes attract more KOS players cos they specifically want to troll. And he did at least speak before killing you. So, within server rules probably. It was bad luck. Why didn't you give him your shirt?
  10. Returning player

    I always used to type it into notepad back in the mod days lol. Along with tent co-ordinates and whatever. But still, come on Devs. There should be something like in older times that says 'you're on server blah blah' when you log in? Does it for private hives with battleye extended, but why not public? That's another thing actually, do maps in game not work now? If I had a map but pressed M nothing happens, didn't it used to be that the best way was to put it onto your hotbar and then press the number for that? But surely it being in the control options as M should make it work with M like in Arma? Or am I doing soemthing wrong? Checking Steam I hadn't thought of that. Also, yeah I could look for that lastMPServer line. But it's not very user friendly. If someone was new to the game they don't wanna have to do all that to find out what server they were on to be able to tell others. Notepad is still DayZ's best friend lol
  11. Returning player

    Had a great time last night. Saw other players! Holy fook Had a couple of gunfights at the NWAF. It's so good that it runs so smoothly. For me anyway, how's it run for you guys? I remember how laggy it used to be it made shooting hit and hope. This engine it's always 70-100 fps. Very nice. I'm back in Lopatino now, my old home in the old days/ What's new out West, dudes?
  12. Returning player

    Done all that, selected 1st person only, previously played restrict to this character only. Still shows 5 servers even though I've only used 2. I left and tried them until I got the right one. But now I've forgotten the number. Just wanted to be able to tell people to join. - Yes I've been pressing continue to carry joining the same server etc what I was asking is is there not even a way to see which server you're actually on when you're in the game?
  13. Returning player

    Have to say, it's really got the 'the road' feel about it now. Which was Dean's original inspiration for the feel of the game. So thumbs up to that. The trees are being blown around a little too much though if you ask me, maybe turn down the ferocity of that. Been living off apples and chicken and the odd tin here and there. It isn't too difficult to stay fed. I haven't been able to get back online since Friday, but will log on now for a bit. Is there a way no to find out which server I'm actually playing on? Or is it simply log out and whichever one I dbl click that takes me to the right server is the only way?
  14. Returning player

    It's daylight still and warm, I've gotten some alright clothes and been through half of Berezino. Made loads of rags with a fireaxe from the firestation. Found a barrel! So can place that near an old Berezino safe spot I used to use. Might be alright ;) It's pretty quiet though, I'm guessing there aren't many on atm. Game's still glitchy, but apart from zeds fighting still being pretty awkward it's been fun. Stealth really works which I love, it's needed that. For so long it was aggroed from half a field away for no reason... So far so good then. Got rope and sticks, need burlap or a pig to make a backpack. Found a pistol and a RAk but no ammo.
  15. Returning player

    So far, eyefinity still isn't really working on this anymore. It used to a year or two back. All the other Arma games are good with 3 screens but the DayZ devs have broken it? It works if I play the game windowed. I'll leave that for now. So, next issue what have they done with the controls? Can't bind a sprint key now? It has to be forward and sprint together now? Also the new menu for controls is clunky af. I have to select a function, then tell it to add, then apply, apply again, then continue. Surly that's at least two clicks too many? Going to stop moaning now. It's running smooth. I'm in Berezino. Some loot in the industrial at the NE of the city. Going to sneak in now.