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  1. By the way minidayz kicks ass.
  2. I've heard this all before. Looks cool but that's it, I bet those zombies are no threat and the AI is probably non existent as it's pre alpha. We'll see, people that used to preach survive the nights was gonna be the next big survival game that kills dayz etc etc sure have gone quite as have a lot of others. I'll will be overjoyed if I'm wrong and it's everything they say though.
  3. I could see that being fun. A chopper pilot maybe a blood trail or some clues to follow maybe he could be found in a barn or toolshed looking for shelter with the appropriate gear a pilot would have. Same could be done with the military checkpoints Have a guard dead in his post with appropriate gear of course it should be worn maybe he could be a skeleton or heavily decomposed so you would risk disease if you mess with his gear and not clean it first. supposedly they are not gona add any corpses or anything because of there sandbox excuse but this would make a great mod.
  4. I see everyone's point I just wish they would eventually give them more health or maybe someone can make a headshot mod in the future where only headshots kill or it takes a shitload of bodyshots yeah yeah infected but I just laugh anymore when my buddies clear out all of NWAF with a garden hoe or a .22 pistol and I'm like wow the Chernarus military force was a joke. I just think I shouldn't be laughing instead I should be scared for my toons life and not even thinking of going to NWAF without proper gear or stealth but it's not like that then again the game isn't finished so I should give the devs a break I guess. It's just my opinion like assholes we all have one.
  5. I've been thinking about the state of survival games lately and a thought came to mind. In every survival game with zeds or zombies the AI are never a threat usually except for a few games like PZ and state of decay. In most games players will scream to the heavens that players or humans will always be the number one threat. Now my question is if humans are the biggest threat and zombies or zeds such a joke and easy to kill how the hell did the world collapse to begin with. In a world supposedly where everyone is killed by disease and zeds/zombies there is very little death happening as a result to these creatures. How does that make sense these zeds just happened to take out the military the police and private citizens armed to the teeth hell look at the zeds one punch they go down you don't even need a gun one round to the chest they go down usually depending on round of course but still it's like shooting tissue paper. So I ask how is it a game or games built on the idea that everyone was killed by zeds and the world destroyed by zeds have such a little amount of death form the very thing that is supposed to be the global threat to this virtual world or worlds? And I love dayz and the genre but it's a question that bugs me in most of these games with the whole humans are the worst threat, then why even have zeds why even create this world where everyone supposedly dies to them and there disease and not have zed or zombies be a threat nor the disease which caused the whole mess.
  6. So you're deleting all your games due to an admin of of private servers? Doesn't seem logical but whatever floats your boat I guess.
  7. Rip Lord of the undead
  8. Shit and here I was wanting a constant night server looks like I would be the only dumb bastard to play on a server like that. I like the danger of going into places at night, things look different loot is harder to see sometimes as well as people and zeds(though I wish they weren't blind as bats or atleast use there damn ears). Is this whole game about seeing other players and having it easy does no one like the void of darkness and the feeling of doom around every corner or am I missing something. hell I liked nightime in the mod too unless it was pitch black and even then if I had NVG I played or I used flares etc yeah I died frequently but that's the point isn't it to die hell when i get all my loot I like and hit my version of endgame I suicide to do the early game to me that's the best part not the I have everything I need in a pack and just gonna sit on a rock and eat beans to each there own if I want to cook and survive like that I play project zomboid.
  9. I love night time in game best camo ever. I can't wait for base building and night time in game gonna be great I hope we can start large fires I would love to burn some huge group/clans base and watch the flames get higher and higher and possibly get to watch them from the shadows trying to put it out as me and a few friends shoot them in the back. I can dream I can dream.
  10. Go Play PUBG. Funny you call players of dayz hipsters when you admitted to playing the hip game of the month. You are pot calling the kettle black. I'll do what I want play how I want I recommend you do the same. I'll shut the hell up before I get banned for a week for being an asshole.
  12. I have been waiting on stamina and weight since they announced. I too believe it will change the game in a positive way.
  13. Tisy is gonna have radiation I thought it was going to be disease related like an infected area with airborne microbes. what would be radioactive inside a military base I seen no nuke silos or nuke storage and I do not think those weapons would just leak radioactive material after a few years. Plus the base has such light security a basic fence and some small structures you figure if it was a base with radioactive materials it would be a bunker style base and be underground with huge silos like i said and possibly a train rail system to move materials and I see none of those things. i'm all for radiation and all that I would just like it to make sense a little if they nuked the area outside chernarus then that whole are up north depending on the size of the nuke you wouldn't just need to wear a hazmat suit you wouldn't be able to go there at all or maybe it would just be a dirty bomb which would just blow radioactive material everywhere which would make more sense. But then did the government do it and if so why wouldn't they use a thermonuclear device and instead use a dirty bomb. and that leads to more questions I didn't think we were gonna have any lore or story I'm all for that but you can't just make things radioactive and have no answers especially if the area doesn't represent that type of technology. again all opinion I'm down for whatever they want to do I can't wait to wear a hazmat suit and go all stalker.
  14. You can make a stone knife from a stone you can get usually right where you spawn. Not sure how many hits it would take to kill a cow though but it's better than nothing. And as for your issue with the murderer well that happens I stay out of churches period usually always an asshat in there looking for easy kills or people hanging around. If a guy has a melee weapon just run run till you faint usually they will get bored just don't talk shit and keep running atleast that's what I do if unarmed and an axe murderer chases me. If your looking for more survival oriented play and do not want to be murdered without some talk or interaction maybe try an RP server or PVE server. It would work too as you state you like to have even fights RP too have a lot of factions and they fight each other. goodluck