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  1. Agreed maybe the C4/TNT could be really rare whereas if you made your bomb homemade with the barrel and fert there is a chance for shit to go wrong or it be a dud. They could tie that too a soft crafting skill maybe. I would also maybe like to see it as a recipe in a book you would have to find as well maybe have to loot the book or blueprint from a military area so you have to go to high risk areas to add to the difficulty.
  2. I just hope they do not make it impossible to break in a base nor do I want it to be easy as hell. I want to have to acquire tools to break in like wire cutters for barbwire, C4/semtex or some sort of explosive for thick walls. molotovs or flammable substance for burning wooden structures. As well base builder should be able to place traps to hinder my advance like tripwires electric fences and the like. I also think resources should not be safe if you store food water or vehicles and I get in I should be able to sabotage all of them with poison, explosives or just destroy. As well you should be able to have a counter offense with locks that I have to pick or cut requiring me to loot tools. My point is I want a challenge I like metal gear solid and this to me will be a blast instead of NPC guards it will be humans one will have to use stealth against. I want brute force of bases to be an option but I also would like to see a person that uses the proper tools and there brain to be able to hinder a large group if they get careless and to big headed. I also do not want people to put all there time into bases for a shithead like me to be able to just wander in and ruin all there work with one attack or bomb or the like. there is a lot of fun that could be had from this mechanic and could really add to the atmosphere and challenge of the game. I want both sides to have fun and I can't wait to find some huge clans base and go solid snake on there asses. I for one will not mess with solo players bases or smaller bases I want to mess with clans.
  3. How about this no log off punishment because losing stats while not playing IMO is ridiculous but I will agree if it was a server setting and limited to say some hardcore setting so be it have fun but as a vanilla mechanic no not at all. I think a way we can find even ground is say you can craft or loot like an above poster stated sleeping bags or if in a building a bed. These will give you a buff say your sick over time you heal same with wounds. Food and thirst would not be affected. Giving folks a reward for things is a better way to get them to do it rather than brutal stat loss or death.
  4. I too can't wait to be a racoon and go through people's stuff in there camp. I hope we can do things to camps of a sneaky nature like poisoning the water supply, destroying generators or poisoning the food supply, sabotaging there weapons stash then sit on a hill and watch them all kill each other over trust issues. Be the little ant that brings down a elephant.
  5. Few problems I see with this. How cold does it get in Chernarus? I assume it gets cold enough one would freeze to death even in shelter if not heated properly So do we also have to build a fire before we log off because that would mean death otherwise. You say log off in a shelter most places with shelters also have zeds, So we come out of the elements to rest among the infected wouldn't they kill you in your sleep as well or do we only log off in little sheds in the middle of nowhere? This seems foolish a whole bunch of nonsense to get folks to have a harder time for no reason. I believe the real motivation is to get folks to come to populated areas and out of wilderness so you have a better time hunting folks and of course since they would need to log off in a building they will be in a hurry to log and or tired hence easier kills. Now this could possibly not be the case but what other reason would there be to add death and wear on gear when not even in game other than some fake way to make the game more difficult for folks. the game should be difficult enough in game to not need offline hazards. Next you'll want shit like rust where you logoff and still stay in game because it's so realistic to go to sleep and not have any idea what the hell is going on and of course not wake up when your being stabbed with a spear or hear wolves running around. go play Project Zomboid and come back then you'll see what this game really needs IMO.
  6. stupid ass forums
  7. moving things a little faster. that's funny So you want them to half ass everything so you can have new content. I would rather them do it right take the time to make sure it's correct than rush it because people are complaining. you know what rushing out the gate and half assed ideas get you? H1z1 and I'll be damned if that happens to dayz. I'm glad the devs ignore the fools.
  8. they mentioned OP long ago in a status report adding workshops and lumber mills that players would need to use to do certain things. gun mods would have to be done at the workshops as well lumber and logs would be made or cut at the lumber mill. hence creating a hub of player interaction. folks will most certainly camp these areas to bandit for guns and mats as well folks will guard for the same thing. It's in the works I haven't heard them discuss it in quite a while though. I was pumped for the idea and hope it atleast starts getting implemented with these new barrels for guns and base building. As well I think you should have to go to a garage to do certain things with cars as much as folks will be pissed at that I think changing a tire with just a crescent wrench is dumb as hell but we are in alpha so let's hope it gets better.
  9. Al Bundy is the king so you got beans.
  10. I think sway should be based on a few things, weight of said weapon, fitness of character(soft skill for stamina), type of equipment or amount of weight character is carrying. Unless trained military personnel or very strong I imagine you couldn't run too far with a AK with a full drum mag and shitloads of other modifications and expect to shoulder it and not have sway unless you're prone with a bipod etc. especially if you have a high cap vest with mags,loose ammo and all the other crap plus a military pack etc etc. Now if you're carrying a pouch or smaller pack like the courier bag with just a T shirt and jeans and a 1911 pistol or SMG then one should be able to run farther and have less sway. that's the way I see it of course stamina should play a part and i do hope it ends up some sort of soft skill you can raise by just moving your toon around.
  11. Go check out H1Z1 just survive and you will see why there is no respawn button. Wait till modding there will be like the old days a spawn selection menu I'm sure just give it time.
  12. The game or atleast vanilla to me will always be like this. KOS is easiest option and easiest playstyle IMO. why risk your gear your time to a stranger especially if he's armed to the teeth and add to that no negative consequences they can't simulate a conscious or guilt or insanity and those are things in a RL scenario that would keep a lot of people from just murdering everyone they see again IMO. until there is a negative side effect to just mass murdering folks players will choose the easiest way to succeed in game and to me it makes sense and I understand it or atleast I think I do. And I do like RP servers but then again a lot of them are plagued with people who are just KOS folks who find other ways of killing you right after meeting you through rule play and baiting. I played on a few and every military geared group as soon as you would run into them or say howdy they would just start insulting you waiting for you to say fuck you or something so that there other 5 cats could blast you and take your shit, that's not roleplay that's ruleplay and that's all i encountered for the most part especially when dealing with groups they still just want to kill everything that moves. Hard to play a character and RP when you know the douchebag is not in character and is baiting oh and good luck getting them for rule breaks unless you record every second of your interaction. fuck that I just break character and walk away so what's the point of RP if most folks can't RP due to rule play or rule breaking. Again easier to just join a normal server and just blast everyone.
  13. I agree we need more craftable items. I always assumed crafting would be a big thing in dayz but boy was I wrong usually when I play I only craft the improvised pack and that just a vanity reason not a survival one I might craft a spear too and of course the rock knife(all hail the rock knife). but other than that not really making things out of leather maybe if they gave us more design choices and they could have that attached to level with the skill stuff they are adding. example would be a cat that makes vest all the time and packs and stuff could make ones with higher durability and maybe they could look better and not as shoddy, this would give his character not only that as a reward for surviving working on his skill but give him value. this could go onto other craftables too. but then again why grind skills to make high tier craftables when you can server hop till you find a high cap vest. why craft a pack and hunt the animal make leather etc, when you can server hop and or find a military pack. balancing needs to happen or modding I hope there is a mod where they take out all military shit and keep civilian and craftables and possibly even add more recipes. but who knows most folks do not want a challenge they just want adrenaline and they aren't getting that from grinding skills and crafting and trading they get that from looting dangerous areas and PVP not surviving.
  14. I can't wait, I hope we get bayonets too. And the ability to throw knives and other weapons I really want to hit a fully geared dude with high tier loot in the face with a kitchen knife or if they would add them throwing knives,axes shuriken even though they are designed to take out the eyes and hands and well extremities would be good for less lethal.
  15. I like this thread, you have folks that play dayz, then you have folks that play dayz.