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  1. DayZ Modding

    you forgot overwatch modes with plot poles to protect your base especially with fancy starting loadouts if you donate cashish. People act like the game will get better or more difficult or more interesting areas/immersion yeah right. How many servers do you think will keep the atmosphere before it turns into a turd fest of arma 3 with survival elements and even then loot tables will be fucked ammo,food, medical supplies in every building. The base game will be great but short lived if you think you have empty servers now wait till this crap starts. I do not have high hopes for modding, sorry I just fucking don't.
  2. I say get rid of it we have scopes we have binoculars use those to see details or get closer to what you are looking at. The days of setting in a tree line a zoomin in on shit should come to an end. again we have tools that zoom and let us see things better not only would it make those things actually useful but to see the detail of what a player is carrying shouldn't be as simple as zooming in especially without the proper gear to do so. It's not logical in this game that is supposed to pride itself on realism. I'm glad the dev team do what they want I leave it to them I hope they take it out though but if they don't let's hope a modder does some of us a solid and give us a few options for servers in the future.
  3. Upcoming DayZ modding - Steam workshop

    I hope to see mods that make the game more unforgiving, more like an above poster stated like the film the road. I'm worried about modding which is hypocritical since this game was born from a mod. I'll be happy for anything except fucking EPOCH overwatch bullshit. please for the love of any and all gods save us from epoch and overwatch style mods or should I say servers and please gods let those servers with shitloads of mods have decent fucking FPS.
  4. Donald Trump plays DayZ

    Evelyn Beatrice Hall wrote I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it in a book called friends of Voltaire. she used it to describe the principle of free speech. And I don't know why anyone is wasting there breath debating with anyone it's not like anyone is gonna change there minds. i wouldn't be surprised if there is some asshats claiming that the commies are like WW2 vets fighting nazi's like Mitt Romney and the other asshat media shills. this Mob mentality on both sides will accomplish one thing jack shit with a splash of violence. I can't wait for the die phase much like the one in the mouse utopia experiment.
  5. [0.62] Stary Warfare

    When you use the term warfare I expect PVP with some exchange of gunfire this should be titled Stary ambush.
  6. hangmans noose

    I say add it and add other ways too like cement blocks on the feet, how about the whole rat in the bag on the head trick. I can see why they wouldn't add hanging but to me that's just ridiculous. If the game is supposed to take place during a state of lawlessness you can bet your ass there would be folks hanging from every lamp post and every tree in town. Most group town's,bases or the like would surely have examples of what happens to people who break there laws with heads on pikes or hanging bodies IMO. I always thought this game add a lot in common with the old wild west might as well add authentic punishments hell I would even say get the train going in game and add tieing to the tracks to the game as well. We have suicide and russian roulette yet we can't have hanging because of political correctness and stupid groups of people IMO that's bullshit this game isn't nice it's not politically correct it's the fucking doomsday simulator they should pull no punches. again all opinion I'm glad they are not an american company is all I have to say or they would already be making this game super friend funtime. hell if I was a bandit I would love after a crime spree for the server mob to finally hunt me down tie me up haul me to there town and have a public trial and hang my ass would be badass IMO and a lot more eventful than just a bullet.
  7. NON battleye server?

    I was once banned for not putting the lotion in the fucking basket.
  8. To a few above poster about death screen. I too think death could be done differently. I think a headshot or fatal T shot should mean instant black screen or if you're killed with explosives depending on range, but other wounds that are killing blows like a gut shot or hit in the lung or chest area the screen should fade out to red then black gives lot more weight to the situation IMO possible agony sounds aswell would be nice. Another aspect of that is while the toon would make sounds and not be dead yet it would make for interesting scenarios maybe if a highly trained medic meaning if an when we get medical skills in they could hear the person and possibly help them or give them the final blow. Would also help in firefights against groups you could aim to paralyze or incapacitate which would then cause the group to have to take care of the individual right now it's try and break a leg and that doesn't do shit really the asshole still shoots, there should be more shock damage and more incapacitation especially for bigger rounds like the 7.62 and the 308. Again death should be brutal and depending on how you die and how slow should be part of the experience and of course i'll extend an olive branch to those who are just in it for the respawn deathmatch you can click respawn and die instantly. But for us that want it brutal and hell on earth it's not good enough with a simple black screen. I want those moments like in the films and stories where you get shot in the back and as your life fades you see the attacker then he pulls the trigger BLAM black screen, stuff like that would make backstabs and the like more brutal and it would have more impact IMO.
  9. check it out

    By the way minidayz kicks ass.
  10. check it out

    I've heard this all before. Looks cool but that's it, I bet those zombies are no threat and the AI is probably non existent as it's pre alpha. We'll see, people that used to preach survive the nights was gonna be the next big survival game that kills dayz etc etc sure have gone quite as have a lot of others. I'll will be overjoyed if I'm wrong and it's everything they say though.
  11. Dead Military Soldier ( Dynamic Event )

    I could see that being fun. A chopper pilot maybe a blood trail or some clues to follow maybe he could be found in a barn or toolshed looking for shelter with the appropriate gear a pilot would have. Same could be done with the military checkpoints Have a guard dead in his post with appropriate gear of course it should be worn maybe he could be a skeleton or heavily decomposed so you would risk disease if you mess with his gear and not clean it first. supposedly they are not gona add any corpses or anything because of there sandbox excuse but this would make a great mod.
  12. How did this happen?

    I see everyone's point I just wish they would eventually give them more health or maybe someone can make a headshot mod in the future where only headshots kill or it takes a shitload of bodyshots yeah yeah infected but I just laugh anymore when my buddies clear out all of NWAF with a garden hoe or a .22 pistol and I'm like wow the Chernarus military force was a joke. I just think I shouldn't be laughing instead I should be scared for my toons life and not even thinking of going to NWAF without proper gear or stealth but it's not like that then again the game isn't finished so I should give the devs a break I guess. It's just my opinion like assholes we all have one.
  13. How did this happen?

    I've been thinking about the state of survival games lately and a thought came to mind. In every survival game with zeds or zombies the AI are never a threat usually except for a few games like PZ and state of decay. In most games players will scream to the heavens that players or humans will always be the number one threat. Now my question is if humans are the biggest threat and zombies or zeds such a joke and easy to kill how the hell did the world collapse to begin with. In a world supposedly where everyone is killed by disease and zeds/zombies there is very little death happening as a result to these creatures. How does that make sense these zeds just happened to take out the military the police and private citizens armed to the teeth hell look at the zeds one punch they go down you don't even need a gun one round to the chest they go down usually depending on round of course but still it's like shooting tissue paper. So I ask how is it a game or games built on the idea that everyone was killed by zeds and the world destroyed by zeds have such a little amount of death form the very thing that is supposed to be the global threat to this virtual world or worlds? And I love dayz and the genre but it's a question that bugs me in most of these games with the whole humans are the worst threat, then why even have zeds why even create this world where everyone supposedly dies to them and there disease and not have zed or zombies be a threat nor the disease which caused the whole mess.
  14. Dayz INS server/shogun un just ban

    So you're deleting all your games due to an admin of of private servers? Doesn't seem logical but whatever floats your boat I guess.