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  1. sounds as if a game with sw like BE has to somehow have mechanisms in place to counteract the black box behavior that is BE in the context of the game. Not sure if it is actually more a white box to developer studios.
  2. Stress Test vol.31

    crouch walk/run animation swapped
  3. Facial expressions

    yeah need to warm this topic up again. the latest shown gifs/videos in their experimental update show how much these puppet faces may distract from a proper interaction with another char. it sure destroys the immertion quite a bit. Here the Feature Request in the Feedback tracker. https://dayz.com/assets/video/inventory.mp4 https://dayz.com/assets/video/gestures.mp4 https://dayz.com/assets/video/eating.mp4 https://dayz.com/assets/video/drinking.mp4 https://dayz.com/assets/video/blocks.mp4
  4. Status Report - 27 February 2018

    since you're posting here. thanks for the very interesting interview you gave recently. also thanks for implementing a football stadium in elektro and red-light district in cherno, much appreciated :P but on a very different note... i recently thought - again - about the addition of small environmental objects such as bee or wasp hives, anthills, molehills or cobwebs. all small additions that could enhance not only the general environment but also the objects to be used to add more variety in how to portray the abondenment of societies in villages and towns. just food for thought.
  5. Status Report 24 October 2017

    @Baty Alquawen any new additions going to end up on trello?
  6. Status Report - 26 September 2017

    Shirley, you can't be serious. I very much agree that it's easy to get used to and rely on it but i do not think that it is a requirement. there can be other ways i strongly believe. How about an automatically initated dynamic zoom for when you stop, stand still and stare into the distance for x seconds. This triggers your dynamic zoom mode and you can carefully watch with enhanced vision, a movement or a cooldown after y seconds (decreasing focus) and you are out, the view goes back to normal...? It makes sense to somehow reward the use of ingame objects like binos
  7. Status Report - 26 September 2017

    Man... the wait is really gruesome and i really never ever want to see a game so long in early access, but your engine has really come a long way. i am not sure if i speak for many but i think this is very relieving footage for anyone (still or again) interested in this game. Was one of the people opposed to the magnifying eye since i can think of and somewhat still are, i also expect to see some sort of soft trade-off for the people in favor of that feature to be implemented. So here a simple proposal just off the top of my head: Remove the dynamic zoom BUT use spots or dashes (in various degrees of e.g. opacitiy) to indicate moving objects in the distance which might be only revealed with the dynamic zoom feature otherwise....but might be too complicated for what it actually adds to the table. :D
  8. Exp Update 0.62.139808

    !!! can please - for the love of god - someone post pictures. is this what i think it means?!
  9. Status Report - 30 May 2017

    @Sumrak you speak in your Q&A about how shuffled interiors or more variety in interiors were an option. Has there already gone some work into that concept? It sounds to be a quite reasonable idea with (hopefully) minimized effort. I do also think about two concrete examples which were shown to us over the last years: procedural color changes and small object interaction So i guess both mechanics could also be applied to buildings and their interiors?
  10. Status Report - 30 May 2017

    interesting. so can we also expect harvesters then :P? On a different note: the overhaul has blown more then some fresh air into chernarus but what is still missing is that: https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/141790-midrange-terrain-texture-replacement/ would also endorse the recent discussion about that at reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/dayz/comments/6efk3u/dayz_needs_this_midrange_terrain_texture/
  11. Status Report - 30 May 2017

    have to agree with@OliverPlotTwist here. it's a bit like seeing someone playing PokemonGo. players become literal zombies when they scavenge with their inventories open. It's really just an exploit due to the fact that the game has up to now a somewhat broken loot-spawn system. loot spawns in objects or under them and in all kind of places. In a way you are forced to do the ol' 'ventory scavengeroo at times. @OneStep what you also have to consider is the fact that you make a mockery out of the night and dark lighting in general. You can and will simply cheat away this impairment by using the inventory all the way. Have you ever seen someone take out a torch or chemlight and crouch to look for loot under a table or chair during night? Me neither... I think the whole idea of this implementation IS to get a way from as @PeterNespesny said a "pixel-hunt" for loot. It makes life so much easier. it also adds a natural sense of peripheral awareness which was - before VR - not really possible to adequately reproduce in games. think about that scenario in real life: do you go to a door and have to look and focus precisely on the door handle in order to get that thing open? no, your peripheral awareness tells you where to place your hand. You might need a quick look to analyze the type of door handle to figure out if you have to turn a knob or push a handle. Now look at the gif below That's exactly what i just described above: look at the handle (more or less) and then "peripheral awareness" sets in; you can move your cursor some way off the handle into the door and still open it. imo it makes sense in both ways: take away a certain clunkiness and enable ease of use and enable a sense of realism by adding a certain amount of peripheral awareness. cheers
  12. Status Report - 30 May 2017

    To all of these some input from my pov: @PeterNespesny the current implementation seems to be as - if not even more - immersion breaking as a "simple" highlighting contour. One idea could be something like your implementation but only just appearing briefly and then quickly fading away into obscurity. the best thing to describe it maybe is something as you saw in Heavy Rain: Of course not so pronounced, and far more subtle. The notification could then look more like a thought or an impulse to trigger further action of the player character. In addition I would keep the notifications on a somewhat basic level; where it is reasonable: "ammo", "firearm", "weapon", "fruit", "food"... for most items. In any case, this addition will ease alot of pain in many scenarios such as opening and closeing doors while in a hurry... @Sumrak you speak of increased detail and new vegetation. quick question there: does this also include smaller props similar to - let's say - fungi? from the top of my head: hornet's/wasp's nests, anthills, scalable cobwebs even..? @Andrej i would really consider to give zeds a real human feel. heavy breathing, unintelligible mumbling and babbling, crazy giggling, sudden clear moments: "Son, is that you?!", crying and moaning in agony, shrieking and screaming from pain and aggression, smooth and rapid transitions into different moods.
  13. Q&A with Map Designer Adam Franců

    O_o it doesn't hurt to dream, does it?
  14. Q&A with Map Designer Adam Franců

    Bunkers or even cellars or basic sewers might be possible at some point, considering that VBS2 already had this:
  15. Q&A with Map Designer Adam Franců

    really like the idea, of areas with dense, high crops to hide/flee into etc. problem might be how to consider this in the rendering distance