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  1. O_o it doesn't hurt to dream, does it?
  2. Bunkers or even cellars or basic sewers might be possible at some point, considering that VBS2 already had this:
  3. really like the idea, of areas with dense, high crops to hide/flee into etc. problem might be how to consider this in the rendering distance
  4. hej thanks for the opportunity! Given the time and resources, do you think rivers (moving or running bodies of water) will find their way into the engine, eventually? Given the time and resources, do you think having and creating cave/mining/underground systems will find their way into the engine, eventually? Have you ever thought about randomizing certain places and areas with different sceneries upon one or more server-restarts? Kinda like how cars or helo-crashes spawn but maybe on a bit wider scale? e.g. a certain road passage, once being blocked with fallen trees, then again with a random crash of one or more vehicles, then again spawning with roadworks. or e.g. a church, once locked with dead piles of bodies inside, then again with an abandoned camp, etc. Do you plan to breath more life (pun) into your coastal villages, towns and harbors? They are predestined for all kinds of eerie sceneries but have remained lackluster for the most part so far. Like the small "fisher village" of Skalisty Island? Aren't we supposed to smell the fish there when walking between its shacks and cottages? I'd think about all kinds of stuff, such as abondoned piers, small fishing boats narrowly strung together, piles of fishing nets... soo much good stuff :)
  5. i always thought about a threefold division of the animation-trees for players and also their interaction with the environment: slow/quiet <-> normal <-> hasty/noisy So you offer basically three options to every interaction leading to different reactions and implications of/to the environment/npcs - too simplify it dramatically: one animation but with three different speed-multipliers, say x0.5, x1 and x2 Where would you see ) the feasibility of something like that in regards to the current phase/state of the project and the engine? ) theoretical limitations and downsides? ) practical limitations and downsides?
  6. hej, will also take the chance to list some points from the reddit wiki: feel free to share thoughts, feelings, emotions, confirmations (negative or positive ones) and or anecdotes regarding animations concerning...
  7. can you take at least some time and read title and op's post (or even the 2nd which is from the person who's going to answer our questions), please?
  8. hi and thanks for the opportunity: the world of chernarus becomes more and more detailled and inhabited with wildlife but what still is missing is also an environment that feels alive are we ever going to see static objects getting their generic (or player/npc triggered) animations or animation trees? flags waving and flapping, wind turbines/wheels rotating in the wind with corresponding intensity shrubbery trees moving when npcs and chars stride through them chain-link fences moving when a char hits them etc. generic animations of static objects' getting destroyed (fence --> fence slightly damaged --> fence heavily damaged --> fence destroyed) etc. team/dual animations and animation trees animation can be (conditionally) triggered by one person and a second might be able/needed to accept/decline the animation trigger helping each other over a fence carry person carry heavy loot with another person etc. can you (BI) imagine to provide a very rudimentary animation(-tree) editor at some point down the line, to allow easy access for modders? will doors always just open wide and loot just disappear from the vicinity and appear in our inventory... ...or will we see a hand reaching to a door pushing/pulling or a hand reaching to an item/container and putting it in the backpack? will we at some point have animations to allow the interaction with e.g. this fence (destruction, deconstruction, climbing) cheers
  10. this also addressed? also regarding doors cheers
  11. a thought recently crossed my mind regarding "gamma level adjustments". idea: dynamically changing rendering-distance (rd) roughly based on non-artificial factors such as time of the day cloudiness and lunar phase. You drastically limit the rd - i.e. for dynamic objects and characters (players, npcs, dynamically spawning loot and player built/set-up constructions) - based on these three variables above. Now you add artificial factors (light sources) into the calculation: lamps fire torches muzzle flash chemlights Depending on the present sources of artificial light and their distance and/or intensity regarding to your character the rd is readjusted dynamically. This means you absolutely need artifical light sources at night or in dark places in order to see loot or other npcs or players possible downsides: engine related and therefore no chance to see that as it's far too much work to change rendering on such a level too taxing on server load guaranteed min. lag between rd-distance switches too high and therefore unacceptable for the game experience how to resolve dark interiors, like basements or rooms w/o windows still an open topic here cheers anyway :D
  12. can someone also confirm that you cannot interact with dead animals. i have killed (exclusively) three chickens and i cannot do anything with their carcasses.
  13. i never thought about it, but why is the fov limited to max. 75?
  14. i haven't filed a bug report for 1 1/2 years...and for the life of me i just can't sort to see only dayz relevent bug reports. can someone possibly guide me to how i can search for a bug-report in dayz? i am in the advanced search and no matter what i enter in the query there's "no results found"... anyway the back/front-door of the log cabin/pub/inn is not functional. (no door interaction symbol available) edit: reported
  15. @Baty Alquawen please consider small job descriptions of your q&a participants. it would help to come up with better targeted questions. cheers