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  1. Status Report 3 July 2018

    its not perfect but its something. Friendly Chernarus spiderman. https://imgur.com/l8CNljC
  2. Status Report 3 July 2018

    i have a request!! Someone should edit spiderman onto the jumping on roofs gif. Pls
  3. New UI

    While playing 0.63 experimental i noticed that the UI icons ( in the right corner ) are grey and only change color to red or yellow. While drinking water or eating i found it difficult to know if im completely full or hydrated. id recommend when being completely full they on water or food they should turn to greyish green color so people might now when to stop eating or drinking. ( dont know if this is planned to be changed already )
  4. Status Report - 27 February 2018

    is it just me or are the before images much better then the after images? did they get them mixed up?
  5. Hey guys new masks for game would be cool.

    im 101% sure that all your crazy, silly and stupid mask needs will be satisfied once the modding comes.
  6. think about it.

    Exactly my point.... modding will be nice feature to the game and add more to it. I just got slightly frustrated after coming across people saying that it is a "magic bullet " to all the problems.
  7. think about it.

    This is post is mostly to the people that say things like " release modding " "modders would have finished this game by now " "mods will make dayz great" and soo on. I see people that make such claims to be quite stupid ( sorry if you feel offended but you are ). My point being is that there already is a dayz mod out there! So think about it for just a second and realize that saying something like " Release modding then dayz will be great and ready in no time " is just ignorant and mostly stupid. The mod that exists is not bad ...but it aint that great aswel. So what would be different if they release modding for dayz at this early stage of their development. All you will have is a nother dayz mod slightly different. Just got annoyed after comming across comments that state that modding is all the game needs. So i made a post that maybe some of thoes people who say that realize how stupid it actually is to comment s**t like that.
  8. jeah you are on to something there ! Like tinted sunglasses when worn make you see for example in green,brown maybe even pink tint....also when ruined or badly damaged glasses are worn a crack or maybe even mud, dirt or such would be present when used.
  9. I agree removing the eye zoom. More use for binoculars and similar items.
  10. Zombie type

    that would be nice :) rather than having 1 type of "zombies" everywhere even the difference in damage type could make things more interesting-
  11. Dead Military Soldier ( Dynamic Event )

    IF all the people left the area then there would be no DAYZ wouldnt there? And i doubt that the military just left the area ...they probly died turning action...maybe some escaped and get caught by death later on. Anyway...dayz producers should release some more lore about the dayz world... what happened exactly and what else is going on in the world.That would make easier to suggest things that fit the dayz world rather than arguing about them. But on second thought our suggestions and stuff will probly make the dayz lore. Good suggestion i like it myself
  12. Refund

    t3h_kgb after going through this topic and most of the replies that you wrote this sums it up quite accurately... EDIT: Why is this not in graveyard ?
  13. does not matter if the devs allow it or not....cant be sure until its actualy released. might be simple exploits around it or something that would allow modders to "rape" the game. We will see once its released.
  14. jea...i get your suggestion. More variety of loot after 0.63 will be added im sure and hopefully they see this suggestion and go " Hmm...this makes sense." restricting loot to its specific location only makes it kinda less immersive but then again its logical that you find police items in a police station. That should not be the case in my opinion since when the infected appeared it probly caused some chaos, therefor you have a chance to find svd in a civilan house. Dont know how presistence exactly works but maybe they can do something about it to make looting and finding it more immersive. Also would love to have some misc items in the game aswell ( mod had empty tin cans if i recall correctly ) and loot placement overall id like it to be more various ( seeing gun against a wall or a axe you can take from a treestump, backbag outside leaning against a fence ) EDIT: Modding probly addresses the issue if not done by developers. My only fear is that moded servers liked " m4 spawn SERVER " and " NUKE! +200 cars: +50 helis " will cast a shadow on moders that actualy make the game better by adding great content do it.
  15. Fall damage rework

    This has been a problem since the very beginning. But if you are new here just know that it most likely is being worked on. Here is is WIP content on that: