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  1. Xbox Update 05/12/2018

    Anychance we can get a little info on what will be happening with brass knuckles? Honestly, them being a one hit KO was the best thing to happen in the game, and was the only thing that ever stopped me from simply killing agressors/potential threats; and while I understand it can be a problems with fresh spawns on the coast I honestly feel it's all part of the risks you take (and it wasn't as if you couldn't block the knockout punch) and how you play out a situation. I'd love to hear some feedback, as I really do enjoy the player interactions in this game and the knuckles were definately a nice alternative to simply killing everyone that was "less than friendly"
  2. Xbox Update 05/12/2018

    Legends, cheers heaps for the constant hard work and support you're giving to both XBOX and PC. With progress like this, the road to 1.0 is going to be a fun one indeed!
  3. Basebuilding and cars on thursday 22nd!!

    Y'all fooling yourselves. - if nothing goes wrong during internal testing, we'll be releasing a big Game Preview update on Thursday, November 22 - next week. We're announcing this with a little bit of a warning since there are quite a few things that can still break the build, but hopefully, we should be all good - DAYZ Dev Team.
  4. Xbox Development Briefing - November 16, 2018

    You're actually starting to break my heart a little in the realization we on XBOX wont get a DAYZ BR until after 1.0 and some spinoff GAMEZ titled is released :P Suddenly I realised I'll never truly be happy until we get mod support on console? Can we all just complain about that instead or, next?
  5. Xbox Development Briefing - November 16, 2018

    You're actually pretty onto it there, the Arma community is freaking amazing too. To be honest though, I kind of don't play DAYZ on PC anymore, and as nerdy as it sounds I pretty much only use the PC for gaming when playing Space Engineers nowdays :P I've pretty much converted to DAYZ XBOX, as I already had with Battlefield and then PUBG as I just have a lot of friends in real life who have XBOX's. That all being said, DAYZ is still a unique and heartpounding experience backed by some of the most impressive concepts ever seen in gaming, I'll continue to play it and it'll probably be the main game I play on console for a while. I'm by no means looking for anything other than a brutally realistic survival game, with a monster map, and perma-death. New guns and features are always welcome.
  6. Xbox Development Briefing - November 16, 2018

    Of course my dude, GT: PureMarksman. Join my community Club: DAYZ HQ
  7. Xbox Development Briefing - November 16, 2018

    Dude that'd be amazing. I was hoping that'd be Fallout 76 in a way, it wasn't... I really bought Scum thinking that would have a fighting chance, but right now it's way behind and honestly caved a long time ago becoming a much smaller stat based survival game. Something like the forest, done with 100 players would be cool... and you know I'd really love to see something of DAYZs calibre but as a Walking Dead game with huge hordes and NPC bandirs to... I dunno, but I also just remembered how much I wish state of decay 2 was more like DAYZ... Bro you might be right. But in 5 years, if DAYZ is still the only game like this outside of future Arma games and perhaps even space sim mods I won't be surprised... I've heard this kind of talk for years now, I've never seen anyone get close and I couldnt imagine anyone other than rockstar truly beating bohemia in terms of complexity and quality. Change my mind :P
  8. Xbox Development Briefing - November 16, 2018

    Meanwhile: In probanly less than a year bohemia will be raking in 80AUD per sale for 1.0 when everyone is convinced that DAYZ is the best game ever! Until something else captures everyones attention. Only time will tell I guess.
  9. Xbox Development Briefing - November 16, 2018

    Meanwhile: The devs are probably sweating balls trying to release this XBOX update by the end of the day to finally have the two builds on par. Meanwhile: The PC is community also is telling them everything on Beta is still pretty broken and that they should patch it. Meanwhile: XBOX players are really angry they don't yet have a broken version of the broken Beta and would like a date and time on when to expect an update that they can further ridicule ie. request dates for fixes and further updates. Meanwhile: Some dude from the office in Bohemia, "I told you we should have launched to console at 1.0" Meanwhile: Some PS4 owners, will DAYZ include PSVR support? Bohemia, goodluck.
  10. Xbox Development Briefing - November 16, 2018

    I just totally love this comment. I agree. But no, what I'm wishing for I suppose, is that for people to understand the huge technical achievements that have actually taken place for these guys to get this game from a $1000 PC to a 2013 XBOX ONE. I wish more people actually did give a fuck about art and design, CS and development so that they'd understand the Devs are just people trying to make this shit work. Theres a reason why this game isn't a full release, theres a reason they're are hesitant of giving you a "beta" and how can you be surprised when this is how everyone acts? OUTRAGED AT THE DEVELOPMEMT PROCESS! Fuck off... what the hell do you expect them to do? I like this comment because you're right. My opinion doesn't mean shit dude, and really don't want to offend anyone here I honestly love you all just for playing this game I think its awesome and the community is mental (in a good way). But I am just here, as a student I guess... and ameteur Unity developer, artist, and modder just trying to be at least one voice in these comments section yelling "Its cool Bohemia I get it!". I didn't come in replying to anyone... I just had the intention of being the opposite of the whine.
  11. Xbox Development Briefing - November 16, 2018

    Homie, they literally said theres major possibilities for delays and have been saying as much on twitter ever since. They have the date as part of a roadmap the public keeps asking for even now... it explicitly said that this update had possible complications that may not be resolved. They pretty much have you all a roadmap whilst attempting not to overhype exactly what was being released, as possible. I was expecting the update tonight as well dude. But how can honestly know DAYZ exists, and have played this game in it's current state and not had seen this coming? Are you insane? Read the fineprint.
  12. Xbox Development Briefing - November 16, 2018

    Yeah I agree this would pretty much shut everyone up.
  13. Xbox Development Briefing - November 16, 2018

    Dude no one is telling you how much to care... you just sound salty now retreating to ol' "You're just kiss the Devs ass" bullshit. It's simple my dude. Some of understand the huge ammount of work that goes into this kind of stuff and it's just sad that the praise are overshadowed by the small minded complaints from the minority of consumers who demand that DAYZ be some bitch aspiring for the highest count. It's a sandbox survival simulator, a toolbox for stories and something that needs to be done right, not quickly. The reason so many of us KNOW you're complaints are mindless and irrational is because we all thought the same as you did once upon a time. Still years later, no other games ever even tried to do what DAYZ is doing... so I'm not going to pretend I know exactly how they're going to pull of it off, but I know from experience after experience that they ARE, and it's only getting better with each iteration. The Devs are fucking geniuses in my opinion and I ever end up with a product half as legendary and exciting as DAYZ I'd be stoked.
  14. Xbox Development Briefing - November 16, 2018

    That's hardly what I am saying. I simply find the whole idea of people being this shattered by the development process rediculous... it never used to be like this. It's almost as if people think games don't take 10 years to make... I swear to god, people nowdays also just feel entitled to everything almost instantly and this whole "right to voice your opinion" bullshit has been more a good excuse to talk shit about people and their work. The "consumer" has lost respect for the industry, and sure I get why you can argue a lot of that is because of big companies screwing over the little guys (you know... smaller companies like these guys) and that the reputation is earned; but I argue a lot of the complaining here comes simply from bored idiots with nothing better to do with their life than wait and demand on others to constantly generate content for them; and THAT is the reason so much bullshit is happening "these days" between the consumer and developers rushing promises and content. There is a huge disconnect between the consumer, and the huge ammount of work that goes into these productions and it's not only frustrating but pathetic. You know how a game like DAYZ came to be? Because a huge community of role players, artists, computer scientist, and modders spent years developing a sandbox experience so great it became something worth actually investing in... not because a bunch of lil brats wanted a game. So sure, say what you want about me buddy. But I've been the "consumer" for years now... I'm just defending my turf so don't take personally :P
  15. Xbox Development Briefing - November 16, 2018

    If you're taking days off of work to play videogames then YOU'RE the one who needs to "get it together" buddy.