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  1. Thrill is Gone

    I've got almost 20 days play time on the XBOX and spend all of that in the top most high pop severs... I've honestly never been ganked by someone I didnt avtually see, and only ever met one person using exploits of any kind. I'd say it's just the luck of the draw, and as stated by others who commented you need to play safe. When I get in proxy encounters people dont not kill me because they're nice, they don't open fire because I'm always paranoid and agressive enough to make sure they know who is in control of the situation, and know that I am always aware of my surroundings. Survival in DAYZ is not garaunteed, especially with survivors it is earned.
  2. Server merge

    It's unlikely, despite the fact a lot of players will use a low pop sever to free loot, and make ground without opposition... the Devs aren't stupid enough to risk providing us a fix that would consequently upset a portion of the player base. I to however totally think they should just give these players a single player offline mode, then incorporate a sever based instance system much like many MMOs do for the multiplayer. However, this is unlikely... for now your best bet to stay populated and avoid the cowards and hoppers is to stick to a single hive. Once we have private severs we should be seeing a lot less issues surrounding the topic as people wont be able to bring easily geared characters from a low pop into actual player populated severs. This should help with your issue of not seeing many high pop severs, as I can tell you now the reason for this is because most people are to piss scared to get anything done around people so they run away to a sever with 3 people to get loot because that's what they find fun. Ps. This rant is not directed towards new players, but towards veteran players who feel the need to go hide away in a mid to low pop. If you cant train, walk around, or get anything done in a 60 player sever, then you're not going to make it long anyways.
  3. Siren

    I tend to use the PA system in Cherno, and Elektro quite often in high population severs. So if you ever hear someone blasting The Pina Colada song or Jerk it out followed soon by the Purge Announcement... that's me.
  4. Xbox Update 12/10/2018

    Obviously, as there are inventory changes included.
  5. Xbox Update 12/10/2018

    Thanks heaps guys, always good to see progress. One question, does this inventory capacity fix bring back limited slots inside containers? or is this related to another issue? I miss the system that we saw in the closed beta, as it gave micromanagement meaning and an incentive to hunt for drybags and first aid kits. It seemed far more akin to the system seen on PC, and gave the illusion of "making things fit" which I actually really enjoy in a game like DAYZ; I've just can't get with the idea of fitting 35 apples into a assault vest...
  6. Topic needed for tips on crafting

    Tents and Barrels will be re-added to the game soon. Unfortunately sever hopping is possible, and yes of course all persistence features are present in the DAYZ (Game Preview)
  7. General hints and tips

    Excellent idea for a thread! Cheers for the shout out, it's actually awesome to see the community banding together. I'll see you in Chernarus brother.
  8. How do you Edit your Characters appearance

    Character creation is hardly a priority at this point in time, and frankly I wouldnt mind if they just removed it completely. The idea of dying, and coming back as someone new makes sense and the feeling of knowing you don't want to lose a character adds to the suspense and fear of engagements. Despite the fact a lot of n00bs are just suiciding to change character, I dont think it effects the game in anyway. Dayz has never been about customizing your profile, even though we had character creation on PC I don't think its necessary to impliment but I am sure it will end up on XBOX anyways.
  9. Inventory Management, please explain

    That's exactly right, and you have done a better job putting this into words than I thought I had, so thank you good sir :P As far as I know there is no visual indicator for 'slots', if I am switching a backpack and am unsure of how many slots I have to work with I'll usually press X to split some loose rounds to see how many 1 round slots I can fill up. Also, as stated above I'm not entirely sure how correct I am; but via this system I have almost always managed to to fill my containers to their maximum carry capacity. I think we are pretty close to say the least, and if you find out anything more don't forget to come back and drop it in the thread. See you in Chernarus :)
  10. free movement with the head

    Why would this be missing? Why? Because it's a pain trying to bind this many keys to an XBOX controller, and have things run smoothly. As someone who's spent 100's of hours using a controller for DAYZ Standalone I can tell you it's not easy. But as has been stated by the Devs for the last week or two now, features are currently missing on the XBOX controller while they work on perfecting and finalizing their controller implementation. This includes features like free-look, walk, and auto-run as well as the additional emotes such as sit down, lay down, and surrender. If people would just spend more time on Twitter, discord, and reading status reports you'd know they're actively working on this.
  11. Inventory Management, please explain

    Very close, the way I've seemed to find it works is as follows: items of clothing and bags have a limited pre-defined ammount of slots. For example Jean's have 3 slots, while TTSKO has 4. Containers also have a carry capacity, as defined by the numbers which represent weight. For example, I am wearing a Hunter Backpack with 80 carry capacity. I am currently at 76/80 and still have 2 slots left for apples or cans etc, the ONLY way I was able to do this was with protector cases and dry bags. This is hard for me to explain, and maybe it's why we haven't had an official announcement on this system yet, I am sure there is a better way to explain it.
  12. XBOX Private Hives

    I'm aware of how it may work, the thing I want to know when I can actually spend some money and set-up a private sever with a password. The fact is we run a large Xbox group, DAYZ HQ and have a lot of plans to setup RP/whitelist severs so that we can host events in a controlled environment. I'm mostly just looking for speculation on when this may be avaliable, as theres little to no reason I can think of as to why I couldn't just pay-to-rent a sever via Bohemia like XBOX SEVER 105 for example... besides the obvious fact the game hasn't left closed preview on XBOX at this time.
  13. XBOX Private Hives

    Hi there guys, just wondering exactly if, when, and how we will be able to access private severs/hives via DAYZ (Game Preview). Will there be an official means of renting severs, or will it be dependant on private Hives as seen on PC? Thanks heaps. Keep up the great work!
  14. DAYZ (Game Preview) BUG REPORTS

    Hahaha, is that what they call Controller Sharing? That's hillarious I haven't heard that one before :P
  15. DAYZ (Game Preview) BUG REPORTS

    All thanks go to @AlexRUiLs for streaming the controllers. I was just doing my best to mod play times, and run people through the basics, as well make sure they knew where to find the forums and future release information. Thanks heaps for checking out the stream though, it all helps DAYZ andI hope to see you soon in Chernarus :)