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  1. DAYZ (Game Preview) BUG REPORTS

    Hahaha, is that what they call Controller Sharing? That's hillarious I haven't heard that one before :P
  2. DAYZ (Game Preview) BUG REPORTS

    All thanks go to @AlexRUiLs for streaming the controllers. I was just doing my best to mod play times, and run people through the basics, as well make sure they knew where to find the forums and future release information. Thanks heaps for checking out the stream though, it all helps DAYZ andI hope to see you soon in Chernarus :)
  3. The Main Problem with Consoles

    I think this line of thinking is spawned via the narrow minded opinions of PC elitist. I absolutely get where you're coming from, but a lot of people on XBOX do know what DAYZ is. They have been watching Frankie and Sada since the dawn, and most are up to date with the likes of M1NDR and Septic. The fact is most of the time, people don't just stumble across DAYZ and think oh Ill give it a go, instead a very large majority of players have seen the game online, and then gone out of their way to take part in what they know is an absolute bug fest. The same goes for Xbox, only with the addition we have been waiting for this game for a long time, and know exactly what to expect on release. Perhaps a lil research into the community via reddit, and twitter to see how keen XBOX users are to see proximity chat in games like PUBG and Vigor would help, (even without a mic for example 2/5 people on Vigor attempt communication via crouch bobbing.) But yeah. I do get the points being made in this thread, and understand the disadvantages Party Chat user face in-game. However to assume XBOX LIVE does not have a huge community of role players, or discords avaliable, is nothing short incorrect and kinda of offensive. As someone that plays a lot of Standalone to this day, I know my chances of being KOS are already around 70%, I don't think much will change come a few months post release when the hype trains dies down and only the real fans remain.
  4. Why I'm excited.

    I just think its important we all keep an open mind, and do our best to make DAYZ what we think it should be, leading by example. There will be challenges in the beginning as always. But come 6 months, to a year from release and the players who have stuck around will be the ones worth playing with.
  5. DAYZ (Game Preview) BUG REPORTS

    Hey guys, so I've been testing out as much of the DAYZ (Game Preview) as possible via the incredibly generous streams provided by AlexRUils sharing his controls; a big shout out and thank you to Alex from all of us who are getting the chance to contribute. Throughout my sessions, I've kept a few notes on what I find to be the most common bugs/issues experienced so far. I'll be posting what I can with as much information as possible, however please note game recordings of all instances bellow can be found amongst AlexRUiLs saved mixer streams (as mixer users are unable to capture screenshots or recordings via mixers Controller Sharing feature) DAYZ (Game Preview) Bug Report: 1. Doors Animations and Collisions. Most doors do not open away from the player. This is not always an issue, however certain buildings with obstacles out front, near the door (Porches/Varandas, Fencing) will often result in the player being stuck between the door and obstacle, or simply stuck inside the door or wall itself unable to move. Closing the door will then unstick the player. Problems persist until the player repositions before attempting to reopen the door. 2. Equipping Clothing & Equipment Sometimes, when attempting to switch out a piece of clothing or equipment (vest, protector cases etc) from the vicinity to your inventory, or from the vicinity to 'equip', all current stored items in the container are lost upon moving the item. 3. Using Items/Interactions On occasion using an item becomes impossible, and the action/animation is continuously canceled upon holding RT almost immediately. Repeated attempts result in no success. Current solution so far has required the player to drop or store the item from their hands, and reequip to use. (The same issue is also present when attempting to use a knife, or an axe to cut trees, or tear rags etc. The same solution applies, drop the item and reequip to use.) 4. Character Movement Whilst I am unsure what causes this to happen exactly, it appears at least some of the time right after landing a small drop/fall that intiates the "landing animation" the character movement becomes stuck, rigid, and slow. Laying down prone, and aiming has been found to fix the issue. 5. Player Animations An animation error occurs when equipping your weapon via Holding the Y button, whilst running forward and looking behind you. I assume either the camera fails to reposition facing forwards, or the player character fails to turn around and face the direction the camera is looking. Either way, the issue results in the camera locked facing behind you, and the character animations going haywire as the player model attempts to turn around. Removing the equipped item/weapon from your hands via pressing Y again does not fix the issue, and instead bugs out the players movement casuing them to "moon walk" uncontrollably in one direction. The only fix we found was using an emote to overwite the action/animation, then cancelling the emote. 6. Persistence Failure Exiting the game, and logging back into to same sever, or any other will almost always result in some loss of inventory. On occassion, in game, items can also sometimes completely dissapear from the players inventory for no reason, no current cause for this issue has yet been identified. Thanks again to Alex for the chance to be a part of the insider experience and help support DAYZ in whatever way possible, and a huge thanks to the Devs for producing such an amazing build for us to try. Looking forward to the next round of signups!
  6. Why I'm excited.

    I've been around since the dawn of Standalone, the problem isn't consoles its people. DAYZ was never "nothing but greatness" from the get go, what made it great was the commited and intelligent community presence. But the fact is there are as many trash KOS severs on PC as there is or ever will be anywhere, the only benefit to PC that all the trolls, and people not there for the hardcore survival have simply gotten bored and gone off with hype train onto other games. The only people left on DAYZ now are real fans of the game, or fans of the streamers that promote it, whome most of the time play in a very friendly, rp, or social way. So don't pretend PC severs are somehow all amazing, because I have standalone *cough*TrumpsWall*cough*. All PC has is a more devoted, and experienced player base who do a damn good job managing their severs.
  7. In passion about soon Xbox preview

    Dude this is amazing!
  8. DayZ Xbox Closed Alpha. Inventory bugs

    Great job spotting the issues and taking the time to post on the forums, detailed feedback is our greatest ally in assisting the devs and helping to get DAYZ to Game Preview. This is exactly the kind of feedback DAYZ needs :D
  9. The Main Problem with Consoles

    Once upon a time around 2 years ago I met a guy on DAYZ, it was my first DAYZ friend who I added and played with every day. He said something to me that I'll never forget. DAYZ is only as fun as YOU are. Bugs or no bugs, it's still greatest MMO survival/social experiment in the history of ever. Anyone who disagrees I'll turn into Human steak :P
  10. Latest screenshots and videos of DayZ on Xbox

    Awesome content, its good to see how the game runs on consoles and live and get a chance questions and see what works. Not only that you're clearly getting a lot of new people curious about the game, nothing excites me more than the idea of fresh bambis ;)
  11. The Main Problem with Consoles

    People will be people, it was never DAYZ's intention of telling anyonehow to play. Just survive, the fact is XBOX via the Hub and XBOX Clubs provides more than enough ways for players to interact, chat, group up, and start factions easily seen by everyone in a way I'd debate may even rival the steam setup. Either way, I hope you're right. Because I know at least a good 20-50 people on XBOX who plan to role the play the sjit out of it, and without raiders and bandits the game wouldn't be as intense and terrifying as it is.
  12. How do we get in the close preview

    Most of us already have Standalone on PC... The problem is we dont all have the luxuary of being able to buy rigs for all of our friends. The fact is, a lot of my mates in real life aren't hardcore gamers. Console is the best option for them, and for a lot of people; not everyone has the time or motivation to play enough to actually buy a computer. Thats really the big reason I've been waiting so long for this.
  13. Close preview question

    Where should we be watching to register first? Here, or Twitter? I'm pretty much following this religiously, I just dint want to get this wrong.
  14. DAYZ (Game Preview) Insider Access.

    Hi there guys, I'm seeing a couple of my friends online playing DAYZ (Game Preview) for XBOX ONE. They have informed me it was an Insider Access Invitation. I was wondering if there is anyway way I can go about submitting an application for early access, and take part in the alpha before it's to late? Note: I've been an XBOX INSIDER for just over a year now, and have partaken in more than a few betas and, bughunts including the recent PUBG Test Severs and VIGOR. I've also owned Standalone now on PC for about 2 years, I am still an active player and avid supporter of the game. I know what to expect, and really just want to be a part of this. I really hope to hear some feedback from someone about current or future applications. Thanks heaps. Gamertag: PureMarksman Love, another DAYZ fanboy.