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  2. bearjew1101

    Real talk..

    I’m with you dude , pc seems to be a much more enjoyable experience tbh. I could be wrong , however at the min it’s a battle of attrition , trying to convince the wife to let me fork out fifteen hundred quid to play one game . Gunna have to sling some serious dick to pull this one off !!!!
  3. RagedDrew

    Recruiting founding members for new clan/group.

    Age - 30+ Mic - Yes Experience - 1k+ Hours on PC (stopped playing PC around version 0.60) About 2 - 3 weeks on Console. During my PC dayz (I was apart of a 20+ man clan where I was second in command) Activity - Can't guarantee active most days during a week (I have a 20+ month baby to care for but I try to be active at least 2 hours a day) Location - Scotland (UK) Langue - English + Scottish slang when I get annoyed lol Job - I can do pretty much anything apart from building, I've not done that yet.
  4. DagiWeh

    Stable Update 1.04

    I get an error when trying to join a private vanilla Server: Client files contain PBO which is not part of the server data. Already tried to let Steam verify the game files but still the same error. Any ideas how to fix this problem?
  5. roccodw

    Stable Update 1.04

    Confirmed! Thank you, would not have thought to do that.
  6. fuck isis

    Stable Update 1.04

    Managed to fix it. Changed resolution to 1080p. Saved. Quit game. Restart game and its running at 1080p but black world. Changed resolution to 1440p. Saved. Everything is rendering and running at full resolution.
  7. roccodw

    Stable Update 1.04

    Getting the same. Character loads fine but world is not rendering. Can move items in inventory and to hands but no actions are available. Is this to do with new spawn configs? I read the note but dont see what needs to be changed on the server config? (private server)
  8. Mantasisg


    Beach ! It is out.
  9. fuck isis

    Stable Update 1.04

    Please help, my world view is pitch black when running the game at my monitor's native resolution (2560x1440). The UI is fine but I can't actually see any of the 3D rendering. This problem persists regardless of whether I am in fullscreen or windowed, or whether V-sync is on or off.
  10. Hi, My usual server DayZ EU - UK 2723 is gone from the PS4 server list. What gives? This server is where my main tent base is with all my gear. Now its not showing in sever list which means I can't get my gear that's stored in my tents . What's the deal with this. Spent weeks gathering gear for you lot to just delete the server. Bit of a joke if you ask me. This game is a hot mess.
  11. Freestylewi

    PS4 hunting stands

    Facing is very important and as another poster said square will allow you to climb the ladder. Assuming you are facing the ladder you should see it say click square to climb. You can also hold down L3 when going down the ladder and your player will slide down the ladder faster then climbing down it.
  12. Today
  13. Sorry, I thought you were being serious as the title specifically says "All jokes aside..."
  14. drgullen

    Cruelty in Dayz

    This is why I suggested you play on regulated, RP-type servers where punishment for breaking the rules happens -- on public servers, that is never going to happen, nor should it. The role of a developer is not to police the servers, waiting for someone to misbehave -- the role of a developer is to develop the game.
  15. drgullen


    Fair enough, but my point is we've had issues in the past where a new patch produces unexpected glitches in similar situations regarding the menu or appearance of the game -- you would think testing how the game reacts after a server crash/restart would be a standard test prior to releasing a patch at this point, but apparently not.
  16. This is awesome, keep it in devs. Great job! 👍
  17. It was in 1.03 aswel. Happens if you have a gun in a pouch in storage. Drag the pouch on, and than use the hotbar keys to put the gun in the hands. Thsn it happens. Solved by just draging the gun on the floor and in the pouch again.
  18. Thundermight

    Cruelty in Dayz

    It's not hipocrisy, all i'm saying is that i want this game's freedom. If you want to be cruel, do it, if you want to be friendly, do it. I was answering original question "what you think of that?".
  19. We all have slightly subtle differences in the way we manage our inventory, so I'm guessing the outcome of actions won't all be the same. I have found that returning items from your hands when using a hotkey is not guaranteed to return it to the same place even if your inventory hasn't changed in the slightest. It's that lack of consistency that is the real problem. That's why I said "random", it's not really random, I was using a touch of poetic licence there. You are right about using a mouse for the UI being pretty decent (and has been improving over the years) - and it would be lovely to have a multiple selection option - but as you know yourself when in the heat of battle and the hotkey stops working for you, dropping to your inventory and starting to drag stuff all over the place is not going to help your fight. I'm not so harsh on the devs for this as it's clear the UI/inventory is forever evolving. It's rare I get completely "locked hands" but it's still annoying when it happens.
  20. RyanS1994


    hotfix is a patch which is for one specific thing, or a few things, a patch technically is exactly that, although a patch can add features, they have the same verification process whether you wanna call it a hotfix or patch
  21. RyanS1994


    they are actually
  22. rickyriot

    Cruelty in Dayz

    So here's a thing. We know that killing and torturing animals in young children is a very high indicator of a serial killer. In fact I think every single convicted modern serial killer started off killing animals. Are you of the mind that similar traits in video games, albeit without a physical "victim", is also a precursor for such psychological disorders?
  23. rickyriot

    Did DayZ Development partially stopped?

    Doubt it, I've been on this forum since 2014 and the game has been in much worse states than it is now. 😉
  24. Dodd54

    Looking for a group

    Where abouts are you from? me and my brother the same from UK
  25. DayzDayzFanboy

    Red dot sight

    I think this is true of a lot of game companies nowadays. I recently tried getting back into Battlefield V, but they still haven't fixed the bug where your screen is completely black except for the HUD. Mob spawning on minecraft is still fucked since bedrock update. RDR2 is too frustrating to play for the bugs. I don't know why we seem to find this more and more. I'm not sure if it's just games becoming more complex or simply pressure from investors to release before they're ready. I understand people's frustration with the bugs on dayz but I still live this game and still find it playable (though to be fair I haven't been on since the unexpected update). I came into this game expecting bugs, I've watched it for years on YouTube, so I guess I make an exception for dayz. I have friends who have played since the mod who say that although it's buggy right now, it's in the best state it's ever been. I think I even heard TRMZ say the same. I look forward to 1.04 and hope that the key issues of duping and hopping are addressed. But, this is still the best survival game on the market for all its faults.
  26. SYG Reaper

    Seems like a dead topic. Looking for someone

    Hey man we have a newly formed group on xbox. We are looking for more loyal people to join up with us and create a community that not only helps each other but helps each other get better at their weaknesses. We play on 4299 and are active pretty much every day all we really ask for is no toxicity. If you want some more info on the group you can message me on xbox @ IG Dakuripa
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