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  2.  Nayte

    “I want an AK”

    The “don’t fiiirreeee” part killed me.
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  4. Evilsausage

    Thoughts on QnA Dev. Stream yesterday

    I remember a couple of months ago when DayZ had just gotten released. Some people said that "they knew that the development would seriously pickup now". Only based on that they got the new engine up and running now. I on the other hand stated that after 6 years of developmemt issues and finally a rushed release. There is zero indications that the DayZ development would pick up. Hate to say it. BUT YOU WHERE SO DAMN WRONG! Wish DayZ had a bright future, but I doubt we will see any major stuff from the devs. And if we do it will still be at a snails pace. There is no big money in DayZ and they know it. Only hope is some seriously talented modders. But eben that has its limits, due to messy core game.
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  6. Mike Garey

    “I want an AK”

    " I want thaaaat AK'"
  7. eno

    Fx-45 pistol unable to

    Well enjoy your single shot then I guess.
  8. chili1496

    Fx-45 pistol unable to

    i can load a single round in it and it will fire just fine, unable to do anything else with it
  9. tandwan

    Thoughts on QnA Dev. Stream yesterday

    I am expecting DLC before any major content updates. Seriously. We've just started using mods because the current content is so far behind anything they do it's depressing.
  10. eno

    Fx-45 pistol unable to

    Had something happen to mine a couple days ago- couldn’t fire it for anything. Let bam try it... nothing. Had to dump it.
  11. chili1496

    Fx-45 pistol unable to

    Remove magazine? As above i have used/fired this weapon in game currently it is in a worn condition, i have not been able to remove the mag, exchange the mag, or load the mag, i have however been able to remove all the bullets 1 by 1 and pulling the trigger each time resulted in just a click. anyone else have this issue, or know what to do to fix it? thanks
  12. Kirov (DayZ)

    Polls: Blood & Health values in DayZ

    When I joined DayZ, I was so excited about the medical system and the role of the medic. I remember I used to carry all kinds of medicine and kits. After a while, I learnt how the system works and figured out that all I ever need to carry are 6 rags. Even morphine is not worth it if you don't PvP on a regular basis. Nothing important has changed in this department since 2014. Limping, etc. are just trinkets. Nobody ever needs any help outside of PvP. It's a shame, I'd love to don my paramedic uniform and patrol the coasts again. While we're at it, can someone explain to me why we can draw our own blood but can't reapply it to ourselves? Blood test kits, blood bags and saline bags practically don't exist for solo players.
  13.  Nayte

    “I want an AK”

    I know man, I was crying from laughter.
  14. nikoor

    “I want an AK”

    lost it at the fire extinguisher 😄
  15. Mr_Whirly

    Dystopia #1 and #2

    Old guys looking for like minded old guys to team up. Children, ragers and racists need not apply.
  16. Imortaldragonx

    Car Repairing

    I believe that DayZ is in a very good place now the controls are intuitive and there is a attention to detail that you don't see in other games and it feels very polished and there is no issue with frame rate. However with the introduction of the 4x4 and now the Olga it has become apparent that finding a working or at least semi working one is next to impossible and even after finding one, finding the parts needed to repair it to working order is even harder due to their infrequent spawning and the huge inventory space these parts take up and how slow it makes your character when carrying them in your hands. This situation makes cars de facto unusable. This I believe is a sad state of affairs for two main reasons. 1. This essentially locks off certain functions of the game that we have been waiting and looking forward to for a long time, such as the use of cars themselves and base building due to the large amount of inventory space needed for base building can only be provided by a car. 2. Cars are another thing to generate further player interactions (i.e fights) as players are more cautious when they have invested more time into their characters and it is harder to spot and or bump into other players when tracking through forest and fields. Yet if accessable cars were available people would be more willing to be adventurous and probably have more fun plus cars make a lot of noise thus encouraging more interaction and through the need for fuel stops and repairs. 3. DayZ is a realistic zombie survival simulator and in the apocalypse one would not expect all the cars to disappear and for those that remain to have their parts taken and dropped in random places around the map if anything they should be rather rather plentiful. Finally I understand that for gameplay reasons cars should not be everywhere and ready to go, it takes away something to work for and practically for the server's it's not a good idea. However, my suggestion is simply to amend the spawns for the cars as they are now. I.e. that the cars have a chance of spawning with whatever parts that they have, however whatever parts that they are missing have to spawn with a certain radius of the car spawn and these spawns have to be indoors and have a higher probability of spawning in industrial units. The radius size could be a flat out radius size for all car spawns or it could vary depending on where the spawn is for example a car spawn in a city may have a smaller radius circle of 1km or 0.5km as there would be more potential housed that the parts needed to repair it could spawn whereas in the countryside it could be larger to account for there being less possible spawn locations. Anyway these are just my thoughts as it is frustrating to find a car in Berizino only needing one tire and a spark plug and fuel but after searching the whole of Berizino and the lumber mill not finding anything. Or at the very least the increase in car spawns should accompany with an increase of car parts to repair them so one can enjoy all the elements of the game and it not just remain a walking simulator.
  17. Influence_X

    Polls: Blood & Health values in DayZ

    Anyone else remember this status report regarding dead bodies? In addition to needing "survival mechanics" we are also missing "dead body mechanics" and gore. https://www.dayztv.com/video/dayz-status-report-highlight-24-may-2016-60-current-state-dead-body-csi/ Dev Update: P. Nespesny There was a buzz in the community about dead bodies and how long they should stay on a server. Coincidentally we were dealing with the design on dead bodies a few days ago, so I would take the opportunity to write down a short summary of what we settled on and what will hopefully be implemented to enrich player experiences, as death is an inseparable part of DayZ. First off I want to emphasize that the current 10 minutes timer for survivors, after which their dead bodies are removed from the server, is temporary and it’s set like that because of two reasons – avoiding unnecessary burden of server performance and making metagaming of getting your loot back a bit more inconvenient. In an ideal world where dead bodies don’t drain server performance, they should remain at their positions until server restart. To achieve this, a dead body can’t simply be switched to a static object since it was positioned by ragdoll, so it will look very unnatural, not to mention that survivors can have countless combinations of gear and equipment attached to them, so it’s nearly impossible to prepare corresponding objects beforehand or bake them on demand. Server performance will be stressed to a minimum once we’ll be able to turn off all unnecessary components like physics, AI, and others after death, so it will allow us to stretch the lifetime of dead bodies to the maximum reasonable value. Later, the central loot economy will help us fight the metagaming I mentioned at the beginning by removing items when they reach the end of their lifetime, which can be changed on demand. However, having dead bodies scattered around the environment wouldn’t be very meaningful unless there is an important part allowing you to create stories or make decisions based upon them. It’s our intention to make everything as graphical as possible and we also want this to be the case for dead bodies of animals and especially other survivors. Visual observation of dead bodies can give you answers for questions such as, what happened at a specific location, or to evaluate the level of potential risk in any given area. All this should be indicated from easily readable facts like how that being died, how long ago it died, and what actions were performed on its dead body. After death, a body can be found in different states which are visualized by small or complete changes of appearance. Obviously actions like skinning a body should leave a pile of unusable remnants to be removed later, such as burying it with the proper tools on the right surface thus creating a built up heap of soil. More interesting is how a dead body changes its stages to reflect how long it’s been laying around and how it affects interactions and other mechanics. Flies, and later on decaying flesh, helps you to estimate the timeframe and warn you that meat collected after skinning will be rotten, and it will be better if you disinfect looted items from a corpse before using them. Decals, which are generated from bullet and/or melee hits, stay on dead bodies, and coupled with blood puddles from severe bleeding, these unveil the probable cause of death. Note that all changes to character appearance acquired while alive, like beards, bloody hands, and others are visualized in the dead state too. It’s much needed to keep dead bodies present as long as possible, same as the added functionality of them. I’m eager to see how their behavior over time changes gameplay and player experiences by building a more believable world and making DayZ’s atmosphere even more tense at the end. Bodies fill the fields I see… see you in Chernarusfolks!
  18. Coday

    holdups in kamensk

    I try to hold up players in the kamensk military base. Video is in german, but the holdups are in english. I give you 2 links with time stamps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Cyp9FOdlgo&t=4m1s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Cyp9FOdlgo&t=7m10s (a livestream viewer joined me and a third unknown player appears) Please let me know if you have any feedback! 🙂
  19. John Murphy


    I'm happy to play, my GT is John m GTR usually play of a evening - midnigh GMT but also sometimes play throughout the day . Before work etc ...

    good server host

  21. John Murphy

    GTR NL Recruitment - Xbox

    Hi, first time poster here. Sorry if this is in the wrong thread. 30 year old male from England. Looking for mature, global players welcome.Xbox Console. New players welcome. Just don't be immature I am looking for sensible communicative players on Xbox , my base server is NL.. Sick of being pray for bandits. Keep running into pairs or more and being shot on site. Looking for some backup. I have a decent rooftop base full of supplies and would love to have some company with like-minded players. Trying to build a positive group and not a gang of bandits. I have probably over 150+ hours on this game and I am a serious gamer with over 200k gamer score. Dayz is more than (glitchy) achievements and having played since before full release can say this game will never get old. Intense situations around every corner and can never hurt to have a extra set of eyes or three. Hit me up EDIT: I realise this is in the PC thread not Xbox , if a mod could move it to the correct forum that would be great. I apologise for any inconvenience.
  22. cdb8457

    Sedan, Where are you?

    I cannot find this beast. Its in my type.xml, but cannot find it. How would I raise the spawn rate?
  23.  Nayte

    “I want an AK”

    This was the video I stumbled across of theirs, felt very appropriate for me and I’m sure many others: I can’t believe I’m only finding them now, absolutely incredible.
  24. ImageCtrl

    Donald Trump

  25. bent.toe

    “I want an AK”

    Hahaha! Best youtube video 2019!
  26. BoutiqueStore

    IvoryDayz Roleplay Community

    IVORYDAYZ OFFIAL LAUNCH TONIGHT! With our official launch just coming up in 2 hours, I am inviting everybody to join and see how it is. It'd be great to have as many individuals on the server upon launch to bring in a proper community, aswell as we are getting a famous content creator to help with the advertising of the server to help population increase and create a dynamic but consistent growing storyline of the servers lore. You will need to be registered on the forums at https://ivorydayz.com/ to obtain the information on modlist, passwords and IP for the server. Joining our discord will also be a great way to interact with staff members, get help on issues and interact with fellow members and give your feedback and suggestions at https://discord.gg/f2JfDJk
  27. Has anybody else had an issue when they dug up their stash the bag or chest was empty? I dug up three different stashes and all of them are empty. Is somebody messing with me or is this a known bug?
  28. Suggestion: Add rifle grenades in the game ... (Future DLC) Rifle grenades are not grenade launchers, they are grenades to attach to the barrel rifle use agains enemies in cars or structures like houses, fortifications etc Bellow a exemple for FN FAL this will a good strategic ADD on for game 😄
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