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  2. bandito6000

    More lag than usual?

    That's a base loading in your vicinity The size of the base determines how bad the lag is.
  3. YES There's nothing quite like it on xbox. BUT That's my opinion.
  4. Today

    Exp Update 1.03.151552

    I cannot even get the option to add the combination locks, cannot even drag to the gate, tried from scratch building 3 times locks will not even go on, wont attach, If you can get the lock on then you've gotten further than most of us, Correct me if Im wrong. Please fix the combo locks with gates devs.
  6. MrGriffyO

    HELP: ANY servers with starting loot?

    This game became a joke, laugh all you want but its practically a camping simulator and you can run around for 2 hours and not even get a gun. That leaves you to hitting zombies with a knife while combatting in the clunkiest interface possible, a complete embarrassment. I played the real DayZ on arma 2 and the game was great. What ruined it was trying to make the game so "realistic" that every part enjoyable in the mod turned into inconvienace in the SA.
  7. I know there is hate going on about the duplication stuff. But I've been thinking of buying this game for a while and just wondering if it's worth it as it's on sale 30% off right now.
  8. IamThatMfMrColwyn

    No PvP/Friendly fire servers

    I was wanting to know if there was any plans in the future, for a no PvP set of servers. Servers that players can't harm other players. If there aren't any plans for this, would players be interested in something like this, and would this take away for the experience of the game. I enjoy the game as is, but would also like to see something along the lines of this implemented, but feel like without dangers, other than the infected, surviving the wilderness, etc. the game would be lacking. It still needs enemies, but seems to make human players less than trusting, and hostile. I think that is in some ways the dayz mentality, but also want some cooperation some of the time. I was thinking NPC combatants, on these no PvP type of servers, would maybe make up for the loss of the other humans as enemies.
  9. IamThatMfMrColwyn

    Night time server hopping

    I noticed that most players want to swap servers at night due to the fact they are unable to see, and jump back and forth between servers staying in the light. I will join into a low populated server, it would be night and when the sun rose the server would fill up. I was just wondering if anyone else has seen this, and if maybe something about the visibility issues at night could be done to help these players stay on servers without the need to swap back and forth, so they might get to spend more time playing, instead of waiting at loading screens. I still have the old Xbox One, and experience a lot of lag issues, so I continue playing on the servers at night, it is a little more difficult to see, but have less lag. Adjusting my brightness settings helped.
  10. MarczXD320

    More lag than usual?

    Sig me up, and my game is also crashing way more than usual.
  11. liquidcactus

    Stranger Things Season 3 trailer

    It's a great show. I dont know anyone who does not like it. There has been a serious resurgence of 80's culture and throwbacks in moofies in the recent years and I love it. If you dont mind moofies that are dark a great one is MANDY with nick cage. It's like a 80's psychadelic death metal horror set in 1983.
  12. Well Indeed. Tho I'm still surprised this topic hasnt found its way to the graveyard yet. Then again, I guess its because.. WE CAN ALL RELATE
  13. The problem is that this would make it even more "in your face" that there's an "artificial" light source attached to you.
  14. It's a friggin shame. Duping has always been in the game and it doesnt seem like its going away anytime soon thats for sure. I just stick to private hives and hardcore servers where these types of idiots that dupe dont realy exist EDIT: One duper like this comment
  15. liquidcactus

    HELP: ANY servers with starting loot?

  16. Yesterday
  17. duping and server hopping has been around since the game released in 2013. The adding of items and features still had to happen. This is why i only play on hardcore servers that arent connected to a hive or other servers. No friggin hoppin that way 🤪
  18. Finally we have M4s, AKs, LARs, Rifle suppressors after searching for months. It's sad because I've done the search for crash site thing in hope of finding Rare weapons came across 6 crash sites in one day not one weapon in them. I am 100 percent sure that these weapons have been Duped to the point where they no longer spawn in crash sites or military bases. This is a awesome game that is being ruined by dupers, I guess they won't be happy until people don't play it anymore. We also found 10 medium tents 8 large military tents 5 car tents 25 plate carriers and like 25 large military backpacks. I have no doubt that this is just one small outpost of these Dupers bases so the number of items duped is insane!!
  19. Thanks for replying om this post I didn't know about xbox live streams. I have an idea tho and I'm not saying im a dev or anything but why not have one character per server? Say you want to play another server then your main instead of bringing your character with all his gear how about you have to start over and build another character while your main character stays on your main server. Wouldn't that fix server hopping and duping???
  20. JohnnyPearl

    Exp Update 1.03.151552

    Please adds support for Brazilian Portuguese text localization
  21. IMHO, the ones that say that dupers aren't ruining the game are dupers themselves.
  22. One thing is for sure.......I really don't want to see gear like NVGs introduced into the game UNTIL duping and server hopping is addressed.
  23. MrGriffyO

    HELP: ANY servers with starting loot?

    Hi, are there any servers that ATLEAST start you off with a pistol? Or even ones that you can do monthly donations for gear? please respond!
  24. acewhittles

    Forced Disconnection

    1.03 has been causing a lot of crashes, could just be that.
  25. acewhittles

    Is this game officialy dead ?

    DUG is hellbent on making the game very challenging because we find the vanilla game boring and far too easy. Not saying it's right for everyone, it's just how we like to play it is all.
  26. headcase

    Selected Servers going Offline on May 27th!

    So we getting the new update at the same time when this severs get shut down
  27. TheYetiBum

    More lag than usual?

    Yep same for me & a series of stutters/total frame drop for 10secs whenever weather or night/day changes occur. Extremely frustrating to say the least. I'm getting desynchronised out more too.
  28. xEuph

    More lag than usual?

    I’ve noticed the past week the lag has been insane sometimes. I’m not talking about solnichy factory on a high pop with 30 people running around, I mean low traffic areas on medium pop servers. And it’s not the normal studder lag, it’s like borderline unplayable. It’s happened multiple times on multiple different servers. I’m assuming it’s because they haven’t wiped in a while so the amount of dupped loot per server is probably astronomical at this point. Anyone else experiencing similar problems?
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