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  2. BetterDeadThanZed

    Stable Update 1.05

    The page just before this one has the update: https://forums.dayz.com/topic/246107-stable-update-105/?page=4&tab=comments#comment-2446190
  3. William Sternritter

    Stable Update 1.05

    The latest experimental moved to stable, perhaps?
  4. Mosi2142

    Stable Update 1.05

    12mg update ? What's new Guys please post A Patchnote
  5. Today
  6. William Sternritter

    Anti server hopping abuse

    I think the idea is good but the current displacement is so distant and random that it serves as a teleport around the map and goes against the core ideas of survival in DayZ. They should narrow it down to a certain diameter around your original location. The idea is to prevent phasing into player built structures it can never really prevent you to loot a military base on another server. But currently it can get you away from a fight or if you just get bored and want to move elsewhere.

    Stable Update 1.05

    What the stable update now?
  8. Dodd54

    VoIP should be changed

    I play with my brother, that’s why!
  9. Koekkenvasken

    No gun sound bug

    Was playing dayz with a friend on xbox, and we encountered another player at nw airfield, i shot at him missed alot because im terible at controllers, and it was clear he couldent hear anything cause he dident react to it realy, my friend that was playing with me couldent hear any of the many shots that was fired also? Is that a known bug?
  10. Dodd54

    Killed By The Invisible Man

    I’ve had this issue and found it was a problem with the server
  11. - Doob -

    Seven Kingdoms

    The Seven Kingdoms Server opens Friday September 20th! Clean, Untouched Server! Roam Solo, Duo, or join a rebellious group, build an army and take over a Kingdom. Take over all 7 kingdoms and become the ruler of Chernarus! We value quality RP through interactions Trade towns, weekend games and much more! No KOS rules Red Zones and Battles for the Kingdoms to scratch the battle itch. We want a natural Dayz experience, No exploits or ALT accounts We have admins through all time zones Find out more https://discord.gg/WdsSDnV
  12. BetterDeadThanZed

    is this normal?

    Oh, a really long link to a Russian website from a guy that joined 12 hours ago? Seems legit.....
  13. Derleth

    Experimental Update 1.05

    Aye. It is a bit inconsistent though so I think there is more to it, such as buildings or structures between the shooter and the infected. Yesterday I was able to sneak around in my overly infested Berezino without rousing the horde, I mostly used melee sneak attacks and popped zeds in the open with the Amphibia. It is important not to miss when shooting suppressed pistols, the bullet impact seems to alert them more than the sound from the discharge. Rifles are, of course, out of the question anyway. Also, throwing objects to lure them away is a working tactic as long as you stay out of sight and make little sound when moving away. All in all infected behaviour is in a good place right now, we just need some small improvements and most of all more of them. Add climbing after players on top of cars/sheds and kicking down weak doors and they'll be properly scary.
  14. Kirov (DayZ)

    How many gulps and other such info (1.05)

    This is most interesting, I thought that meat drying was taken out, being replaced by immediate burning. I tried to dry meat yesterday, but the pot goes very quickly from -10 C through 90 C to 200 C and stays there for a long time. The meat was burnt. I tried to keep a raw chicken in a hot pot, but to no avail. I have no idea how to maintain the temperature < 100 C, maybe the oven is the answer, I'll try that more. Please post here if you find out anything.
  15. ReloTuff Playz

    Anti server hopping abuse

    It doesn’t work, when I first played with the new thing where you spawn random places if you switch servers it surprised me. I was at the military camp after the dam near electro and when I switched servers it teleported me to a different military base with a dirt airfield. I looted that up as well then tried it again. This time I spawned at northeast airfield and I looted it again. The third time, I spawned at bor and headed to Pavlov military base where on the way I found a downed helicopter(field backpack and sks and a bunch of attachments) and then I went to the military base. This is where I am now. Do you guys like the new update or nah?
  16. I have a 10 slot server. My question is if the one with a 50 slot Server has more weapons or military items than mine? What is the amount, or percentage of loot for each type of server? Thank you
  17. Anwah


    a server wipe is needed every so often, I mean they do it on pc for each big update. So why not dayz? It would only make sense
  18. Greensek

    Stable Update 1.05

    Hello Survivors, We have a new Stable Update going live, which includes some fixes and changes for the current 1.05 patch, check the details below. The original post has been updated. ADDED Added: Survivor GameZ information to the main menu Added: Icon to identify modded servers in the server browser FIXED Fixed: Position of the mod panel in the main menu Fixed: LAN servers were not displayed in the server browser Fixed: The inventory of a pot could get stuck in hands Fixed: Dropping items through ctrl+click could crash the game Fixed: Tents could be damaged by projectiles or explosions Fixed: Broken holding animation when switching two-handed rifles with rags (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T144007) SERVER Fixed: A client and server error when jumping while reloading a magazine Fixed: A server error when shooting at the Sarka 120 MODDING Fixed: Items can be attached to moving entities
  19. Anwah

    Duping still a problem...

    Damn, I wish I could get the refund too, I like this game and the concept but console isn't worth it especially after seeing the pc side of things, the community and such is overall better and has a lot more bells and whistles and whatnot but there are other games this 50 bucks definitely could have gone toward instead.
  20. Skimshady

    Dayz Xbox Mods

    They cant even sort lag or duping never mind modding lol
  21. lex__1

    Experimental Update 1.05

    I would say that now even one shot from a pistol with a suppressor is enough for mass attention of a zombie to a player within a radius of 80-100 meters. I think it would be good if it worked within a radius of 30-40 meters. This worked well in 1.04.
  22. Popps

    Future updates

    I totally agree but lets not forget the track record.lol
  23. Greensek

    Console Server Machine Switch

    We are transferring more PS4 and Xbox servers today, check the first post to see if your server will get affected.
  24. Crazy 8

    Killed By The Invisible Man

    I have heard about that. I was watching a stream of DayZ yesterday and one guy said he got killed buy an invisible zombie. And I saw in a chat somewhere also. That's crazy.
  25. Djyoz

    Dayz Xbox Mods

  26. Derleth

    Experimental Update 1.05

    Yeah I noticed the Amphibia was nerfed, and so was the VSS which is now as useless as any other suppressed assault rifle when it comes to infected aggro. Very very annoying. Two shots in quick succession is enough to bring a horde running to your location. As for radios the static is NOT realistic and has to be removed! All modern VHF radios come with something called "squelch" which is a gauge that mutes static so users will not be driven insane by it. Static usually only seeps through when you toggle the transmit button - a little bit of buzz before and after your transmission. A popular method to signal that you've heard someone else, without actually speaking, is to just push down transmit twice in quick succession which creates a distinctive double-buzz static "burp". Other than that a radio is silent until it actually receives a transmission. On most equipments squelch can be adjusted up and down to either let weak signals through, that would otherwise be muted, or to mute a distant signal that you can't make any sense of anyway. As for food it is very easy to adjust in the server files, so balancing this should not be much of a hassle to the devs. I have more or less removed food from infected loot tables and cut down on fruit by about half, making food a more of a survival factor. Same goes for ammo. I hope the work on balance the devs have been talking about will look into these things too, since it feels a bit daft that you have to customise the server files to get a proper survival experience.
  27. allright, i got the HUD disabled 😄 and, you know, now....i like it!!
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