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Which scenario for the next admin event?  

  1. 1. Which scenario for the next admin event?

    • Hostage rescue: Admins have a hostage, players have to kill admins // rescue hostage.
    • Admins defend building, Players have to blow up the building with satchel charges.
    • Convoy: Admins have a convoy of vehicles moving from point A to B, players must ambush and kill admins.
    • Race: Players & Admins race on quad bikes // motorbike around a set route // checkpoints. Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place.

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      I have 500+ hours on DayZ, I'm a medium level player.
      I would like to make a squad to attempt to take over the port area of lower Berezino and then try to hold the port for as long as possible. This squd/clan has no name, you can think of a name if you want.
      the idea is simple, we all agree in advance of a certain colour armband to use, log-in and get hold of that colour arm band head to Berezino and get some good kit, then leave the city and log-out at a predetermined location away from the city. sunday evening, we all log-in ready without kit and coloured armbands, and we stroll along the coast, take the port area and then defend it from anyone withone who isnt us.
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      Hey everyone! We are looking for game enthusiasts from all backgrounds, ages and cultures to join a mature gaming family!

      Metanix Gaming is a friendly, diverse and sociable community that is formed around a central website and Discord. We currently host two game servers (1 DayZ and 1 Rust) and this is rapidly expanding, along with our player base, with intentions to bring on board Minecraft, Ark and Garry's Mod. 

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