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  1. helpthedeadwalk

    Stable Update 1.04.152166

    you would think so, but I also noticed that the exp server updated.
  2. helpthedeadwalk

    Status Report - July 2019

    If you are allowed to edit the mission, you can change: * the loot table characteristics (min/max/locations). * dynamic events (car spawns, planks, animals, fruit/veg). * attachments/cargo of spawned items (zombies/vehicles) * all spawn locations/coordinates. * max zombies, dead body cleanup, login/logout time. So, lots of the environment, but you can't add anything nor tweak mechanics. [edit - well, you can add things in the init.c file like buildings and loadouts, so hmm, maybe some things]
  3. helpthedeadwalk

    Status Report - July 2019

    Sounding better. DayZ keeps moving forward - can't do much else. I have to ask @Tom_48_97 - any hope you can give us in regard to the flying cars?
  4. helpthedeadwalk

    Stable Update 1.04.152050

    To answer my own question (with some help from reddit) cfgplayerspawnpoints.xml in the mission has not changed, it only has 50. Confirmed within worlds_chernarusplus_ce.pbo/cfgplayerspawnpoints.xml. 104 originally had 50, now 100. Bigger issues at hand, but the mission version should be a copy of what's in the pbo.
  5. helpthedeadwalk

    Stable Update 1.04.152050

    If you server hop, then maybe. If you stay on the same server, then no. Just pushing players to the next town shed is pointless. This is not a great solution, but its working as advertised. You can always play on vanilla or modded community servers.
  6. helpthedeadwalk

    Stable Update 1.04.152050

    I'm not seeing any new points in cfgplayerspawnpoints.xml * Tweaked: 100 new player spawn points for server hopping (all with positioned away from the coast)
  7. helpthedeadwalk

    Experimental Update 1.04.151915

    Having owned a dayzmod server for years and playing SA for a while players just seem to want more/more/more. Look how popular the guns mods are on the workshop. They don't care whether they all have the same features or scopes or ammo. Just give them more. IMO the game is fine with the few weapons available right now. As far as this being an Arma4 pre-Alpha - Maybe, but that has nothing todo with a few models and everything todo with physics, controllable AI, factions and all that a milsim engine needs that don't seem to be here. As for survival, food/nutrition/temp need to be tuned but i'm encouraged by the recent changes to gloves/ladders(103) and meds and shoes (104). The little things that go unnoticed. And yes, I'm trying very hard to recognize positive steps forward, not revisit the entire dev cycle.
  8. helpthedeadwalk

    Experimental Update 1.04.151915

    Just diff'ed the XML files against stable and they are all the same..... Does this explain why on exp you seem to keep spawning in the same place on different servers? Ooops, you mean UPDATED AGAIN! lol Downloaded. Different now.
  9. helpthedeadwalk

    Experimental Update 1.03.151457

    @BetterDeadThanZed Look in events.xml <event name="VehicleCivilianSedan"> <waves>0</waves> <nominal>25</nominal> <min>20</min> <max>25</max> <lifetime>300</lifetime> <restock>0</restock> <saferadius>500</saferadius> <distanceradius>500</distanceradius> <cleanupradius>200</cleanupradius> <flags deletable="0" init_random="0" remove_damaged="1" sec_spawner="0"/> <position>fixed</position> <limit>mixed</limit> <active>1</active> <children> <child lootmax="0" lootmin="0" max="20" min="15" type="CivilianSedan"/> <child lootmax="0" lootmin="0" max="20" min="15" type="Hatchback_02"/> </children> </event> It's called "Hatchback_02" and if I understand it correctly, it shares spawn locations with the OLGA 24 sedan. From types.xml it has 4 doors, a hood, a trunk and its own wheel types. In the 102 files, there was a small yellow hatchback, blue van, green V3S and small green utility truck. I'm guessing the small hatchback.
  10. helpthedeadwalk

    Stable Update 1.02

    I don't mind change the orientation of items. I see the silencer I had is now horizontal. whatever. but please, please, please, change the inventory layout/sizing back to what it was. The graphics are far too big and cartoonish. There was nothing wrong with it previously..
  11. helpthedeadwalk

    Stable Update 1.01

    I have a test server just using the VPP Map and Trader. Most things wiped on update but I realized that Windows10 had also updated earlier in the day and crashed the game. I restored to earlier than that and its fine. So far, I've noticed 1) Zombies take 3-4 hits if not a headshot. Seem to be more showing up quicker. 2) the inventory item change from red/green shaded to outline is annoying, but functional. 3) Clothing and packs no longer show their capacity. This should change. 4) Some visual glitches with inventory in barrels (maybe because 2 of them are close. Need to move around sometimes). https://imgur.com/a/N9Lmhmi I haven't been base building and this is on a test server with a few players.
  12. helpthedeadwalk

    Stable Update 1.01

    My first upgrade. I copied over the new server files. Are the old storage files compatible? I copied over the storage_1 directory but when I went to our camp, 99% over everything was gone (tents, barrels, walls). Only one of 2 cars left.
  13. you posted in the arma2/dayzmod forum.
  14. helpthedeadwalk

    1.9 IS LOVELY

    come on @sportivoman, not going to show a little love for The Dead Return?
  15. helpthedeadwalk

    Im new to the dayz community and i cant use the Arma 2 Dayz mod

    Could be as simple as you have the wrong mods checked OR your files are messed up. If its not the mods, check this out https://helpthedeadreturn.wordpress.com/2017/07/09/troubleshooting-connections/