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Baty Alquawen

Maintenance changes

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Hello guys,

we have some changes for Stable and Experimental branches today.


Stable Branch 0.62

  • Servers and clients will be updated - fix for character save/load/stuck in connection screen.
  • Servers will be switched back to the Stable database (0.62 version of the database), they were switched because of the issue with an infinite spawn timer.

           Eugen is talking about the issue in the latest Status Report .


Database issues with 0.62

The problem with the legacy 0.62 Stable branch had manifested in two different ways:

a) an infinite spawn timer
b) by loading a wrong character

During the last maintenance, we switched to a temporary database to figure out a solution, making sure the issue does not repeat in the future. Since then we have identified the culprit, fixed it and will be moving back to the Stable hive during our next regular maintenance tomorrow morning. Most of you will be getting your old characters back as the data itself has not been tampered with.

  • Characters will be reverted to the Stable ones to the state they were in last Wednesday (experimental characters will be wiped).
  • Storage folders won't be wiped (items, tents, vehicles,. etc).


Experimental Branch 0.63

  • Servers are turned off during maintenance (without update).
  • Servers will be switched to the Stable database (0.63 version of the database).
  • Characters won't be wiped.
  • Storage folders won't be wiped (items, tents, vehicles, etc.).
  • You shouldn't notice any changes.

We are aiming for normal maintenance time (8:00 to 11:00 CEST), but it may take longer if we are unlucky and some issues will pop up.

Have a nice day, Survivors!

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3 minutes ago, TrojanWarriorFTQ said:

Storage folders won't be wiped (items, tents, vehicles, etc.).

They mean storage containers. Like bags, barrels etc. I think it was just a copy paste since there aren't any of those in experimental atm.

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