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Easy implementation for better gameplay / replayability

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Hello Guys,

building a camp was always one of the best things I liked to do in Arma 2 Dayz Mod. Hiding your tent in a forest was fun finding the perfect "safe" place. On the other hand finding someone elses camp was so exciting too. In Dayz Standalone you almost never find a camp and in my opinion it is because tents are way to hard to find. Also Barrels are pretty rare.

My suggestion is adding tents to the spawn tables of random local houses and not only at these "skyscrapper appartments" and military areas. This would be very easy to implement and have in my opinion a great impact. Maybe the devs can even create more variations of civil tents or smaller tents. If there would be more places to find tents, I think more players would build their "bases" somewhere in the woods, which would make roaming the forests more fun. An alternative would be making a craftable improvised shelters with storage function. Adding more storage containers like maybe a wooden crate or a rusty steelbox would be awesome to keep players playing longer and return to their camp.

Greets EngineerZ


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I find camps all the time on high pop servers like DayZ Underground, OldSchool Hardcore DayZ, DayZ Colony, Gents of Novo, etc.  You don't find that many camps on low pop servers. Civilian tents are super easy to find in apartment buildings on the coast, and if you can't get one there, it's a 100% chance at the Novaya Petrovka ones.

If you want military tents, you will need to venture in military bases and compounds.

Barrels are another thing though. When the servers are freshly started it's a race to get one. But still, you can find one pretty easily if you know where to look for.

You should check the Trello and old Status Reports, as the implementation of camo netting to hide tents and camps has been confirmed, as well as digging holes and hiding things in the ground.

Lastly, the CLE will see alterations until final release, there's still plenty fixes to come to loot spawns as right now it's not the best, at all...

Safe travels survivor.  

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Maybe they increased the spawn rates at that appartment building. But I think it even sucks it spawns only at one type of building. It would be more realistic if normal houses would have a chance to have a tent inside, too. As I play a lot of roleplay gameplay I don't actually want to actively search for a tent by going into a specific building, because in realism you can't know tents are only in these buildings. Thanks for your answer though, I will give a full server a try.

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    • By zRain Denk
      Hi .
      First of all excuse me if this is a *repost* or if someone did this suggestion already .

      - - - Please don`t add the base building system by creating\building your own base\house . This in my opinion will make in DayZ a chaos like in other games (Rust) . Don`t transform DayZ in that type of game . Everyone will raid other bases, own their own city (like Cherno, by building a huge base and having a clan of 5 - 10 people sniping all around, thats how i imagine this).
       I suggest a building system to a smaller scale .
      1.With the new 0.62 update day - night cycle i suggest you the idea to barricade yourself in a house by covering the windows with wooden planks ( in the night time i mean ) 
      - for doing this you will need Chainsaw\Handsaw (for cutting the wood into wooden planks), Wood (logs), nails\box of nails and hammer. ( I was thinking about pushing the nails into the wooden planks with the weapon buttstock,more realism and .. we need to be creative and efficient in a zombie apocalypse, of course with a small chance to damage your gun ).

      - i suggest the option to barricade doors too , because of the new zombie abillity to break down the doors . ( i can`t find that gif to show you )

      I made this suggestion because i like DayZ the way it is now . 
      Imagine your character standing inside a barricated house during the night time with his gun , his trusty fire axe, some bean cans and a gas lamp or a lantern and hearing the crickets , the owls and zombies walking around the house, pushing the door and growling at him . Is not that beautiful ? 

      Let`s imagine another thing . Let`s say you got a gun and ammo for it and you hear some bandits talking inside a police station ( yes , a barricated police station during night time ) and then you think " how about going in there " ... or just using your sledge hammer to break the door and let the zombies make a chaos inside there . I would love to see this kind of scenario . 

      For me DayZ is that type of game that you need to be in a continuously moving , because you always need to find something to make somthing . I like to play as much realistic i can by finding a shelter during the night and waiting until i see the sun rising and then i can continue my journey . (By the way  please lock the gamma.)

      Hope you all are having a nice weekend.