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  1. Walking slow is awesome!

    2 years later and the forests look so much better! So many tree variations and they shake in the wind. Bushes and grass high everywhere, I fucking love it! More than ever I enjoyed a slow walk though the forests of Chernarus, I still totally recommend slowing down and just walk instead of running. It's so atmospheric! One thing that would make it more immersive and exciting would be more animals and stuff to find e.g. mushrooms, more berries. Running into randomly generated abandoned camps with some loot would be awesome. I think the later versions of the Dayz Mod had this feature, where tents randomly spawned in the forests. Greets EngineerZ
  2. Maybe they increased the spawn rates at that appartment building. But I think it even sucks it spawns only at one type of building. It would be more realistic if normal houses would have a chance to have a tent inside, too. As I play a lot of roleplay gameplay I don't actually want to actively search for a tent by going into a specific building, because in realism you can't know tents are only in these buildings. Thanks for your answer though, I will give a full server a try.
  3. Hello Guys, building a camp was always one of the best things I liked to do in Arma 2 Dayz Mod. Hiding your tent in a forest was fun finding the perfect "safe" place. On the other hand finding someone elses camp was so exciting too. In Dayz Standalone you almost never find a camp and in my opinion it is because tents are way to hard to find. Also Barrels are pretty rare. My suggestion is adding tents to the spawn tables of random local houses and not only at these "skyscrapper appartments" and military areas. This would be very easy to implement and have in my opinion a great impact. Maybe the devs can even create more variations of civil tents or smaller tents. If there would be more places to find tents, I think more players would build their "bases" somewhere in the woods, which would make roaming the forests more fun. An alternative would be making a craftable improvised shelters with storage function. Adding more storage containers like maybe a wooden crate or a rusty steelbox would be awesome to keep players playing longer and return to their camp. Greets EngineerZ
  4. Walking slow is awesome!

    Hello SurvivorZ! I just wanted to share an experience I had with you. A few weeks ago, I thought a lot about immersion and realism and I must say I really enjoy maximum realism and roleplaying. So I thought, how would you behave, what experience would be zombie survival be for you? My first thought was, running all the time is impossible! So I tried not to run in DayZ. I hit double shift and started only walking in normal slow walking speed. And I had to realise it is awesome! It's much much more atmospheric, you can spot and see every little detail in the nature, in the houses, everywhere. It's totally relaxed. Yeah, you are much slower, but I enjoy it too. It makes gameplay much longer and you feel like you really are your character. If they would make the forest more dense and more bushes etc it would be even better. I would recommend it to everyone who wants more realism or personification with your character. Another benefit is, you don't hear the annoying noise of your heavy breathing all the time and you never shake when aiming. Just give it a try! :) GreetZ EngineerZ ;)
  5. Hello there, I really like the way nights were implemented. Especially the late day hours when sun is going down and making the sky colorful and beautiful. Mostly when I play at night, I also play it in a dark room. But now comes my problem. Whenever I open the inventory or the tool bar at the bottom pops up, it fucking blinds my eyes. In comparison to the darkness of the night it is so damn bright! My suggestion is, reduce the brightness of the HUD/Inventory at nights, maybe even depending of the brightness of the surrounding. The contrast of bright and dark is just too big and breaks immersion and atmosphere. GreetZ EngineerZ
  6. Couple of questions

    1.) I think it depends on your graphic settings. 2.) Nope, you will get all updates ever for free, also at the end the full version :)
  7. Spawn by friends

    I like the idea of spawning together with your mates. I think it's more realistic then tell your friend your location over teamspeak or whatever and then walk to each other. Many people will be together when the outbreak starts. If you're not together it should be impossible to find your partner. For choosing your spawn location, I dislike this idea. Random spawn is much more fun and intense. I would even like more random spawns all around the map, not only at coast.
  8. Amount of loot

    Please decrease the amount of loot drastically, especially the weapons and food. It's so intense if you're starving and can't find food and beg and pray that in the next building you find at least an old can of tuna. And guns should be so rare that you're fucking happy and stunned if you find one. And they should be in a horrible condition, so you have to repair it first and find the necessary parts. I would love DayZ like this. About rough survival, only very few weapons. Ultra dangerous zombies and a constant danger.
  9. Problems

    Just keep trying

    In First Person only, you would have lost and didn't see him.
  11. Lets discuss what is 'Cheating' and what isn't

    I wouldn't say TS is cheating, but I don't recommend using it because it breaks immersion. If you want an intense and realistic experience, talk via Direct Chat. You can only talk with your partner if he's near you, if you're together. It's very intense because you have to care about your talking. If you loot a town, you have to be quiet and whisper with your partner. It would be awesome if everyone talked over Direct Chat. You could also spot other groups of players and stalk them. It's a much more realistic experience and more fun. In my opinion everyone using Teamspeak takes away this cool possible aspect of the game. If you want a nice realistic atmosphere in a zombie apocalypse survival game, use the communication possibilities of the game itself!!!
  12. Lets post some screen shots (Standalone)

    Awesome stuff around here!
  13. What you can do with 10 bullets

    Why are you presenting this shooting? It's worse than average aim... If you did this with two bullets straight in the face, without ruining the gear, then it would be cool. But this is shit and waste of ammo. I expected much more when I read the title.
  14. Do you agree with modding in SA?

    I would love a hardcore realism mod with insane difficulty.
  15. so... thats what u want Rocket ?

    Haha, oh yes of course there are interesting places everywhere else!! Have you seen the wide wilderness in the farest north, where you feel free? The rock formations above Berezino? The beautiful lake near there? Big mountains close to the north border? Or were you ever to the mysterious haunted Green Mountain and climbed on the radio tower? Or what about the Guba bay? Or did you explore the new unfinished areas in the north? You're very ignorant if you think on a 225 km² map Cherno, Elektro and Balota and maybe NWAF are the only interesting places. *facepalm*