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This plugin too much

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1 hour ago, yazar8 said:

In the poem, the poet is complaining that there are too many male clothing and there should be more female clothing.

I think his feelings represent his subjective internal nature of writter's emotions.

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    • By G.O.A.T.
      Why not come on G.O.A.T. DayZ Epoch at
      We have friendly admins who will always help you out if you are in need!
      We have 700 vehicles and loads of addons:
      Spawn Select
      Self Bloodbag
      Custom Loadout
      Start With Map
      Elevator Script
      Debug Monitor
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      Greetings Dayz server community!
      To get down to the nitty gritty right away, in cooperation with the developers of Gotcha Antihack (http://www.gotcha-antihack.com/), I have had the honor of writing a plugin system for Gotcha. This system is now released and in testing phase.
      This means that every server running Gotcha Antihack will be able to run plugins made by you. I am looking for people who have programming skills in C# to develop plugins for Gotcha. These plugins can do a lot of things, and don't necessarily have to do anti-hack stuff.
      Some example I am working on right now and/or have the idea of implementing:
      Extended / custom anti-hack (I won't go into detection details here, but server admins reading logs can figure a few things out themselves)
      Automatic combat log banner
      Command line server to be operated through chat in-game (ask players questions, vote kick, anything you can think of)
      Keep track of player kill / death count, stats per weapon (server top 10 max range shot per weapon? Personal high scores?), pretty much any stat you can gather from logs

      I'm pretty sure we can think of a lot more beautiful features that can be implemented through these plugins. During development, I tried to make it as easy as possible for a plugin creator to create a plugin. It was important for me to have people spend time on creating functionality rather than making a custom log fetcher, login to server and everything else that comes with it.
      If you are interested in writing a plugin yourself, and/or want more information, please contact me on Skype: xanker1 is my Skype name. If you don't have Skype or got a question about anything else, just post below here.
      The system is not finished yet and far from final, but a very large part of it is. It is possible however, to start developing plugins right away.
      Here's to eliminating every hacker on DayZ!
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      Hello there,
      I heard some servers are able to send messages before it reboots automatically. How can i set this up on my server? what does it need?