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  1. Pinned so discord link is available.
  2. Why it is harder and harder to have interactions ?

    I was eating cereal in the guard hut at NWAF / tent-camp. I got shot in the face and killed while eating ^^ So rude :) But that's DayZ, I should have hunkered down a bit and not just chugged down. Wouldnt it be cool with mechanics that require interaction? Im sure the SA devs will be working on this in the long run.
  3. There are a lot of modded servers with DayZMod that has quicker gear progress and/or custom layouts to start with. Personally I prefer the cold gritty gameplay of the unmodded servers (both SA & mod). It just makes every single accomplishment feel so much real when you know you risk losing all to a stray bullet from either a bandit or your own buddy (Im looking at you Timberfox).
  4. Why is the NE Airfield so lame?

    I actually wanted to edit the official dayz map to include some more stuff up at the NEAF. Sadly I dont think this will happen in the mod version , but maybe in the SA :)
  5. Message to serverhosters (2012-11-23)

    Closing topic and unpinning as this is super old info.
  6. DayZ hive maintenance

    Locked (see above)
  7. DayZ hive maintenance

    Hi, I realise this was causing issues for you. But we've done what we can for the few servers that still use public hive for the "mod" version of dayz. Support for public "hive" officially ended sometimes back in august with the release of support for private hive. We asked people to migrate away from it as no official support for it would remain at the time. On the 8th of May, we got word that the hoster that had the current hive needed to shutdown. On the 10th the hoster setup the new box at new DC. There was no option to move the old box or IP so the only option was to setup a new box with new IP. Hive was fully migrated. But due to issues with the old box there was no way for us to shut it down fully. You can think of it as the bitcoin fork issue when there were two bitcoin chains being worked on at the same time. HIVE was fully migrated over to the new box (DB backup from the same hour/day). Normally this would be no issue as it just requires to change the remote connectivity certificates. One of the cdn mirrors were stale and did not update the files properly, that affected mirror admin was notified when it was discovered. Basicly due to round robin setup of DNS the stale mirror with old connection details still made servers connect to the old server. If you are still having issues (for example if your ISP has some proxy in the way that cached the file) you can add this manually to your hosts record (read up on how to edit HOSTS file in your OS) cdn.dayz.nu I'd love to just shutdown the old hive entirely BUT there's some statistics still depending on it, and that box is severely broken (meaning no remote access at the moment). It'll be forcefully shutdown on the 20th by the hosting company. The OLD hive IP is the NEW hive IP is OLD and NEW hive got synced on the 10th of May. That's the last SYNC as old hive isnt meant to be used (but was accidently due to a stale mirror - fixed). Locking this thread as old HIVE is replaced with new HIVE. The stale connection certificate is updated (please reboot your box if you still have issues or use the solution above). PM me if you still have issues anyway and Ill try to help out.
  8. DayZ hive maintenance

    Can you point me to which row it is? Ill be happy to help out and ask some of the mod devs to issue a patch if necessary.
  9. DayZ hive maintenance

    Update: appearently fixed now according to mirror hoster.
  10. DayZ hive maintenance

    There looks like one of the CDN servers dont update with the latest certificate file. I'll try to rectify this by temporarily moving that CDN server out of rotation.
  11. DayZ hive maintenance

    Some updates. HIVE has been upgraded with some brand spanking new hardware. Including better CPU, much more RAM, SSDs. It has also been re-located to a new DC which is better in terms of connectivity to most of the world and the US. Restarting your public hive servers should move you over to the new HIVE. Note: you will notice a slight rollback (a couple of hours). Old HIVE server will be shutdown on November 20, they will not be continously synced. New HIVE will continue to run indefinately until any other decisions are made. Why public hive? We still collect statistics from public hive. We can see how many users are playing DayZ on regular basis. Well, with the advance of anti-cheat tools there's a bunch of servers out there on public hive that can be as cheat free as a private hive. Public hive has some advantages such as saving your character across several servers, a standard dayz without too much bling bling. If people have some ideas on how to improve hive, feel free to help out by letting me know :)
  12. DayZ hive maintenance

    There will be some HIVE maintenance in the coming days. This means that there will be intermittent outages while we move some data around. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  13. Public Hive Error

    Im looking at the CDN. Looks like one mirror in UK that is having issues. It's a bit odd that if one mirror is down, it doesnt use the other. Ill talk to hive maintainer and see if we can get a new DLL to fix that. The UK VPS will come up soon.
  14. BanZ Union - Banned on one, banned on ALL

    Hey guys. Been working on a global blacklister for trusted "honeypot" servers. If any of you guys got some really god anticheat scripts , send them my way and I can run them on our honeypot servers that are collecting bans. Send me a PM (remember, no executables without sourcecode that can be built in compiler for security reasons). The anticheat scripts will not be redistributed without permission, but will be run on approved honeypot servers run by dayz devs and staff. // Ander
  15. You're favorate weapon in DayZ?

    The m4a1 holo HWS GL! I dont understand why more people dont use it :) it's awesome! (Also, hello xLas)