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  1. SaltyJohn007


    Cant find one for the life of me,any tips or locations?thx
  2. SaltyJohn007

    Heli sites and the svd

    PM sent
  3. SaltyJohn007

    Trading Post

  4. SaltyJohn007

    Heli sites and the svd

    Found a couple off heli's Can trade you one if you have an M4
  5. SaltyJohn007

    Trading Post

    How rare is the SVD?Have a couple so looking to trade for an M4
  6. SaltyJohn007

    Is it just me?

    Im server hopping for Crash's and non of the servers are bieng held in favorites and when i click the star to save when i log out to server list nothing seems to be saved...
  7. SaltyJohn007

    Returning Player

    Thx for all the help folks
  8. SaltyJohn007

    Returning Player

    Thx,do the heli spawns in the same places and is there still the smoke annimation?
  9. SaltyJohn007

    Returning Player

    Just returned and found my world in a mess.Made it to Tissy and NW airfield and im yet to see any AK's or M$'s or anything other that SK' and MP5's.Where do the weps drop and are there still Heli crash's?