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  1. Evilsausage

    Is this game officialy dead ?

    It's not just about working hours. I can bet money that the devs working on DayZ is very few. Or even spend alot of times on other projects. They have to secure future income with Vigor, maybe Ama 4? Or something else. That will be higher priority, then DayZ which won't really generate much more money. It's the sad truth.
  2. Evilsausage

    Is this game officialy dead ?

    The game has one review on metacritic that isn't a user review. And that is PC gamer which gave it 69/100. DayZ mod was one of the most talked of games of 2012. Now 2019 it completly passed under the radar. Maybe thats what they hoped for because they knew what a unfinished state it was in. Still sad what the product turned out to be. I still love parts of DayZ but it easily is on my top 3 dissapointing games ever made. Damn what mess this game has and still is today. However the game isn't dead, 5k concurrent player isn't too bad. Think it's different to many other survival games, so think it will live on for some time. However I doubt the game will get alot of support from the devs though, they know they won't reach many new customers that buys the game.
  3. Evilsausage

    Who else misses bow and arrow?

    It will be added in 2 years or so. But something needs to be removed when it gets added. It's the DayZ development way!
  4. Evilsausage

    Why i would prefer bikes over cars

    Eve online tested a new technology with 14 thousand ships in a battle. Six thousand where players. Besides that there where 100.000s of thousands of rockets. Its a server technology that can scale no matter what server load. Aether Engine, which is basically used intigrated with whatever game engine. Just think of the possibilites in a game like DayZ....you could have hoards of Zombies, vehicles that actually work etc... Now I doubt DayZ would ever afford this. But one can always dream.
  5. Evilsausage

    Thoughts on QnA Dev. Stream yesterday

    I remember a couple of months ago when DayZ had just gotten released. Some people said that "they knew that the development would seriously pickup now". Only based on that they got the new engine up and running now. I on the other hand stated that after 6 years of developmemt issues and finally a rushed release. There is zero indications that the DayZ development would pick up. Hate to say it. BUT YOU WHERE SO DAMN WRONG! Wish DayZ had a bright future, but I doubt we will see any major stuff from the devs. And if we do it will still be at a snails pace. There is no big money in DayZ and they know it. Only hope is some seriously talented modders. But eben that has its limits, due to messy core game.
  6. Evilsausage

    Why is it so difficult to drive?

    Still things work quite well in Arma 3. Even if this is more demanding you would think they would have it fixed by now. After all they have had many years to solve the issue....
  7. Evilsausage

    why mods are better then the regular game

    Its a mixed bag for me. Modders get shit done waaaay faster then DayZ devs. But most modders and server owners seam to think just handing people loot is good gameplay. The majority of servers are too generous with loot. If you can get full millitary geard in 30 mins it means a huge part of the game get lost and most weapons you will never get a reason to use. There is a certain charm with those Bk18 and shotgun fights near the coast on offical servers.
  8. Evilsausage

    So is this normal? One punch death in melee.

    There are enough BS ways you can die of in DayZ. If Zombies are all RNG it will be really frustrating for that lone survivor that has lived for days to run into one zombie and boom dead. Meanwhile in other scenarios people can get hit by multiple zombies without any issue. It becomes too rng. Thats why I think it should be based on your blood or health instead. But i'm all for making zombies harder in other ways. It just needs to be concistant.
  9. Evilsausage

    Who actually build bases and repair cars?

    I don't know why people keep getting hung up on the damn Endgame therm. Yes I know its a Sandbox game, when I'm saying endgame I'm not comparing it to the Endgame in Diablo or some shit. But I'm just saying that you aren't building a base as a fresh spawn or hunting military geared players with your steak knife. Its stuff you usually do when you have gotten a bit established on the server. The issue is that basebuilding and vehicles are features the devs no doubt have spent alot of time on. Yet very few bothers with it. Its fucking basic game design 101 to then ask....maybe....maybe....if it got a few tweaks more people would find it worth doing? Yes its a sandbox game, but people still need reasons to do certain things. You can technically spend the game picking mushrooms only and yeah its a option. But I think most people would't really consider doing that. Having a couple solid options would help DayZs longevity. I don't really understand why some people are gonna argue no matter what. Can anyone seriously state cars and base building is just fine? Seriously? It can't be better then this? Low exepectations isn't exactly gonna help DayZ developing in the right direction. Your question, what was the question?
  10. Evilsausage

    Who actually build bases and repair cars?

    Yes you need things to do. But if lets say hunting required you to sit and wait hours for a deer and then you need to gut the animals for one hour. Also if unlucky your character just expload and die when he try to gut the deer( because DayZ) . If you by any chance manage to gut it. You then get rewarded with one single steak. I'm sure some diehard DayZ hunter would do that shit. But 99.9% wouldn't bother. Then its a failed game mechanic when none does it. Ofc this is a extreme example but it can to some extent be applied to base building and car repair. Base building and car repair could be so much better. Then you would have a solid option to just PVPing, cuz there isn't much else to do.
  11. Evilsausage

    Who actually build bases and repair cars?

    Endgame is just a word to explain what you usually do when you get to a certain point in the game. (Observe that I said usually) People tend to not build bases or repair cars when they are fresh spawns without gear. Its a thing you usually do when you have geared up. (all you people, observe... Said Usually) Thing is right now very few actually bothers with the basebuilding/ car repairing "endgame". If only a tiny % bothers with it, then something is poorly designed. Just like a unit in a RTS, that none uses. Then there is usually(observe that i wrote usually boys and gals) a reason for it.
  12. Evilsausage

    Who actually build bases and repair cars?

    Cool I would like grenades in the game, to flush people out of buildings. But not for blowing up walls. Think C4 fits that role better. If the game is supposed to be realistic, then grenades cause very little destruction. Unlike the typical hollywood movie where they expload buildings. Grenades have a very small amount of explosives, its the shrapnel that is deadly.
  13. Evilsausage

    Who actually build bases and repair cars?

    I would much rather see that there was some kind of explosvies that could be used to blow up walls. However it is super rare and when you detonate it everyone will hear that shit for a long distance. Increasing the chance other players will also come there aswell. Just needing an axe to break in feels too simple.
  14. Evilsausage

    Who actually build bases and repair cars?

    I guess you have a point, DayZ has no specific endgame. But usually there is a typical way most players seam to play. Fresh spawn loot towns and move inland. Then begin upgrading weapons by looting military areas. At a certain point they don't really need more loot and alot of them choose to hunt players. Thats why I refered to it as Endgame. Because you get to a point when you have most of the equipment you need. This is when people usually look for pvp and some few choose to repair cars or build bases etc... Now I'm sure there is some dude that only play DayZ by picking mushrooms in the forest. And they have fun with that. But the average player usually doesn't bother doing that.
  15. Evilsausage

    Who actually build bases and repair cars?

    I do not possess any statistics, I can only talk out of my own personal experiance. But when I played the DayZ mod, bases where quite a common thing to find. Here I have so far not seen any traces of it. (not counting a few tents). Who knows maybe my server is just unusually barren. But I doubt it. Think you and your friends is a small % that bothers with it.